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The 4 Tools Not To Be Missed To Create Videos to Be Published On Social Networks



Create Videos

Do you want to create videos for your social channels? Here are 4 tools not to be missed

The videos have become real digital trends with ever-increasing use by companies. Just think that, before the landing of native videos on Facebook, it was YouTube to collect the highest number of active users worldwide and to date all social networks offer the ability to upload videos, some of which even transmit them live. Facebook, Instagram with the new IGTV function and even LinkedIn: videos are the future because they allow us to explain a lot of information in a few seconds.

Several studies have shown that users prefer to watch a video four times more than reading blog content, because it can acquire multiple notions to virtually zero effort. Moreover, on the company side, the fact of humanizing the brand by putting our faces or showing people, allows us to create a high level of engagement by working on the construction of the community.

But this does not mean starting to put online animated videos for company from your office without passing any particular message: the videos should be built strategically (what’s new!). Otherwise they are not useful for achieving the desired goal. However, once you have built a solid strategy and an editorial calendar, there are several tools that can help you with the creation of videos for social media: tutorials, informative videos and presentation will no longer be a secret.

Four tools to create social videos

Short social content can also be created with special online tools. Of course, the final result will not be like what a video maker or a graphic designer can offer , but for video content to be inserted in a social media strategy they can be fine (obviously if well done). Here are 4 tools to create social videos that you cannot do without.


Biteable is an online tool that provides hundreds of video clips and images that can be easily integrated into pre-set templates. In addition to realistic minivideo, it provides simple animations and Claymation sequences to help you produce engaging, useful and explanatory videos.

Simply register for free and access the selection of the right model depending on the goal (e.g. ADV, business, cartoon, Instagram, infographics and so on), at this point you will open several templates that you can use. To view a preview, simply move the mouse over the various models.

After selecting the most suitable template, the next step is to edit your video. Although text customization and branding options are quite limited, ease of use and quality of video elements make up for these shortcomings.

Alternatively, you can create your own video from scratch, choosing from the various animations and videos available on the platform, or by uploading your images or clips.

Bitable is a tool suitable for more or less for all types of business for different objectives.


Quik is a tool originally designed by GoPro for editing videos captured with the GoPro, but has expanded its functionality. The mobile video app (iOS and Android) works with photos and videos acquired directly with the smartphone and allows you to create clips based on pre-set templates to be further customized. You can modify layout, duration, special effects, text, filters, fonts, music and much more.

Quik is a free app that allows you to download your finished video, share it via link or post it directly in Instagram Stories. It’s ideal for creating short, simple videos or presentations to show the behind the scenes of your business.


Another app to create videos from mobile (available for iOS and Android), Ripl allows you to create short animated videos with professional models. After registering, selecting the business profile, and having directly connected the social channels of your interest you can start creating and posting.

If you do not know where to start, you can take inspiration from the ideas already present in the app.

To create a post from scratch, tap the + button and upload your images. Alternatively, you can create a post from a specific web page. Ripl offers a lot of flexibility in customizing the primary and secondary overlay text, images and final video dimensions.

The app is integrated with the main social platforms so as to simplify the process of sharing and exporting.

Ripl is ideal for ads like flash sales and launches of new products / services, wishes of good holidays or Christmas and quotes motivational.


Lumen5 is a video tool designed primarily for those bloggers who need to convert long text into video clips. You can choose to directly import an existing article from a link, copy and paste it, or start a project from scratch.

If you choose the first option, you can enter the URL in the appropriate field and Lumen5 will take care of importing text and images into the video. You can still edit the imported content, adding video clips and additional text, or removing the extra one.

At the end of the video you can add music, choose the colors of the brand and add your own logo. In the free version there are some limited features (e.g. Lumen5 watermark), but it is still an excellent tool for creating explanatory social videos.

Other tools to create your social videos

Those above are certainly very useful tools to create videos to share on Facebook or Instagram. Other interesting tools are Rawshorts, which allows you to create animated videos in drag and drop, while for editing normal video we also recommend Adobe Premiere Clip (app version), iMovie and Lumify. In short, there are a lot of tools to create short social clips: simply choose the right one also and above all according to the objective you aspire to obtain.

