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A Step-by-Step Guide To Building Your First Mobile App



Mobile App

Why would you like to create a mobile app? Would you want to ride the wave of other businessmen, or have you come across a question that you believe you can solve? The response to this question will decide whether or not your app will be successful.

Here’s a guide to get you going, but please remember that it does not work for everybody. This is focused on my experience working with entrepreneurs for more than three years, helping them develop and market their mobile applications. Take what suits your plan best, or pursue it to the hilt. The main part of this is to get going.

Step 1: Get the idea or the problem. If you’ve already got an app idea, move on to stage two. If you don’t, read on. Need to create an app, but don’t have an idea for an interface? What you really need is a problem, and it’s everywhere!

Successful entrepreneurs solve problems in a way that we couldn’t have imagined. As you look around, every product and service you use has been developed to solve a problem. You decided to get quickly from one place to another, you got a ride. You decided to travel quickly from one country to another, you got flights.

So look for issues in your daily life and list each of them. When you have an extensive list, start talking about how you work it out and pick the ones that make perfect sense.

Step 2: Identify the need for this. Validation must show that there is a market for your product. You can test the concept by using the Google Keyword Planner tool to find out how many people are searching for what you’re trying to do. You may also create a landing page that would loosely highlight your app concept and gain user attention via email signup.

Step 3: Identify the flow and the features. Validating your app idea means you have something people want to use. Now is the time to describe your product on a paper, or if you want to go the extra mile, use a wireframing device.

Remember to be as descriptive as possible when putting the idea on paper. Include the flow of how the user navigates the app, as well as all the features envisaged. It will help your developer understand your preferences clearly.

Step 4: Removes non-core features. Start looking closely at the functionality that you can delete from the flow and functionality document you have prepared. Offer just the central value of your idea for the app. Don’t develop features in the first version that are “good to have” and can always be added as updates later. This will help to keep the initial production costs down and also help you get to the market faster.

Step 5: Set the design first. I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurs say they want a really simple design and they want to concentrate on only creating an app. They’re all too wrong! Technology isn’t just about how the app looks, it’s about how the app should be viewed by the user. Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures describes best: “Design is a way of making technology useful.” So look for a developer who puts design (user interface and graphics) first.

Step 6: Hire designer/developer. look for a expert mobile app development company with great design talent and a strong development team. While recruiting a developer, go online to test their reputation and the apps they’ve made. If you really liked the app they created from their portfolio, chances are, they could be the right app for your product.

Step 7: Build accounts for developers. You must register for a developer account with the respective app stores in order to be able to sell the app on their website. You have the choice of registering as a person or as a corporation if you already have one.

Step 8: Integrate analysis. Analytics lets you monitor downloads, engage customers, and maintain your mobile app. Make sure you use tools like Flurry, which is available for free, and Localytics, which has a free and paid version.

Step 9: Get feedback and improvise quickly. When the app is live in the app store, the first collection of user experience and feedback can give you insight into how to develop and enhance the product. Enhancements and improvements are ongoing, so keep an eye on customer reviews and keep building up.

Step 10: Enter the app. You built one version with limited features and only the core offering. Now is the time to review and implement the remaining features left out of the initial version. By way of analytics and reviews, you will know if the features are important anymore.

These steps are not sacrosanct, but rather a guideline for developing your app in the most efficient way, based on my experience. If you’re ready to start, you do need to realize that developing a mobile app is the easiest part of it. Having clients is where the problem lies. If you are looking for top mobile app development company in Dubai reach


Smartphones With Fast Charging Speed and Good Battery Backup



Good Battery Backup

As screen time averages increase across the globe and more performance-intensive and energy-heavy applications such as YouTube and PUBG become the norm, you need to purchase a smartphone that can offer you a unique blend of high battery-backup and the fastest charging speeds, to keep your device running during the toughest times. 

  • Xiaomi Mi CC9

Xiaomi Mi CC9

Equipped with a 5760mAh non-removable battery and proprietary fast-charging technology from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 is one of the most cutting-edge mobiles to have been released recently. The unique combination of a massive 5760mAh battery makes it a pseudo-entrant into the 6000 mAh battery phone club with relative ease. Furthermore, its fast charging technology can recharge up to 50% of the battery within a matter of 30 minutes. This phone isn’t all about the battery either. It packs an impressive 6.47-inch display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, and a pixel density of 398 pixels-per-inch, which makes for a crystal-clear viewing experience with vibrant colours, and an excellent feel with a virtually bezel-free mobile phone. 

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 has an amazing penta-camera setup as well. With a 108MP primary camera with f/1.69 aperture, it allows for plenty of light to enter the camera, making it one of the top performers as a camera phone even in the darkest of photography environments. This phone delivers excellent night light photographs, making it all the more holistic as a smartphone. 

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 comes with the standard Wi-Fi 802.11 connectivity option, Bluetooth v5.00, NFC, and active 4G on both the SIM cards, with a host of other connectivity options. It is also fitted with an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, compass, magnetometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor, while also supporting one of the more updated biometrics — the face unlock feature —  making it one of the more all-round offerings from Xiaomi. 

  • Redmi K20

Redmi K20

The Redmi K20 was launched in the Indian markets as a flagship killer, and that was for a good reason. It comes with all the cutting-edge features that you would like to see in any top-of-the-line smartphone from either OPPO, Vivo or Samsung, but beats them all in terms of price point. The Redmi K20 comes with a Snapdragon 730 processor and features a massive 6GB RAM, which is more than enough for any smartphone enthusiast to understand the far-reaching capabilities of this phone. Such an amazing combination of RAM and processors makes it an ideal device for performance intensive applications such as PUBG or Call of Duty. The performance side of things at Xiaomi is balanced by its gigantic 4000mAh battery and proprietary fast charging technology from Xiaomi, ensuring that your phone never runs out of charge when you need it the most, bringing the best of utility and functionality to the table. The RedmiK20 also features a superb-looking 6.39-inch Super AMOLED display with a 1080 x 2340p screen resolution, which isn’t as much as the previously mentioned Mi CC9, but works given the reduced price point. This isn’t mediocre by any means, though. 

The Redmi K20 also comes in a 256GB storage and 8GB RAM variant which is one of the best storage and RAM options in any phone in the market as of today. It ensures that your phone isn’t just a flagship killer now, but will remain one for many years to come, as it comes prepared for all the RAM-heavy applications that may be released in the near future. 

With Instagram and TikTok taking over the imaginations of the Gen Z and Millennials, it becomes imperative for anyone considering a smartphone purchase to pay attention to the kind of camera quality they can expect from their flagship smartphone purchase. In this regard, the Redmi K20 does not disappoint. It dons an incredible 48MP + 8MP + 13 MP triple-rear camera, and has a 20MP selfie shooter on the front end. The K20 also looks amazing with a near bezel-less edge-to-edge display, which brings to the user an infinity screen-like viewing experience. The Redmi K20 is undoubtedly one of the most impressive phones, and certainly one of the best mobile phone under 20000 that one can buy right now. 

So these were a few phones you can consider buying if you are looking to buy the fast charging phones with decent battery back up.

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6 Reasons To Host A Virtual Event



6 Reasons To Host A Virtual Event

In the current scenario of digitalization where “GO Digital” has become the latest buzzword around the globe. Live virtual events have grown enormously well due to their reach and outstanding results. 

With time companies have started shifting its focus towards virtual event management to host live virtual events without any constraint of geographical barrier. Various merits and demerits of virtual events are taken into account by the companies, concerning it as the need of the future.

An increase in incline towards Virtual events and virtual meetings have been noticed ever since the outbreak of a global pandemic, COVID-19. The fall and cancellation of various physical events have motivated big and small companies to host virtual events, virtual conferences, and meetings on the best virtual event platforms to achieve tremendous results.

