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Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 Riflescope Review



Nikon ProStaff 4-12x40 Riflescope Review

When you are going out for hunting activities, you need to have all the advantageous tools at your disposal to ease the process. Therefore, having a good riflescope is non-negotiable, as it will be like a seamstress having a quality sewing machine at all times, and this tool helps you have the best experience as you are out in the field.

The good news is that you cannot miss getting great riflescopes in the market today, as many makers want to upgrade their equipment to the best quality possible. Among these is the Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40, which we will review in this article – Nikon themselves have been known to make riflescopes of high quality, so let’s see if this one fits the bill.

Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 Riflescope Features

The size

Among the numerous riflescopes, you can get ion the market today, this has to be among the largest – something that you can instantly notice when you hold it up against others. The length is about 14 inches, while the weight is about 19oz, making it among the heaviest on the market as well.

However, this does not mean that you should not consider it, as it proves to be an affordable option when you consider all the other features in the stack. It remains a highly versatile optic tool for the hunter, especially when you want to ease the process of bullet drops as you get the maximum amounts of natural light in the day.


Good news if you are looking for a riflescope with the BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) feature – this one has that. If you are new to riflescopes, this means that the reticle has the crosshairs in a cross style, while there are three small aim circles directly below the centre gap.

This means that when you are aiming for a target and you match the rifle and ammo to the scope, the riflescope will indicate to you the exact points you need to shoot at, and this avoids errors. Each ammo type will drop at varying degrees depending on the distance, so these aiming circles indicate to you the dead centre points.

Optics and the image quality

Many riflescopes these days have upgrades in their optic systems, in order to ensure the best quality of the images, and this one is no different. The optic system comprises of multi-coated lenses, which allow for 98 percent of light wavelengths.

All the extra coating and the noticeably large 40mm objective lens has a role, as they ensure the image you are getting is a crystal-clear and bright one, even in conditions of low brightness such as dusk or cloudy conditions. The MOA, on the other hand, is 60, while the parallax setting is at 100 yards, which makes it easier for the experienced hunter to get a clearer view.

As you are out in the field, you would want to make adjustments for external factors such as wind speeds, in order to increase the accuracy of your shots. The good news is that this riflescope has you covered on that front, as the ¼ MOA finger click has a high precision rate, and allows you to adjust for these external factors.

What’s more, you get all these features at a very friendly price, which is very rare to see. You do not even need to worry about the natural lighting you are getting, because the scope collects maximum levels of light for you to use.

In addition, you do not need to have extra tools to help you make adjustments, as the riflescope takes care of that through the positive-click and easy-to-use adjustments. You simply need to squeeze your fingers, and the job is complete, while the adjustments have knobs that protect against rust and weathering.


There is a variable range of magnification you should expect from the 4-12×40 Nikon. It can range from as low as 4x to as much as 12x. Because of this, it will give many types of hunters a great choice when they need something lower (for hunting in dense vegetation areas) or higher (when hunting in open fields). Fortunately, the quality of images remains sharp and crisp, regardless of the magnification you are using.

One thing the models falls short on is the eye relief area, which is only 3.7 inches, making it short if you happen to wear eyeglasses. In addition, if the recoil is heavy or too light, chances are you will bang the eyepiece on your eyebrow or forehead. Note that because the scope is heavy, you will need rings that are either high profile or medium profile to mount it.

Build quality

Riflescopes can be quite difficult to handle – you get a shot, but the sudden increase in temperature makes the equipment too uncomfortable to handle. Well, with this riflescope, you do not need to worry about that any longer. There is also no internal fogging when you are in cold or foggy conditions since the inner parts are filled with nitrogen gas.


  • Very affordable price that guarantees you value for money
  • Resistant to shock, fog and water
  • Turret is zero-reset
  • Focusing is very fast
  • Turrets are finger adjustable


  • It lacks exact parallax control

Final thoughts

This is a very affordable option among the riflescopes you can find, with its features being tailored to both experienced and novice hunters alike. The quality of the images, durability and ease of use also make it a worthwhile option to have – however, you will have to deal with the fact that you cannot control parallax properly.

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What do mean by Abayas, Kaftans, and Burkha?



What do mean by Abayas, Kaftans, and Burkha?

People can buy Muslim women wear from Modest Forever website as because this is the site that has so many different types of dresses.

Abayas, Kaftans, and Burkha are the dresses that are worn by people of Muslim culture or religion. These are the type of dresses that are similar in look but have a little difference. A brief description is mentioned below about these three clothing items:



  • This is a dress that; is worn by the Muslim women’s to give and show respect towards their culture.
  • This is one of the oldest dress forms that women’s wear. This is a dress that; covers the body of women’s fully only the hands, head, face, and feet are not covered by this dress rest body id properly covered.
  • This is a dress that; is made from silk, cotton, wool etc. Therefore, this is a type of dress that; prevents the body of women from different types of weather.
  • In olden times this type of dress was available in black and white color only but now it is available in so many other color options also. People can buy coat abayas, simple abayas online also.




  • This is a dress that can be worn by both men and women. This is also the oldest dress form that; is worn by people from the time of Mughal Empire.
  • This is a dress that; was worn by both the kings and queens to make their bodies warm. This is a long robe-like dress that; is made from animal’s skin, silk, wool etc.
  • This type of materials makes the body warm during extremely cold weather.
  • This is also a dress that; covers full body of women and men except for the hands, feet, and face is not covered.