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Vidmate Apk Deciphered




Vidmate Apk Deciphered

Vidmate Apk is a highly powerful and efficient Chinese application that can be used to download videos from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other sites onto their PC or mobile phone.  This app ensures that the downloaded videos are of high quality and can be viewed anytime.

The app can be downloaded for free from the official Vidmate website.

What is special about the Vidmate Apk app?

Though there are numerous other applications like Snaptube and FrostWire which also perform a function that is similar to Vidmate Apk, i.e. they provide a way to download videos from various sites online, none are as efficient as the Vidmate Apk. Vidmate not only provides faster downloading service but also ensures that the videos that have been downloaded are of high quality, ensuring a top-quality viewer experience for those availing its service. It also does not ask for or makes use of any personal information thus, guaranteeing privacy, something that not all other applications do. It is also free form irritating advertisements and malicious content that can hamper the viewing experience and is extremely simple to navigate and operate.

Is it safe to download the app?

The Vidmate app, when downloaded from the official website of Vidmate, is completely safe. The app does not require the user to share any personal information that they do not want to; moreover, it doesn’t share any information that has been given with an external source and merely uses the information to enhance the user’s experience. It can be said with a lot of conviction that the Vidmate Apk is very safe to use.

What does the Vidmate Apk do?

Normally to view a video, on YouTube or on any other site, the gadget that is being used needs to be connected to the internet. Excluding the computer, these videos cannot be viewed offline. Vidmate Apk is a media downloading application that can download videos, movies, music and any other type of media from various sites directly onto a gadget. The downloaded media can be viewed directly on the Vidmate app, without any internet access.

What are the benefits of the Vidmate Apk?

. The application is barely 10MB in size, therefore it does not take up a lot of space.

. The functioning of the app is easy to understand and is transparent.

. The app functions smoothly without any glitches and does not hang up frequently.

.  It is a highly beneficial application that enables the user to download videos when they are connected to a free internet source, like a WIFI, and watch them later, at their convenience.

. The Vidmate Apk is highly reliable and safe.

. It provides the user with a high video downloading experience.

   In short, despite the fact that there are many applications that perform similar functions, Vidmate is the best that there is in the market. It is absolutely safe and is an extremely helpful application and is a must try!

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Top 5 Family Calendar Apps



Top 5 Family Calendar Apps

Family calendar apps are an exceptional aid for busy moms and dads. They help to preserve the tune of the whole lot going on with your family. Thanks to these apps, you will never forget about a parents’ meeting, a celebration at friends’ or a rehearsal in a college choir. All activities are stored in one place which is on hand to all participants of the family.

Besides that, household apps are irreplaceable when you diagram or prepare something. They allow the mother and father to create to-do lists and distribute responsibilities amongst their menage. Now mothers won’t have to do the whole lot by way of themselves. Husband and youngsters can also take an energetic part in organizing family events. ‘I forgot’ excuses won’t work anymore! Notifications and memos will let you keep your fingers on the pulse of events. They will inform you if plans have changed or something used to be cancelled.

1. Dayhaps- On-line Calendar app

The top-notch to do app Dayhaps to create one unified vicinity for your tasks, goals, reminders, and schedule. A rich variety of reminders assist you to continue to be on a pinnacle of your agenda, to-do, and goals. The calendar app shines on cell devices, the place it makes use of the small show screen with grace and poise. You can import your cutting-edge events. In the month view, all activities show up as coloured dots, with the colour mapping up to something colouration you use to manage the actual calendar (for example, you would perchance retain a birthday calendar in yellow and personal appointments in blue). At the bottom of the screen, you see an image for the chosen day, and you can open any tournament to see more statistics about it.