Virtual Conferences, virtual meetings, virtual events, etc. on the best virtual events platform has now become an essential part of everyday life. Every event serves a different purpose, virtual events work on the layout to keep the audience engaged and deliver the message effectively. Virtual booths, chat rooms, help desk, etc. are some of the effective features that help live virtual events keep on going while reaching audiences around the globe and engaging them interactively.

Live virtual events exceed in having more audience engagement at reduced costs when compared to physical events. Various barriers like time, cost, the capacity of space, geographical restrictions that are present in conventional ways of events are all swept off by virtual events. In no time, virtual events become the popular choice among corporates, universities, and brands.

In this article, we will share the six most effective reasons to make your events virtual and gain the benefits that come along with it.

1. Presence of your potential target audience around the globe

When your target audience holds its presence in the different corners of the world, which is unable to reach through physical events due to various constraints and geographical barriers, switching to live virtual events is the best option to work on. Virtual events can be accessed anytime from any corner of the world from any browser and on any device. Live virtual events result in reaching maximum potential audiences worldwide, boosting more interactions and engagements far beyond the reach of conventional ways of events, thus resulting in more and more leads and conversions.

Apart from various corporate organizations and brands, many universities have started offering virtual courses that invite students from around the world who are interested in pursuing it but are unable to join due to geographical constraints. Similarly, virtual trade shows, virtual brand events, etc. have experienced enormous growth. Virtual event management has become an integral part of any business or brand as more and more people are opting today for online transactions as well as virtual events from the comfort of their own space.

Today when people are standing at a distance due to pandemic, virtual events are working on bridging the gap and bringing people around the world together in a virtual sphere to carry on their daily official chores and conduct virtual conferences and virtual meetings.

2. A cost-effective solution to host an event

Whether you are planning for a Virtual event for your brand or hosting a virtual conference or virtual meeting with your employees or worldwide clients, live virtual events are a cost-effective and user-friendly measure that enlightens your audiences with valuable experiences. Various constraints that are present in physical events like the cost of the venue, hospitality, travel expenses, accommodation cost, marketing collaterals, space, etc. are plagued with live virtual events. If you are on a budget, virtual events are the best bet you can rely on. It resolves the financial burden thus delivering greater value.

3. It is a time-efficient measure

Virtual event platforms usually take about a month for the setup of a virtual event which is comparatively a lot less than a physical event.

A virtual event requires a month for a set up of a mock event to catch any technical glitches and resolve them before the actual event, considering requirements for a live virtual event, training staff, and executing a virtual event. Whereas a physical event needs months for preparation starting from talking to sponsors, conducting vendor meetings, searching for the location, seeking the capacity, and so on. Virtual events are more time-efficient when compared to physical events. After event works are entirely handled by virtual event management service providers that streamed your event on virtual events platform keeping you stress-free. virtual events platform service providers offer customer support even before, during, and after an event whereas in in-person events that are solely managed by the organization or brands themselves.

4. Deliver customized unique experiences to each audience

Delivering valuable and unique experiences to each live audience is the major merit of virtual events that contributes a large share in the success of live virtual events. It allows the audience to share their concerns live and ask relevant questions that are answered by the brand and the company itself. Virtual events hold a higher engagement rate which is impossible to attain through physical events. Visitors can choose the content they wish to save and that holds their interest it includes webinars, videos, brochures, and e-books, etc. Virtual events and virtual conferences allow attendees to opt for on-demand viewing of an event which they tend to miss due to busy hectic schedules thus enabling conversions. Chats are enabled during live virtual events thus delivering unique experiences to each audience as they do not have to wait in long queues for their queries to get answered.

5. Helps in improving content marketing game even after the event is over

The compelling content created for virtual events can be used to improve the content marketing game once the event gets over. You can easily re-use the clips of videos from your virtual events to post it on your website or page to generate traffic. Uploading virtual event videos on various social media platforms like youtube, Facebook, or Vimeo helps in expanding your reach thus gaining more subscribers for your business or brand. Polls conducted during live virtual events can be shared with social media followers through blogs thus resulting in more feedback. Virtual events offer endless possibilities to improve your marketing game plan.

6. Helps to measure the result of an event accurately

Virtual events help in measuring the effectiveness of the event easily whereas physical events fail to furnish the detailed report of the effectiveness of the event. However, in physical events, people visit booths, take brochures along, and drop their contact information as well but that does not accurately measure the result of the event and you can not count on leads. Whereas virtual space tracks every registered employee by recording every conversation, request of on-demand videos and videos watched, downloads, shared content, and the transitions performed online. It makes it easy to measure the success of the event and convert leads.

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How To Find Affordable Web Design Services In 2020



Web Design Services

What Web Design?

Web design is the process of creating new or updating existing websites. It is a combination of several different aspects. The web design services process includes webpage layout, content development, and graphic design.

The terms web design and web development are often used simultaneously, web design is technically a smaller subset of the bigger category of the web development process.

How to Find Affordable web design services:

Well, there are many web design service providers out there. Affordable web design is basically the process of web designs in the way to make the web design simple and affordable at the best cost.

In this era, everyone wants affordable web designs and ADN Digital work on it. We provide world-class web design and Web Development services. Some element of Affordable web design services is given below:

 Benefits/feature of Affordable Website Services:

  • Fast and Speedy Response
  • Best for the start-up business
  • Basic SEO feature
  • Highlight your products
  • Magnificent web site
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
  • Easy to Upgrade

Basic Feature of affordable Web Design Services:

  • Make Professional Design
  • Unique & simple Graphics
  • Effective Content
  • Objective Information

Key benefits of having a website for your business-

  1. Save time and money: A website can save your time by representing your business on the internet. You don’t need to explain to your customers about who you are, portfolio references about your company. It is crucial, but it is time-consuming. Your website can eliminate it and save you time. Interested people will look at what type of services you offer or visit your website and get the proper information required. It can serve multiple customers saving resources and time.
  1. Lead generation: you can able to generate leads through your website. You can run ad campaigns to bring organic or paid traffic to your website. Or, you can invest in SEO to rank your website and generate leads. But SEO takes time so it is wise to invest in paid advertising too.
  2. Build credibility and brand persona: Your website is your brand’s persona. Many people are not comfortable to make any purchasing decisions if the brand doesn’t have a website. A beautiful looking website is a tool to win the trust of the customers.

What should you look for in a Web Design Service?

If you are sure, your time is better invested in other critical matters; hiring a professional design agency to create your site is the best option. Select your web design services carefully and wisely.

Here are some questions you should consider asking the web designer agency:

  1. What is the delivery time of the project?
  2. What type of system do they build sites?
  3. Do they incorporate SEO into the build and use responsive web design?
  4. Is the work done in-house, or is it outsourced?

Lastly, thousands of web design companies are present with a lot to offer. But how to choose the most affordable one for you? You got to be sure about the quality and commitment of project delivery issues.

On the other hand, don’t compromise on the quality and SEO friendly design website. SEO Friendly website can bring you some positive impact on your business. So, choose the web design company wisely. Because most of them are not concerned about the quality and can’t keep their promises as per the commitment.

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The Decision To Select An Appropriate Email Service Is Important: Why?



The Decision To Select An Appropriate Email Service Is Important: Why?

If you are a working professional, job seeker, or a business owner, do you spend a day without checking your email inbox? No, right? Because email is only an easy, simple, and widely used professional medium to connect with other professionals.

In today’s time, people have a craze for using social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Will you able to use any such sites without having your email. This is a reason; email is the most widely used social platform.

Whether you want to use a social media site, fill some application form, apply for a job, or purchase something online. All these tasks required your email ID. If you don’t have one, then you would require to create one before actually using any of the services.

Analyzing the popularity of email, there are various email hosting providers existed. However, ensure the reliability of the hosting vendor is important.

Why is email so popular? Why the organizations only prefer to send and receive information through email when so many instant messengers existed? What are the properties of an email service consisting of?

