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5 Ways Blockchain Technology Will Impact the eCommerce Industry

Alex Husar



Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the renowned latest technology that Bitcoin is built on and that’s continuously raising interest. Some even believe that it’s the biggest technological breakthrough since the invention of the Internet as it influences the global economy of today. Yet apart from cryptocurrencies, there are dozens of other ways it can be applied. As of now, blockchains are widely discussed not only in the world of finance but are also used for storing and processing personal data, for identification reasons, even in marketing and computer games.

This largely explains why blockchain technology is applicable in eCommerce, a field that’s always in need of modern solutions, constant website optimization, and a future-oriented business development path. In this post, we’ll introduce you to blockchain technology and share the five ways it’ll impact the online retail industry.

Introducing Blockchain Technology

As it follows from the name, the technology is made up of a continuous chain of blocks. The chain logs the records of transactions and other data. This database is composed of an ever-expanding sequence of blocks that are shared between participants via peer-to-peer networks.

The unique thing about it is that unlike regular databases, you can’t change or delete records, you can only add new ones. The chain can’t be broken since each block contains a link to the previous one. That said, if we’re keeping a record of the number of sold teddy bears, whenever there’s an update or change on their overall quantity (say, all of them are sold out), the previous record isn’t deleted or replaced, instead, there’s a consequent new one that logs the current data (hence, we previously had 50 teddy bears, now we have none yet we know where they were distributed).

Every data block is marked with a one-of-a-kind stamp (the so-called hash sum). Each of the blocks is then placed in chains that have a very strict order that may not be changed. This means that the sequence can’t be reordered or reorganized. If you attempt to do so, an incongruity will occur and result in a systematic rejection of the action.

Topping that, the system has a smart approach to security. In order to prevent the chain blocks from being modified, the system uses both the PoW (proof of work) and PoS (ownership proof) methods.

Finally, since a plethora of independent users “locally” store the chain and its data, the changes are automatically updated in all the registries. Thus, because the data isn’t kept on a single server, the information won’t be lost even if one of the computers that keep it crashes. This is why blockchain technology is often referred to as a “distributed registry”.

If you still don’t quite understand what the fuss is about, the answer here is “convenience”.

  1. The technology basically provides an environment in which the participants within a transaction have no opportunity to deceive each other.
  2. It also eliminates the necessity of having third parties or intermediaries in the equation, for instance, a bank.
  3. Plus, the system isn’t centered around a single hub, meaning that it’s practically impossible to harm the chain.
  4. Lastly, it gives transparency to all the operations and digital transactions since everything is logged in a single database. 

So What Does Blockchain Technology Have to Do with eCommerce?

Without a doubt, there are many challenges that eCommerce stores have to overcome. These include overcoming high competition, the legal responsibility for safeguarding client data, keeping track of ever-growing databases and inventories, as well as figuring out ways to lose less money on intermediaries and etc. What can blockchain offer?

1. Safer financial transactions

Among the first things worth noting are transactions. Online retail has a close tie to finances, therefore, the matter of security is always among the most important priorities. Blockchain technology gives users the opportunity to safely pass on various data, including payments.

First and foremost, this includes Bitcoin (that’s used for buying things on those sites that allow making payments in this currency) and Ethereum (a platform used by online retail stores who wish to handle individual blockchains).

In blockchain networks, the store owner and the customer confirm the transaction using cryptographic keys that are digital codes. Guessing the sequence of characters of the cryptographic key code is a one in a billion chance. This makes blockchains among the best options for financial transactions. Fair enough, there were cases when wallets were hacked, so it is advised to connect them only for the time of handling transactions and then keep them offline the rest of the time.

Therefore, when it comes to financial security, blockchains can be a beneficial solution offering wallet protection and data security. To say the least, this technology is a great way to safeguard both the store owners and their clients from cyber-attacks.

2. Simpler inventory & supply chain monitoring

Keeping track of the inventory and the products of an online store is no easy process. Blockchain can be a helping hand here too as there are solutions for tracking and tracing the stocks.

Among the well-known solutions of such is WOWTRACE. It makes it easy to find out the origins of things within the stock and supply chain. It’s a way to connect producers, distributors, and even consumers.

And the data on all operations is securely stored. The history is recorded in the blockchain and distributed across all network participants. Each block contains information about all previous operations from the very start so you won’t have to untangle the puzzle of where this or that product is with easy purchase history notes.

3. Better transaction management

Let’s assume that a client transfers 50 USD to an eCommerce store as a payment for their order. A lot of things can go wrong: issues with the bank can occur, mistakes can be made by employees, there can be a hacker attack, to name a few. In these scenarios, the records on the transaction can be modified or get lost, causing the transaction to be stopped.

Because specific organizations are the ones responsible for logging transaction information, usually, in a single place, such risks are inevitable. But these risks can be reduced using blockchain technology as the system of accounting is based on distributed registries.

4. Faster & more cost-effective transaction processing

One more awesome thing about blockchain technology is that it allows for almost instantaneous transactions. They may take time to confirm though. And the amount of time that the confirmation will occur is determined by the consensus algorithm of a particular blockchain network.

For eCommerce, this means getting paid faster and paying less. And the commissions aren’t as high as those that banks or other common intermediaries have. Because the transactions are registered by miners, the commissions basically go down to just the rewards for the support and operation of the blockchain network.

5. Smarter contract creation

Another way blockchain technology can be applied in eCommerce deals with creating contracts. This is especially relevant when signing large contracts with partners.

This can cut a lot of legal red tape out of the process. For example, transactions can be certified using the blockchain electronic notary called Stampery. At a basic level, it provides actual proof and evidence of authenticity instead of just having to take things for granted. This makes forging documents practically impossible.

Similarly, this solution gives the chance to trace down any action or change in a transparent way all the way back to its original source. In a way, blockchain technology is thus a great answer to how to handle business-vital records, be it ownership proof or a receipt.

Is Blockchain Technology Really That Flawless?

To be fair, although blockchain technology is somewhat revolutionary, it does have downsides and issues.

To begin with, its implementation requires a big deal of reconstruction, we’re talking about systems that are large and that have a huge number of participants. And because every system strives to preserve its own structure and properties, it makes much more sense to start small when it comes down to the question of blockchain implementation.

Furthermore, another obstacle is formed by the fact that there is no legal framework that regulates blockchains. The same applies to the lack of established standards. Thirdly, blockchains demand enormous volumes of computing power to be supported. This implies it being energy-intense and requires huge energy consumption.

Summing Up

To finalize, blockchain technology is already taking the cyber world by storm. Mentioning it’s eCommerce-specific benefits, it’s an outstanding solution that’s secure, cost-effective, and transparent. Thus blockchain adoption and the use of digital currency are surely a future-oriented look towards online retail on the whole.


Mobile App Development Timeline: A Realistic Perspective



Mobile App Development

Anyone planning to build an app for their business will inevitably have this question in mind: How much time it will take for my app to transform from the drawing board to the app store?

You may read about the app development companies who tout how they built their apps from the ground up; however, managing an app development timeline is a crucial factor as it helps in planning the marketing activities that further decides the number of downloads and other essential parameters that are important for app success. While one can forecast the timeline, the actual time depends on several factors like app features, design, platforms, and so on.

Let’s explore the various phases of the mobile app development process.

  1. Conceptualization:

Under this phase, the developers typically investigate the target audience, app objectives, business challenges, etc by conducting comprehensive research of competitors, benchmarking with their shortcomings, followed by identifying the ways in which your app can overcome those shortcomings. This phase is very crucial and can take upto 1 month or more depending on the depth of research needed.

  1. Planning:

Once the initial research is done, it’s time to identify the list of features, UI, UX, etc that should be included. At this moment, it would be ideal to discuss the timeline and cost, as it will provide a better estimation. The higher the number of features and complexity of these features your app has, the greater the cost and the longer it will take to develop the app. This phase typically takes 15-20 days again depending on the complexity and features of the app.

