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7 Worthy Tips To Amazingly Optimize Your Website!



optimize your website

How many hours would you wait for a website to load? Not even one, right? How many minutes? Not a single minute! How many seconds? Maybe a few, right! And that’s how much time you have to attract your potential customers or viewers on your website.

Fortunately, there are different amazingly optimize ways for your website security check and another optimization tools help to the process of getting your site high ranking on search engine results pages.

A fast website is a very first step in gaining the attention of your user, later comes content and graphics. If your website design fails to load every time a user tries to open it chances are that you will lose your audience and then your business.

But the question remains, how does one make the website work faster? Optimization is the answer! Various web development companies are working tirelessly to produce a website that’s responsive and works faster. Here are a few of the important tips to optimize your website.

Optimize Your Website!

A nice search engine optimization illustration with a laptop and magnifying glass looking at your website in the rank 1 position.

  1.   Image optimization

The first and basic step begins with optimizing your content and one of its parts is by optimizing the images that are part of your content. The size of the image that you add on your website can be one of the reasons that are slowing down the working of your website.

There are various images that will be part of your content from your logo to the logo of various social media platforms and each of the images adds to the weight of your site. Hence, make sure you choose high-quality ones but not that are heavier to load.

  1.   Make it device responsive:

We are living in the 21st century and this is the era where even kids love using the phone more than any other age group. So, if you are trying to make a website work make it optimized enough to work efficiently on various devices including mobile phone.

There is a high chance that the main target audience of any company would search up the website on their phones rather than any other device. Hence, it is important that while designing your website you make sure that it is responsive to other devices as well.

  1.   Use CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a web server that is responsible for geographically distributing web content in various areas. This helps in optimizing your website because users of your website from around the globe can access your websites faster as the request would be sent to the nearest server.

On the other hand, if you use one server for your website then chances are that all the request would be sent to that one server that will slow down the working of the website.

  1.   Work on HTTP Requests:

Next thing you can do to make your website run faster is to reduce the HTTP requests your site makes. Why your website does make HTTP requests? When someone gets on your website it tries to fetch the content from the server this results in making HTTP requests the more the requests are made the slower your website becomes.

Now, what can you do to reduce the HTTP requests? You need to align the JavaScript, make sure to use CSS, avoid using third-party plugins as they only make your website heavier, use the codes that are absolutely necessary and lastly combine JS and CSS files together.

  1.   Improve website hosting:

There are various hosting options available for building your websites like shared hosting, virtual private server, and dedicated server. Where shared hosting is one of the most chosen one considering it’s cheaper. However, this server is used by various all at once and makes your website slow.

Improving your website reputation in order to be popular with your target audience and boosting brand awareness to get the most out of this optimization, start with the webpages that make the greatest traffic. Then DomainRacer is best freelance web developer hosting service offer varying amounts of monthly data transfers, storage, email, and other features, when you can create more pages.

So, in order to make your website work faster, you also need to use a server that is fast enough. One of those is a virtual private server which uses numerous servers for distributing the content of your website. Though there may be many others on the server you’ll have your private share.

Lastly, there’s also dedicated server but this is usually used by giants as this is quite expensive and gives you an independent server for your website. So, once you become a big company you can switch to dedicated but invest a little more amount and work on VPS. Many web designing agency either get part on VPS or shared cloud dedicated server.

  1.   Reduce CSS and JS:

Unknowingly at times, there is extra and unnecessary content on your websites that just makes it heavier for the server. Objects like white space or extra comments that are part of CSS and JavaScript file only covers the unnecessary space and make your website slow.

Moreover, for CSS and JS try to reduce plugins that will help you in fastening your website. For WordPress users, there’s another option that helps you in reducing the unneeded plugins. Sort out your content and keep what is absolutely necessary and remove the plugins that are just increasing the weight of your website.

  1.   Give importance to User Experience

Last but not the least what you need to do is making sure that the experience your users have on your website is good and they are willing to return back. User Experience (UX) is an important part of any business and for the website, it plays a huge role.

For making your user experience worth the while you need to make sure that the content you have is needed and desirable. It is easy to understand and can be accessed easily. The website is responsive and user-friendly. The better the UX is the more it will benefit your business and fasten your website.


These are a few of the many tips that can help you optimize your website. In this age, a fast running website can help you build a stronger and reliable customer base. This is why various business are spending a part of their expenses on creating a prominent online presence and that includes having a fast functioning website. So, if your website is slowing down then make sure that you have worked on the above tips. Otherwise, contact a reliable and best web development agency that will help you and guide you in optimizing your website.

Author Bio: Bryan Fernandez is a professional brand enthusiast. She also loves to write blog niches related to brand marketing and design, currently working as a brand manager at a web design company in the USA!

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How To Create An Impressive Logo Design For Your Brand



Logo Design

Creating a great brand symbol isn’t a piece of cake nor a child’s game. It’s a routine you come by creating an excellent scheme for it. A plan that is going to help you promote your business with little effort. Besides, a picture speaks a thousand words. And that’s what an impressive logo design is all about. If you do not have a badge on your chest or your website, no one’s going to put eyes on you. Let alone considering you for the job. Thus, it would be best if you came up with a strategy to create something larger-than-life and motivate others to try your service.

Several factors contribute to making or destroying your brand. You cannot point out the blunder to a single aspect or person. However, it’s that explanatory emblem that saves you from drowning, helping you reach the shore safe and sound. It is the main reason why startups and well-established companies hire a logo design company. These firms have exceptional talent and experts in the house to create a breathtaking business badge for you.

In case you don’t want to hire someone for the job but work on your own. There are a few things you should consider beforehand. Coming up with your business logo design is no joke. It’s a game-changer that either breaks you or makes you. It requires painstaking efforts to develop the trademark you can trust for life, and so do your loyal customers. Therefore, the steps discussed below will help you create the best eCommerce crest to attract potential clients. Good luck!

  1. Brainstorm your logo design

Nothing can beat you if you start it on paper. Besides, the physical sheet of wood is ideal for putting your ideas and concepts in a well-organized manner. Squeeze your brain to keep those creative juices flowing. Plus, Google your rivals and research for the tips and tricks of logo designing and note them in your notebook. Brainstorming your logo design is a great way to start with the pictorial representation process for your brand. 

  1. Personify your Logo with your brand

Pick up the tone, versatility, style, and conduct of your brand. Let it seal the deals for your business just by the looks of it.  It means that you should add personality and vibrancy to your brand. People should be able to recognize it at a glance. They feel confident in buying your products and services. Thus, create an amiable logo design by adding personalized touches to feel more human than a motionless robot. In other words, make it livelier by adding appropriate features! 

  1. Choose your logo outline colors

Not only does the shape and size matter for your logo design, but colors that you add too. Hence, choose colors that define your brand and business with an intuitive charisma. The tints should be able to let customers imagine great things about you and your brand. It’s better that you use primary colors or shades that represent your business/brand. 

  1. Be theme-specific for your logo layout

Comparable to colors, pick a theme that compliments your brand. For instance, you can choose a green forest setting if you run a camp service for tourists. Likewise, use a tart theme with vivid color touches if you run a bakery. Long story short, do not use a visual tone that doesn’t ring the bell. 

  1. Create a hybrid logo design for a diverse harmony

Apart from choosing a suitable theme for your brand, you can go hybrid if you wish to try your luck.  Besides, it’s a great idea to enjoy broad exposure to various marketplaces. It’s better that you try this for a business model that runs multi-layered sides of commercial activities. 

  1. Add inspiring logo design elements

Do not forget to entice the onlookers with inspiring rudiments that you add to your remarkable logo design. Please keep it simple, memorable, adaptable, enduring, and suitable for all your business needs. These are the five elements you cannot deny. Also, you can add business prompts and cues to enlighten the observers. 

  1. Choose your typography

Adding wonderful typography is an excellent idea if you desire a vivid visionary logo concept. First, it lets you stand out from the crowd. Secondly, it helps you communicate with your customers. It has its voice to send your message with crystal clarity. Other typography benefits for the logo include a disciplined information pecking order, building brand recognition, and showing your sturdy stance and professionalism.

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Why it is Important to Hiring SEO Company?



Hiring SEO Company

If you are running a company then you will want your business to have a top ranking in the search engines. Then only you will be able to get potential leads online. For this, you have to partner with an SEO company for help. They will take care of your business website’s search engine optimization needs. Most of the online experiences begin when a suitable keyword is used in the search engine mainly on Google. So before hiring an SEO Company it is important to decide what requirements you have. You have to make the most of your SEO plan to get top rankings. Therefore here are some of the benefits of hiring an SEO Company. 