Going further to this post will answer all the above questions. So, let’s get started:

Main Purpose Of An Email:

Well, mainly email Ids are created for the communication purpose. Communication with a business client, employees, job seekers, applicants, students, etc.

This significant section of the digital world is quite vast and allows several applications to work for the users. It is a common belief that information stored in an email inbox is mostly secure, unlike social media sites. So, this leads to the common belief of the people that Emails are the most secure medium to share confidential information.

So, professional email is quite different from a free email service. And a business person uses the secured and paid email services only.

Existed email hosting providers understand the need of the business and advice the best email service to avoid any loss of data in the future.

Business Emails Are The Only Preference Of Organizations: Why?

You may have rarely noticed any job email from a free email Id. There must be company’s name as a domain of email. This feature is provided to business email buyers from the email hosting providers.

So, if you are using the free email service of Google, then you will only be able to use the domain as However, if you have selected the option of a business email, then you will have the facility to customize the domain as your company’s name.

Let’s say you own a company name then you can customize the email domain as Isn’t it look professions?

Main Features Provide Through Business Email:

A list of features separates a business email from a free email service. In free email service, all you need to create your email account, rest you don’t need to pay anything, and you are eligible to use the facility for a lifetime.

However, this is not the case with business email. Various factors decide the business email service for you. An email hosting provider can guide you properly while selecting the email service suitable for your business.

The cost of the email service also depends on the features you are receiving. So, if you run a big business firm, then you need to ensure security as well as a greater number of email accounts. This is one example that explains the variation in the cost of email services.

Let’s have a look at important features need to look upon while selecting an email service.

  • Storage options
  • Uptime feature
  • Email customization option
  • Security options
  • Scalability
  • Interface
  • Available tools for the business purpose and filters
  • Client compatibility
  • Data transfer capacity
  • Number of free accounts
  • Domain
  • App integration
  • Customer supports
  • Email restriction
  • Backup feature

The list can consist of many other features too. However, the features mentioned above are essential in a business point of view. So, ensure these features when you plan to buy a hosting email service.

Final Thoughts:

Pre-work is vital when you are setting up things for your business. Starting a business is one of the common reasons where people demand paid email service.

So, if you are planning to set up your business, then do the necessary research. Create a checklist of the email features, and you want your email services should have. Contact a reliable email hosting provider and discuss your requirements.

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Do Mcdonald’s Interactive Self-service Ordering Kiosks Really Reduce Cost?



Do Mcdonald’s Interactive Self-service Ordering Kiosks Really Reduce Cost?

Do McDonald’s self-service ordering kiosks really reduce cost?

Many of us love the double quarter-pounders served by McDonald’s. However, don’t we just hate waiting in the queue trying to place an order? Over-crowding, waiting endlessly for our turn and errors that creep up while placing our orders have made the very experience of take-out a nightmare.

No wonder several McDonald’s outlets have switched to self-service or self-ordering kiosks. Several studies have shown that switching to self-service ordering kiosks can lead to better customer experience, quicker service, increased profits and saving of resources.

This blog takes a look at whether self-service ordering kiosks really reduce cost or not when compared to labor costs. It also specifically looks at the case study of McDonald’s, which switched to self-service ordering restaurant kiosks a couple of years back, and has claimed to have saved money because of this switch. But first, let us understand what is a self-service kiosk.

What is a self-service ordering kiosk?

Self-service kiosks have become increasingly popular in recent times. It is perhaps hard to find a retail space, which does not have a self-ordering kiosk or a self-service vending machine. You can find them in malls, restaurants, big offices and railway stations. Self-service kiosks are digital and not manned by any person. You can order your food, find your way and book your tickets at such kiosks. Many self-service kiosks come pre-loaded with software that allows you make your payments and take a print out of the receipt, thereby working as ticketing kiosks. In short, a self-service kiosk can do the job of a concierge, a receptionist, a booking agent, all rolled into one.

Advantages of a self-service kiosk

  • Kiosks save resources: Imagine putting up a booth or a counter that is manned by human staffers. This would require hiring professionals, training and monitoring their performances and dealing with their HR-related activities. Not only will these activities cost you money, but they would also consume your time and resources. Replacing human staff with automation can help your company save both money and resources.
  • Kiosks are easily adaptable: A kiosk machine is far more adaptable to business-related changes than an actual human being. A change in the inventory or a simple price modification can simply be fed into the system of a kiosk, which would quickly adapt to the changes. Compare this to an employee, who has to be informed about the changes and then trained regarding the changes being carried out. Simply put, there can hardly be any comparison when it comes to adaptability. Machines are far more adaptable than humans.
  • Kiosks can serve more customers: A multi-touch screen kiosk can service several customers at the same time. This is not possible with a human being. A receptionist can only cater to a single customer or answer a single question at a time. Replacing an employee with a multi-tasking food ordering kiosk machine can help you to serve several customers at a time.
  • Kiosks save service time: This is related to the previous point we mentioned. Serving multiple customers can mean that you can save a lot of time overall. Reducing time taken to serve each customer can mean that you are able to serve more people at a time, thereby increasing your productivity, sales and profits.
  • Kiosks reduce cost: Perhaps the most important advantage of having a self-service ordering kiosk is that it reduces operational costs to a great extent. Installing a kiosk might incur a one-time cost. However, recurring overhead costs are usually minimal. Additionally, if you sign up for an annual maintenance contract, you are likely to save a ton of money on frequent upkeep work and software upgrades.

Do McDonald’s self-service ordering kiosks save money?

According to a recent report by Forbes, McDonald’s is projected to save billions of dollars by replacing their smiling staff members with giant LED screens. McDonald’s has even ordered self-service ordering kiosks for all of its locations.

This is because the minimum wage in the US has gone up to $15 an hour in recent years. This has put additional burden on several retail chains across the US that are required to cough up extra money for hiring labor. Several food retail chains in the US are now switching to self-service kiosks, gradually replacing staff members one by one. Brands like Panera Bread and Tex-Mex food chain giant Chilli’s have all shifted to self-service kiosks.

According to studies, this shift to ‘technology’ from ‘humans’ is nothing new. Brands have responded to rising labor costs by steadily shifting to technology. Self-service ordering, online ordering, reducing sit-in services are all related to the broader trend of shifting towards technology. Surely this has upset entry-level job seekers, as their skills have become redundant in a tough job market. However, for companies around the world this has led to greater profitability, streamlining of operations and reduction of overhead costs.

Interestingly, studies have also shown that kiosks have also boosted sales to a great extent. Having touch-screen kiosks allows consumers to spend more time at the machine, rummaging through the product catalogues and making impulse purchases, that won’t be possible if a counter staff simply walks you through the menu. As such, companies believe that it is a win-win situation for them.


Switching to a self-service ordering kiosk was originally meant to lessen the burden of employees. However, seeing the myriad of benefits that such kiosks provide, F&B companies have started to increasingly shift towards self-service kiosk machines. Many malls have introduced food court kiosks in their multi-brand food courts. Reduction in costs, boosting of sales, streamlining of operations and production efficiency have all increasingly drawn companies towards self-service ordering kiosks.

If you are a small and medium enterprise trying to gain a foothold in an increasingly competitive food and beverage market, you should immediately shift to self-service kiosks. VirtuBox is one of the leading providers of self-service kiosks. It helps businesses to implement a complete kiosk solution which is tailor made according to their needs. 

VirtuBox offers a multi-purpose and interactive touch screen smart kiosk, called Directa, which is sure to give your business the digital edge it requires. VirtuBox Directa Kiosks are slim and elegantly designed keeping in mind the brand values of its clients. It is also robust enough to keep in public places, food courts and restaurants. 

Restaurant and F&B outlet owners are often tasked with choosing the type of kiosk they would like for their business. Directa is a very good option as it takes up less space and stands upright on the wall. The best part of a totem style kiosk is it is visible from afar. Anyone can easily locate it.

