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Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set




Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set

Over the years, the way we communicate with our friends and family have undergone a drastic change. Before a long time ago, people communicated via telegrams, landline phones available in their vicinity’s post office, etc. A few years after that, additional modes of communication, such as calls, emails, text messages, etc., were available. And almost two decades ago, people were introduced to the instant messaging app solutions such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., via which they were able to communicate instantly and share files in a jiffy. 

People were amazed by these platforms, and soon after its huge success, many messaging solutions such as Instagram, Viber, Snapchat, and many more apps entered the market, and they were also well-established in the market. As of the year 2018, the following apps ranked in order of the highest number of users to the lowest number will provide you with an outline of which app is preferred by people:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat
  • QQ Mobile
  • Skype
  • Viber 
  • Snapchat
  • LINE
  • Telegram

You can launch your own brand of instant messaging platform with the best Android and iOS app developers in town. The app will have multiple monetization strategies, opted by people if marketed correctly, and help you become a key player in the social media industry. 

A few vital attributes of any messaging app:

If you are planning to launch your chat app solution in the market, then you might as well get to know the crucial features that any such app should possess. 

Robust authorization:

The messaging app you build should initially authenticate or verify your users via a proper screening process. Basically, any messaging app will provide three methods of registrations that include sign-in via mobile number, email ID, or social media account. Phone numbers and email IDs can be authenticated using OTPs. By using an open authorization protocol, social media handles can also be verified successfully. 

Contacts synchronization:

The facility to import contacts automatically should be available in your app. This will avoid the process of choosing the contacts and then syncing it manually. This can be done by getting access to users’ contacts and comparing it with the app’s database. Your users should also have the feature to send invites to their friends or family who have not registered with the app. 

Optimized data transmission:

The name itself suggests that the app should allow users to send messages or files instantly to other users when required. This can be possible only if an efficient data transmission method is employed in your app. So, make sure you choose a suitable and secure transmission protocol for your messaging app. 

Instant file sharing:

Another main agenda to be considered when building a chat solution is that files with any format should be transferred in no time between one user to another or one user to many users. Ensure that the app requests access to the gallery and file manager of the user to enable quick and effortless file transfer. 

Location sharing:

Your users should also be allowed to share their live locations or any location of their choice via the messaging platform. This way, users can find each other effortlessly using the location. 

Encryption method:

Security is one of the most significant factors in building any communication app. In the US, more than 62% of the citizens are worried about any potential threats or attacks. So, users will want their messages, files, and other related information to stay safe and secure. Both the standard cloud storage and end-to-end encryption techniques should be integrated into your app to assure the users of their safety. 

Voice and video calls:

Users should have the voice and video calling facility in the app in order to communicate with other users. Make sure that you allow conference voice and video calls for your users. This is a standard attribute that should be available in any instant chat app. 

Self-destruction of messages:

You can add this optional feature to your app if required. This will help in deleting or destroying messages automatically after a specified time limit. For instance, Snapchat works completely using this protocol, and this safety feature makes users lean towards the app. 

Emojis and stickers:

At present, people express their emotions effortlessly with just a smiley or emoticon. So, ensure that your app includes all possible smileys, stickers, etc. it will help in enticing more users, and the chatting experience will be a fun one for your users. 

Develop your feature-rich messaging app now!

Find the most suitable app development company in the market to build your real-time chat app solution and launch it in a few days in the market. Integrate all the aforementioned attributes and some advanced ones to deliver an attractive end product to your users. Build a progressive app development plan and establish your instant messaging app in the market swiftly. 

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How Mobile Application Development Will Drive the Virtual Reality Market?




Mobile App Development

Today, the global market is flooded with numerous technology devices and software applications which in turn making people’s life easier,comfortable, and enjoyable.The fundamentals though being the huge R&D effects leading to businesses adopting more and more digital technologies for their day-to-day operations.Mobile technology has started a revolutionary change for businesses,too.Rapid mobile application development across industries happening around the world.Based on mobile platforms, exclusive iOS app development and Android app development are creating some state-of-the-art technological wonders leaving everyone stunned.Virtual Reality (VR) is one of those technology surprises that is revealing its magical prowess in sectors like entertainment,retail,eCommerce,real estate,gaming, education, and so on.However, you need to know how to leverage the immense VR capabilities and how to integrate them into your business.We will discuss this in the blog today – how mobile application development will drive the virtual reality market.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a full-scale digital, immersive experience, which takes you to an entirely different world, away from the real world.As the word suggests, VR simulates your real world within the realm of the virtual world. It broadly refers to 3-D experience, which is computer-generated.To experience VR and interacting with it, you need to have a pair of headset or VR glasses.In the present pandemic situation, VR technology has greatly streamlined the seamless communications between businesses and their prospective customers. Therefore, many mobile application development companies are realizing the value of VR in businesses, so, are delving deep into the development of VR applications in varied ways.