Why is SEO important? 

The search engines such as Google will scan the websites and choose the most deserving websites based on the popular keywords. Then it will rank websites in its engine according to the keywords. So without the help of the right SEO techniques, it is hard to maintain a website in Google. Though the SEO is fair in Google it is highly competitive. Only the sites that use the best SEO techniques will always be in the top results. The other websites have to work hard to stay visible. 

Some of the features that help the website to rank high in Google results are quality content, website appearance, and more. So if the website meets the standard set by Google your business can also definitely get listed in the top rankings. 

Why Hiring SEO Company? 

If you are planning to Hiring SEO Company then you have to find the best SEO Company. They will help you to get the results you want. SEO has become a necessity today then only business sites can reach their potential customers. 

  • Organic search in Google leads to high website traffic 

The performance of the business site depends on the website’s performance. Google is the owner of a large portion of the search market. That is why it is the major contributor to brand visibility. Many brands rely on Google to market their products.  That is why it is essential to become a hit on Google. 

Many people worldwide have internet accessibility. So they use Google each day to find things they require. So while acquiring the information, they come across the sites displayed in the Google results. To make these people notice your business, it has to be in the top rankings. 

  • SEO provides credibility 

The goal of every SEO company is to offer to increase the user experience of a business website. Then only it will become popular. The users will be attracted if a site has good content and a catchy appearance. So the SEO experts work on that. In this way, they will help your business to reach potential customers. 

  • Helps businesses to understand the search engines and overall web environment

As Google’s algorithms and policies are subject to change, the SEO experts will help the businesses to understand it. It is a heavily competitive world too. Many brands try to be at the top. Therefore you can understand these things when hiring an SEO Company. 

  • Investing in SEO is cheap 

Many SEO companies are now offering their services for reasonable costs. Therefore when you invest in an SEO company you need not worry about paying lots of money. When compared with the traditional marketing strategies, SEO is cheap. Therefore this is a good reason for your business to invest in an SEO Company. This can help your business to reach lots of clients and reap more benefits. 


SEO is important for your business. So you can Hiring SEO Company that will fulfill your business needs. It is the best option to stay on top of your game.

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How to Write Copy for Your Target Audience



How to Write Copy for Your Target Audience

A copywriter’s job is to write engaging content for a target audience. The best way to do this is by understanding the needs and wants of that audience. This blog post will cover how to identify your target market, as well as tips on writing engaging copy that resonates with them.

1. Know Your Audience

One of the most important things a copywriter must do is know his or her audience. You can’t write a good campaign for your target market if you don’t have an idea of who they are. What is their age? What is their lifestyle like? Do they have any interests that I am aware of that relate to my business? These are just some of the questions that need answering before writing even begins. Once these questions have been answered, it’s time to get down and dirty with research.

You have to know your target audience as well as you possibly can in order to write campaigns and content aimed exactly at them.  There is no point in trying to please everyone and ending up with bland, unoriginal content that no one is interested in.

2. Engage with Them Whenever Possible

Do you know what the golden rule of copywriting is? It’s to treat every reader as though they were a customer. Keep this in mind while working, and always try to engage the audience further than just reading your content. A good technique for doing this can be asking questions throughout your writing. This way, you get them thinking about something related to the post and it engages them on multiple levels at once.

3. Be Clear and Concise

Make sure that when readers do read your posts, they understand exactly what you’re getting at right away. Don’t beat around the bush and waste their time by waffling on excessively or trying to use fancy words that no one understands just so you sound intelligent. Make your sentences short, concise – and to the point.

Insulting people is one of the worst things you can do in copywriting.  Readers will just go elsewhere if they feel patronized or treated like idiots, so always try to be friendly and helpful to them, no matter who they are or what niche they’re involved with.

4. Respond to Feedback

If someone makes a comment on one of your posts, respond to it appropriately! It’s important that you let them know their words aren’t falling on deaf ears, as this shows respect for the reader and also allows for an open conversation between you both about how best to improve your content. Read through all feedback carefully – even if it is negative – and consider what your readers want to see in future posts.

5. Know Your Own Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you start writing, it’s important to know what your strengths as a copywriter are. Do you have a knack for creating lists? Maybe you have an expert understanding of the English language through being a poet or novelist. Knowing your abilities means that you can focus on what comes naturally to you and do it well with relative ease. However, if you’re not so good at certain things, work on improving these areas by studying others who excel in those fields. This is how all great writers became so – by learning from those already established in their field and working hard to create something fantastic.

6. Practice Makes Perfect

The only way to get better at copywriting is by practicing as much as you can.  The more you write, the better your skills will become – so don’t give up when it doesn’t go well! Take each piece of writing with a pinch of salt and consider what you could have done to make it better.

If you want to improve at copywriting, just keep on practicing. If something goes wrong, look for ways to improve when working on your next post or project.

Always remember that these are just some basic tips that can help anyone work toward being an outstanding copywriter. Practice makes perfect, so keep doing what works for you and never give up! All my best on your journey toward becoming one of the most influential writers in niche!

7. Write Posts That Are of Value to Your Audience

This is the most important tip on this list! You should never write anything that you don’t think will be useful to your niche. Writing content just for the sake of it is pointless and won’t help at all. Not only will pushing out low-quality work reflect badly upon you, but it also makes your audience less inclined to engage with what you have to say in future. Always put yourself in the shoes of your readers, and keep them at the forefront of your mind whenever you complete a new post or project.

8. Use Relevant Images Where Possible

Not everyone wants to read long posts filled with paragraphs upon paragraphs of text – sometimes images are needed too!

Using relevant images can help to break up text and make your copy more interesting, so they’re definitely useful to have around. However, you should always remember that these are just supporting elements to the main content of your posts. Make sure you don’t use them in excess or overuse stock photos that no-one has any interest in!

Be sure to write great captions for each image that relates back to the topic at hand – people will check out anything with an intriguing headline.

Copywriting is one of the most difficult forms of writing out there, but if you follow these simple steps then it becomes much easier! Use what works for you and eliminate repetition wherever possible; remember that this method is only an outline (but it’s an effective one).

9. Keep Your Content Original

It’s important to always think of new ways to deliver words to your niche. Don’t just reuse what other people are saying, as it makes you seem unoriginal and uninterested in your subject matter.

If it’s well written, original content can go a long way to improve your copywriting skills; not only that, but it shows others that you put thought into what you’re saying and it represents the depth of knowledge you have on the topic at hand! If you keep writing posts like this, then your audience will stay engaged with what you have to say (which is much more valuable than fast page views).

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Avoid these 5 Common Hospital Website Design at all Cost



Hospital website design

Your website is the reflection of you and your practice. Your website is the first point of contact many patients will have with your routine as more than 85% of the United States adults now use the internet. If patients don’t like what they see on your hospital website, they will go to your competitor’s website and give their business to them.

Many hospital websites have the same information for a long time; many websites are hard to navigate and look unprofessional. Yet, as per the latest data from Google, 72% of Internet users search for a healthcare provider online. Given the records, it becomes essential for your hospital to have a website that captures potential patient’s attention and prompts them to book an appointment.

Whether you are creating your Hospital Website Design for the first time or revamping an existing one, make sure to avoid these five common Hospital Website Design mistakes. Click here for tips on Hospital website design.

  • Hard To Read

Though it may sound like an obvious mistake to avoid, many hospitals create a website with text that’s hard to read. Dark text combined with the dark background and vice versa, text with the tiny font is a massive no for any website design. Instead, your font should stand out and be of a size that visitors can easily read.

  • Not Reviewing Your Competitor’s Website

Your main aim in creating a website design is to outdo your competitor and create a brand image of your hospital. However, it is impossible to beat your competitor if you do not know what they are doing to better you.

Reviewing your competitor’s website design helps you plan a step and gives an edge over them by not repeating their mistakes on your website design.

  • Not Including Enough Information About Your Practice On The Website Design

You are located, what you do, and such other basic but the highly essential information is what visitors look for primarily in a hospital website. Therefore, ensure that you include crucial information such as your practice name, contact information, CTA button of “contact us,” bios of staff, and the specialty of your hospital in your hospital website design.

  • An Unengaging, Unprofessional, Or Unattractive Website Design

An average internet user does not surf a website for more than 12-15 seconds. So, your website just has a few seconds to attract a visitor and make them stay on your website. However, if your website is not professional, not engaging, or unattractive, the visitor will drop off your website and jump to your competitor’s.