So get in touch with the experts at VirtuBox to give your food business the advantage of automation technology by saving costs and increasing the efficiency of their resources. Let your customers use the advanced self-service ordering kiosks and reduce their waiting time in lines and have a great experience. 

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Why Kotlin Is Said To Be a Popular Language among the Android Developers?



Why Kotlin Is Said To Be a Popular Language among the Android Developers?

Kotlin is a modern programming language that is typed statically and is known to enhance an individual’s productivity and boost the happiness of the developer. Kotlin app development is by far the most popular one. If you are wondering why Kotlin is said to be a popular language among the Android developers, then this article is going to provide you the answer.

Firstly, What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is listed as a language among the fastest-growing ones posterior Swift. It has become widely popular because of Google’s impact. The language has been developed by JetBrains and is easy to be learned, especially when a person knows Java.

Kotlin is one of the best languages for the developers of Android for utilization with concise, maintainable and error-free. Furthermore, the language is quite safer than the well-known language Java and would preferably be used by an android app development company.

The plugin called IDE works more smoothly than Java and also permits various features. In fact, when it comes to the consideration of apps, speed is the factor that must be considered.

Kotlin is a language that works under the compiler that is advanced, which can look for errors at the same time at both run-time and compile time. Moreover, Kotlin can have a huge influence on the functions since it involves more parameters that are optional. 

Why is Kotlin Popular?

Now that you are aware of what the language Kotlin really is, it is time for you to get your answer. Why is Kotlin considered to be a popular language among the Android developers? In other words, what features does it have that make it better than other languages?

The following are the reasons for the use of Kotlin by Android app developers.

1: Full Java Interoperability

One of the best features of the language is its ability to exchange information about the software of Java. This feature is also the reason why numerous Java developers switched to Kotlin. The language is operational under JVM and utilizes the tools and libraries of Java. 

2: Kotlin Requires Less Writing of Code

The codes of the programming language Kotlin are way easier as compared to that of Java. This also reduces time consumption in Kotlin app development in comparison with Java.

When it comes to apps, speed is the best part. One may keep the features that are primary in the main memory for them to load rapidly and maintain the resources that secondary in what is known as the secondary memory.

3: Null Safety in Kotlin

The language’s main aim is to eradicate the null reference from code. It does not compile codes which assign to be null. This feature is great for an android app development company as compared to Java as while using Java, NullPointerException is likely to take place multiple times and various elements that are utilized for testing the quality of software are likely to decrease the efficiency and speed of development. This is also complicated when one uses the application’s run-time.

When the developers are compiling the code, all they want is to avoid this. Hence, Kotlin is better since it provides various benefits. It features at the primary level. 

4: Kotlin compiles to JavaScript or JVM bytecode

Kotlin can compile JavaScript or JVM bytecode, JS and Java developers. It is among the crucial features of the language that has helped the programmers of android app development company to learn it. In fact, it is more beneficial for the developers who use it for the collected runtime of garbage in Kotlin app development.

5: Defaulted Parameters

The parameters of the language are user-friendly when one passes the arguments not by index but by name. This can have a huge effect on the functions that have more parameters that are operational.

6: Functions of Extension

One can add ways to per user basis of the classes without interrupting the source code. Changing things in the source code results in the function of extension being a burden. Therefore, it is more valuable to handle the language for the function of extension. 

7: Kotlin does not impose runtime overhead

The library of Kotlin does not contain any garbage. It usually improves the library of Java through extension. A majority of its functions are in-line. It is built in a manner to maintain the development of Android as compared to Java.

8: Efficiency

Kotlin is built keeping in mind the developers that have a low learning curve. This aids the programmers to use less line of code and less time in any application. For learning and coding, Kotlin is better than Java. It can aid in the creation of an android app which is more efficient as compared to Java.

9: Open-source

Kotlin is a statically typed language that is based on open source. It diminishes the time required in the conversion of existing code in Java in a single-click tool. It is definitely not easy for learning if you are a beginner in programming. The language is more applicable to the developers of the app who efficiently work with languages of programming like Java.

10: Classes of Data in Kotlin

Class and scope is an option that is required in languages of programming. The app developers of Kotlin can handle codes in an easier way. This is known to be one of the greatest features of the language. 

11: Google added Kotlin as an Official Programming Language for the Development of Android Applications

The above-mentioned points are the major reasons why google added Kotlin as the official programming language for the development of android applications. Due to the concise features and performance of the language, it has become largely popular among android app development company.

The Bottom Line

Now that you are familiar with the reasons for the popularity of Kotlin, you might be sure that the language is the future of the development of android apps. The aforementioned 11 reasons are all that is required to make a person switch from other programming languages to Kotlin. 

Kotlin is one of the best programming languages that is built for developers who wish to utilize the lesser line of code as compared to Java. It is largely used by the developers of android because of its feature of open source. Moreover, it also provides the values assigned to be a null factor. This diminishes or eradicates the risk of run-time for the programmers. 

If you are an android app developer and are well-versed with Java, then there is not any reason for you to not switch to Kotlin for a better experience of programming. Kotlin is by far the best programming language, which is why it has officially been declared by Google also.

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Apple and Google Join Hands to Build a Coronavirus Contact Tracing Technology



Apple and Google Join Hands to Build a Coronavirus Contact Tracing Technology

If you look across the globe, governments and health authorities have been working tirelessly to find solutions to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, so much so that many have burned endless amounts of midnight oil to stop this global crisis. Each one of us wants to protect people and get society back up and running.

Every single individual is contributing his/her part to stop this pandemic from becoming a massive disaster. Software developers and computer engineers for example, are contributing by constructing technical tools to help combat the virus and save lives. 

Continuing this spirit in true sense, Google and Apple are announcing a joint effort that will enable the use of Bluetooth technology to help governments and health agencies curb the spread of the virus, with user privacy and security central to the design.

The Concept

We know that COVID-19 can be transmitted through close proximity to affected individuals. In lieu of this, public health organizations have pinpointed contact tracing as the most vital tool to help contain its spread. Across the world, a wide number of leading public health authorities, universities, and NGOs are actively involved in carrying out important work to develop opt-in contact tracing technology.

In order to further leverage this cause, Apple and Google together will be launching a comprehensive solution which ecompasses application programming interfaces or APIs and operating system-level technology that will help in enabling contact tracing

Considering the need of the hour, the plan includes implementing the aforementioned solution in two steps while maintaining strong protections around user privacy.

According to the announcements, in the month of May, both the companies will release APIs which allow for interoperability across Android and iOS devices using apps from public health authorities. Once live, these apps will be officially available for users to download through their respective app stores.

In the second phase both the companies, Apple and Google, will work to create a wider and border Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform by enabling this functionality into the underlying platforms. It will be a more robust solution than an API and this will permit more number of individuals to join hands (virtually) and participate, if they choose to opt in, as well as enable interaction with a broader ecosystem of apps and government health authorities. 

Both the companies are taking the aspects of privacy, transparency, and consent seriously in this effort and are looking forward to building this functionality in consultation with interested stakeholders. The companies will transparently publish information about their work for everyone to analyze.

The Next Steps

According to both the companies, everyone at Apple and Google believe there has never been a more vital moment to work together to solve one of the world’s most pressing problems. They will be working closely in tight cooperation and collaboration with developers, governments and public health providers to weather this storm. The companies aim at harnessing the power of technology which aid the countries around the world put a brake on the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate the return of normal life.

Privacy-safe contact tracing using Bluetooth Low Energy

  • Explicit user consent required
  • Doesn’t collect personally identifiable information or user location data
  • List of people you’ve been in contact with never leaves your phone
  • People who test positive are not identified to other users, Google or Apple
  • Will only be used for contact tracing by public health authorities for COVID-19

pandemic management

  • Doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone or an iPhone – works across both

What is Contact detection service?