Virtual Reality Landscape

As said, a mobile application development company is all geared to change the whole landscape of virtual-reality technology.The company integrates VR in application building. Globally, certain companies like Samsun.Sony,Facebook,has come out with their respective VR-enabled devices,for instance, VR play-station.These varied VR applications allow users with an immersive VR experience and let them viewing of places and services as a real ones!

The following ways could help describe how mobile application development companies are driving the VR market 

  1. Enhancing Engagement of Customers

User-Interface (UI) is a very important factor in any mobile app development process.This feature, or the facility, gives the first impression of an app and attracts users to open the app, download it, and finally install it.Thereafter, they can utilize the other capabilities by browsing and navigating through the entire app.But, at the very first,this app convinces those users to see the app via its first screen appearance.This is the UI effect of an app.This leads to the overall enhancement of customers’ engagement.Thus, In mobile app development, virtual reality (VR) offers users,customers, a real-life experience, completely immersing them in the app while being in use.And owing to an enhanced level of customer engagement, the scope of customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty increases,too!

  1. Improving Efficiency of Businesses

A Mobile app development company making VR apps is also now,a VR app development company.The varied VR apps are increasingly improving the way varied operations, functions of businesses are done in today’s scenario.With the help of VR technology, enterprises, and businesses across industries are managing to conduct virtual meetings,teleconferences, in a much seamless manner giving participating users a real-life experience.It feels like you are in the real world,not any virtual world. These VR apps are created in such a manner that your mobile phone can be used as a VR device for that VR experience.You should remember that VR app-based meetings you are attending are not like a normal virtual meeting you attend these days on Zoom or Google. After all, VR technology gives you an immersive experience.The noted significance indeed!Obviously, the other benefits are that you don’t have to travel just for the sake of attending meetings and you save your valuable time, as well as your hard-earned money (don’t forget the hard work involved).

Also, using VR apps, an enterprise or business owner can give required training to their employees. For example, training workers for welding, handling technical pieces of machinery, operations using forklifts,help improve their learning experience. This also helps them in experiencing real-life work even before they join the workforce.This way, VR technology helps improve businesses-efficiency as their prospective employees have already learned and experienced their share of work leading to their efficient performances.

  1. Improved Level of LearningExperience

If you are a business enterprise,start-up, or SMB in the education industry,virtual reality applications give you multiple scopes of improving the learning experience of the students across institutions.You can think of contacting a leading mobile app development company that can develop your customized VR applications, can do Android app development or iOS app development fulfilling your business needs.In the education business, you can leverage its massive capabilities by providing your students and varied learners with real-life ‘virtual tours’,experiences. Through VR apps, they can visit a distant,remote place that is otherwise inaccessible to reach practically. This enhances their learning experience. VR applications let employees, scientists, software developers, medical practitioners, medical students, use a sort of prototype effectively,virtually! The latter can come to know conducting varied medical processes like incisions (know-how), understanding of anatomy, just using virtual technology tools and applications using Mobile phone. 

  1. Increasing the Scope of Reputation Level

A VR Android app development or iOS app development process enables your marketers to leverage the immense capabilities to directly reach their present as well as prospective customers and talk to them. They can promote your products, services through VR applications.Also, they can understand the exact requirements of prospects, consumers,enabling to give them the desired products.This leads to an amplified level of customer experience and customers start recommencing your product/service to their friends and other people in general.This way you can increase customer loyalty, your brand visibility as well as its credibility in the market.You should approach a credible mobile application development company that can understand your unique business needs and develop a VR app perfectly suiting your requirement. 

  1. Enhanced Communication,Mobility

How did you converse with your clients earlier?Either you used your traditional telephones or emailing from your desktops.All were time-consuming processes.But with a VR application,the mobile phone becomes your medium for the massive usage of VR app, and your communication level increases immensely.Now, you can talk to your clients directly through real-time videos and feel the experience, too.

Another factor you should go for VR app development is that it facilitates mobility to a greater level.You can use the app not just anywhere but also can use on anytime as per your convenience.No geographical barriers.Even embarking on your business tours you can visit places experiencing through mobile-based VR apps and planthe itinerary accordingly. 


So, you see how your business can leverage the powerful capabilities of VR applications .Using a mobile-based VR application, you don’t need to arrange for additional VR-compatible devices like VR Goggles or headsets. Your mobile can take the place of these devices and let you use VR technology.However, you should consult some credible mobile app development company to seek which type of VR app suits your business, and which platform you need,based on that, you can go forAndroid app development or iOS app development and get the business rolling.

 Interested to know more about the Mobile app development process forVR applications and how they can contribute to your business growth? Contact Us.