  • Managing The Website Yourself

As your patients need your professional guidance and help to recover from any; your illnessor disease they are suffering, your hospital needs the help and advice your of a professional website designer who can help build a website for your hospital that outdo your competitor and rank higher on search engines. Click here for Hospital Website Designers.

Mistakes to Avoid While Creating Strategy of Internet Marketing For Doctors

Internet marketing strategy is a must for growing doctor’s practice but, most doctors have little experience with marketing. Due to this, it’s common for doctors to make a few mistakes.

Minor mistakes can cost a doctor practice considerably. For example, if the doctor’s website is not optimized for search engines, new patients won’t find the doctor online. Or, if the website information does not match your practice, the patients who advise yourself you will leave a negative review about you and your practice online.

Refer to the below-listed internet marketing mistakes that doctors make and if you have made the same, click here for tips to create a solid internet marketing strategy for your practice.

  • You did not define your target audience while creating an internet marketing strategy.
  • Failure to set realistic marketing goals
  • You are not asking satisfied patients for reviews and testimonials to add to your website.
  • Not monitoring the returns of the current marketing strategy
  • Not hiring a marketing manager or a firm that can work on your marketing strategy daily 

To Conclude –

It is easy to create a Hospital Website Design. Still, it is tough to develop the best hospital website design that helps you and your practice grow when combined with a solid internet marketing strategy. Therefore, it is advised to seek the help of a professional website designer who can help create a website design that enhances the brand image of you and your hospital.


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Scope of Content Writing in India – Beginners Guide



Scope of Content Writing in India

Hey there! Are you looking for scope of content writing in India? Are you not sure where to start? Are you looking for some guidance? Well, my friend, look no further because this piece answers all your questions regarding the scope of content writing. 

The scope of content writing is increasing in Indian and all around the world. The number of active internet users is growing at a high-speed rate, and hence the demand for online content is also increasing. So content writers play a vital role in today’s time. All you need is good content writing skills. Even if you are a beginner, then also there are many Content writing courses available in the market that can help and guide you. I would suggest The Thought Tree as they are the best content writing institute in the market. Now let’s see what is content writing and the scope of content writing in India.


I would define content writing (as my experience has led me to) as an art of explaining any topic, any subject matter in your own words, after conducting proper research on it, of course. So, let us say that I have to write an article on COVID-19. I would have first to research it in multiple ways – Online research, meaning I will read about 10-15 articles on COVID’s primary definition, then read about its symptoms, implications, effect, vaccine, origin, etc. Then comes personal observation, which will include my observations that I have noticed during the lockdown period. 

Next, if possible, I will go out and conduct surveys, where I will ask people about the results and effects of the pandemic. I will also go and talk to professionals like a doctor, a policeman and note their observations.

Conducting surveys might not always be possible to stick to online methods – Blogs, Vlogs, Statistics, PM addressing the nation, and so on. 

All these research methods will be followed by the prioritizing of data. I will first organize all the data and then see where if it feels and fits right. Then it will be the time for actually writing down the article. There will be some days where you will have writer’s block (I would hope not). 

Moving on to proofreading. This is an essential aspect of content writing which many writers ignore. Make sure to read your piece 2-3 times before you submit it. All of this is explained thoroughly in a great content writing course. 

That was one hell of an answer, but let us move on to the scope.


People have realized that content writing does not require a specific degree, and you can earn a handsome amount of income. You don’t need a master’s, or for that matter, a bachelor’s degree for writing! Basic English and grade 12 grammar will be enough to begin your next step!

Earlier, people did not respect content writing, but the times have changed, and now content writing has become a viable career choice for many people. 



Digital marketing and content writing go hand-in-hand. Writers hire digital marketers to promote their works, and marketers hire writers to boost the quality of their content. The industry hires content writers for various types of digital marketing agencies, such as – Email marketing campaigns, blogs, SEO marketing. Content authors write content for marketing purposes and send emails to large numbers of people. 

Some clients have recruited digital marketers to promote their websites. This industry has access to all different types of marketing, and the terminology of content authors is referred to here as content marketers. 

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People today prefer to consume content in visual form. Videos and infographics are more popular than text. With more than 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Infographics are three times more likely to be shared on social media platforms. For this reason, all influential blogs are turning to short videos or podcasts instead of text messages. This is just a change in the way the content is presented, and the content developed by the content author remains unchanged. 

There is a high demand for content creators in the media industry because they form the backbone of all TV/YouTube programs and are referred to as “writers” or “producers” in the media. Requests for content writers for news websites or portals that need to create content to update the news on the website have increased drastically.

These 2 are the major industries where you can take off as a content writer. Other industries that include the scope are – News industry, IT industry, Education industry, and so on. 

Again, to catalyze your career as a content writer, you will have to take up an excellent course on content writing like The Thought Tree. 

Thank you. Great day!

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Successive Tips To Reach Audience Through Videos In TikTok



Successive Tips To Reach Audience Through Videos In TikTok

TikTok is a massive platform where people show off their videos to reach an audience. Primarily, they get involved here for entertainment purposes, which involves funny, motivation, cooking, and even fitness. TikTok allows people to make short videos, which generally aim at a younger audience. Be strategic about what content that you could produce on your videos.

TikTok plays a role in trending videos, which are likable ones by the audience. Once they get to know the streamed trend ones, they use their style and deliver them. At first, it was called, which uses videos at a range of 15 seconds. TikTok provides features where users can make a video and match the song they are interested in and post. This app, in turn, created more content creators to lead their way towards making money.

Once done with the TikTok video, sharing plays a significant role in noticing if your post is eligible to withstand this platform. TikTok uses a short-form video, where you must deliver your content in a specified duration of time. For a particular short video reach, you can buy TikTok Followers to gain more popularity that enhance new followers. Also, Content visibility TikTok amazed people with over 500 million monthly active users. The TikTok app also helps people in branding their products for their reach.

TikTok platform familiarizes people in the slot where content plays a vital role through their profile. Use the pro account if you have to brand your product’s visibility. This app uses celebrities which drives people more to make their first video. The vast people across these TikTok platforms are the young ones. Some use these apps for entertainment, while others use them for launching their small businesses. However, TikTok can help people in many ways as they can be productive as well.

The specific content ideas that could make you stand still in the platform are:

  • Work With Influencers
  • Hashtag Challenge 
  • Make A Educational Video
  • Theme On Trending Hashtag
  • Work With Influencers

What is the role of an influencer? Influencers in TikTok can make your brands visible even to a new audience. They also have the power to create new customers with their effective marketing strategy in TikTok.. 

How does the concept work? Make a goal and research of the video that can do all seek an audience. Be aware when choosing the audience because they are the ones who can interact with the audience for better reach of the brand of the product. Give the space that they could for your brand awareness to target people. Follow the TikTok guidelines, which can be a preservative for influencer marketing

Here, influencers provide the brand owners the credibility of the product’s brand. The influencers can be paid accordingly on the progressions they made towards a particular product. Influencers get delivered via the following:

  • Free Product:

What are they? The influencers who promote a product’s brand in TikTok do not charge for posting all time. They accept the product, which they reviewed. So they could even make their way on the following product promotion.

  • Affiliate Program Commission 

Brand owners conduct affiliate programs and make influencers a part of them in this platform. Through these programs, influencers get paid as a commission.

  • Paypal

They are the easy means of transactions, where people send and receive amounts in simple ways. Also, you can cross verify the payment details

  • Gift Cards

Gift Cards can be an excellent method to make payments to influencers, as they can provide themselves with what they want.

  • Hashtag Challenge

The hashtag is not a idea, but it works well in terms of fame to research the hashtags that suit your content. When you use this hashtag challenge technique, you can choose the tag that fits your niche and TikTok likes for the 

Consider if your video is about a sport, football. Choose the hashtags that could rank your football content video at the top level.

  • Make A Educational Video

Apart from other entertainment purposes, TikTok also does bring a sort of awareness regarding the educational content. It can be a platform to promote learning apps.

Consider an example when a person asks for medicare, a doctor can suggest the advice in a video form, which can be helpful to other persons.

  • Theme On Trending Hashtags

Whenever content is done with authentication and about to deliver a video, try to provide them in trending videos. Trends act more among the audience on bringing fame.

Consider when you are about to make a bullet journal, surf the song that has been new in TikTok. Add the music effect to the journal content to get more views.

Provide effective content that plays well on TikTok. Also, make a strategy to reach people within a short span. Plan to make one effective video reach rather than making more with a slight amount of views.