From the sources of Google, Contact Detection is a BLE service which is registered with the Bluetooth SIG with 16-bit UUID 0xFD6F. The technology is designed to enable proximity sensing of Rolling Proximity Identifier between devices for the aim of computing an exposure event.

The devices then advertise and scan for the Contact Detection Service by way of its 16-bit service UUID. The Service Data type with this service UUID will contain a 128-bit Rolling Proximity Identifier that changes periodically.

Privacy Details

As denoted earlier, to maintain the user privacy is of utmost importance for both the companies. Privacy will be their major point of focus during design considerations. In order to do so, they have mentioned the following protocol:

  • The Contact Tracing Bluetooth Specification technology does not make use of location for proximity detection. The tech dedicatedly uses Bluetooth beaconing in order to detect proximity.
  • The technology is such that a user’s Rolling Proximity Identifiers changes on average every 15 minutes. It needs the Daily Tracing Key to be correlated to the user, reducing the risk of privacy loss from advertising them.
  • The proximity identifiers gathered from other devices are processed exclusively on device.
  • Contribution is purely based on users’ consent. 
  • If someone is diagnosed with COVID-19, they consent to sharing Diagnosis Keys with the server.
  • Users will have complete transparency into their participation in contact tracing.


For anyone involved in iOS or Android development or for an Android or iOS development company, this will be a great learning experience and opportunity. When the data is out for analysis and scrutiny, many developers and companies will benefit out from the results.

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Flutter vs React Native- Which one is better for Application Development?



Mobile Application Development

Most of the businesses are rapidly taking the aid of advanced technologies like mobile applications. We are surrounded by a competitive environment and that requires a constant flow of new technologies, frameworks, and platforms.

For Mobile Application Development, developers seek technology that is efficient and isn’t time-consuming. In order to accomplish this, many developers utilize cross-platform applications. This helps them to leverage their innovations to create e-commerce apps, interactive apps, and social apps.

React Native

React Native is JavaScript Framework developed for user interfaces by Facebook to compose real and native rendering mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms. It helps in supporting more targets on mobile platforms, rather than the traditional browsers.

Compared to React for the web, React-native applications are built with compound codes of JavaScript and JSX. This enables react-native to make a request stating APIs in iOS and Android platforms and also render UI components in applications. This enables mobile applications to have a web-based feel. React Native also opens JavaScript interfaces for APIs, thus these React Native applications can get permission and access from any device features like camera and location.


Flutter is an open-source framework developed for mobile platforms by Google in May 2017. The framework enables developers to develop native mobile apps with a single codebase for two platforms such as Android and iOS. It has extremely high fidelity and agile applications that can operate on different platforms with a single code. With the help of flutter, developers can easily approach, read, rearrange or separate and present enormous authority over the system.

Cross-Platform Mobile Development Framework:

Nowadays, Android and iOS are two of the most commonly used mobile devices, with an entirely different application creation process. Android wants developers with comprehensive knowledge of Java or Kotlin, while iOS needs developers well versed in Swift programming language, making the development process costly and time-consuming.

Cross-platform app development has begun to address this disadvantage and wants to address this need. Industries use technologies such as React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, PhoneGap and others to develop cross-platform applications. This thus allows a single developer to build apps with a single code base that works on different operating systems (OS) such as iOS and Android. As a result, most of the applications created today are either cross-platform or hybrid and can run seamlessly on iOS and Android devices. Some advantages provided by the technology frameworks for cross-platform mobile applications are:

  • Cross platforms provide uniformity of UX interfaces
  • It is considered ideal for prototyping
  • It saves teamwork since it provides one product for two platforms
  • It has rapid form for development
  • It can be implemented easily

Now that we know why it is important to move from native app development to cross-platform and hybrid app development, let’s discuss the two main cross-platform mobile app development innovations.

Flutter Vs. React Native: Key Points

React Native Flutter


Reusable Restricted basic components Allows code to use again
Third-Party Libraries It can enhance the usability Effectively Applied
Popularity Facebook has introduced Google has introduced
 Established Year 2015 2017
User Interface Proprietary Widget Native Component
Native Appearance Lesser Because of dependency Better because it has access to device core functions
App Performance Lower because it uses JavaScript Higher at 60fps animation
Framework Maturity Higher as the framework 3 years old Lower because of newly launched
Code Structure It uses JavaScript Messier as there is no separation between templates and data
Speed Faster Slower
Documentation Chaotic and Unclear Cleaner and Easier to follow


Flutter vs React Native- Which one is better for Application Development?

We can see a thorough comparison of the two frameworks that are common among Mobile Application development start-ups. These frameworks state the positive points in terms of reliability, performance, documentation and other aspects.

It is also very difficult to decide which framework amongst the two is a winner since both have their own pros and cons. But since Flutter is a new platform, it will take quite some time to get established in the industry as compared to React Native. We do not undermine Flutter’s abilities, it is a versatile platform to build mobile applications, but considering the needs of the current industry situation, we can say that React Native is a good start for mobile app development companies in Dubai

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How To Label Data for Machine Learning: Data Labelling in Machine Learning & AI



How To Label Data for Machine Learning: Data Labelling in Machine Learning & AI

Data labeling for machine learning is done to prepare the data set that can be used to train the algorithm used to train the model through machine learning. And such data contains the texts, images, audio or videos that are properly labeled to make it comprehensible to machines.

To label the data there are several annotation techniques are used like text annotation, image annotation and video annotation, in which important keywords or object of interest are annotated with added metadata to make it detectable or recognizable to machines through NLP or computer vision.

Data Labeling for NLP or Voice Based Machine Learning Model

Depending on the type of data, the labeling technique is used. In case of data available n text format, NLP annotation and Name Entity Recognition or Relationship Recognition is used to train the voice or language based machine learning models like Chatbot or Virtual assistance.

Data Annotation for Computer Vision Based Machine Learning

While for visual perception based machine learning models that are trained through computer vision technology to make the object of interest recognizable to machines. Actually, objects in the images are annotated through different methods as per the visual perception model algorithms.

How to Label or Annotate the Data for Machine Learning?

To label or annotate the data for machine learning, you need certain tools or software, where you can put your raw data and then label it as per the AI model needs. Apart from that you also need knowledge, experience, time and efforts to label the data correctly.

It not seems easy to label the data yourself, especially if you don’t have any idea of this field. Actually, there are different types of data labeling techniques, and which method is suitable for which machine learning model, only machine learning engineers, in collaboration with data scientist and AI experts can know about such things.

So, doing yourself it’s better to outsource your data labeling needs to professional labelers or data annotation service providers, who will do this job for you at lower cost with better quality. You just need to assign them the raw data, they will label or annotate the same with better accuracy that will make your machine learning not only successful but will also give the right predictions.

Opt Data Labeling and Image Annotation Service

Anolytics providing the data labeling and image annotation service for machine learning and AI development. It can label the huge amount of data set using the most advance tool and techniques while ensuring the accuracy to provide the high-quality training data sets.

It is expert in text annotation, image annotation and video annotation for different industries like healthcare, retail, automotive, agriculture and many more other fields where labeled data needed to develop the AI based machine learning models at optimum costing.

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Why Budget Smartphone Is Good



Why Budget Smartphone Is Good

There are many essential things to look before you buy a budget smartphone. For a budget smartphone, it means cheap smartphone or low priced. In the present smartphone market, these types of smartphones are common. 

When you want to buy a smartphone, the cost of the phone matters. The high-end smartphones come with dazzling features. It is, therefore, essential to consider the state of your pockets. 

When it is about buying a budget smartphone the features matter as much as the price. That is why you find that budget Android smartphones are becoming more popular in the market. 