  1. Development:

This phase takes the maximum time of the app development process and depends on the various facets of panels you need like user panel, admin panel, etc. The timeline depends on the platform you choose and the complexity involved in integrating the features; however, the timeline could be between 2-6 months depending on the size of the project.

  1. Testing:

At this phase, the app is put for rigorous testing in 360 degrees to analyze if it performs as expected and identify any bugs or errors that can affect the user experience. The experts test the app to identify if all the features are performing as intended, does the app performs seamlessly across various platforms and connections. Here the users can be involved to identify the challenges and shortcomings so that they can be rectified on time. This phase may take 1-3 months depending on the expertise of the developers.

  1. Launching:

Once all the bugs are removed and the app is tested for its functionalities, it is ready to be launched on the respective app stores. Once it is live on the app store, you can implement App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies to accelerate the visibility of the app and increase the number of downloads. Launching an app takes not more than 1 week.

Developing an app that provides genuine and meaningful value to users is essential.There are many factors that go into determining how much development time your app will take, but an understanding of a few of the basic functions users want and expect can help start you off on the right foot. Here I cover a few important elements that decide the development time and ensure your mobile app has a shot at success.

  • Quality

The better the quality the more time it will take to develop the mobile app; however, that does not mean in name of perfection, the timeline has to stretch way too far. It should be reasonable to balance the quality and time both.

  • Project Size

Project size has a major impact on the timeline. Under project size, one has to investigate the scope of the project, depth, the number of features, and purpose of the app. If the app necessitates in-depth research, the timeline will increase.

  • Expertise

The amount of time taken to build the app has a direct impact on the mobile app development cost and can be reduced significantly if the right expertise is available.

All mobile applications are obligatory to provide excellent performance and come in different designs and sizes which makes it a bit difficult to ascertain “how long does it take to make an app”. However, there is a way to make some generalization we defined earlier.

To speed up the launching process, rely only on the right Mobile app development companies in India has vast experience and expertise to support realizing your organization’s vision, and achieve app objectives. When you lookout for a company to develop applications you should not only consider current needs but future ones also as this will directly impact your delivery time as well as business goals too. we hope we answered your question “how long does it take to make an app”. If you have any additional questions or need a consultation, feel free to contact us

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QLED vs. OLED TV: Which One You Should Use?



QLED vs. OLED TV: Which One You Should Use?

Where technology is making it easy for us to have access to almost anything, it also puts us in rather a difficult position. This happens when individuals have to choose between two considerably best technologies. In question, today, are QLED and OLED TV sets. So, which one should you opt for?

A friend made fun of me regarding how my Waco cable channels plan will display equally well on both and blamed me for being so paranoid. But I am a sucker for the latest tech. Therefore, here is your detailed guide for those like me so they can make an informed choice too.

Why is it Hard to Make a Choice?

If you find yourself confused as to which type of TV to opt for, you are not alone. TV tech is more confusing than you would imagine. It is mainly because the TV technology looks similar for all sets that you would see. The result? Individuals often do not know which TV set and model (making things more complicated here) they want. However, if you are stuck between the choices OLED and QLED, we can be of assistance.

Is Organic LED Better?

Before you choose for yourself, you need to know the difference between these two technologies. To explain things to you in an easy manner, consider QLED as a tweak to the LCD technology. However, OLED is a completely new technology. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. This TV makes use of the carbon film that gets placed between two conductors. The film then emits its light whenever an electric current passes through it.

Here, the pixels are producing the light themselves. This means that when the pixels are supposed to be black, they will switch off. Do you know what that means? It translates into a TV watching experience that will give you a rare feeling of watching something extraordinary. Because you will get to witness realistic blacks, infinite contrast, and muted brightness.

Until now, OLEDs only came in specific sizes (small). However, some companies including Panasonic and LG introduced bigger screens for OLEDs this year. Thus, making it better for the bright environment as well. As for QLED, as mentioned earlier, it is nothing but a rebranding of LCDs.

Brands that Support QLED and OLED

More than the matter of the type of screen, it is a matter of branding. Because every OLED TV gets its OLED panel from LG. On the other hand, QLED panels get supplied by Samsung to every company that is manufacturing QLED TVs.


Although LG is producing the OLED panels, the company is finding it hard to produce them at a fast pace. This makes OLED TV an expensive one. And its prices won’t come down any time soon. Some of the brands that manufacture OLED TVs include:

  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • TP-Vision
  • Loewe
  • Skyworth
  • Changhong
  • Bang & Olufsen


Samsung started by producing OLED panels but backed off looking at the time that it consumes. The company now produces QLED panels. Lesser brands are manufacturing QLED TVs when compared to the names manufacturing OLED TVs. Companies manufacturing the QLED TVs include:

  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Hisense

Best TV for Gamers

When it comes to making a choice between which TV to choose, one has to consider all aspects of it. Gaming is one unignorable activity that plays a major role when selecting the TV type. Gamers would know this better than anyone else. If you wish to purchase a television for gaming purposes alone, then you shouldn’t be bothered about QLED or OLED. You should be looking at different criteria altogether.

Focus on the specs and features of each TV that will aid you in achieving the best graphics and voice. If you look at OLED, it will give you the best contrast, and it also can make the cinematic games look breathtaking.

On the other hand, if you have a look at QLEDs, you will realize that they are capable of brighter and visible contrast that is best for gaming. The TV makes drawing the objects and the environments clear.


The question remains. Should you purchase a QLED or OLED? If you are looking for a high-end 55-inch TV, then you should opt for OLED. However, remember that you will have to spend some money on it. However, if you wish to go for a smaller TV, things get complicated. Because you will get both OLED and QLED in large screen size.

You will have to get into the nitty-gritty if you want to choose between OLED and QLED when it comes to the small-sized screen. However, if money your constraint, then you should opt for QLED. Or, you can go with an expensive TV set (OLED) and save money through a reasonably priced new spectrum cable box. Hope you choose the best one. I would recommend that you do thorough research before you go to purchase a set.

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Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set



Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set

Over the years, the way we communicate with our friends and family have undergone a drastic change. Before a long time ago, people communicated via telegrams, landline phones available in their vicinity’s post office, etc. A few years after that, additional modes of communication, such as calls, emails, text messages, etc., were available. And almost two decades ago, people were introduced to the instant messaging app solutions such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., via which they were able to communicate instantly and share files in a jiffy. 

People were amazed by these platforms, and soon after its huge success, many messaging solutions such as Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, and many more apps entered the market, and they were also well-established in the market. As of the year 2018, the following apps ranked in order of the highest number of users to the lowest number will provide you with an outline of which app is preferred by people:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat
  • QQ Mobile
  • Skype
  • Viber 
  • Snapchat
  • LINE
  • Telegram

You can launch your own brand of instant messaging platform with the best Android and iOS app developers in town. The app will have multiple monetization strategies, opted by people if marketed correctly, and help you become a key player in the social media industry. 

A few vital attributes of any messaging app:

If you are planning to launch your chat app solution in the market, then you might as well get to know the crucial features that any such app should possess. 

Robust authorization:

The messaging app you build should initially authenticate or verify your users via a proper screening process. Basically, any messaging app will provide three methods of registrations that include sign-in via mobile number, email ID, or social media account. Phone numbers and email IDs can be authenticated using OTPs. By using an open authorization protocol, social media handles can also be verified successfully. 

Contacts synchronization:

The facility to import contacts automatically should be available in your app. This will avoid the process of choosing the contacts and then syncing it manually. This can be done by getting access to users’ contacts and comparing it with the app’s database. Your users should also have the feature to send invites to their friends or family who have not registered with the app. 