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How To Get Discovered On Instagram In 6 Simple Steps




Instagram has developed rapidly from a simple photo-sharing platform to a powerful marketing tool to grow your audience. It has helped brands and influencers , and individuals to become sensational social media stars.  Celebrities, entrepreneurs, models, and other professionals have all benefited from the platform’s sponsored content. 

The engagement rates on Instagram for brands are unmatched by any other social media channel. Brands receive roughly 60 times the interaction per follower on Twitter than on Facebook. Also, Instagram has more than double the interaction per follower.

As a result, the site now has over 28 million active company profiles and 2 million advertisers. If you want to advertise on Instagram and build a vast and loyal following, the following strategies should prove beneficial.

Choose Eye-Catching Aesthetics

Aesthetics are critical on Instagram. We all know that Instagram is a photo and video sharing service. To begin, you must establish and maintain a consistent brand look on your account. If you are running a fashion business, you want your graphics to be clean and sleek. Promoting a lifestyle brand demands posting more vibrant and attractive images. You follow people on Instagram whose photography is impressive and engaging. Upload your best images to your profile and grab people’s attention the moment they land on your page. Make sure to choose aesthetics that are relevant to your brand. Avoid frequently changing your filters to build a consistent theme and a unique style that others can emulate.

Discover Your Niche

To grow your following efficiently, you must first determine your target demographic. Determine the demographics of your ideal followers and how you would like to connect with them on social media and your business. While it’s beneficial to prove that you are versatile, you should customize your content to attract people of the same niche. If your primary focus is fitness, you’ll target exercise and sports fanatics by posting fitness videos and diet suggestions. People are likely to unfollow you either when they across irrelevant content in your feed or when you post inconsistently. Bear this in mind before you begin uploading anything. Keep your business account professional and avoid posting your personal photos.

Write Engaging Captions

When you’re browsing Instagram, looking at photographs without knowing what it is about is quite tricky, especially when you notice interesting stuff and want to learn more. Maintain engagement with your audience by using funny, short subtitles that clearly describe what they’re seeing. Captions are an excellent method to demonstrate your brand’s personality, as people seek connection with those they follow. Communicate with them through captions. Captions should be useful, descriptive and show brand spirit. People prefer simple, brief, and engaging bits of textual content to read on social media, and captions should reflect that. Many studies conducted recently report that including compelling captions along with your content tends to get automatic Instagram likes in massive amounts eventually leading to more comments, shares and saves.

 Look At Your Competitors

As is the case with many other industries, the social media space is extremely competitive. Examining fellow Instagram users who are experts in areas similar to yours is a great idea. Consider their engagement numbers, the hashtags they use, the frequency with which they post, and the content they share. Analyze the type of content they use to gain followers and produce the most engagement. It’s also beneficial to determine which posts fail to make an impression. These insights will assist you in optimizing your own content to move a step ahead of your competitors. Additionally, you might profit from selecting your images and videos more consistently.

 Use Instagram Stories & Live

Instagram Stories is another interactive feature much similar to Snapchat and allows you to post images and video statuses that your followers can view. You can include raw content without much overdo and people just love watching this type of stuff as it looks more genuine and natural. Applying this strategy for your new products can help you get more conversions through Instagram stories. Going live on Instagram is another feature which facilitates live interaction with your followers through comments and conversations. Remember not to use the live feature like a marketplace to sell you products. Make use of it to entertain and engage people with fun and happiness.  Also bear in mind that Instagram live is an excellent place where you can introduce your new products, announce discounts and promotions. The Split screen option that comes with the live feature allows two users to be on a live video.

Be Interactive

When you interact continuously with people through comment underneath their Instagram posts, people will naturally tend to visit your profile to know more about you. The same thing happens when you interact with them through direct messages or in livestream. Keeping it a continuous practice to reply to followers comments, including relevant people in tags are sure to make people look who you are. The day you are about to have massive people following you is very near.

Besides responding to comments you receive for your posts, you can also post comments for your followers’ content. This leads to a continuous exchange of ideas making a closer connection with your followers. Following Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your niche is another strategy that increases engagement and gets more people to take notice of you.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has developed into a global social media force, and with the right social strategy, you can use Instagram as a perfect marketplace. To be a successful marketer on Instagram, you need to understand and practice proper tactics. By doing so, you acquire a huge and loyal following and take your brand a long way on Instagram.

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Digital Marketing

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost in India?



Digital Marketing Tactics

Are you looking for digital marketing services for your company but not sure how much cost would incur? Wondering about the varied digital marketing packages available, and comparative costs?The cost for digital marketing services depends upon the range of services you want to avail of.Digital marketing costs in India depend on factors like you want the whole package or want exclusive services like SEO,SMM,PPC, and so on. Let’s find out the various digital marketing service price range or costs in India currently in practice in 2021.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the online form of marketing.It uses the massive capabilities of digital tools and technologies for implementing marketing strategies and advertisements to boost businesses across industries. Digital Marketing involves varied digital platforms viz., websites,social media channels,digital ads, SEOs,search engines,emails,PPC,Applications(mobile or web), and just anything that deals with the online forum. The underlying motto of digital marketing is to connect to target customers, convert them, retain them, and bringing in the maximum ROI for businesses (b2b,b2c)

Why opt for Digital Marketing?

Whether you are a Start-Up, SMB, or an Enterprise, whether you belong to the retail industry, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, fashion, education, or just any industry you name, you need to connect with your target audience. And, you know your audiences differ depending on the type of your industry and business. So, digital marketing helps you in the core of business dealings with customers through dedicated tools and tech-based strategies.

Benefits are:

  • Brand Visibility
  • Lead generation
  • Personalized customer experience
  • 360-degree analytics
  • Valuable insights
  • Global reach
  • Best ROI

Digital Marketing Costs in India

There are various parameters to check before finalizing your digital marketing service providerfor consultation and partnership.The price range varies for exclusive services,the varied packages available catering to business types and sizes, requirements, etc. Also, prices vary from company to company. Digital marketing costs in India (and around the world) much depends on your choice and requirements. You can have an entire range of exclusive packages, or you can select certain specific services and need to pay the costs incurred for those services only. Services could include SEO,SMM,PCC,etc., and the related costs which you need to compare.

Let’s see costs for services and packages available in general : 

  • SEO Cost

It’s a fact that the average closerate of search engines amounts to 14.6%.  What does it convey?If you have 100 leads gathered from search engines, 15 of them will convert(will become your customers).This is the power of search engine-based optimization,i.e. SEO practices.SEO is one of the most popular digital marketing services existing today.Regarding costs, for small-sized businesses or mid-sized ones, prices do vary from company to company. However, it is much cheaper than you get in the USA or UK (where it ranges between $1200 &$2000 per month SEO package).

Cost :Between $700and $1400 per Month.

Hourly rate:$80 -$200 approx.

  • Email Marketing Cost

As per one study done a year ago, email marketing has the potential to fetch 44 USD ROI for every 1 dollar that is invested. You need not worry about email spam, virus-related threats on emails, and email marketing is quite an interesting digital marketing tool that is cost-effective,too.Your potential customers are within your reach if this tool is smartly practiced.There are various packages exclusively for email marketing and costs would be varying as said earlier. In India, you can expect around 40% savings as compared to the west.

Cost :$1200 /month. 

  • Content Creation & Marketing Costs

Do you know content is so powerful in digital media? And, if you incorporate content marketing for your business, it will bring 54% (on average) more leads than you can get from a traditional marketing means.Your brand presence will always be on the top.Online guidance,reviews,blogs,articles, videos,infographics,  short-form content, long-form content,etc.are important content elements. Each of these content applies to unique audiences and segments, creating value-addition to them respectively.So, digital marketing cost in India for this exclusive content creation and marketing is usually based on amonthly supply of content. However, video content is a bit expensive

Cost:Between $500 and $1500 per month.

Costfor video content creation &marketing :Between $1000 and $5000 per month.

  • Social Media Marketing Cost

Creating your brand awareness, presence on different social channels is an intrinsic part of digital marketing service. If you want to reach customers, go to the places they live.And they all live on social media today.Invest thoroughly because this is where you get astounding leads.And you depend on your digital marketing agency, to convert those leads to your customers. So, how much it would cost you to invest in social media package?The digital marketing cost in India for social media starts from the range of $500, and goes upto the requirement of the company as well as its size(if an enterprise, or SMB,etc).

Cost – Between $500 and $2500 per month.

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Cost

To get your brand visibility in Google, PPC  (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements and campaignings are a very useful digital methodology. Unlike the traditional form of advertising, under PPC, you need to pay only for the number of clicks on your ads. Metrics like engagement, measurements, etc. are unique attributes of PPC. The digital marketing cost in India for PPC service varies , too.