Why Budget Phone is good

These budget smartphones are not only manufactured locally or in china factories, but there are also from international brands such as Samsung. These brands’ cheap phones are also reaching the local market shores. 

Looking at both sides of the coin, budget smartphones come with pros and cons. At a low price, there are plenty of smartphones that come with all the requirements you’re looking for.  

Here are the reasons that make these budget phones an excellent choice: 


  • Low Cost


It is something obvious. So, it is good to buy a budget phone as the price is low. You can get a budget phone that has good features at a reasonable price, although it is not easy. 

An added advantage of getting a budget smartphone is that it can change your lifestyle. That means that having a low priced smartphone might not be among the highest ram smartphones but makes you “own a smartphone”. That is a dream come possibly as a middle-class person. 


  • Cheaper To Replace Parts


The other advantage of getting a low priced smartphone is because the spare parts are less expensive when you want to charge. In case you have got a huge scratch on your screen or want to change the battery, these parts come handy at a low price.  

For flagship or high-end smartphones, that is not the same. Such phones can cost you too much money even changing a small spare part. 

  • They Lack Emotional Dilemmas 

Assuming you have bought a smartphone at $1000 and lost it. Even if it accidentally drops and breaks, then your heart will be broken more than the pieces of that smartphone. 

Taking into consideration, it might be a fortune that you have spent to buy such a high priced smartphone. And anything that will happen will make you lose peace of mind. In case the smartphone is just a budget-friendly, your emotions will be lessened. 

  • Few Complications 

It is something that you can agree about because budget smartphones have few complications. The less the cost of a smartphone, the less complicated a smartphone will be. It is also easier to use. For a new user, having a low price smartphone is user friendly than expensive ones. 

  • Availability 

When a low-end smartphone is released, it is easy to reach you at the corner of the world. It is not something you can experience with flagship smartphones. As you will wait for weeks and sometimes months before you can get the device on your hands. 

  • All Features Similar To Flagships Smartphones 

An interesting fact is that these budget smartphones come with similar features as the high-end smartphones. That usually depends on the current trend that is prevailing at that time. 

If a company manufacturing high-end smartphone releases a specific feature for the high price tag, later the Chinese replica will be available. The budget smartphone will be having almost similar designs and features but the added advantage is the stunning lower price. 

The Final Words

When you buy a budget smartphone, it comes with various advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. You have to think well before deciding the budget phone you need to purchase. Whether the phone you have to purchase is a budget smartphone or expensive, it is your money and the phone will be yours. So, you should choose a suitable device.  

Before you finalize the decision, ensure that the phone you’ve chosen is the apt one. If there is something that is missing in that phone, don’t pick it.

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What Enterprises can expect from an AI Chatbot in 2020?



AI Chatbot in 2020

As per a survey by Oracle in 2017, 80% of business respondents were already using or planned to use chatbots by 2020. The statistics seem to be accurate since it is estimated that by 2020, 85% of business interactions will be done through chatbots. Their popularity is very well justified. These interactive platforms that communicate in a human-like manner offer several benefits — the biggest being round-the-clock availability on email, SMS, live chat, and apps. As a result, the possibilities for the sales and services team widen considerably.

Top trends for chatbots in 2020

Here’s a look at which chatbot trends will dominate in the upcoming year:

  1. More refined conversations

The primary purpose of chatbots is not only to provide support and services but to do so like a human. With the increased popularity of chatbots, the technologies powering them – namely NLP, AI, and machine learning- are being refined.

As a result, chatbots will increasingly be able to hold conversations like humans instead of providing bland cardboard responses because they are designed to understand the nuances of human languages.

  1. Data-driven customer insights

The great thing about chatbots is that they can make notes, a.k.a, collect data while they are holding conversations or immediately after it. This means that instead of relying on guessed customer personas, you can know what your customers are actually like, what their most common pain points are, what they expect of you, and so on. Using this information, you can further refine your chatbot service to provide greater personalization.

  1. Automated support

This trend will be most apparent in call centers where the employees’ main job is to provide customer support and address customer requests 24*7. Bringing in chatbots to provide customer service at the initial level can reduce up to 30% of costs. You’ll need to hire lesser people to attend calls and respond to emails. Requests and problems that are more complicated in nature can be scaled up to the specialist (human) support team.

  1. Messenger bots

Calls aren’t conducive at all times, and email conversations can stretch out over days, which is why 68% of consumers prefer messaging as the go-to way for staying in touch with a business. Not only do bots help in customer support and lead generation, but they are also preferred choice while making a purchase, according to 47% of consumers.  Moreover, they are easily integrated into the course of a mobile app development of a brand. 

  1. Bots for payment

Million of businesses use social media as part of their selling process. Currently, though, they use it for awareness and traffic/ lead generation. The final conversion is done on the website only. However, by investing in robust security infrastructure, businesses can encourage customers to pay and purchase on social media platforms via payment bots. Facebook has over 300,000 chatbots that have the potential to make the payment method smooth and seamless.

Overall, chatbots promise to improve and increase the efficiency of every business process that leverages them. As the trends mentioned above catch on and more businesses adopt chatbots, they’ll definitely witness a positive impact on customer satisfaction, sales, and profits.

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Why Should Your Ico Marketing Strategy Be Compelling And How To Attain That?



ICO marketing company

For starters, let’s see what an ICO is!

ICO- Initial Coin Offering, is a fundraising method, where investors are issued with coins/tokens, which they sell to raise capital for their start-ups! ICOs are currently widely booming among potential investors and are the most preferred fundraising mechanisms. This is because ICOs are unregulated and also companies do not have to pay back anything with what they raise from selling their ICOs. There are also many other advantages involved with an ICO, which makes it more credible among investors. Let’s take a look at what they are. 

Key Benefits of an ICO: 

  • High-volume liquidity
  • No involvement from any central authority
  • User anonymity and transparency
  • Easy accessible 
  • High return possibilities
  • Backed by blockchain technology that secures, controls and verifies transactions
  • Legally compliant
  • Enhanced security/ escrow system

These are the core advantages involved with an ICO. 

ICO marketing company

Why should you market your  ICO? And how to do it? 

Now, coming to marketing, for any business marketing is a very essential factor! Because, marketing is what will attain reputation, reach, branding and identity for your business among your target audience and to stand out from existing competitors. Especially, when a business like ICO development is in peak demand and competition, marketing is the key tool to achieve success and sustainability in the long run. Before going into the marketing tools, there are some steps you need to go through to make it more unique and effective that involves, 

  • Conduct In-Depth research about the current market needs and trends
  • Prepare a marketing structure based on the above criteria
  • Talk to experts, get in touch with the best ICO marketing company and gather immense information and knowledge about their services. 
  • Deeply analyze the existing competitors and the services offered by them to make your promotions more unique and to make customers feel you offer services that don’t already exist in the market.
  • Analyze which marketing tools gain the most traction from customers to plan your marketing sketch accordingly. 

Now, how to market your ICO effectively? Let’s take a brief look at some important strategies and marketing tools that will be of big help. 

Ways to promote your ICO effectively: 

  • Whitepaper- Drafting a valuable, creative whitepaper that contains every information the customer will need regarding your ICO, the purpose, benefits and the solutions it would offer them for the existing challenges will gain their trust and credibility towards your project. 
  • Website– Creating a website that is easy-navigable and designed efficiently and in a user-friendly manner will turn the eyes of potential investors towards your ICO. 
  • Content Marketing- Engaging your audience with valuable content through blogs, articles, posts, forums etc will help them learn in detail about what your project is about and how it will benefit them. 
  • Social media marketing- Social media marketing is a very effective and crucial tool for marketing. Right marketing through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc will gain huge traction and make your business viral among global customers. 
  • Email Marketing– Massive Email Blasts and newsletters with crisp, valuable content explaining the features and services of your ICO, will build strong customer relationships and build a circle for your business of potential investors. 
  • Influencer Marketing–  Hiring a legitimate celebrity/ influencer to voice out for your ICO through various forums will gather interest and trust from customers globally. 
  • ICO press release- Carry out an effective press release for your ICO, with every necessary information and gain increased credibility and also media exposure will expand the scope and branding of your ICO among the audience. 
  • Bounty programs- You can conduct bounty programs where the investors are given a task and rewarded accordingly on the accomplishment of the task. This will encourage and pave the way for new budding investors to participate. 
  • Pay-per-click– Paid advertisements like pay-per-click will drive the customers’ attention towards your ICO and create awareness.
  • Community building- Every business needs to have its own community around. This will gain loyalty and enrich your brand more among your existing competitors. 

