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How Annotation of Medical Image Data is Done?



Healthcare Training Data

Annotation of medical image data in healthcare sector is increasing with significant growth in timely and fast detection of critical diseases for well-timed treatments and cure of various body organs. Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in providing ultramodern medical facilities to patients across the world making their life easier with higher life-expectancy.

To make it understandable the medical related images like X-Ray, CT scan or MRI reports are annotated with possible ailments and label the same properly to make it recognizable or readable for computer vision or machines. Medical Image Annotation data is and complex time taking process that needs lots of patience to maintain the accuracy and quality.

And there are various tools and techniques used in medical imaging annotation. Here we will discuss about medical image data used in VISCERAL project. Actually, there are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic tools that can be used to annotate the pictures in different formats like bounding boxes and cuboid or pixel level marking. So, let’s find how annotation of the medical image data is done in such cases and what are the tools used for annotation.

3D Annotation Software

This one the most advance or effective technique to annotate the medical images. In 3D Annotation an initial step in the development of such systems for diagnosis relief is to have manually annotated datasets that are used to train and implement machine-learning methods to mimic a human annotator.

3D Annotation Software

In order to separate various structures in the images the manual segmentation of the patients’ 3D volumes is used for radiology imaging.  And the most important feature of manual or semi-automatic segmentation methods is that they assist the radiologists in taking the final decision of the resulting 3D structures.  

Ticketing Tool/Framework

Manually annotation of organs or landmarks in the images is a very difficult process that involves too many manpower including administration and management of various experts to monitor the annotation process to make sure the quality and accuracy. But in VISCERAL project the entire system has been designed and developed to simplify the management of manual annotation process.

Ticketing Tool/Framework

In this process a ticket is raised assigning each ticket to people for tasks that should be done. The VISCERAL ticketing framework is especially designed to monitor and manage the entire life cycle of an annotation ticket, to deliver an interface for annotators and quality control team members for ticket submission for each client.

Inter-annotator Agreement

To make sure the reliability of annotators, the agreements of different experts is investigated by comparing multiple annotations of specific structure acquired from multiple annotators. The Dice coefficient is similarly another method is used for two annotations that is also called the three-dimensional overlap measure indicated 1 for perfect overlap and 0 if no overlap of two segmentations is present over there.

The dice coefficient method is also called the overlap index, which is most regularly used metric in validating medical volume segmentations. While Zou et al, used the Dice coefficient as a degree of the reproducibility as a numerical validation of manual annotation where segmentors repeatedly annotated the same image with highest accuracy.

Inter-annotator Agreement


This article described how medical image annotation for internal organs like instinctual project is done. The selection of all tools to annotate the 3D images and the quality management of the annotations are extremely important. Actually, the choice of good annotation tool can affect the annotation process and semi-automatic annotation technique allows to rapidly attaining good segmentation results. Similarly, while image annotation outsourcing quality control is important factors considered seriously. As there is always subjectivity in annotations, so double annotations are essential to judge the subjectivity of a task and maintain the quality.

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Blogging for Beginners-All you need to know



Blogging for Beginners-All you need to know

Most of you might already be aware of what exactly a blog refers to but, for those who aren’t aware of it; a blog can simply be defined as a type of website that mainly focuses on written content. It is undeniably one of the most rapidly growing ways of communication, spreading information and influencing individuals across the world. This is one of the reasons why blogs are now strategically being used for marketing and sales purposes, according to audience preferences.

As stated by many online master essay writers in UK, blogs are paving the way of different companies and organizations to become recognized in the competitive markets. New start-up businesses display their products and services on various blogging platforms, as they mutually benefit the bloggers and the businessmen involved. Despite being one of the most lucrative jobs today, it requires great notions of resilience, commitment, and perseverance because its road to greatness is filled with bumps of failure, judgments and a whole lot of eye-rolls.

Despite the common misconception that you need to have the best writing skills to become successful in this field, all you need is one thing: Passion for the task. If you have that, congratulations, you’re halfway there. Now, to help navigate your ways as a blogging-beginner, listed below are some things to remember:

  1. Have originality in your content

You see, blogging is becoming a mainstream way of communicating your views and opinions. As great as that sounds, this has great setbacks, especially since you’re a competitor. To outshine your blog from the rest, it’s crucial for you to be original with the content you share as not only does it highlight your individualism but also portrays your passion as a blogger.