Optimized data transmission:

The name itself suggests that the app should allow users to send messages or files instantly to other users when required. This can be possible only if an efficient data transmission method is employed in your app. So, make sure you choose a suitable and secure transmission protocol for your messaging app. 

Instant file sharing:

Another main agenda to be considered when building a chat solution is that files with any format should be transferred in no time between one user to another or one user to many users. Ensure that the app requests access to the gallery and file manager of the user to enable quick and effortless file transfer. 

Location sharing:

Your users should also be allowed to share their live locations or any location of their choice via the messaging platform. This way, users can find each other effortlessly using the location. 

Encryption method:

Security is one of the most significant factors in building any communication app. In the US, more than 62% of the citizens are worried about any potential threats or attacks. So, users will want their messages, files, and other related information to stay safe and secure. Both the standard cloud storage and end-to-end encryption techniques should be integrated into your app to assure the users of their safety. 

Voice and video calls:

Users should have the voice and video calling facility in the app in order to communicate with other users. Make sure that you allow conference voice and video calls for your users. This is a standard attribute that should be available in any instant chat app. 

Self-destruction of messages:

You can add this optional feature to your app if required. This will help in deleting or destroying messages automatically after a specified time limit. For instance, Snapchat works completely using this protocol, and this safety feature makes users lean towards the app. 

Emojis and stickers:

At present, people express their emotions effortlessly with just a smiley or emoticon. So, ensure that your app includes all possible smileys, stickers, etc. it will help in enticing more users, and the chatting experience will be a fun one for your users. 

Develop your feature-rich messaging app now!

Find the most suitable app development company in the market to build your real-time chat app solution and launch it in a few days in the market. Integrate all the aforementioned attributes and some advanced ones to deliver an attractive end product to your users. Build a progressive app development plan and establish your instant messaging app in the market swiftly. 

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8 Innovative Graphic Design Tips for Social Media



Graphic Design

Professional graphic designers would concur that finding successful projects is among life’s most challenging struggles. It is specifically real if you have entered the sector. There are several marketing tools and strategies that today’s graphic designers can utilize for increasing their clientele. From newsletters to blog writing and social networking, the choices are unlimited. Graphic Design Services In USA are always on the lookout for inexpensive or affordable marketing solutions to get more clients. Even the most experienced graphic designers require a reliable marketing technique to establish their names in the sector.

Design Your Own Business Cards

the business cards are not just the one-time thing that some people believe. Business cards are good ways to form connections and develop a relationship with prospective new clients. Whether you work at a design company or as a freelance graphic designer, make sure you have distinctively made business cards each time you step outside and meet prospective customers. They are incredibly wonderful for graphic designers because custom-made cards permit them to share their imagination. Several graphic designers create multiple business cards to bring in clients from numerous sectors. Make a list of your contact information, social media networks, and web site LINK so interested people can explore your work online.

Create a Strong Portfolio That Transforms

Creating a prominent portfolio is the very first step in showcasing your talents. Your profile is one of the essential tools you need to verify your skill and decision to the world. Customers or clients usually involve most with a portfolio that provides a mix of various components and styles. By concentrating on your best job and consisting of good variety, you can blow possible customers away. Graphic designers can register for online galleries or networks to display their job, or they can produce a personal website to make their portfolio readily available on their terms.

Participate In Graphic Design Conferences

Graphic designers are usually workaholics. Given that they consume, breathe and live design, they frequently feel separated from the outside world. Not only does this develop an adverse impact on their psyche, yet it likewise denies them of potentially lucrative projects. Don’t allow the workaholic in you to lead you to exhaustion. The reality is you need to leave your comfort zone to explore the developing characteristics of the market. Graphic design conferences are excellent means to create new connections in addition to enhance your confidence. Seminars, as well as conferences, educate you on updated trends. These events inspire you to reinvent yourself and produce award-winning designs.

Begin a Loyalty Program

Everybody likes to make benefit factors. A “gamified” system is among the very best methods to urge repeat consumers. For example, Nordstrom uses every purchase customer’s elements, with unique “incentive factors” gained on particular days. Similarly, graphic designers can profit significantly from a reward system that provides indicate devoted or reoccurring clients. Create a loyalty program that offers some incentive to your client for booking orders. For instance, as customers have struck a particular milestone, offer them a discount rate or a complimentary gift to urge future tasks. Be sure to ask customers who participate in the loyalty program for email addresses and various other information to include more contacts to your mailing list.

Set an Objective

There should be a goal set for every picture you develop. Do you wish to drive traffic, or increase interaction, or get more fan following? Establishing a fixed plan will aid you to align your graphic accordingly. Nonetheless, please do not get confused with several goals, or you may ruin it. You need to have a plan in your mind, as well as complete it. Way too many goals driven into a graphic can confuse your social media followers and backfire.

Contact Potential Customers Through Direct Mail

Marketers today are always in quest of likes, clicks, as well as retweets. Yet successful marketing experts do not depend on online techniques. It’s essential to incorporate conventional advertising and marketing approaches to produce a comprehensive strategy– which means adding print advertising and marketing to your general marketing strategy. Graphic designers can contact possible clients via direct mail by printing creative mailer postcards. Innovative postcard designs offer a terrific method to display your talent to the world and contact vital experts.

Executives already get several emails from consultants and business owners. Don’t hesitate to send your work samples with transcribed letters in professional business envelopes to advertise your services. If you have many different materials to send to various cross-sections of your target market, ensure that every envelope has the best fit for your content. Choose custom-tailored envelope designs for each particular need. Modern envelopes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Avoid too many Texts

We know you enjoy the text. Yet that doesn’t mean you would undoubtedly allow words to make the image look crowded. Whether you are developing a graphic for Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media systems, limit yourself to a couple of linings. So much text in the design can be overwhelming to the onlookers. Social media graphics aim to supply the actual message through the shape, color, and one/two liner texta.

Behind Great Design is Excellent Contrast

The appropriate balance of light and dark can bring any social media visuals style layout to life. Combine contrasting colors (search contrasting color combinations for combination concepts) to make your social media graphic layout a scroll-stopper. One of the most distinctive color combinations are colors that oppose each other on the color wheel. A few opposing color sets include pinkish-red with aqua blue, light green with magenta, and intense yellow with plum purple. Avoid utilizing colors that encounter the brand identity of the social networking platform you’re using, like Facebook’s signature blue. You’re currently contending for attention with the color pattern of various other ads– do not compete with the colors of the social website itself, too!

Maintain Consistency

If you publish a graphic to support your tweet, then ensure that the text in the visuals and the tweet are similar. It is essential because the majority of people choose to click or otherwise based on image text. To avoid high bounce rates, let them understand what they are entering by clicking it.

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is an MD at AIS Technolabs which is a Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Web Services. I would love to share thoughts on HTML To WordPress Conversion Service and Game Design Development etc.

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Best Virtual Classrooms Software



Virtual Classroom Software

The world has turned into the modern era, where education is not confined only until the physical classroom. Now,  learning has turned easier than ever before with online sessions. Presently, the students don’t have to attend the sessions in schools and colleges.

There are several virtual classroom software solutions in the market, which offers easy connectivity and enhanced learning experience. Online virtual software such as Zoom and Google Classrooms helps to connect teachers and students with each other. With several functionalities such as screen sharing and video conferencing helps to conduct training sessions from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

In this blog, let’s know about the several online classroom virtual software solutions, that are playing a major role in the education sector. This software has enhanced the learning experience of the students and connect students and teachers worldwide. 

Best Virtual Classroom Software Solutions 


It is known as the best  Virtual Classroom Software and LMS Software. It is a SAAS based platform, which works with Cloud. With mobile devices, users can simply connect with virtual classrooms and attend their sessions. This software was founded in 2007 by  Harman Singh. WizIQ also supports different training modules and supported in several languages such as Spanish, and Arabic Language. Also offers online courses and even train students as well as customers. 