Cost: Between $500 and $2500 per month.

Manal Agency is growing as a popular digital marketing agency in India.You can check its flexible packages and choose the one that suits your business type and requirement.

Digital Marketing Packages (6-months cycle)

Coverage Starter Intermediate Premier
Price $730/Month $1450/Month $2170/Month


Finding a perfect digital marketing agency is not an easy task.You need to analyze so many factors before choosing one, for valuable consultation and partnerships.So, make a constructive comparison of digital marketing costs in India, and partner with a credible digital marketing agency for your business growth.If you don’t act on time, your competitors will steal the limelight (and business) from you.

Do you wish to see improvements in your business and boost your sales? Contact digital marketing Company today and get started.Contact our experts for step-to-step guidance.

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How to Grow Your Shopify Ecommerce Store Using SEO Marketing?



How to Grow Your Shopify Ecommerce Store Using SEO Marketing?

Are you one of the business owners who are struggling to grow their Shopify eCommerce store online? 

It’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion global digital buyers in 2021. (Oberlo)

The above number shows that demand is definitely there; you just need to promote your Shopify store to reach your target customers and convert them. 

SEO marketing is the way to nurture your online business growth and skyrocket your sales. 

Here are the top Shopify SEO tips for your eCommerce business to boost your sales growth.

1. Laser-Focus Your Audience Targeting with Right Keywords

It’s crucial that you appear in front of the right audience to have the conversions. Visibility to irrelevant audiences won’t give anything fruitful. Keywords are the way to focus your marketing efforts towards the right audience and generate sales.

You must understand your audience and find out the prominent keywords that people may use to search for the products you sell. Once you have some prominent keywords, you can use the online keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs,, etc.

You can monitor your competitors as well to get the possible keywords for your business. One business keyword can have many keywords, and you need to segment all according to the user’s intents to create a separate strategy for each segment. This way, you’ll be able to reach the right audience with relevant messages to facilitate conversions.

2. Smoothen Your Site Structure

Site structure plays a significant role in search engine rankings and conversion rates. Site structure comes under the user experience signals that search engines consider during rankings. Moreover, if your site structure isn’t user-friendly, then how anyone can convert to your website. 

You may consider clear navigation with proper categories so users can explore the desired products seamlessly.  

So, it’s vital that you optimize your Shopify website structure to get both rankings and conversions.

3. Prioritize the User Experience

As mentioned in the above point, search engines value user experience during rankings. Hence, you need to ensure you work on all possible factors that impact the user experience to win the top rankings and engage your customers for conversion.

The prominent user experience signals are site loading speed, mobile compatibility, security, and core web vitals. 

Site Speed: To increase the speed of your webpages, you need to do the code minification, optimize JavaScripts, compress images, and upgrade to better hosting.

Mobile-Friendliness: Mobile audience is huge, and your Shopify store must be mobile-compatible to have a plethora of conversions. You may consider the responsive web design for your Shopify ecommerce store to make it work correctly on all screen sizes and devices.

Security: You may have SSL for your site to ensure safe-browsing on your site. Google marks non-SSL sites as not secure, which deters the users. Moreover, you are open to many cyber attacks when you don’t have SSL.

Core Web Vitals: You need to work on your site loading, visual stability, and interactivity to improve your core web vital scores.

4. Do Image Optimization

E-commerce websites have many images, and image optimization is vital for rankings in image search. People consider the image search to quickly find their desired products. If your images are optimized accordingly, then your product images will rank and drive traffic to your site to form the conversion. In image optimization, you may consider the SVG images to have quality images without impacting the site speed. Moreover, you should give relevant image names to increase your rankings in image search. You should also use the alt tag to describe the image. Include the keywords in alt text to achieve the prominent positions on the right query. 

5. On-page SEO Your Site Pages

On-page SEO is crucial to make your page top-rank-worthy. Google has some guidelines that tell how to optimize your web pages. You need to consider all these guidelines to make your rank in top positions. Below are things that you have to do in on-page SEO.

  • Write Meta Titles and Description
  • Balanced Keyword Optimization 
  • Proper Interlinking
  • Detailed Product Description
  • Use Header Tags
  • Match User Intent
  • Insert Right CTAs 

6. Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is harmful to your website ranking, as search engines get confused among the same copies and divide the authority. You can’t rank with the divided authority. Google launched a Panda algorithm to limit the poor content practices, and one of them is duplicate content. Hence, it’s necessary you write original content for each webpage and avoid copying and rephrasing content from other websites.  

If someone copied your content, then you may reach the webmaster to change the content. So, remove the duplicate content to secure your top rankings.

7. Add a Blog to Your Site

In order to grow your Shopify store, you need to drive traffic to your website. The more traffic, the more will be the conversions. A blog can help you drive traffic to your site. You may create blogs that people are interested in or address the user’s pain point. 

You should also provide the appropriate solution through your products without being promotional to encourage the readers to check out your products and buy. Blogs on your business-related topics help you increase your topical authority on your business keywords, which will increase your rankings.

So, use this Shopify SEO tip and add a blog to your site to increase your rankings and sales.

8. Canonicalization

When you have multiple copies of your same page, we use canonicalization to mark the main copy and deter duplicacy. This problem is mostly encountered on the eCommerce website. As there are multiple filters on the online store to segment the products, some products appear in multiple filters. This generates multiple URLs of the same page and causes duplicate content issues.

For example, a white casual shoe will appear in both the searches “casual shoes” and “white shoes.” In both cases, two different URLs will be created, which dilutes the authority of the main product page. Canonicalization is defining the original page in the HTML. 

Search engines promote this practice to give authority to the right page instead of some temporary copies.

9. Integrate the Free Product Review App

Shopify has many apps that can help you optimize your eCommerce store. You’ll find both paid and free apps on the Shopify app store. 

You must install the free product review on your online store to allow the users to review your products. Reviews will help you get positive publicity for your products and entice new customers to convert with you.

10. Create Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are a prominent part of SEO. You have to earn quality backlinks for your website to increase its authority. Search engines consider the backlinks as votes to your reliability and authority. Your website should have significant authority to make up to the first page of the search results. So, earn backlinks from high authority sites to secure your top rankings and boost your sales. Always remember quality matters over then quantity in backlinks. So, don’t waste your time on spammy links and make some natural quality links to have profitable results from your Shopify store.

These are some of the top Shopify SEO tips that can help you nurture and grow your online business. If you’re looking to grow your business online, build brand awareness, increase traffic, boost keywords rankings, and experience more leads to your website, hiring a reputed digital marketing agency is the way to go.

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25 Important Statistics Of YouTube That Everyone Should Know in 2021 (To Improve marketing)



25 Important Statistics Of YouTube That Everyone Should Know in 2021

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms to share your video content with larger audiences. Within a short span of 15 years, YouTube has grown to a higher point among many marketers to show their products to wider audiences.

Here are some statistics that give the journey of YouTube success and to use them in your marketing strategy to improve your business.

1. Monthly Active Users

From the latest statistics in 2021, YouTube has over 2.3 billion monthly active users, which is nearly one-third of the population. YouTube captures audiences from every corner, making it easy to connect with your target audiences. Attract your potential customers by giving engaging content.

2. Second Most Popular Website

Next to Google, YouTube becomes the second most popular website driving higher traffic in the world. The usage shows that people refer to YouTube frequently for learning and also for entertainment purposes. YouTube creation gives way to many people to access and share videos often.

3. Adults In U.S. Use YouTube By 74%

According to Pew Research, the most popular online platform in the U.S. is YouTube. The adults of about 74% in the U.S. use Youtube than Facebook (with 68% of adults usage) and Instagram (with only 40% of adults usage).

The e-marketers predict that by 2024, the number of people watching YouTube in the U.S. will increase to 228.1 million.

4. Second Largest Search Engine

Youtube is not only the most popular website but also the second largest search engine next to Google. This shows the importance of YouTube SEO resulting in more searches as a video-sharing platform and generates billions of views in a single day. The popularity provides a way to reach higher audiences.

5. Watches A Billion Hours Video Content In A Day

With a large user base of two billion people, YouTube also has engaging audiences watching more than one billion hours of video content in a single day. Create content using marketing strategies and correct descriptions to find out your brand easily by your audiences.

6. Highest YouTube Traffic From US

From the above discussions, you have seen that YouTube is the most popular online platform. The highest traffic for YouTube comes from America with about 16.4%, whereas India drives 9.3% and Japan with 4.9%. 