Copying content may even get your views in the short term, but this won’t be fruitful in maintaining your performance in the long-run. Rather, having authentic content will be magnetic in attracting readers who value YOUR work and efforts.

  1. Make sure your topic isn’t too specific

With a single post, your blog needs to be able to reach as many audiences as possible. Being too specific with the theme means the content will most likely be repetitive, thereby making it tedious and dull. Your blog should be such that it immediately lights a flame of analogy with the life of the reader and convinces them to re-visit your blog. Many Essay Writers UK based bloggers believe that the content must be interesting enough to be chosen from the sea of other such blogs covering the same topic, which means it should have:

  • Unique details covering a wide spectrum of information
  • A writing style that is catchy enough to immerse the reader
  • Relevant references of humor or facts to make it attractive
  • Simple and easy to be understood by the common public
  1. Trust the process, Don’t rush it

Achieving the best things in life never comes easy, but if you’re passionate about it, you’ll chase it anyway. Remember that blogging requires the exceptional practice of patience from your side, following by numerous setbacks, till your hard work finally starts reaping sweet fruits of success. The best advice you can get during your struggling phase is that it’s inevitable and soon enough, you’ll fight through it.

When you feel like quitting, remind yourself why you started and what great things you’ll be able to achieve when you reach the destination.  Listed here are some ways to stay on track:

  • Do your best each time you post a content
  • Make sure to promote your blog on other platforms
  • Start each work with the mindset of greatness
  • Keep reminding yourself why you started
  • Don’t compare your progress to others
  1. Be ready to fail multiple times

It’s all about trial and error. As a beginner, you’ll find yourself putting blood; sweat and tears into the work you put forward but, the work might not be yielding the desired product in return. At such moments, remember that this is part of the process of reach the zenith and that it’s not a constant phase. Till you’re particularly aware of what your audience expects from you, you’re content might not be as fruitful as the level of work you put in. However, with time, as you learn new ways of making your work captivating and intriguing, you’ll soon get to your dream goal.

No one becomes successful overnight, but, with the right mindset, you can have an upper hand over many of your potential competitors.

  1. Do not be greedy for money

If the primary driving force behind you pursuing this as a career is something as shallow and greedy as making money, you won’t ever be a great blogger. Just like other careers, blogging requires a passion for the job and a strong promise to deliver work that meets with the best of your potential.  Essay Writers online bloggers suggest that having such goals also puts bloggers in a constant state of frustration to earn piles of money from their blog; resulting in reduced quality and increased quantity of content. Listed below are some good reasons to start:

  • Serious passion for blogging
  • You have what it takes to influence others with your words
  • Want to put your creativity to use
  • Have strong opinions to put out in public
  • Possess the commitment to stay consistent
  1. Avoid common mistakes made by bloggers

We all make mistakes when we start something new and when it comes to blogging, it’s not different. The internet is full of bloggers sharing their experiences in the initial stages of their work and as beginners, it’s important that you keep your focus on avoiding them. Following are some of the most common mistakes made by bloggers:

  • Thinking of ideas that solely interest you
  • Being too formal with your words
  • Having repetitive content
  • Not being consistent
  • Not working to recognize your blog on a larger platform
  • Targeting a certain group of individuals with your blog

Remind yourself that making mistakes in itself is not a problem; rather, being unable to learn from them is where the actual trouble lies. On the long road to blogging, you’ll have new experiences that change your perspective and open your mind to get a deeper understanding of the type of content that is most popular. You know what they say:

Work until your dreams turn into reality”

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Consider After School Leadership Programs in Ashburn for You Little One



School Leadership

Daycare centers are a big necessity for the families where both the parents are earning. When the parents are away for their work, it is important for them to stay assured that their children are in safe hands. Additionally, children can learn various things while they are in the daycare. It is a learning center where they can learn a number of things that are missing in school.

In a daycare, the children have a regular schedule fixed for each day. Unknowingly, they indulge in different activities that are fun to them. Through these activities, the children get an opportunity to indulge in outdoor and co-curricular activities. There can be various activities that promote critical thinking, improve communication skills and self-management skills. Through these activities, the children develop important skills that help them in their life. Moreover, children feel encouraged to participate in activities with other children of their age.