The major benefit of WizIQ software is the live classes can be recorded and if in any case, students are not able to attend them so by recorded sessions they can preview them easily. Secondly, the major benefit of this software is it offers excellent 24/7 live customer support ready

Google Classroom 

Google Classroom software is the most trending and has gained immense popularity in the COVID pandemic. Schools and colleges have to opt for this platform to continue their classes. It offers a free web service and is developed by Google. Undoubtedly, it simplifies the education process and turns the process of creating, distributing, and grading assignments easier than ever before. 

According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Supports several operating systems such as Android, iOS, and  Web. This software also allows teachers to monitor the progress for each student by reviewing the revision history of a document, and after being graded, teachers can return work along with comments.

  • It is easy to manage 
  • Allow users to share multimedia content, which includes images, videos, and other files easily as well as faster.
  • Other reasons that students have opted for it is this virtual classroom solution is affordable, highly secure, and also enhances the communication process among students, teachers, and parents. 


It is the next major E-learning platform, which offers HTML5 based virtual classroom software. This virtual classroom software offers an opportunity to the users to create and sell online courses, which helps to expand the educational sector. BrainCert is the one-stop platform for online learning, as it also provides engaging sessions, which boost the interactivity in the sessions. 

  • Cloud-based E-learning platform 
  • Features –  HD video conferencing, audio calls, chats, screen sharing, and session recording. 
  • Users can also add other plugins in the software. 
  • Utilize the latest technologies to offer a unique and high-level experience to the teachers and students. 
  •  Allows users to connect with other virtual classrooms with API. 


PeopleLink is the other popular online live class platform. It allows teachers to deliver appropriate lessons or guidelines to the students. This software supports high-quality audio and rich content sharing options such as screen sharing or transferring files easily with other users. It is software to leverage all the benefits of the E-learning platform. 

  • Engage users 
  • Secure and HD quality video conferencing
  • Offers real-time and reliable communication
  • It is the best platform for the organizations to conduct their business meetings as it is based on the cloud, which turns it more appropriate and accurate. 


This solution is a popular and widely used online platform, it was developed with the motive to conduct online classrooms as well as business meetings. It is based on a cloud-based platform, and allows users to share screen, live chat, video conferencing ( group and individual), and also allows integrating whiteboards. 

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. If users want to leverage, the additional functionalities then they can also opt for the premium versions. 


These are the best virtual classroom software solution, that helps to deliver interactive sessions to the students and also simplify the processes for the teachers. However, you can also develop your own virtual classroom software as per your requirements.

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Use In-App Chats to Take Your Consultation Marketplace from Good to Great



Use In-App Chats

Consultations are an integral part of a number of industries because they provide access to subject matter experts who can help businesses achieve their goals and better understand the market they function in. Currently, the global consultancy market is worth $250 billion across all industries. Despite being such a ubiquitous need, consultations continue to be a process that is burdened by multiple steps, convoluted structures and limitless back-and-forth without clarity.

However, the consultation marketplace aims to disrupt a needlessly complex industry and simplify things. It is made even easier to use by consultation chat software, which enables seamless communication.

The Lowdown on Consultation Marketplaces

Marketplaces for consultation help fill the resource gaps and skills in a business with just a few clicks of a button. They typically are holistic platforms where independent consultants can make their services known and rendered directly to a customer, without using a mediator.

“One must learn to embrace the expertise of others, just like one expects one’s own expertise to be embraced by others.”

–– Abhijit Naskar in When Call The People: My World My Responsibility

The benefits of a consultation marketplace are:

  • Better conversions: Service providers are able to communicate with customers more easily in real-time and close offers.
  • Conversation-friendly features: Apart from text messages, video and audio calls facilitate a partnership between provider and customer.
    Flexibility of rates: The chances of payment delays and follow-ups are negated by several payment gateways.
  • Social media integration: Manage orders on Facebook and Instagram from one account
  • Trackable analytics: Keep track of daily income, buyer conversions and successful sellers

How In-app Communication Features Work for Consultation Apps

A consultation chat app is the most popular way of facilitating communication between provider and buyer, and something that those looking to build a successful consultation app must explore. It enables real-time contact between the two key stakeholders, taking third-party platforms out of the picture and the process. 

An in-app chat platform for a marketplace ensures high levels of customer support. This is because experts are able to clarify their processes and share their prices in one go. Aside from in-app chat messaging, additional features such as file-sharing, video calling, emoji reactions and presence indicators increase the user experience significantly. A consultation chat for marketplace means that all-important information is in one place – perfect when any party needs to refer to previously shared information.

Here are Ways to Expand the Reach and Use of an In-app Chat Platform for Business Towards Different End Goals: best in app chat platform

1. Leverage Real-time Interactions to Facilitate Buyer-seller Confidence

Real-time chat, video and audio features help sellers pitch their services better, build a rapport with a buyer and close deals quicker. They also facilitate better working relationships and negate intermediaries. Some of these features include:

  • Typing indicators 
  • Availability indicators 
  • Personalised buyer and seller profiles
  • Automated questions
  • File-sharing 
  • Emoji reactions

2. Connect Buyers and Sellers with On-demand Video and Audio

On-demand video allows sellers to create streamlined video pitches to explain their services better. These help buyers visualise their end goals using this service and enables them to make better purchasing decisions. Critical features that help achieve this goal include:

  • Call recording 
  • Voice mute options
  • Group calls 
  • Message broadcast 
  • Real-time comments 
  • Emoji reactions

3. Convert Passive Viewers to Active Users with Live Streaming Chat

Chat for live streaming allows viewers to engage with the broadcaster through comments, questions and emoji reactions. This facilitates content reach and message retention and helps create a loyal user base out of otherwise passive followers. Make sure your app of choice includes the following features:

  • Video live streaming 
  • Emoji reactions
  • Synchronous chat 

4. Facilitate Intimate Interactions Through Group and Private Chat

Consultation marketplaces need private chats to maintain buyer confidentiality and ensure security. However, group chats foster a sense of community and allow buyers or sellers to discuss critical topics. Features that help create such an engaging environment include:

  • Personalised profiles
  • Individual roles
  • Emoji reactions
  • Hand-raising features
  • Mute options
  • Presence indicators

Features That are Must-haves for Consultation Marketplace Apps

Given that there are a plethora of features to choose from to enhance your consultation app, it can be a bit confusing, figuring out where to start. These are some must-have features to look for when choosing an in-app messaging solution for Android and iOS. 

IN app chat api features

  • HD Video Calls

Video calls allow the service provider and users to connect on a more personal level and build a visual rapport. Quite a few consultation types, such as those in healthcare, require visual aid to facilitate decision-making processes. High-definition video calls mustn’t falter in quality regardless of bandwidth or the number of users. They must be end-to-end encrypted and safe to use. 

  • Real-time Chat

An in-app chat for website and consultation apps allow for quick consultations without needing to connect over a voice or video call. Chat allows users to get to the bottom of their issues quickly, share important information and even provide files important to the conversation. It prevents delays in conversations and allows for immediate discussions, just like what would occur in face-to-face circumstances. 

  • Group Calls 

Group calls allow for better conversations, especially when critical business decisions are involved that need more than two participants to facilitate. Group calls involve entire teams in the process and allow everyone to feel a sense of comfort before taking a critical call. They also enhance message retention and distribution. 

  • Secure File Transfer

Several consultation processes are dependent on file-sharing, which adds more information to the process and prevents users from switching to other apps. These files could be PDFs, Word documents, photos, receipts, even video; allowing users to share this ensures that their conversations are that much more information-rich. Security is an integral part of this process; files must be limited to the participants alone as they could be private and confidential. 