7. Higher Male Users With 56%

More than 56% of males use Youtube worldwide, and 44% of females use YouTube. Though the usage of YouTube by the male is higher, there are plenty of women using this platform to earn by creating content based on different interesting topics.

8. YouTube Serves Over 100 Countries In 80 Languages

Another amazing piece of information about YouTube is, over 100 countries use YouTube in 80 different languages. Using YouTube for marketing is a great chance to know your business or brand to a wide range of people. Boost your marketing strategy by publishing your videos in different languages to gather new audiences.

9. 500 Hours Of Content Uploads Every Minute

An interesting fact is that more than 500 hours of video content are getting uploaded every minute. Concentrate on ways of creating content to stay ahead of this huge competition. 

Focus on using relevant keywords, attractive titles, and engaging descriptions to optimize your video resulting in a higher ranking on YouTube. You can also use hashtags related to your video content for easy identification of your topic.

10. 55% Of Marketers Use YouTube

Most of the video channels on YouTube are based on marketing their business or brand. According to a Social Media Examiner’s report in 2020, 55% of marketers use YouTube as a marketing channel to increase their brand awareness on YouTube among other brands. Make your presence on YouTube to stay competitive among other marketers.

11. Video Views Targeting “Beginners” Increased 50% In 2020

Unexpectedly, 2020 was the year with social distancing and quarantines. This makes people search for hobbies and to utilize time in a useful way. YouTube provides a way to fulfill their necessity by publishing videos. Most channels started to post videos targeting the keyword “beginners,” which led to an increase of video views to 50%.

Creating content for newbies is a perfect idea to reach out to new audiences and increase the subscribers for your channel.

12. 62% Of Users Access Daily

YouTube has large active audiences of more than two billion people. With that, more than half of the users, i.e., 62% of people access YouTube daily in search of any video. Among ten users, nine users access YouTube weekly, with 92%. Nearly all the users access YouTube monthly once, with 98%. The higher engagement will bring you to find your loyal audiences for your business.

13. 81% Of Parents Let Their Child To Watch YouTube

The products related to toys and other kids’ brands gain massive profit by targeting children. More than 81% of parents let their children watch YouTube providing a great opportunity for brands to create ads and content focusing on kids and family.

The most viewed video on YouTube with 7 billion views is “Baby Shark Dance,” attracting the kid’s presence to their channel with their content.

14. 4th Most Downloaded iPhone Application

In 2020, YouTube became the most downloaded application on the iPhone behind Disney+, TikTok, and Zoom. This shows the popularity of video-sharing apps, reaching different engaging audiences to reach your targeted audiences. From the above information, video marketing is growing day by day in the online platform.

15. 37 Million YouTube Channels

The interesting fact is that more than 37 million YouTube channels have been created to promote their business with larger audiences. Out of these channels, 230,000 YouTube channels have about 100,000 subscribers, more than one million subscribers for 22,000 channels, and about 10 million subscribers for more than 700 YouTube channels. This shows the successful path on YouTube.

16. 89% Users Include YouTube In Their Marketing Strategy

YouTube is an excellent place to grow your business on a higher level. People concentrate on video blogs rather than the text blog since the video content provides an easy and clear understanding of a particular topic. So more than 89% of marketers plan to use YouTube in their 2021 marketing strategy.

17. 65% Of People Connect Content With Real Life

Most viewers of 65% watching YouTube say that they connect their life with the YouTube content making them feel like living in the content while watching videos. In 2021, it is very important to keep people connecting to their hobbies and passions. Keep on updating your daily activities to engage the users with your brand.

18. 70% Content Watched On YouTube

While preparing a video, ensure that your video is mobile-friendly because 70% of video content on YouTube is being watched on mobile devices. There should not be any hard text to read in your content, ensuring it fits on small screens.

19. Livestream Videos Increased By 45% In 2020

In 2020, people watching Livestream videos on YouTube increased by 45%. Many events may get canceled, or you are not in a position to attend the event due to some reasons. For those people, streaming videos in Live connects people to be in their location. More than 53% of viewers say watching these videos helps them to connect with large people.

20. 72% Of People Use To Keep Them Fit

Due to the pandemic situation, people started to concentrate on their health to keep them fit. In 2020, 72% of people used YouTube to watch videos regarding exercises to keep themselves healthy. There are about 180 million views on dance workout videos from mid-March to May alone.

21. 171 Million Subscribers For The Most Popular Channel

The most popular channel on YouTube is the T-Series channel, a film production company and an Indian music record label. The T-Series has subscribers of 171 million people. There are some of the other popular channels,

  • YouTube movies
  • Music
  • PewDiePie
  • Cocomelon.

22. Visitors Check An Average Of 8.89 Pages Per Day

The visitors on YouTube not only check the particular channel. They keep on ducking out to other related channels to gather more information. The YouTube visitors, on average, check about 8.89 pages in a single day. This increases the total consuming time on YouTube and also the number of content they view.

23. Advertising Revenue In Q3 2020

YouTube is an excellent place for performing your advertisement to a higher level among different audiences. The advertising revenue of YouTube in the third quarter of 2020 is over $5 billion, which is the greatest achievement.

24. 100 Billion Hours Of Gaming Videos Watched In 2020

YouTube has more than 40 million gaming channels active. In that, more than 80,000 channels have minimum subscribers of 100,000. Youngsters on YouTube show interest in watching gaming videos, and in 2020, users watched more than 100 billion hours of gaming videos.

The gaming channel often watched by viewers is Minecraft with 201 billion views, and next to that is the Roblox channel with 75 billion views.

25. Highest Paid Channel

YouTube pays highest to the channel “Ryan ToysReview” with $29.5 million each year, which is running by a nine-year-old child, Ryan Kaji. He gives reviews of new games and toys. Mr.Beast channel on Youtube gets the second highest pay with $24 million.

Final Thought

Before planning to use YouTube for marketing, know about the above statistics to grow your business to a high level in a successful way. It is also important to monitor your audience’s behavior and use the right tactics to improve your brand visibility among your competitors.


Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well-established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet Marketing for two years. Also, you can find me on

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How To Create A Well Optimized Blog Post in 2021 ?



Optimized Blog Post

A well-written blog can be attractive, informative, and invaluable to readers. However, to get your blog noticed, you don’t just need quality grammar and information. If you want users to read your blog, you have to make sure they can find it. 

By creating content that people like Google care about, you allow your blog to reach people looking for something to write about, even if they have never visited your site before.

How To Create Well Optimized Blog?

SEO can help your blogs and posts reach the right audience and are visible and easily accessible to anyone interested in your Topic. SEO takes time and effort to produce decent results, but it’s worth the action in the end. 

  • Do Proper Research

Good search engine optimization depends on understanding your target audience. The more you know about your users, the easier it will be to optimize your blog posts properly. So don’t hesitate to do some in-depth market research. To understand your audience, you need to determine their preferences, needs, and expectations.

Competition analysis can help you understand how your top competitors are doing. And how they optimize it for SEO, what keywords they use, and how they engage their readers, among others. It will help you identify gaps you can use to optimize your blog posts and make your articles more visible than your competitors. In short, you can get a significant competitive advantage.

  • Research Long Tail Keywords

Long queue keywords are short phrases (usually 3-4 words) that are more focused than single keywords. They typically generate less traffic than individual keywords. However, being more specific, they give you more potential for conversions.

You choose long queued keywords like “Blog Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO Blog Tips.” If you stay focused, you’ll always get the result with more potential ratings and a clear, recognizable theme.


  • Optimize Meta Tags

Suggests that including keywords in your blog posts is not enough to optimize them properly. It is essential to know that SEO helps you rank higher in search engines by ranking well for specific keywords. It means that keywords must be included in the header, URL, meta description, and other elements of your blog post so that your target audience and search engines better understand your blog post’s context and content.

Create a headline to help your audience and search engines understand the relevance of your blog post. Including keywords in the first 60 words of your title description is very important for optimizing your blog posts.

The same is true for your blog post URL. By including keywords in your post URL structure, website robots can determine your post content. Including keywords in the meta description is essential to encourage your audience to understand your content and click through your posts to read.

  • Optimize Images

Alt text helps visually impaired people understand what’s on the page and is valid for web crawlers to determine what’s happening in your photo.

By providing alternative text, you make your images more valuable to anyone using a screen reader or similar tool and give yourself another opportunity to rank in search results that match your vision.

  • Work on Internal Link

Link building is one of the most critical factors in search engine optimization. Incoming links represent search engines with the authority and relevance of your blog post. However, internal links can also increase the relevance and visibility of your other blog posts. 

