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How You Can Improve Your Existing Business App



How You Can Improve Your Existing Business App

Many businesses have apps which never receive desired response or exposure they are made for. But it doesn’t mean they would never be the one they were meant to be. There are ways that businesses can apply to improve their existing apps to get positive response.

This post shares some easy and quick tips helping businesses to improve their mobile apps.

Start concentrating on the review given by users

Many app owners feel offended when they receive a bad review. But, instead ignoring the negative reviews, app owners / developers can contribute lots of improvements in their apps if they focus on why these reviews were written.

A good app owner is one who keeps track on users’ reviews on routine basis and learns from negative ones, too. Believe it or not, when people are happy with your product, they will hardly feel any need of writing positive reviews but when they are upset with it, they will be frustrated and to calm down this frustration, they will write negative reviews.

I believe negative reviews are always genuine and, an app owner can learn a lot from them. They can help you improve the apps by working on / resolving the problems mentioned in these reviews.

Analyze your competitors

A good app owner is also the one who keeps track on competitors’ moves. Businesses need to learn from what apps by competitors are doing and then make changes to their own apps.  This is one very simple way to improve an app. Many business apps owners and mobile app developers just follow their competitors’ moves and, at the end of the day, receive success.

Regularly update your app

The development of an app doesn’t end merely at creating it and launching it on store. It’s just the half way. To make an app successful, developers need to provide updates to remove bugs, errors as well as to improve user-experience.  Regular updates also let your users remain loyal to you as they know that you are continuously working on the app and enhancing the user experiences. They can bank upon you and ignore minor issues until and unless they are enhanced.

Continuously take proper QA measures

Because apps are updated from time to time, make sure every update brings in improvements. Many apps start getting legs after updates which are reported by users in the form of negative reviews. Try to remove all update-related bugs from the app. This will only be attained by taking continuous QA measures.

Keep innovations on

The mobile app development is a flourishing industry. From platform developers to mobile manufacturers to app developers, they all keep introducing new things to the mobile market. This changes trends and technology. This is why you also need to go by the changes and make innovations in your app accordingly.

So improving an app isn’t tough thing. You can easily do this. All you need to do is stay informed about what’s new is happening related to your app or industry type and then, make improvements in your app accordingly.

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Significant tips to speed up ruby on Rails Applications



Rails Applications

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a popularly growing framework and comprises several benefits for the developers. It is one of the best options to choose for the development of a wide range of applications. A huge number of libraries come handy with this framework saving a lot of coding work and time for the developers. But there is an important point that you must consider as choosing Ruby will not only assure your application’s success.

A significant property of the application

You must also consider speeding up the app which is a significant criterion to be taken care of. Why speed is that important? It is because a study reveals that around half of the internet users expect that the website should load within a period of two seconds. Suppose they are disappointed with the performance in terms of speed, then they will not return back to the website it takes around 4 seconds to load. Quickness is a must possess a feature of your application. Poor speed than low ratings automatically leading to low decreased user number.     

Ruby on Rails is an easy language but there are things that slow down the process of application development. Some of the reasons behind may seem to be inconsequential but it may later grind the entire application. There are some easy ways to solve them and improve the process on a large scale.

How to optimize Ruby on Rails app?

Here are some of the ideas that you may take into account and optimize the performance of the app build using RoR.

Be wise while choosing the web hosting provider

Web hosts are the ones who provide several functionalities as server management and backups. There are different features offered by different hosting packages. Choosing the right web host is the thing that matters the most since it directly creates an impact over the speed. There are cloud hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated hosting services available.

If you choose for cloud hosting then your hardware is virtual. Hence, it is completely a cost-effective solution. In addition to that, it is also a flexible and scalable platform which is absolutely reliable. If you go for dedicated hosting, it comprises of dedicated physical layers, which means that no other accounts can be built over your server and the complete control of the server is in your hands. The VPS offers the clients the option to share the physical server with others. It is a must that the VPS clients pay for the hardware resource they make use of. It is also an affordable choice for websites that attract average traffic. Here are some of the options that you can choose depending upon your need.