  • Screen-sharing

In the case of troubleshooting and consultations, it helps to have screen-sharing as an essential feature. It facilitates clarity and transparency in conversations and reduces information gaps. It also helps service providers be more proactive about their solutions, as they can identify problems and deliver their expertise much more easily. 

Top In-app Chat Providers for In-app Chat API and SDKs

Whether you’re on the lookout for an in-app messaging API for iOS, in-app messaging SDK for Android or a third-party plugin for your website, these top providers are a great starting point to kick off your search. 

1. MirrorFly

One of the best in-app chat platforms available today, MirrorFly’s solution is ideal for consultation marketplaces. Alongside an in-app chat SDK and API, you’ll find that MirrorFly also offers voice calling and video calling functionality. Aside from these basic features, the platform also offers screen sharing, group chats, smart reply and real-time language translation. It is highly secure and has setups for spam protection and profanity filters. 

2. Apphitect

Apphitect offers a complete messaging solution that powers real-time communication through high-tech integrations. Their in-app communication API and chat SDK facilitates several great features including group chat, offline messages, presence indicators, voice calling, video calling and screen-sharing. It is highly secure as well– Apphitect leverages high-end technology to ensure end-to-end encryption and privacy.

3. Chat SDK

Chat SDK is a free and open-source way to add an in-app chat for Android application, iOS or browser. They provide a handy UI framework that allows you to integrate the app and get started in a jiffy. Their extensive list of features includes private and group chats, multiple message types, push notifications, social login, personalised user profiles and message history.

4. Stream

Stream’s in-app communication SDK and API consists of a highly reliable infrastructure that can easily be plugged into an existing app. The platform is customisable enough to keep as a messaging platform or even to create an alternative to Slack and popular workplace apps. Some powerful features that they offer include direct and group chats, organised chat threads, file sharing, GIF and emoji sharing, message search and link previews. 

The Bottom Line

Marketplaces for consultations are the newest way to bring experts on board your project without the hassles and procedures that are typically involved.

It’s a great idea to integrate communication features that will leverage your existing benefits and encourage conversations and transparency.

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What Types of Objects Image Annotation Can Detect for AI in Agriculture?



Image Annotation

Image annotation is becoming important for computer vision based all types of AI models developed through machine learning. In agriculture sector AI has set foot through various advance equipment system and techniques, making this field more productive and efficient.

Yes, robotics, drones and AI-enabled machines are dedicatedly used in agricultural sector for performing various tasks. Actually, all these machines works on computer vision based technology. And these AI-enabled machines are trained through training data sets generated through images annotation.

Image Annotation for AI and Machine Learning

Image annotation is the data labeling technique used to make the varied objects recognizable for machines. And in machine learning huge amount of such datasets are used through algorithms. Hence, image annotation plays an important role in model development.

ai in agriculture

And computer vision based all types of AI model can be well-trained if high-quality datasets is used with right algorithm. Though, there are varied types of image annotation techniques and according to the model’s algorithm’s compatibility and other feasibility, images are annotated.


When image annotation services is done for agriculture sector, there are many things (object of interest) are annotated as per the model requirement. From plants to fruit or land everything is annotated to make them recognizable or even comprehensible for machines so that they can actions accordingly. So, right here below we will discuss why and how image annotation in agriculture or farming.

Image Annotation for Robotics to Detect Crops

The crops, plants or floras need to be detectable to robots for picking the fruits and vegetables. For precise detection of such objects, precise annotation is also important, so image annotation using the bounding box technique can annotate the object making AI possible in agriculture.

Image Annotation to Detect the Unwanted Crops

Along with useful plants, unwanted crops also grew while cultivating the fields in the agricultural sector. Weeds, wildflowers and other wild plants are highlighted with image annotation technique to make it identifiable, so that it can be removed by the machine for better growth and yield of the crop.

And when huge amount of annotated images are used to train the model, then robots become capable to detect such unwanted crops that are eating nutrition of the main crops.

Image Annotation to Monitor the Health of Crops

Crops matured, not matured or getting infected due to insects or fungus can be now monitored through AI-enabled devices like drones or robots. But again to make such things identifiable you need to use the image annotation technique. From semantic segmentation to other popular image annotation techniques, there are many procedures that help to monitor the health of the crop.

Image Annotation for Geo Sensing of Fields

The one of the most important yet crucial use of image annotation is identifying the soil condition and health of the field. Yes, image annotation can be used for geo sensing that helps to find out the condition of agricultural field and make the right decision of cultivation or harvesting. The semantic image segmentation helps to generate set of large data for deep learning in agro field.

Anolytics is the leading image annotation service provider in the industry. It is also offering the high-quality image annotation service for agricultural field. AI companies seeking for high-quality training data for the robots, drone and other autonomous machines can get the annotated images here with scalable solution to produce the large volume of AI training data sets at lowest cost.

Apart from training data for agriculture, it is offering the set of data for other fields like automotive, retail, drones, autonomous vehicles, security cameras and computer vision based other AI models. The training data for AI here is developed in the highly secured environment to ensure the privacy & safety.

Image Annotation for Live Stock Management

Animal husbandry is now easier and productive with AI-enabled machines. Yes, animals can be monitored through drones or AI-enabled machines keeping them in count and inside the campus. Again image annotation is the technique, used to make such animals recognizable in various scenarios. Bounding box and semantic image segmentation helps to make the animals recognizable with accuracy.

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Boost Your Online Auction Business Growth With An Impeccable Auction Script



Auction Script

Today, technology has drastically changed the way people buy and sell goods. People, nowadays, show a keen interest in an online auction because they are able to get the product they want without any hassles. An online auction platform also serves as an ideal place for those who are looking to sell their products at the best prices and for those who want to purchase their desired products easily.

It is obvious that with the help of online auction platforms, people from all corners of the world will be able to sell and get the products in an effective manner. Also, in the current market trend, there is an immense increase in the number of online users who are looking for the best online auction platform to find and buy the preferred products comfortably. So, the online auction industry is growing at a very rapid pace and so many entrepreneurs are now venturing into this flourishing sector.

But, not all of those proprietors who plunge into the online auction business taste success in this prospering industry. Only those who succeed in building an outstanding online auction platform that fulfills the selling and buying requirements of millions of users can get ahead in this booming sector. So, if you want to start your own online auction business in this digital era, it is very much essential to know some vital concepts and should understand what people want from an online auction platform.

Therefore, if you are looking to run a profitable online auction business in 2020, then read this blog.

Because in this blog we are going to see some key strategies for launching and running a lucrative online auction business; we are also going to see how an auction script will help you to build a powerful online auction platform and to gain a competitive edge in the online auction industry.

Essential factors to stay ahead in the online auction business

Let us now see some crucial factors that you must consider in order to stand unique from others in the online auction industry.

Follow a meticulous business plan

If you want to be successful in your online auction business venture, you should analyze the online auction market thoroughly and then should define your target audience, decide on the product types for which you are going to conduct an online auction on your site, know who your competitors are, and then formulate a feasible business plan that will help you to succeed in your online auction business venture.

Build a robust online auction platform

If you want your online auction business to get global traction, then you must build a stunning online auction platform with unique functionality, features, and unrivaled performance. Only with such an astonishing online auction platform, you can stay ahead of the fierce competition in the online auction industry. Therefore, it is important to have a strong online presence to grow your online auction business in this competitive sector.

Optimize for mobile

Nowadays, with an immense increase in the use of mobile devices, customers mostly prefer to make purchases from an online auction platform that shows seamless performance across mobile devices. So, enhance your online auction platform for a rich mobile experience. So that users will like to make use of your online auction platform frequently. 

Make inclusions to grab user’s attention

If you want to retain your target users on your online auction platform, then you should make all necessary inclusions to enhance the experience of the users on your auction platform. You can include features that allow the sellers on the auction site to put up their various types of products for auction quickly and effectively. An effective communication channel will pave the way for smooth communication between the sellers and buyers on the auction site. So that buyers will be able to get an instant response to their product related queries. 