For example, if you mention a particular topic in your blog post but have covered it in detail in other posts, linking to this article for more information is a great way to get your audience to read more. By doing this, you encourage website visitors to stay and keep browsing and create credibility and relevance for your other blog posts on the search engines. Simply put, blog posts do the rest.

  • Promote on Social Media

A social media subscription can be ideal for optimizing your blog posts. Share all your blog posts and content on your own social media pages to increase audience engagement.

Additionally, participating in guest posting activity on reputable and relevant sources is an excellent way to increase your posts’ credibility and credibility further. Besides, you will generate more interest in readers. Apart from that, it’s a great way to channel social media influence on your blog post support to ensure your content goes viral on social media platforms. Influencers prefer a good reputation, and whatever they are promoting attracts a lot of attention from their followers.

  • Create Blog in Detail

The sprockets for blog post length should vary, but if you’re writing a concise article, you probably won’t have much to say about anything. The section of Forbes estimates that your pages should contain at least 300 words of content and states that high-ranking pages contain an average of 500 to 750 words, based on a survey of 600,000 keywords.

Results in the top 3 are close to 750 words. If you are trying to optimize your blog for search engines, longer results may be better.

  • Conclusion

By following these simple SEO tips, you can drive higher SERPS rankings, increase web traffic, and higher customer conversion rates. Being a solid writer is one thing; Writing blogs that people read is different. If you want your content to come from Google or other search engines, you need to consider what they are looking for when deciding how much weight to place on your website or page. By following these SEO best practices, you can give your blog a chance to rank higher and attract more readers. If you are not sure about optimizing your blog. Then take help of some local seo services. The team of experts will help you achieve high ranking on search results for your blogs.

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10 Tactics to Get Maximum Views on YouTube



10 Tactics to Get Maximum Views on YouTube

Digital marketing has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to the increased penetration of the Internet.

If you want to look for any information online, then you can get it through search engines.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine that is accessed by more than 1 billion people daily.

The huge popularity of YouTube has made it the ideal platform for marketing companies to advertise their message. 

If you have a YouTube channel and want to improve your online sales, you should consider boosting views on the channel. 

One of the simple yet effective ways to boost views is to buy instant YouTube views from a well-known service provider. Moreover, it is the same method used by various people who are starting their YouTube journey.

Besides this, here we have shared the top 10 ways to increase YouTube views effectively. Following the same will boost your brand image and improve your sales figure. 

Proven ways to increase your YouTube viewership

Follow the tips that we have shared with you in this article to get more views on YouTube to amplify your brand message online. 

Create interesting content 

Any hack that you use to promote your videos on YouTube would not work if the content is not interesting.

The best way to get high YouTube views is to create videos that meet the needs of your target audience. 

Encourage subscription to your channel 

Retaining your old customers and getting new ones is the best way to increase YouTube views. 

To do this, you can encourage your present viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

Prompt the viewers at the end of a video to subscribe to your channel and click on the bell icon to get instant notification for any new release. 

Increased subscription will lead to an increase in the number of views for any new video you upload. 

Create a playlist 

Creating a playlist for your videos is a good strategy to keep the attention of the user tied to your channel.

The autoplay features of your channel use the powerful loss aversion phenomena to prompt the viewer to watch more videos from your channel. 

Furthermore, a playlist allows you to put keywords in the title to improve the ranking of your channel leading to more views. 

Your video should be embedding enabled 

Enabling embedding in your videos would allow the viewers to link it to their websites or blogs. 

This in turn will help you to reach out to a larger audience and get more views on YouTube. 

Advertise your videos on different social channels 

If you have a presence on multiple social media channels, then let your viewers on other social channels know when you upload a new video on YouTube. 

The best way to do it is by releasing a short teaser video and posting it on other social channels. 

Provide a link along with the teaser which when clicked would take them to the YouTube video. 

This would help you gain more YouTube views. 

The importance of Watch Time 

Watch Time is an extremely important concept used by the YouTube algorithm to rank a video.

In simple terms, Watch Time means the number of time people spends watching your video.

Therefore, if you have a good quality video that people watch until the end, then it would increase the Watch Time.

This in turn would affect the ranking of the video leading to higher YouTube views. 

Create a community 

You must regularly engage with your audience to create and nurture a community that loves to watch your channel.

To create a community, you must regularly answer any feedback or comments that they give on your channel.

This will help nurture a feeling of partnership among your viewers that in turn will give you higher YouTube views for any video you upload.

Furthermore, you should also participate in your niche community by subscribing to other channels and commenting on their videos.

Additionally, promoting videos of other channels will also help you to score Watch Time credits that will get you a higher ranking.

Optimize the title of your videos 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is extremely important to improve the ranking of your YouTube Channel leading to improved viewership.

The YouTube algorithm considers multiple things to award a higher ranking to a channel or video.

If you want to get more weightage from the algorithm, then you should optimize the title of the video, the video file names, tags, and descriptions.

Including keywords in these is the best strategy to get a higher ranking in any organic search engine result.

Moreover, as a higher ranking increases the traffic, it would lead to high YouTube views. 

Create attractive thumbnail images 

A thumbnail plays an important role in getting more YouTube views for your video.

We suggest that instead of the auto-generated thumbnail images, you should create your own to attract the attention of the target audience. 

Transcribe your videos 

It has been observed that many times good videos with high-quality content do not get views because of language constraints.

Adding transcripts to your videos as subtitles will ensure that you get more YouTube views.

People who do not understand the language in which you have uploaded the video can with the help of the subtitles able to understand the content. 


We hope that the points that we have shared with you in this article would give you an idea of how to increase free YouTube views for your videos.

While implementing these ideas you will find that the success rate can differ for different videos.

Therefore, you have to mix and match these points and add some of your own to find out the right strategy to get more YouTube views for your channel.

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Digital Marketing

Impact of Digital Marketing on Sales and Businesses



Digital Marketing

the world is, being driven by digital technology, online presence plays a crucial role in the sale and marketing of businesses. We see more and more companies are using digital marketing solutions to remain ahead in the competition. And why not? It has the potential to make a colossal impact on the market. It is a gateway to the prospective customers, as it offers the opportunity for both the brand and its customers to feel connected. Digital marketing includes every activity that brings brands and customers closer. It is essential for companies to use digital media to boost a brand’s image along with engaging in activities that are advantageous to the business.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Digital marketing plays a crucial role in enhancing the brand awareness of a company in the market. The companies can engage in various activities to reach out to their customers using different mediums, mostly online. With social media becoming one of the most used channels today, digital marketing experts believe it can be used to the maximum to influence audiences and convert them. Using social media, companies can naturally connect to highly targeted potential buyers, and this helps in increasing brand awareness.

Lead Generation

The main goal of online presence is lead generation. Being online and being engaged in various online marketing activities is brilliant! But if it fails to generate leads, then all your efforts, time, and money go to waste. The ultimate aim is to generate leads and convert them to loyal customers. Using digital marketing solutions, if a business can generate leads, it is the most telling sign that users are interested in the brand and its products and services.

Increase in Sales

A great digital marketing strategy will not only help you generate leads but also bring in good business. Companies have started using social media platforms to sell their products and services. The number of people who use social media is continuously growing and, online tools for selling via social platforms are also evolving. Using digital marketing strategies businesses are making optimum use of the social network to help them boost their sales and business.

Online Reputation

This is another factor that is vital for any online business. When you have an online presence, you tend to get all types of responses from your viewers. It may not be favourable all the time. This is when you need to create an online reputation for your brand. Yes, just like you must be very modest about all the positive comments you receive, you must also be considerate about all the negative reactions too. Always try to be thankful to people who boost your efforts and avoid reacting abusively to those who comment negatively. Ensure you respond to every comment you receive and make sure you answer the negative queries very politely. This approach will go very well with your audience, helping you build a strong online reputation. Additionally, you can engage in various communication channels to interact more with not only your audience but also people in the industry. Write blogs, articles, comment, share your opinion on current affairs or industry affairs to create a buzz about your brand online. All these activities can be managed by implementing a digital marketing strategy.

Customer Engagement

When there are so many options available to engage with users, then you can take advantage of the same to connect to your audience. Social media platforms open up opportunities for brands to directly interact with customers and vice versa. Earlier in traditional marketing, it was a one-way road, so there was no scope for a dialogue between the brand and its audience. Digital marketing allows you to remain connected to your audience. It helps brands understand the requirements of their customers and meet their expectations too.