  • If you are in an idea that you must have the complete control over the server then you must choose the Google Cloud Platform or the Amazon Web Services. They are highly scalable and efficient. But the one thing to be noted is that you will need a DevOps specialist to manage the environment. But this platform is a highly reliable one.
  • You can also choose the Heroku that allows you to launch faster. It becomes much simpler to launch the app by uploading it to the Git repository. But it allows only less control.
  • Digital Ocean is also a highly recommended choice for those who long for great control. It solves high problems of the various clouds services by offering the bundles. These bundles are called as the Droplets. These are scalable computing platforms with an additional layer of storage and security. There are also monitoring options available to easily run the production applications.   

Avoid the query problem

One of the most common problems that remain as a barrier to the speed of the application is the query. They are built for almost all the applications. The complexity is that a huge line of code of query will be required to get one result. But the actual need is that one query must be implemented to get many results.

So, the way to solve this problem is to cut down the number of independent data. It is possible only through the use of eager loading associated relations. This is the collection of the related data under one query. Developers must identify this issue that lags the performance and makes use of this method to optimize it.  

Get the aid of Gems and Plugins

Another most common way of optimization is the usage of gems and plugins. Most of the problems can be solved with the help of them. Bullet gems are the best solution to solve the n+1 query problem caused in the RoR application.

But there is also an important thing to be cautious that the over usage of gems and plugins may also break down the working speed. Usually, every gem and plugin comprises a large number of codes which will consume more time to process automatically lessening the process time.   

Make use of background processing

In order to enhance the RoR performance, it is important to enable the background processing feature. The background processes have the capability to calculate the statistics, video, run reports, send emails, and perform a lot more things. These scheduled tasks run automatically thus reducing the work time and improves the optimization.

Utilize the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN is the service that provides nodes all around the world, to ensure the files are closer to the location of the user. Irrespective of the type of language used as HTML, CSS, images, videos everything runs equally faster in different locations.   

Reduce the HTTP Request cycle

Make sure you use the minimum amount of request cycle to process the user’s request. They will look after for an immediate response from the server side.

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Top 5 Mobile Applications to Develop Creative Writing Skills



Top 5 Mobile Applications to Develop Creative Writing Skills

Are you simply frustrated with your “not so creative” writing skills? Are you looking for some quick and easy hacks so that your writing skills can be improved? Well, I am sure you must own a smart phone and you make use of it for almost everything. So, why not download some useful mobile applications from the play store which would not only enhance your creative writing skills but will also be helpful for you to writing your college assignments. Although, most of the students who do not get enough time to get help from online professional essay services, they think that writing is simply not their thing.

Since every individual nowadays uses cell phone not only to connect to friends and family, but its use has become an integral part of life in the majority of daily routines. From taking out food recipes to tracking your health and fitness tracker, from earning money online to developing your creative writing skills, the play store in your mobile phone has an application for all.

This post will list down top 5 mobile applications which will be useful in creating your skills. Let us take a look at them.


For all the students and writers out there who simply write on the go and wants to application or tool to take care of their grammar check and also proofread their piece of writing, Grammarly is best suited for them. Not only it make your writing error free, it makes your posts, essays effective by improving grammar and punctuation mistakes. Most of the writers on professional essay services also prefer using this application as it is the best tool for those who write lengthy articles and want their mistake to be automatically corrected.


Evernote is one of the effective mobile applications that allows users to make an organized to-do list and help them write down their ideas on the go in the same writing space. In addition to assisting writers with note-taking, writing their tasks and organizing them, Evernote is also a useful application for almost everybody out there. Maintaining a track and to-do list is equally important for professionals, students, and even elders out there. It helps a writer in developing creative writing skills by getting organized with the ideas, putting down your ideas and thoughts into words on the go and remembering each and everything important that comes to your mind anytime.