These are some major marketing strategies that will help promote your ICO soundly among your targeted audience. To carry this in the right way, you need to have a strong contact base and it is going to cost you an ample sum of your money! The better and the more effective choice to make here is, hire a top, well experienced ICO marketing company in India, who knows in and out about the market needs and is up to date with the current trends. Such companies will offer the most reliable, world-class marketing solutions that will widen your scope in the global sphere and gain you huge traction and profits in millions! Also, their solutions will be cost-effective! So, get in touch with a company today, market your ICO today and go viral in the market!

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QuickBooks Online Training instructed by confirmed ProAdvisor



QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Preparing for you, that implies trust to your clients. Regardless of where you are in your profession, we will in general form it easy to prompt cozy with QuickBooks bookkeeping items and create aptitudes at your pace. select from recordings, online classes, virtual associations, and in-person occasions to accomplish goals and gain your customers’ trust. Our QuickBooks Phone Number consistently Guide in Your Business and resolve all your mistakes. 

Effective method to Grow a QuickBooks ProAdvisor 

A QuickBooks ProAdvisor is somebody close with the QuickBooks Phone Number stock line who has begun this QuickBooks ProAdvisor program and breezed through an affirmation test. There are four principle affirmations 

QuickBooks Pro/Premier, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks POS and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Growing a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is completely free similar to all the investigation materials and tests from QuickBooks. 

You needn’t bother with a bookkeeping or bookkeeping encounter or any sort of formal preparing to take the confirmation test. To speak to an affirmed QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, you should unequivocally breeze through a 55-question test with a passing score of 80 percent or better. 

A great many people should plan to contribute in any event 12 to 16 hours of reading to get ready for the test. You can take the test redundant occasions on the off chance that you don’t go close to your underlying endeavor. 

1. sign on for QuickBooks on-line representative 

The initial step is to supply some essential information to shape a free QuickBooks online businessman (QBOA) account. you might be approached to supply your: 

  • Email address (client ID) 
  • First name 
  • Last name 
  • Telephone assortment You’ll even be approached to frame a watchword. No MasterCard or elective delicate information is required. 

2. steel oneself for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification assessment 

When you produce your QuickBooks on-line representative record, you have access to all or any of the examination guides, online classes (live and recorded) and tests for complimentary. like each assessment, you wish to check in order to breeze through the assessment with progress. The serious training is jerky into seven modules, that are concerning half dozen.5 hours of your time that you simply can pay perception the online classes and experience the examination guides. 

I prescribe downloading the examination advisers for your PC to follow on and accept notes as you watch the online class. In the event that you can’t end an online course in one meeting, the program can spare your advancement so you’ll have the option to eat up any place you left off basically. 

To get to the instructing materials and confirmation tests, sign into QuickBooks on-line specialist, click on the ProAdvisor tab on the left and training as demonstrated inside the screen capture underneath: 

Quickbooks ace counsel 

The fundamental themes covered inside the ProAdvisor accreditation instructing are: 

Setting up customers: during this course, you discover how to pick the best possible organization settings, the best approach to deliver new clients and sellers, the best approach to create the graph of records and a great deal of 

Supporting your modest business customers: during this course, you discover how to oversee customer installments, stores to the bank, diary passages and a ton of 

Banking and devices: during this course, you discover how to join financial balances and MasterCard records to QuickBooks, the best approach to accommodate a financial records and revenant exchanges 

Reports: during this course, you discover how to alter, redo and run reports like benefit and misfortune, record and deals and cost reports 

Dealing with your work: during this course, you get familiar with all concerning the apply the board choices in QBOA you’ll have the option to begin comes and track them for QuickBooks and non-QuickBooks customers 


Setting up customer’s books: during this course, you may discover how to mastermind a customer’s books for the year-end shut QuickBooks answers for customers: during this course, you may discover how to see that QuickBooks Payroll Support membership is right for your customer. 

Furthermore, advocate that you simply have QuickBooks open. I’m a functioning student in this way, now and again, you can delay the online class and apply it to do one thing that I essentially learned. On the off chance that you favor live guidance, you’ll have the option to check the timetable for a posting of all future QuickBooks workshops. 

Before you go to a live workshop, try to move the examination advisers for your PC so you’ll have the option to follow related to the educator. each the life and recorded online classes grant you to acquire proceeding with talented training credits (CPE) that might be acquainted with restore your ensured open representative (CPA), recorded operator (EA) or guaranteed officer accreditations. 

  1. Take the QuickBooks Certification assessment 

You can get to the QuickBooks accreditation tests inside a similar spot any place the instructing materials and online courses are arranged. there’s no an incentive to require the assessment that contains an aggregate of fifty-five questions, that are de-swelled into seven areas. Obviously, this can shift anyway it should take around 2 hours to complete each of the seven areas. I like to suggest that you simply handle the segments you’re feeling the premier guaranteed at first. Try not to think little of the areas that have less inquiries — those will in general be the preeminent troublesome. 

You should answer at least eighty % of the questions in each area appropriately to get your confirmation. you have 3 makes an endeavor to breeze through the assessment. On the off chance that you bomb the assessment thrice, you need to hold up sixty days before you’ll have the option to plan to retake it 

  1. A) Growth while not the thought 

Land clients remembering a stock for our Find-a-ProAdvisor1 organize, and get progressed advancing and accomplice assets. 

  1. B) Skills to isolate your apply 

Access training from your dashboard, and raise your abilities with confirmation tests and Master classes. 

Special rating and backing 

Appreciate free and limited items and gives, and effectively encourage from our prime customer bolster specialists. Improve your work, from any place you’re employedDive into instructing assets and accreditation tests directly from the ProAdvisor tab of QuickBooks Online Support Number consistently help you.. 

  • Get tips for moving your firm and customers to the cloud. 
  • Work on exploring your customers’ QuickBooks on-line. 
  • Find efficient applications and zone, reports, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • Get a great deal of the customers you wish 

Make it basic for interesting customers to look out you. Get QuickBooks Certified to set up your firm for complimentary on the Find-a-ProAdvisor registry, our Brobdingnagian system of little organizations attempting to discover experts, for example, you. 

  • Continue developing to actuate 
  • Access to the ProAdvisor store and selective advancing assets. 
  • Limited web designer from Squarespace. 
  • Limited email advancing help from Constant Contact.
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Develop An Excellent iPhone App In 2020




iPhone App In 2020

Like cooking, there is a little bit of process included in “cooking” an iPhone app development. Here in this blog, we are not talking about your style of cooking, but just the general step necessary to make it a successful launch in the iOS app market.

So, before we start unfurling the important steps, it’s essential to keep in mind that a new idea is born out of nothing.

In 2019, there were over 4 million apps combined in Google and Apple store according to Statista, and presently this number is showing no sign of stopping, especially for iPhone. Thus, it’s rightly said, the right iPhone app developer makes all the difference!

So, if your business requires wants to create an app for the iPhone, it is wise to align with the experienced iPhone app development company, and what can be better than the best – “Xicom Technologies”.