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Digital Marketing

Bing V/S Google



Bing V/S Google

When it comes to the contest of search engine rivalry, Bing does seem to be the key player standing in front of Google. So, coming back to the question of which one is better and why you should be going with Bing in the year 2021. Here is all the information that you need:

Before start this article, let me give you a quick example, how different Google And Bing Are.

When you search “SEO Service Provider In Delhi” on both Google and Bing then you get totally different search results which clearly show how different both are.

Where Bing still gives leverage to exact match domain, on the other hand, Google has officially denied to give extra benefits to EMDs.

A Little Background on Google and Bing:

Google had been created in the year 1997 and since the time they have stayed as front runners when it comes to different Search Engines. Google still makes sure that they are bringing something new constantly and making sure the clients have the best experience. Presently they hold 81.5 % of the market share in the United Search and on top for being most used while compared with any other search engine.

On the other hand, Bing can be called the direct competitor of Google. It a search engine by Microsoft and had been referred to previously as MSN and Windows search. Bing is constantly working for making sure that the users get more of the results that are real-world based than just something that shows the result that matches search query text. Bing also powers another popular search engine called Yahoo and presently yielding 9 % of the market share in the US.

A Comparison Between Bing and Google:

There are different aspects on which both of these search engines can be compared. And you can decide for yourself which one goes well with your preference:

#1 – Image Searching:

One of the well-known benefits of Bing remains their image search. They can provide high-quality and sharp images over their result page. Bing is also amongst the first that had introduced the ‘infinite scroll’ that removes the need for constantly clicking on each page that shows image results. But Google had caught up with this function, and therefore Bing doesn’t have an advantage over it now.

However, when we talk about filters Bing stays ahead of the game. You will be able to search for images with varied layouts like square, wide and tall. We can say that overall if you are looking for the best images, Bing wins this point.

#2 – Video Searches:

Now we do know that YouTube is owned by Google, so how will Bing be superior when we compare the video search. Now, this is all about the display, Bing has won the results over the video searches. Bing presents the thumbnail grids and the users will be able to watch the videos without the need for leaving SERPs. You just have to hover the mouse on the thumbnail and you will get the preview without scrolling. And we need to be honest here, we all are lazy sometimes and this feature reduces internet browsing time.

#3 – What’s free?

Do you know that you could get something free when using Bing? Bing provides the user with a reward scheme that works as a point system. Certainly, this isn’t a technical reason for using Bing, we are not complaining either!

Now, this is known as Microsoft Rewards and you get the points awarded whenever you search. This point can be redeemed for several outlets like Amazon and Starbucks. Aright, so you don’t need a lot of money for one search, but all of this keeps adding up. And let’s be honest you are making an earning from something that you would be doing already. So, Bing pays and Google doesn’t.

#4 – Integration of Social Media:

Bing is the winner when we talk about Social Media. The Bing results show trending news that we see over social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Initially, Google just had been relying on Google+ for the social networks. However, Google did catch up as well in the field of integrating social media.

#5 – Overall Appearance:

As per the consensus, Bing does seem to look better than all of the search engines. Although when you take a look at the results, there is a similarity Bing results seem fairly better. The results on Bing do seem to be enticingly cleaner and there is less clutter. This can be seen as a small point, but it does impact the user experience.

Bottom Line:

One thing is for sure that both the search engines have their advantages and disadvantages. Bing will offer you the better feature of video search when compared with Google. And you should be going with Google if you are on a shopping spree. You will get more of the search results that are topic-related. Either way, one thing is for sure that both of these search engines will be providing you with huge information that’s just not possible to get from anyplace else. Google has been here for a long time now and has more users but Bing seems to be developing further and adapting to the constant internet changes.

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Digital Marketing

Acquire SEO Success with a Proficient Keyword Rank Checker



Keyword Rank Checker
In this digital era, people all around the world use search engines daily. Businesses are realizing that they will be left out if they fail to imprint their presence on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP). To rank top on the SERP, it is essential to monitor and track the keyword ranking regularly and accurately. Now, you may have a doubt about what is keyword ranking. Keyword ranking refers to the position of your web page on SERP for your targeted keywords. So, to boost your SEO progress, you must track your keyword ranking regularly. But, it is a tedious process to track your keyword rankings on a daily basis.  Do you have a question about how to track your keywords instantly and effectively? Then, it is a wise choice to make use of a reliable SERP checker tool. SERP Checker is a tool that helps to track and monitor the rankings for your target keywords accurately. So, by using a SERP checker, you can stay updated with your current keyword ranking position. By monitoring your keyword performance, you can easily get to know how your SEO efforts are paying off. Hence, it helps you to enhance your SEO strategies. If you still want to know more about the importance of the SERP checker tool, then continue reading this blog. In this blog, we will discuss why a keyword tracker tool is significant for enhancing your SEO activities. Also, we will see how to select an appropriate SERP checker tool for your business.

Significance of SERP Checker for your SEO Progress 

Instantly track your keyword performance

Using a SERP Checker tool, you can promptly track your exact keyword ranking. So, you can avoid the time-consuming process of manually finding out the keyword rankings.

Location-based search result

Utilizing a SERP checker tool, you can get the location-specific ranking data for your targeted keywords. This helps you to identify the keyword ranking performance in your target location.

Keep a track of your competitors

It is equally important to track how your competitors are ranking for your target keywords. With a keyword tracking tool, you can compare your keyword performance with your competitor’s keyword ranking performance by gaining competitor’s insights. So that you can implement better strategies to outrank your competitors.

Get dynamic search result

When your target keyword has high competition, your keyword ranking position will change frequently. So, to stay updated with your keyword ranking fluctuations, you must make use of a keyword ranking tool. With an ideal SERP checker, you can instantly get notified in case of changes in keyword ranking.

Helps to enhance your SEO plans

As the SERP checker provides your accurate keyword rankings, you can boost your keyword performance by improving your SEO techniques. This is because, by tracking your keyword performance, you can decide whether to follow the same plans or to make changes in your SEO strategies. From the above points, I hope now you can understand the importance of the SERP checker for your SEO progress. Nowadays you can find a lot of SERP checker tools available for businesses. So, it becomes a challenging task to choose the right SERP checker tool for your business. Here are few factors that you should consider before choosing a SERP checker tool.

How To Select The Best SERP Checker Tool?

Reliable Ranking data

A keyword rank checker you choose must provide reliable information on the ranking data. Only then you can depend on the keyword ranking data from the rank tracker for analyzing and making appropriate decisions on SEO activities.

Addition of multiple keywords

Tracking the ranking positions of multiple keywords at a time is a complicated task. So, the keyword rank checker you choose must support the inclusion of multiple keywords. Only then, you can track the ranking data of bulk keywords at the same time.

Custom Report

For accurate tracking of keyword ranking data, the keyword checker must provide a customized ranking report at regular intervals. So that you can stay updated with the ranking performance of your target keywords.

Mobile ranking data

Nowadays, people are using their mobile devices to search for their needs on daily basis. So, the rank checker must allow you to track the mobile ranking data accurately.

Updates on ranking changes

Receiving regular notifications on ranking changes allows you to stay alert on the performance of your keywords. Therefore, the SERP checker must provide regular updates regarding your keyword ranking positions. With this notification, you can easily check if your SEO strategies are working well.

Local rankings

A ranking tool must provide a precise ranking detail in any desired location across the globe. So that you can track your ranking data in your target location easily. Thereby, you can gain visibility into your local ranking performance anywhere in the world.

Pick the best keyword checker tool

As mentioned earlier, you can find many SERP checker tools in the market. Undoubtedly, to get accurate ranking data, you have to go for the best keyword checker tool. But, where can you find a perfect tool that is built with the above-mentioned features? SERPPLE is an effective SERP checker tool that helps to find your exact keyword ranking data. Also, it has amazing inclusions such as custom ranking reports, location-based ranking reports. frequent updates on ranking changes, and so on.  Any aspiring business owner can utilize this comprehensive and unique tool to accomplish desired results
Final Words Previously, you wouldn’t have known about a SERP checker and its importance. I hope now you can understand why you need a SERP checker tool, how to select an appropriate keyword checker tool to track your ranking data, and the best SERP checker tool for your business. So, it is now clear that finding your keyword rankings are not that much complicated when you have a best-in-class keyword rank checker. Therefore, sign up with Serpple and find opportunities to stay top on SERP. Author Bio: Rachael is a content writer and SEO analyst at Serpple. She has written many engaging SEO blogs specializing in information technology. She has done B.Tech in computer science and have 4 years of rich experience in content writing.
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