2. TimeTree

The app aspects a calendar with upcoming occasions (it shows a month by way of default however you can change the view to a week or a list) for a whole household or a group of people. Planning has by no means been simpler when you have a chance to discover out what every person is up to on a unique day. You can invite new contributors to share their events with the aid of email, WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS. The app lets in including media files and remarks to each event. Every time a tournament is created or edited, TimeTree will send a notification to all the customers of the same calendar. You are in a position to create a couple of calendars and import records from Google Calendar. The app also components a built-in chat, to-do list, memos, time table book, and handy widgets.

3. Family Shared Calendar: FamCal

FamCal comprises schedules, assignments, contacts, and reminders in one calendar to hold all the members of your household posted about the upcoming events. Each member of a team is assigned a specific shade so you won’t get harassed about who created an event. FamCal makes it possible to configure notification and supply a heads up to specific household members. The app additionally boasts the capacity to create shopping and to-do lists and share them with everyone. You can without problems add limitless notes to your activities and lists.

4. Hub Family Calendar Organizer:

Hub Family Calendar is a tool to preserve and control your events and to-do lists beneath one roof. Every family member can create activities and share them with everybody else. Moreover, if some of your loved ones don’t have the app installed, you can hold them updated by sending occasions via email. Not only that but the app comes with built-in grocery and to-do lists. You can give assignments to your household members, set due dates, song how the whole lot is going, set reminders, etc. It will help you to share responsibilities between the ménage and maintain everything organized. Hub Family Calendar is additionally a powerful communication device permitting you to share messages, notes, photos, and comments.

5. TeamUp Calendar:

The app makes it viable to create more than one calendars in order to organize your family, work teams, friends, etc. You can create, edit and share occasions between all the users of a unique calendar. All the events are colour-coded so you don’t get harassed even if occasions pile up. To use the app you need to create a shared web calendar on the developer’s site. All your calendars will be displayed in a convenient dashboard that is available even offline. TeamUp calendar is convenient to use when you want to create repeating events or event signup. You are also capable to hyperlink locations on a map, upload multimedia files, add customized hyperlinks for particular users, and a great deal more.

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The Properties of 9apps Install and Download: An all in one application center




9apps Install and Download

Keeping up with the trend of making various applications, most of the developers are in constant competition to produce the best ones in the market. With the rising speed and efficiency, one can deliberately keep in touch with the best applications for the utmost benefits. Apart from the Google Play Store, which is considered to be the hub of all applications, there are several other apps coming up to keep the competition neck to neck always. Keeping up with the setting, 9apps have instilled a sense of further appropriateness among the users. Just like the Google Play store, the app has a huge collection of other applications which are very much free.

How far is there a difference between the Google Play store and 9apps?

If an overall estimation of both the apps is to be done, one can very much count the popularity of the Google Play Store. But 9apps can be seen as a tough competitor and there are huge differences noticed with regards to both of them. One might easily search up any app on 9apps and give it for downloading. While Google play store lists certain details about the application and what is new and old about it, 9apps won’t display the information. This makes it less versatile sometimes for the user to use the application. But the overall scenario is very much impressive.

What is the maximum storage limit for 9apps?

While Google play store requires a huge storage space, 9apps won’t require much. The device won’t lag and the download would also happen within seconds.

Is the 9apps application compatible with all sorts of platforms?

To be precise, 9apps is very much compatible with all sorts of platforms, be it IOS, Windows or even Android. While the Google Play store is not fit for IOS devices, 9apps does not have that problem. This makes it easier for Apple users as well to download various other applications from 9apps.

Is 9apps safe to use?

Google play store maintains all sorts of security issues at hand. 9apps Install Download is very much concerned with the safety and security of its members. Therefore, when one opens an account with 9apps, there is a step by step verification of the user’s email id and phone number as well, because of which one can say that the whole system is reliable and very much safe to use.

Is there an auto-update system with 9apps?

9apps has recently updated and modified itself to give a more competitive look to the application scenario. This makes it much easier for the users of 9apps to auto-update applications, once it is connected to a good internet connection. The auto-update takes place only for applications which require an update status, and one can close the option if not required. Thus, there is complete flexibility within.

Does the installation take too much time?

9apps install download just happens within minutes. The entire process is not at all time taking.

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