One of the interesting yet effective application, Shake-a-Phrase allows its users to have fun with sentences and words by writing creative prompts, practice of parts of speech and vocabulary learning. Most of the students, especially young ones can get better assistance in creating their own stories by the prompt characters, simpler sentences and interesting scenarios that this application offers. In addition to providing fun with English learning, this application will polish the creating writing skills in a student. The feature of changing the phrase by shaking the device and also set up different attractive themes is liked by all.


Since it is believed by most of the people that coffee shop sounds to enhance the creativity and greater imagination within a writer’s mind, Coffitivity is designed to help the writer with that. In order to boost your creative vision and help you write better, this application provides those ambient noises of a coffee shop when you are not physically present there. Most of the writers in professional essay services have given good reviews of this application as they have practically experienced the improvement in their quality of work.


Specifically designed for authors, Scrivener is a word processing application that allows users to organize their writing notes, build up concepts, research documents from a managed storage space. It is mainly helpful for writers who prefer long-form of writing like articles and novels in an efficient way. Providing a user-friendly interface and an essay to use software, writers enjoy organizing concepts, plots, and characters.

Whether you are writing for your university assignment or you are an official writer for professional essay services online, the top 5 mobile applications discussed in the article will augment your creative writing skills. Download them on your cell phone or tablet and enjoy learning.


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Hack Facebook Messenger Through Cell Phone Spy App



Hack Facebook Messenger Through Cell Phone Spy App

Are you looking for tools or apps that can help you in spying on Facebook Messenger? If yes, you have reached the right place. Here we are going to guide our users how they can hack Facebook Messenger with simple steps and without worrying about anything.

Hack Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, many people want to spy on Facebook Messenger for many reasons. Among these, parents are also trying such things in order to keep eyes on their kids. The children and teens are using Facebook very often and they spend a lot of time on the social media sites and apps without focusing on their studies.

The teens and kids not only spend a lot of time on Facebook, they also share private details, information, as well as personal photos. They share their locations with friends when they go to eat out or any other place with friends. These things are really serious and can never be ignored. The social media sites have become dangerous. Kids and teens should be protected from such dangers before it gets too late.

How to Hack Facebook Messenger?

Hacking Facebook Messenger is almost impossible because it is really safe and secure. There are no ways or options that can be used to check the Facebook Messenger and hack it completely. Over the years, its security has become even harder. Many people have tries to do so but it is impossible.

However, there is a way to hack facebook messenger. This is called using a parental control or spy app for any device. You might have heard about how parents track their kids in order to know about their kids. There are some partners who spy on their wives and husbands to know about their activities. They all use the spy and monitoring tools that have become really popular these days.

Many spy apps are available in the market. There are good as well as bad apps. But the most important thing is how good they are when it comes to hacking Facebook Messenger and offering the users the same features they need. One of these tools is BlurSPY Android spy app. This is truly the best and most powerful app that you will need to hack any android device for whatever the reason is. The app offers many features. Below are the wo methods to hack Facebook Messenger.

Use Screen Recording Feature

With this feature, you can easily hack Facebook Messenger. It allows the users to check messages, chats, conversations, friends, all audio and video calls, the calling history and even the text of the conversations. Here are steps to use this feature.

  • Install the app on the target android device.
  • Make sure the phone is connected to the internet.
  • Without internet, the app or feature may not work.
  • Now log in to your account for spy app.
  • Go to the dashboard and here you will see all feature.
  • Find screen recorder and turn it on for Facebook Messenger.
  • The app will start working to hack the Messenger.

Use Keylogging Feature

There is another way as well that allows the users to check Facebook Messenger, chats, messages, conversations and other things. You may not know about the keylogger. Let me clear it. The keylogger is a technique that detects the use of keystrokes on the keyboard of a device. When you will activate this feature, the app will find all the keystrokes. These will be changed into words and sentences to show the exact messages and other chats.

  • After you have install the app, connect both devices to the internet.
  • Make sure the net connection is working for the device.
  • Go to the dashboard section and find the keylogger.
  • Turn it on and the app will work to let you get the messages.
  • With this feature, you can read all the messages, conversations and chats on Facebook Messenger. This is a great way to hack the Messenger on any device.
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