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Explore the Beauty of the World



Explore the Beauty of the World
Reaching a new place always starts picking up some wild and nasty imaginations in the mind of most travelers. Most of those are related to the inland travel in the newly arrived city. Unless you book a car for yourself many unwanted thoughts keeps ticking-on in your mind. Most of these are related to – booking a car in rent, hiking of rate, on-road harassment, etc.  Today, in this tech world, there can be no such unwanted incidences, especially when dedicated mobile app and website of Budget Car Booking is there on its foot to serve you.

Experience the nature

Whichever city you fly to, or whatever car rental service you need can be provided through a single app. With this app, you can check all the modes and services that are available with car rentals. You can configure your need and transform that to your service by simple means. Finally, make your payments through secure mode, where you won’t need to carry any foreign currency even.
The experience that you will gain while availing the service on an international destination through Budget Car Booking will be a perfect escort for you. Warranty of service, friendly aiding support, and professional guidance will always remain there with you, throughout the journey. However, this all is the services that you will get by default. Some value-added services, like Wi-Fi, GPS connections, Luggage Rack or some extra driver for a long trip, can also be included to make your trip smoother.

Explore the world

Every body want to go outside to love the nature and also explore the beauty of nature so when you have decided to find out their way so you should book a car in which all the things are luxuries and you make an enjoyment with your cousins and friends and also with your family. Car rental services provide these services and by tour to all over the world you get the real feel of the nature of the world. The joy you feel by touring all travel through the world which will be unforgettable and also undefinable.

Keep yourself Fresh

By touring and enjoyment and also traveling around the country or city in a delightful way to catch the awesome clicks of nature with our eyes, which make our life more easier to find the nature beauty. Sometime have a own car but sometime hire a car and call to friends for gathering and book a car and go out for enjoyment which should do in our life to make more happiness in life.


Widest available Payment options

Payment options are the last but the most valuable question from your part. While you avail the cabs at any international destination, you can choose among three available options – Prepaid, Post-paid, and Part-paid. Availing prepaid mode means, you pay before, while post-paid is where you pay after enjoying the service. The Part-paid scheme is where you pay a token amount before the journey and pay the rest after completing it. So, a wide range of options is always open for you to avail while you choose Budget Car Booking.
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Sunknowledge is a Perfect Alternative to Brightree Billing Services



Brightree Billing Services

A perfect DME billing hub, Sunknowledge Services Inc is driving ROI for leading DME providers in the country across jurisdictions. We have superior pool of resources that are well versed with all the major practice management/ billing systems like the Brightree, OPIE and others.

Also, we are equally confident to provide state of the art support with any of your client proprietary platforms. Our team understands the immediate DME practice management/ RCM mandates and extend superior support which is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Reduce your billing costs with Sunknowledge billing services

Sunknowledge brings forward years of experience of working with both healthcare providers and payers with admirable distinction. We take pride in our scalable infrastructure, state of the art processes, and ability to work as a reliable operational extension for our clients. Our team has the confidence to extend stand alone/ end to end DME billing services at the best price range in the market.

We are better than Brightree Billing services as we are 70% cheaper than them without any compromise in quality! Also, you can keep the software while we provide the billing with a holistic plan of action. No other RCM company offers such support! Also, we don’t do any write offs or adjustments without the consent of our clients.

Currently Sunknowledge offers:

  • Order Entry
  • Eligibility Verification and Authorization
  • Doctor Office Follow-up
  • Order Confirmation
  • Scheduling of Delivery

Billing & Collections

  • Creation of Claims
  • Claims Submission & Rejections
  • Cash Posting
  • A/R Follow-up
  • Rejection & Denial Management

Our clients love our support as we ensure:

  • Instant reduction of billing costs by 80%
  • Guarantee 90% collections even from ageing AR
  • 100% PA submission on the same day itself
  • 99% accuracy in prior authorization services
  • Accounts receivable bucket shrinks by 30% within the first month
  • Excellent client references
  • Rates start at $7 per hour for a dedicated full time employee
  • Accounts management/ customized reporting best practices
  • The best metrics in productivity in the whole world of RCM

Let us share with you, our functional best practices! We promise that once you work with us, there will be no looking back! Leverage the Sunknowledge advantage in DME billing services.

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