  • This is also a dress that; Muslim women’s wear to give and show respect towards their culture.
  • This is a long gown type dress that is similar to abaya and kaftans the only difference is that; this is a dress that covers the women fully from top to the bottom.
  • There is a net type material that is attached to the burkha which helps women to cover their faces.
  • Burkha is a dress that; is worn by women of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc.
  • This is a type of dress that is commonly worn by Muslim women living in strict countries.


People can buy Muslim women fashion items from online websites also.

What is the difference between abayas, kaftans, and Burkha? All the dresses are similar in look but the only difference between them is that; abaya and kaftans are the dresses that do not cover the full body whereas Burkha is a dress that covers the women fully from top to the bottom. These types of dresses can be bought by people on Modest Forever.

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How to Become a Workplace Professional & Achieve Goals



Charter Spectrum Customer Service

For both organizations and individual workers, professionalism counts for a lot. From the workers’ perspective (as well as managers’), it runs the engine of business in more ways than one. It is the parameter which decides employee promotions. And whether an organization can apply for a credit loan. Or a government bailout package when profits are down. Every organization judges professionalism differently. And sometimes there exist wide variations in gauging standards. Recently, I made a thorough study of the Spectrum Packages project. And what I discovered was very revealing.

An Interesting Case Study in Professionalism & Organizational Culture

I came to know, for instance, that ISPs generally focused on raising their subscription counts. Meaning the number of people that they could manage to hook onto their services. In the ‘game’ that they play, the quality of deliverables often takes a backseat. And more interestingly still, plan & package advertisements can be deceptive. Upfront, in bold print, they can lie about actual monthly costs. Similarly, their promised service features can come restricted with important ‘service area’ caveats.

But still, most ISPs continue to equate ‘employee professionalism’ with the ‘number of definite sales’ made.

Professionalism: Two Crucial Ingredients

Any concept of professionalism always has to take 2 crucial factors into account. From one standpoint, it has to look at concrete work performances. From another, it has to consider how workers behave in different professional settings. The end professionalism score given to individual employees is an average. And the worker who wins on both counts gains the opportunity for further professional development. Along with responsibilities.

So if you want to become a thorough professional, you need to perform well. And grow past your comfort zone. Because that is how you become a more knowledgeable and experienced employee.

Taking a Closer Look at Employee Work Performances

Without putting in a satisfactory amount of work, no worker can hope to remain employed for long. A ‘job well done’ is reliant on satisfying your assigned KPI daily work requirements. Working well is the main reason why organizations hire people (in the first place).

As a worker, your first responsibility is to complete your assigned work. This is best achieved by:

  • Keeping a Self-Track of your work (are you meeting your daily goals?)
  • Asking your immediate supervisors for critical feedback (to keep you on track)
  • Asking your colleagues to Identify any work shortcomings (as impartially as possible)
  • Checking your work quality with reliable third-parties (related to your industrial niche)
  • Being your own harshest critic (and egging yourself toward further professional advancement)

Analyzing your own work performance is an exercise in utilizing some (or a lot) of common sense. If what you do feels right to you, then you should continue onward. And if your organizational managers go out of their way to disagree with you, then think. Would you be better off trying your luck (and skills) elsewhere?

What Professional Conduct is all about…

Professional workplace conduct deals with your generalized behavior. It has to do with such questions as:

  • Are you courteous with everyone you interact with?
  • Is your manner too light-hearted (and becomes an obstacle in your work)?
  • Does your ‘seriousness’ for your job ever come into question?
  • Are you unable to communicate your grievances to your supervisors?
  • Are you bogged down by any conduct-related complaints from your peers or superiors?

Sometimes, organizations retain employees with only a borderline satisfactory work record. But with agreeable conduct. Because they consider such workers to be more suitable long-term prospects. When contrasted with the other type of workers. Those with very impressive working habits, but little to no social skills to go along with.

Boiling it all down (and How You Can Become a Professional)

To become a professional, you need to balance both of the above-mentioned worker aspects. This will bring you a noticeable level of workplace repute. As well as a lot of professional comforts.

This is the quality of being in a state of silent contentment with regard to the work that you do.

A few days ago, I attended a Charter Spectrum Customer Service workers’ convention. One of my friends nagged me into it. And during the session, all that the speakers could talk about was workplace professionalism. Or how, over the past decade and a half, it had really gone down the drain. For me personally, this conclusion wasn’t shocking. Because I see the fall of commonsense workplace values every single day in my work.

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Enjoy a Weekend in Manchester



Hotels In Manchester City Centre

If you are looking for the ultimate city break Manchester is a great choice. Manchester is a city with an interesting and long history that has developed and changed a lot over the past decade. This means it is a somewhere the genuinely offers everything you can think of.


The hotels in Manchester are fantastic. You can stay in any kind you want, be it a simple one star room on the outskirts of the city or a luxury five star hotel with a spa. During the week, many of the hotels are conference venues at weekends they welcome thousands of city breakers.


For shopping, you really cannot beat Manchester. The Arndale centre is the largest city centre based shopping experience in the UK.

If you have never been to The Trafford Centre, you are in for a treat. It offers a unique shopping experience the centre holds tea dances, fashion shows and other events in the plazas between the shops.

Entertainment and Nightlife

If you want an eclectic choice of entertainment venues under one roof, you really cannot beat The Printworks. It is home to several eateries, a cinema and some great clubs. If music is your thing a concert at the busiest indoor concert venue in the world, the Manchester Arena, is a great experience.


It really does not matter what kind of food you want you will find it in Manchester. Hundreds of years of immigration means that the city has an eclectic choice of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Unusual things to do in Manchester

If you are looking for something different, there is plenty of choice. The boogie bus, a treasure hunt and a visit to the indoor snow centre are just a few of the different experiences Manchester has to offer.

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