Also, people who are all on the verge of purchasing products on the auction site will always look for feedback from the other users who have already made their purchases on the platform. This will boost confidence in the user’s mind to make the purchase on the auction platform. So, include ratings and valuable reviews from the buyers who have purchased products on the online auction platform. And also, it is important to ease the payment process and for that, you can include multiple payment gateways.

Focus on meeting online auction business needs of users

An auction site that meets the selling and buying needs of users by carrying out an effective online auction process will definitely kindle interest in the minds of users to come back again to the online auction platform. So, you must streamline all your online auction operations on your online auction platform.

From this section, it is very clear that you can get ahead in your online auction business only if you succeed in building a phenomenal online auction platform with engaging features and cutting-edge technologies. But, how to build such a mind-blowing online auction platform?

Using Auction script for building an outstanding online auction platform

If you are really looking to build an impressive online auction platform with seamless performance, then you can surely go for a reliable and ready to use auction script. This is because, with a readymade auction solution, you can build your own auction site within a very short span of time. When you make use of a scalable online auction solution, you can include all necessary features in your auction site whenever needed depending on your online auction business needs.

Also, an adaptable auction script will suit many online auction business models and so giving life to your online auction business ideas will not be a tough job. So, making use of a fully integrated and readily customizable online auction solution with smooth performance will be the right option to develop your own full-fledged online auction platform. 

But still, you may have a doubt if it is wise to utilize a readymade online auction solution for developing an online auction platform. So, to make you understand in a better way, we can now see how a uniquely crafted auction script can help you in attaining success in your online auction business venture.  

Amaze users on the online auction platform with an exemplary auction script

  • With a comprehensive online auction solution, you can build a feature-rich online auction platform and can easily enrich the experience of users by including several exciting functionalities such as an internal messaging system, smart auction process, advanced filtering, quick auction set up, instant notification, and so on.
  • Normally, we will be looking for a convenient and safe online auction platform so that we can make our purchase without any hassles. With a remarkable online auction solution that is subjected to rigorous testing procedures, you can build an amazing online auction platform with best-in-class security checks. Thereby, you can improve the reliability of your online auction platform.
  • You can include beneficial revenue factors in your online auction platform with a unique auction script. Thereby, you can make a great profit with your online auction platform within a short timespan.
  • If you want to impress users on your online auction platform in the long term, then you must incorporate trending technologies into your auction site. This is possible when you make use of a dynamically adaptable online auction solution.
  • Also, with a complete online auction solution, you can develop an engaging mobile application for your online auction platform.

I hope you can now understand why a readymade auction script will be the right choice to build an astounding online auction platform.

Closing Thoughts

As said in the above sections, it will be a smart move to utilize a ready to use auction script for developing your own online auction platform within your budget. But, not all those online auction solutions that are available can fulfill your online auction business requirements and can help you in building an attention-grabbing online auction platform. Only a reliable auction script that is built with responsive design, modern functionality, and state-of-the-art technologies will help you in arriving at a feature-rich auction site. So, pay more attention while choosing an apt online auction solution for your business. 

You can get such a felicitous auction solution only from a well-known online solution providing companies like Appkodes. Appkodes has been delivering optimal clone solutions for various online business models for many years. So, you can get an appropriate online solution for your online auction business at Appkodes. So, without any delay, discuss your fresh online auction business concepts with their team and get a perfect auction script to taste success in your online auction business venture.  

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9 Questions to Ask for Selecting the Best Hosting Provider



Best Hosting Provider

Many web hosting service providers are available. It is not so difficult to challenge to find the best one for the need. However, here are some questions that one needs to ask before deciding on purchasing a hosting plan. Here are some useful tips for finding the right web hosting provider and who will provide the best level of service for the online business.

web hosting service

1# How Reputed Is the Hosting Service Provider?

Most first-time buyers prefer to buy from a provider that is reputed. An easy and straightforward way to find about the reputation on the web hosting company is to read the reviews of the customers. These are readily available online, and going through the testimonial can surely be helpful.

2# Is the Hosting Service Reliable?

It is best to go for the hosting service provider that offers 99.99% uptime. It is the most crucial factor. Any downtime of whatsoever in nature can hurt the business, revenues earned, and the income generated, besides hurting the customer services.

3# Will the Connection Be Fast?

Slow loading connections often turn the customers away. Mostly the customers leave the website if the page doesn’t open within three seconds. Look for a hosting provider that offers a user-friendly web-based control panel that will allow managing the various aspects of the website from anywhere.

4# Is the Control Panel Easy to Use?

Once you choose a hosting plan, you will want to use the various features offered. It is only possible when the control panel offered is easy to use. Thus, go with the hosting provider that offers an easy to use control panel using which you can control the various aspects of hosting without having to worry too much about the technology.

5# What Are the Prices and Are There Any Hidden Charges?

Another essential aspect of web hosting service is the cost of the plan. It is suggested to evaluate the various aspect of the hosting plan thoroughly. Find about the extra costs of for things like bandwidth, renewals, and upgrades. Compare prices from several hosting packages to find out where the money can be saved.

6# What Hosting Features Are Available?

The website is going to rely on the infrastructure of the hosting provider’s servers. So, the infrastructure has to be reliable. For Linux based hosting, PHP, Python, and other similar languages should be available. Is there any service feature to increase the speed of the website pages? The hosting service should offer various applications that are required. For instance, if you want to put in place a WordPress site, the application should be available for installation in simple steps. Whether domain services are available? A distributed DNS infrastructure with unlimited sub-domains and email accounts should be available. The email services should be available, which would allow email to be accessed from any device. How is your website performing? The answer to these questions is best offered by using features like website tracking. Once the website is hosted and submitted to the search engines, they will display the site in the search results for any query if it is SSL. So, the hosting service should also offer the SSL certificate for free. Nothing in this world is good without reliable technical support. So, the web hosting service should offer it as well.

7# Will, There Be Enough Bandwidth?

It is also known as data transfer. It means the number of bytes downloaded from the site to the visitors. There are hosting companies that claim to offer unlimited bandwidth limit it, and there are charges levied after that. If you are looking to get high web-traffic, go for a hosting plan that offers high bandwidth.

8# Is It Scalable?

A useful web hosting service offers the flexibility to scale the hosting plan up or down as per the need. It’s best to start with the shared hosting plan, and they move up to the other plans.

9# Is Data Backup Offered?

What if the site is hacked or there is a failure? In the case of database and the hard-disk failures, the website backup service should be offered too.


When you have found a satisfactory answer to these questions, you are likely to decide on the best hosting plan for the need.

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Why Purchase a Bluetooth Car Speakerphone?



Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Why do we need a Bluetooth car speakerphone when a majority of the cars today come incorporated with a media player or an audio system with Bluetooth connectivity inbuilt? This question might be the one that arises in most people’s minds. There is a good reason for using a Bluetooth car speakerphone. To understand the reason, you should first understand the limitations of using the hands-free Bluetooth connectivity feature inbuilt on your media player.

While the hands-free feature incorporated into the car media players helps to save money and keeps you safe while driving, this feature is not best for regular heavy-duty users. In this article, we will discuss, why you should purchase a right bluetooth car speakerphone and why we recommend it.

What is a Bluetooth car speakerphone? –

You might have already come across a Bluetooth speaker, which is portable and most commonly very efficient. Do not mistake a Bluetooth speaker to be a Bluetooth car speakerphone. Both are different, while Bluetooth speakers are designed for delivering high-quality sound only, a Bluetooth car speakerphone comes designed in such a way that it could deliver high-quality sound (output) and also capture and transmit high-quality sound (input) to the connected Smartphone.