Let’s discover every know-how of why and how Xicom is top-pick for 50,000+ global clients in more than 50+ countries iPhone app development.
Xicom is a leading ISO 9001 certified iOS app development company consisting a team of over 300+ highly skilled and proficient developers having an excellent reputation for its innovation in developing apps for iPhone that are highly expandable, robust and practicable. Moreover, Being a top iPhone, iOS app development company in Dubai, our experts offer an iPhone app development services that empower businesses to accomplish maximum efficiency, cost savings and better performance output.

Our iPhone app development in Dubai services power clients globally to provide an all-encompassing range of iOS/iPhone/iPad centric mobile applications across diverse business verticals.

Moreover, we have dedicated iPhone app developers and designers having comprehensive technical expertise in the app development domain for creating business-centric and highly scalable iOS and iPhone based mobile applications.

The Different Aspects Included In iOS Development Are As Follow:


Xicom is a pioneer iPhone app development company in India, Dubai, and the USA that provides a lending hand to organizations in sketching and implementing successful strategies for the success of their business.


Design & user experience are unskippable for any app. Our specialist iPhone app designers make sure that our clients get gratified with excellent designs and UI experience.


Xicom, a leading fore-runner in the dimension of iOS app development company has an expert team of iPhone app developers having industry experience of 15+ years with a motive to inspire the next.


Xicom has a strong team of iOS and iPhone app testers and QA proficients that solely take the responsibility to provide you with high performance and fully reliable iPhone application testing services.


Xicom is one of the top iOS mobile app development companies in India that has a team of techno-freaks game developers adhering to deliver high performance for iPhone gaming services.

Now, Is The Turn To Discover What Xicom Charter To Deliver “Commitment and Guarantee” For Your Next iOS App


At Xicom, we adhere to 100% transparency with the clients and we keep them fully updated while the development process takes place.


Our protocols of agile development methodology have resulted in an enviable 95% on-time delivery track record.


Xicom expert takes complete responsibility for their work and provide free 30 days support to all their customer even after software / mobile app launch.


Xicom proffers tailor-made engagement models, hand-crafted to meet the exact requirements of clients with distinctive business requirements.


Xicom is known for its 24*7 support by keeping our communication channels open that connects clients with the appropriate team of experts to ensure smooth production.

In the End… If you have made it all the way here, it’s time to pat yourself on the back. I hope I’ve answered your every single question related to hiring a proficient iPhone app developer to accelerate your business growth!

So, if you are pumped up to develop an app, we are right here with you, your Free Project Estimation!

Here are Xicom best resources for people who want to create a popular iPhone app:

How To Make An App For iPhone – Getting Started: This is a rough sketch of what to expect if you embrace this app development journey. As having the right mindset and expectations is crucial to sticking with app development for a long time!

App Road map: Precisely and accurately what to learn for your app idea. This tool includes the features of your app idea, and it’ll produce a custom learning path for you!

App Action Plan: Discover the app development process, craft a plan for your app and step ahead with your first steps towards bringing your app to life. All in minimum time period!

iOS Development Challenge: Commence your app journey the right way with the right resources.

Lastly, it’s real and tested “The right iPhone app developer makes the difference”. So, without any second thought, contact Xicom experts and start curating your nook in the technology-driven landscape.

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Blockchain Technology, Its Purpose And Working- Unraveled!



Blockchain Technology

Until a few years ago ‘block’ and ‘chain’ with two distinct words that did not have any context when talked about together. Today, Blockchain has a lot of implications in the field of technology, finance, supply chain and almost every other vertical where there is a need for integrating transparency and accountability with security.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain, as we all know is a decentralised ledger technology that is extremely secure, transparent and immutable. These attributes make it a numero uno choice for a lot of financial applications. What makes blockchain powerful is its dependable consensus mechanism. A blockchain can only be updated by a consensus between all the participants in the system if data needs to be updated. In addition, the data that is once updated can never be erased, leaving a permanent mark on the blockchain for later reference. In short, it is a write-once, append-many technology making it auditable and verifiable.

Although the proposition sounds extremely lucrative on paper, it has to be accepted that blockchain has its own limitations right now as the technology is in its most nascent stage. It is expected that in the near future, blockchain will evolve to scale up and become optimised for accommodating the humongous volume of transactions that need to be handled when taking over mainstream finance.

Every block in the blockchain is connected by a cryptographic hash. These hashes ensure that the chain cannot be broken or intervened by malicious forces because to gain access to the change at any level, it is important to have access to the complex hash and have it solved. These hashes are extremely complex and require high computing power period even if the hacker did gain access, it is no use when one block alone is compromised because if the other blocks do not agree to the change, the intervention cannot happen – this is one of the strongest notions or concepts that assure data security on the blockchain.

Bitcoin – brand ambassador for the blockchain

Blockchain would not have achieved so much of hype and the media attention if not for bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to have ever been introduced and it can be considered the gold standard for crypto assets. It was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2008/09 and has gone through a series of ups and downs in terms of its value. However, undeniably, it has established the supremacy and the utility of blockchain as a new technology that might have applications in various fields.

Capitalising on the wave of blockchain created by the bitcoin, new cryptocurrencies like Ether based on the Ethereum blockchain was also created. These blockchain technologies did not focus on value but rather on the technological advancements that it can provide – Ethereum is still the most preferred choice for creating self executive programs for the blockchain called smart contracts.

Today, blockchain technology companies focus on creating solutions for supply chain management, authenticity verification, finance, and even medical health records. Blockchain technology service providers have dedicated themselves to making this technology more dependable and mainstream. They have been working to address the issues of scalability, efficiency, and ease of coding.

Classification of blockchain

Blockchains are mostly classified under two major categories: private and public blockchain. As the name implies, public blockchains or for anyone to access and every user, in essence, is an administrator. They are commonly used to create smart contracts and decentralised applications.

Private blockchains, otherwise called permissioned blockchains are created by private companies centrally administered their own transaction network. It could be either between their own employees between their exclusive set of clients. Anything said, no outsider can have access to the private blockchain, leave alone making changes.

Deep dive into smart contracts

It must have been inferred that we have been talking a lot about smart contracts. Smart contracts are self-executing programs that run on the blockchain and are designed to execute upon certain conditions being met. Smart contracts reduce the need for human intervention and the consequential errors associated with it. Walmart and IBM created supply chain blockchain after customers became sick from equally from a specific batch of lettuce. This enabled them to track the supply chain right from the farm until the buying by the end customer – a simple but stunning case of how smart contracts could be extremely beneficial without any room for human errors.

Smart contracts also have a role to play in proving the authenticity of an item considering the fact that the counter feet market is worth more than $1.8 billion annually. De beers, the diamond giant controls about 35% of the global diamond production. They have launched a blockchain-based supply chain to track diamonds for their authenticity to avoid blood diamonds being circulated in the mainstream market.  

Tokenization – the icing on the cake

Perhaps one of the greatest manifestations of the new technology is that it can break down tangible assets into small representative tokens that can be treated just like stocks. However, these tokens can help fractionally trade an illiquid asset like real estate. This also ensures global reach and round the clock trading, possibly enhancing liquidity.

This application opens not just a new avenue but a new paradigm for investors. Commercial real estate and collectibles are no longer confined to institutional investors – even retail investors can participate and reap profits out of the returns.

How does the future look?

When the first car was created by Daimler, they would never have imagined a Koenigsegg or a Pagani today! It’s the same case with blockchain. It is at a nascent stage and even at this level, the utilities look promising. There are issues with scalability – while bitcoin can only process of a maximum of seven transactions per second, Visa can process 1700 transactions per second.

If the issues of scalability and adaptability are addressed effectively, it is quite sure that blockchain will be the order of the future! The growing number of blockchain platform providers and the number of blockchain technology service providers steadily growing is standing and resounding testimony to the fact that it won’t be long before a lot of processes are centralised under this decentralised ledger!

blockchain technology development, blockchain technology service providers, blockchain platform providers

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