It is a great place for children to meet other kids and become friends. In a daycare, there are children of 5 years to 12 years of age so the children can get some younger or older friends too. Hence, while participating in an activity with other children, there is a strong competition. When children face such situations, it boosts their confidence and motivates them to win.

For kids, there are some after school leadership programs in South Riding. In such daycare centers, the children are helped by the teachers to complete their homework. They teach the students the concepts that they miss in the classroom or forget partially. The daycare center also helps the students to develop study habits that help them in their studies.

According to after school leadership programs in Ashburn, different activities are organized for the students that are helpful in developing four skills. These include communication and interpersonal skills, self-management skills, decision making skills. In addition to this, they are also made aware of health and wellness, in which the children practice the healthy ways of living a lifestyle. All these skills are taught under qualified instructors.

With the help of certified teachers, the children are able to perform and learn various activities. All the activities are performed under the supervision of teachers. During the activities, the children are encouraged, supported, and exposed to a positive attitude. While participating in such activities, the children also learn to develop problem-solving approach. This helps them in overcoming the hurdles that they come across while reaching the result.

Hence, at daycare centers, the children are not only safe but they learn a lot. They actively participate in all the activities, try new things, learn to do things faster while participating in a competition. Moreover, when the children return from daycare, the parents do not need to help them in completing the homework. Besides this, the children are prepared for further topics as well. They are given proper training for academic, sports, and curricular activities. All these skills help to improve the personality of your children.

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Choosing a Unique topic for your dissertation in 8 steps



dissertation topic

We know that selecting a unique topic for your dissertation is not very easy. Even sometimes dissertation writing services get failed to provide quick assistance. It is regularly not the easiest task, but it is really significant to choose and select a current and appropriate topic. A well-selected topic confirms that you can more conveniently write a qualitatively perfect dissertation. This also you to create the writing procedure better for you.

In this article, you will know the 8 steps that will guide you. These steps also provide support in essay writing help

Steps in choosing your dissertation topic

Step 1: Initially, you have to check and analyze what are the requirements of your study for the dissertation. Do you have to select from a provided list of certain topics or may you create your own choice? And do you have to meet any special standards and terms or conditions? Provide answers to these questions to your own self.

Step 2: at the second step, choose what kind of research you wish to do. Do you simply wish to associate current literature or do you wish to carry out applied research for yourself, for instance, in the case of field research or experimental research? Do you wish to apply the use of current data or do you wish to gather the data by yourself?

Step 3: Choose a worldwide research discipline. Before starting the 3rd step, Make sure you understand that for some research disciplines there is more knowledge available than for others.

Step 4: Inside your worldwide research discipline, look for existing available content including articles and papers. Each field has a number of top journals and trade or professional journals. At the last, constantly make sure that a combination of articles from these top journals has shared issues with your specific expertise of research.

For motivation, you can also go in your research discipline at the website available on the internet about the main search engine for scholarly literature. Read available articles or research paper so that you will have an idea for your own research. Also, you can get help from online support platforms that provides the best dissertation writing service.

Step 5: choose a minor element or characteristic that should be related and within your research discipline. Analyze yourself and answer, can you describe your research topic in a few words?

Step 6: Make a Top three list of research topics and take consultancy from your teachers and experts. You can also take help from dissertation writing services.

Step 7: Present you’re picked research to your class fellows. If they are excited about your selected topic, then you know that you have a perfect one.

Step 8: From the three selected topics, choose the one that you have the best feeling about.


Apart from above-mentioned 8 steps, there are few tips to follow:

  • Pay sufficient attention and focus to the requirements of your research study. Often you have to select from a list of available topics within your desired field
  • Select an existing topic. It is sometimes simpler to discover a lot of knowledge of an existing topic than a dated topic, about which not much has been written freshly. You can also get help from Google Scholar or dissertation writing services
  • Always confirm that there are sufficient scientific available bases for your topic. For doing this, look at the best journals within your field. It’s an excellent idea to evaluate the last few editions of a number of available professional journals
  • Put some efforts to select a commercial angle within your research discipline. This can be very handy later when you are demanding to get a job in your desired field.
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