Yes, Bluetooth speaker comes incorporated with high-quality microphones and noise cancellation features. While some of the Bluetooth speakers have microphone inbuilt, most of them are not designed to offer the quality and features a Bluetooth car speakerphone offers.

Therefore, in simple words, a Bluetooth car speakerphone is a device that comes inbuilt with both speaker and microphones that could transmit and deliver high-quality sound. They also come with high-quality feature like noise cancellation feature incorporated into it.

Why should you consider a Bluetooth car speakerphone over the hands-free feature in your car? –

There are several reasons for using a Bluetooth car speakerphone over a Bluetooth speaker or the hands-free feature in your car. 

  1. Bluetooth car speakerphones are designed for the sole purpose of facilitating smooth listening and talking experience.
  2. Hands-free and portable Bluetooth speakers tend to pick up unwanted background voices, which makes things messier. However, Bluetooth car speakerphones come incorporated with noise cancellation features that help to filter such unwanted noises.
  3. An inbuilt car media player or audio systems or portable Bluetooth speaker commonly transmit a distorted voice to the other end, as the microphone incorporated into the system could be far away from the user or commonly not designed for frequent use.

Apart from all the above-mentioned advantages, a Bluetooth car speakerphone also has several other general advantages. 

  1. The functions of a Bluetooth car speakerphone are not just limited to facilitating smooth conference or communication between user and other, but also it could be used as a Bluetooth speaker if the car lacks an audio system.
  2. Bluetooth car speakerphones are comparatively smaller and cheaper than portable Bluetooth speakers and audio players.
  3. If you own a classic car with no inbuilt media player or audio system or a power output source, then a Bluetooth car speakerphone could be the best option for you. Most Bluetooth car speakerphones come with an inbuilt battery pack and could be used as both Bluetooth speaker and speakerphone.

Now, you understand why we recommend that you consider using a Bluetooth car speakerphone over a portable Bluetooth speaker or an inbuilt hands-free feature.

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VoIP Industry Statistics 2020



VoIP phone services

VoIP phone services and solutions are the business industry’s new and improved way to communicate with clients, partners, and one another among your office. 

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also known as a phone system that functions over a reliable internet connection. These systems are the perfect solution for companies of all industries and sizes; however, it is important to remember that you will need a good internet connection. While it’s easy to list the ways these phone systems can help your business flourish and achieve new goals, nothing speaks louder than the numbers.

voip, voip providers, voip phones, voip phone services, voip industry

With this infographic, you can see how VoIP business phone systems have helped organizations since they were first used, as well as how they will continue to support these companies in the future. The numbers shown in the infographic displays the global market size throughout recent years, proving just how well this type of phone system has allowed companies to grow. Based on these numbers and how rapidly they have increased, estimating future growth rates has become much easier. These exponential growth rates and rising numbers are proof that with a VoIP phone system on your side, there is no goal your organization cannot meet or exceed. 

IDeACOM NC is proud to continue serving throughout North Carolina, and we are also proud to continue educating those in the business industry on how they can keep growing. There are several business phone systems you can choose from; however, it is evident that a VoIP phone system is ideal for most any organization.

Please Note:The data & statistics above are meant for informational purposes. There might be some differences due to the covid-19 impact on the global VoIP market.

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A Guide On Building Your Own Successful Tinder Clone Solution



Tinder Clone Solution

There is a boom at present when it comes to on-demand services carried out through mobile applications. Greatly benefited are the end customers as every service is carried out with a single tap, and the services availed are very much economical pricing as well.

One such division that is gaining greater prominence with time is Online Dating. Blind dates are gaining more momentum in several nations across the world, and many entrepreneurs are beginning to capitalize on this lucrative industry with their customized Tinder clone. Being an advanced software solution, it is capable of enthralling a colossal number of people in a short time.

Let’s see some stats regarding this Online Dating Industry.

(i) Online Dating Revenue is forecasted to reach US$1,754 Million this year.

(ii) User Penetration which is 2.6% now is predicted to hit 3.6% by 2024.

(iii) The Average Revenue per user is estimated to be a sum of US$8.95

(iv) The United States featured the lion’s share in revenue accounting to US$798 million in 2020.

So how does a Tinder clone attract a huge customer base? It is because of several factors that are mentioned below:

  • Simplicity in finding a date:

Thanks to the dating app, anyone across the globe can find a date swiftly. After inputting the needed info into the app and then on finding a match, the user can associate with the match before going out on a date.

  • Seamless communication:

The Tinder clone can be used by users to find someone who matches their expectations and likes. The in-app chat along with the audio/video call feature, can connect users from across the globe. To add more richness, one can share videos, audios, locations and much more via the app.

  • Greater reach and penetration:

With the Tinder clone, one can get a higher reach from the customers. It will be a thumping success among all users because of cool features and state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Extremely lucrative in a short span:

This solution has everything needed to smoothly establish a huge income-generating online dating business within a short time. The more the innovation in features, the more the revenue and customers will be.

What should be done to develop a robust Tinder clone solution?

To build such a successful product, follow the below guidelines.

  • Focusing on long-term goals and the future:

Contemplate gathering relevant data and information from the past and the present to get a vision of the future regarding the dating app solution. You can go a step further and research statistics and other such market forecasts for better enlightenment.

  • Optimizing the online presence:

Wield the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and much more to get a better online presence within a short span. To optimize the customer base, integrate posts, ads and promotions consistently.

  • An economical dating app solution:

Make sure to develop a dating app that isn’t intricate in terms of usage. It should offer the best UI/UX, which gets accomplished by providing useful and captivating features along with vibrant design. A separate panel should get developed for the users as well as the admin. Ensure that everything is of the best quality and very highly economical as well.

  • Discounts/Offers and referrals:

Whoever has come under a subscription plan, they can be supplied with offers and rewards. Also, give out rewards if the users refer the Tinder clone to friends or other relations.

  • Analyzing the competitors:

Intensely scrutinize the online dating market and the competition as well. Research into each competitor’s mobile apps will give enlightenment on what should be done to make your dating app that special. These are one of the ways to develop a Tinder clone that is more enhanced than that of the competitors.

  • Incorporating powerful algorithms:

Ensure that the dating app solution is built by using the best algorithms that will help tremendously in matching two people who share the same preferences and likes. For good suggestions, it can be based on aspects like their inclinations, location and such.


All the above guidelines and factors would have provided a great deal of enlightenment in building a powerful dating app solution with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Our team at Tinderboxsolutions have great expertise in developing a powerful Tinder clone app that speaks of astounding success.

We offer our services to effectively and quickly build the solution as per your requirements.

To know more reach us out at

Author Bio:

Vinoth is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Canadian based Tinderboxsolutions. As a blogger in his free time writing articles on Mobile Apps and the On-Demand Service Industry, he has greatly guided the company in developing user-friendly clone app solutions.

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Top 3 Advancements In Technology For 2020




Everything is new and fresh when we hear about the technology and its hard work in the functioning towards the advancement. The performing status in making the best move always urges to understand the concept behind new progress. Every single day there are lots of discoveries and software develops. Keeping a track on everything can become difficult for you. It is the reason where getting the financial trail becomes easy for you.

The excess use of technology states the better conduct which further helps in framing the productive outcome. . Getting deeper is the crux of science and technology and that brings in developing the smart move. Working upon the significant direction help in discovering the best condition where you can progress.

With ongoing advancement mentioning below can be used in larger projects or the companies who wants to progress technologically. There should always be a time frame that comes under process to bring out the best in you. Therefore, it is important to make an acknowledgement towards scientist, researchers and software developers the hard work they put in presenting the best to the world.

It takes a lot of investment

There is a whole book of making smart move where researchers invest to get the work done in progress. For example,

  • Time

Talking about the significance of time it makes you think about varied things that whether you are investing on right idea or not. Having an understanding on significance of time help in making you think about all the pros and cons. The management suffices in shaping the outcome of technology.

  • Idea

The investment of an idea is the biggest thing that you can count because it stands as the mark of uniqueness and whereabouts. You need to be particular in framing the best deal that when it comes out it should gain utmost popularity.

  • Financially driven

Whenever you build software or a technological tool that gives straight mark of how much you can invest. If you belong among the reputed college or work as a claimed as scientist you need not worry about money. But, if you are starting something of your own that needs to have a financial backing. It is the reason where you can select the better conduct in maintaining funds. There are plenty of options, if you select online lender’s doorstep loans in UK. Under this platform, you can get the relatable financial aid to proceed in the given task accordingly. The financial term gives freeway to the spend money, it depends on the project with its whole requirement.

These are some of the core investments to be considered when you are planning of your own.


The counting proficiency in stating the numbers to technology bloopers right now you need to know the top ones:

  • Odour recognition technology

If you are looking for a wonder in appreciation of the technology, then odour recognition is new in introduction. With the help of develop chip and software the scientist have created this type of technology. As there are other electronic devices where the smart phones, and smart watches makes difference in counting your heart rate. The introduction in nature electronics you will be getting the great financial conduct.

  • Red bricks energy

You must have often heard about the bricks and its usage such as building walls and formulating strategies. The bricks can get a new purpose apart from putting in the wall. This time the researchers of Washington in St. Louis bring the technology of putting energy storage in the bricks. This type of new emerging concept is to make much productive usage that is a brick powering green LED light.

  • Smartphone’s detecting earthquake sensors

Here comes another significant development in the Smartphone’s that you will get an alarm or heads of what is coming. It can be taken as an alarm that makes your wok easy and progressive. The stating conduct of making things better gives rise to looking into new things so that it can be applicable for the better conduct.

These are the advancement to consider in the field of technology.  It will help in increasing the general knowledge in terms of what is happening around you.

An upshot

The development in the field of technology is the reason of increase in the productivity. If you think it can help in progress of the work it can be beneficial for you. Keeping yourself financially strong is the reason that helps in taking the funds for better conduct. You can also get the backup related to money under the financial term called guaranteed loans in the UK. It would be great, if you understand and proceed with the right use of technology.

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Benefits Of Professionally Designed PowerPoint Template



Nowadays everyone is going so speedy around that to compete around with the others one must be very sharp, one must be coming up with new ideas, one must take out the risk to compete and beat others. It is because everyone is so competitive in bringing up something unique. This uniqueness is somewhat that catches the attraction of customers. Similarly in the designing of the templates for the presentation purpose that continuously being used to promote the business or in the educational field, the ppt design provides you with new ideas and uniqueness. The other most important factor that provides your basic foundation is template which is the largest and unique template provider for the people. Thus one should catch up on every single item that can make him unique from others so he can be seen among the million others clearly.  

 1st priority:- 

 In running an online store and business the first priority of you is must be catching up with the client effectively and make him feel at home in dealing. This will definitely help you to gain customer trust. Alongside all these stuff the store template is an important thing that can add a positive impression on the client. Your well-maintained website and the services are the eye-catching things they will help you to gain success. For having a more good quality theme one can use the PowerPoint designed templates for their online store.  

 Many people in the market want to have a custom made template as they want the theme perfectly suits their business so for that very purpose they make their own template. Another thing that can happen to make your store unique is the template monster that will provide you every kind of a template you require that suits your business. 


 Though it is a vast discussion related to the benefits of using PowerPoint template, we will only discuss some here to get you to know about the main things.  


  • Attractive:-

PowerPoint template provides you with the adhesion that will keep bind your customer to you because it is so much attractive that it provides the eye-catching stuff to the business store. The outlook you provide is the major thing in having a business store.  

  1. 2Easy promotion:

 As the built-up of the PowerPoint is so unique and it provides you with the promotion stuff. These things are what make people get to you more and more. This will provide a boost to your business as more people will know about your business.  

  1. Easy to present:- 

 PowerPoint template will provide an effective manner in which you can put forward your thinking and the policies that you would be leading in the future related to your store. The audience will get to know about the new offers and all that you will provide through the PowerPoint template. 


 The pre-made or the customized template you use is sometimes needed Customization. For the update purposes or for in case of changing the color font text or any other you can easily make changes to it without any hurdle. It provides easy customization so that the customer feels easy during the visit to the shop web and the shop shows out the most appropriate content and visitor having no problems at all. 

  1. 5Manages running:

 The smooth running is so important that one must have a smooth-running presentation. Flaws in the presentation can cause you to lack behind in the field of your performance so it provides you smooth running if you manage it properly. The speed and other items must be precisely in order to engage your audience perfectly.  

  • Conclusion:-

Thus we conclude that one must be using the PowerPoint template. As all the benefits are described above so it becomes an automatic choice to have a PowerPoint template. If you don’t feel comfortable with the theme provided then you can switch to the themes provided by the template monster as it is one of the biggest platforms for the new and unique templates. 

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Tips To Pick A Best Website Design Agency



Website Design Agency

Business Website is no different from your front desk support. Customers want them elegant, responsive, knowledgeable, and most importantly direct them to make a buying decision. 

A Website is not just how it looks to an eye, but it must be user friendly and informational. No Customers like to be on a website forever. The average time spent on a website is 15 seconds, You heard it right? 15 seconds is the time we get to convince a visitor to take action.

So now you know how important is a website design for business.

Now, the challenge, most businesses come across is how to choose an affordable website design company.

Most of the time, they fall in the wrong hands with their engaging sales pitch. If you have gone through such an experience or looking to avoid them, keep reading.

The following are the 5 most important things that should influence your decision before choosing an affordable website design company.

1) Does the company show interest in your Business objective, Product/Services, and Target Audience before Designing your website?

Building a website without knowing the Business objective is like producing a car without an engine. Though the car looks appealing and luxurious, the purpose is not achieved, and Website Visitors will not find value. A Website Design Agency needs to understand the business to set up the right call to action.

If a Small Business Website Design Agency neglects to do their initial study about your business, competition, and audience, the website they offer will drop its purpose.

You can read about the Website Design Agency from the initial questions they ask about your firm.

2) Does the company offer personalized website development solutions?

We are sure we do not want our home to look like our neighbors until your neighbor owns a bungalow.

Likewise, it is important, your website is unique and built using the same template as your competitor. 

To avoid getting the same template as many others for your business, make sure you request for their website portfolio and see if they are all of different designs or the same design.

The Website Design Company should be professional enough to provide you with interesting ideas that will more accelerate your business. 

3) Does the company provide responsive websites?

The website should not only look good but be operative. Always look for the websites they developed for the loading speed and its responsiveness on Desktop and Mobile.

As more and more users use their mobile phones over the desktop or other devices to access a website, our Business website is essential to be responsive as well.

In recent times, it is equally relevant to check for browser compatibility. A website that looks good in Google chrome can look different in Mozilla Firefox.

4) Does the company support you after the project completion?

One thing to keep in mind is that it is obvious for a website or any product for that matter can create issues within a month after website development.  

So always find a website design agency that could assure you a minimum 30 days support if any issues noticed.

5) Does the company give you ownership of your website?

As your website is a marketing tool, you must constantly edit or update your website to be successful. If your website design agency does not give you access, it could affect you in many ways. 

In most cases, you must pay more to the website design agency to make the changes or buy additional charges to get access to your own website

The worst case is that you must develop a new website.

Business owners should be double-checked with the website design agency if you will be given full access to the content, images, pages, and posts and allow you to make changes on a frequent basis without the need to pay them an hourly fee.

If there is a charge, please consider you have not found a professional

In Conclusion, I advise you to do the required investigation before you settle on any website designers for small business for your project.

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