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Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business




Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business

In Digital World, Every business wants to grow with high speed and also wants to get more relevant traffic and business from the online market. To get more traffic and Develop your business online business with the growing technology then you need to host your website with the Best VPS Hosting in India. If you are a start-up or running company then you are using shared resources for your business but they provide limited resources and services you can not grow your business with share resources. That’s Why VPS is the perfect hosting solution to get your business at a higher level.

To Get Cheap VPS in India, First, you have to understand VPS Hosting. After that, you need to know the advantages, Services, facilities, disadvantages of VPS. Primarily, India Based VPS Hosting is the best hosting solution that offers many resources and facilities to achieve your goals.VPS is the technology where the main server is divided into a small part to host your website. The Best VPS Hosting India offers a whole isolated and healthy hosting environment for every client or business. You have to invest your money only. That’s it! If your business is growing and increasing traffic day by day then your need to shift your website to the VPS in India.

In this article, I am providing the Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business. After reading this you can choose the best hosting for your organization. Every VPS Hosting Provider offers an affordable and reliable server with many resources and different plans & packages that help to boost your business. Here we are providing some useful Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business.

Why is Choose Best VPS Hosting in India?

A Virtual Private Server is a fully customizable and controllable hosting server. You may require to shift your present hosting plan&packages with a VPS Server India. As you know that it is the reliable and robust Hosting in India. So that many leading companies shift their business with the Cheap VPS Server in India. I will explain to you why: Let’s See!

#1. Top Reliability:
According to Advanced Generation, Shared Hosting is the old technology and out of date. Many Companies manage to gather up many clients using only one server. One bad fruit can be damaged a collection of fruits. So like that one bad client can be destroyed your goodwill in a second. If you are using Best VPS Hosting in India then do not worry about these Because your hosting provider provides you a fully isolated and healthy or Safe business atmosphere for your website

#2. Control or Access
Control is necessary when you are hosting your website or want to be the individual user of your website. You need to make instant actions on your server. With the VPS in India your perfect isolation and higher control over the server. Which intends that you can customize it according to your website requirements. You can install and uninstall software and plugins. Hence, You need Server control so you can quickly make any changes according to demands.

#3. Cost Saving:
Cost is the initial thing that every businessman thinks before making any serious business decision. A client wants relevant services and a user-friendly hosting atmosphere with cost-effective prices. When we come with the VPS, it is the more reliable and reduces its price if compared to its past costs. When you are thinking to purchase the VPS Server India, Do not worry about plans and packages because you will get the top-level VPS in India with many resources at a reasonable and Cheap price.

Factors for Choose the Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in India

#1. High Performance:
With the Cheap VPS Server India, You get high and ultra speed and support services with different Operating systems. When you are regularly working on your website with VPS and using the right technics then you can get High Performance and Get more relevant traffic with excellent server capabilities. Nobody can try to think of criminal activity under their umbrella. No further virtualization!

#2. Tech Support:
Tech Support is the primary feature of every server hosting holder. Many leading web hosting companies provide Best Tech Support with VPS India. When you are buying any server then tech support is the most and important thing for you. Because if you are facing any technical issue then your web hosting provider solves it instantly and you can do your work properly.

#3. Root Access:
You Get Root Access with your VPS! It is the best feature of Cheap VPS India. With the Cheap VPS India, You get a full control system over the server. You can select the software and hardware and customize your resources according to your requirements. Serverwala provides a fully accessible server with Root Control for every client or business.

#4. Best Security System:
Security is the primary feature for every server hosting because Data is the most important part of every business. Many Companies needs additional security system to keep their server data highly protected. If you are using VPS Server in India then it comes with advanced security features. It is a more secured server than a shared server. It is specially designed with a 4 lyre security system.

#5. Bonus With Serverwala:
Serverwala offers you a wide range of facilities like software, hardware, security, and more. Serverwala offers top-notch security and services with free management of your server. You can set your resource limit according to your business needs. With the Best VPS Server, you can boost your organization’s performance and more relevant traffic.

#6. Primum Network:
Serverwala offers a premium and highly secured Network where you can easily do your work without any disturbance. They offer a separate cloud for every client with VPS India. You can use your hosting without the Internet.

#7. Choose the Operating System
The operating system is the main player in the match! If you host your website, then it is important to choose the reliable and best Operating system for your hosting server. While you are hosting your website with Cheap VPS Hosting India then you can choose the Windows or Linux operating System with VPS hosting plans.

Best VPS Hosting India with Serverwala

If you are talking about Best VPS Server in India, then I can easily say that Serverwala Cloud Data Center. They offer Cheap and Best VPS Hosting with Strong Performance, Ultra Speed, Strong Hardware, Highly Secured Server, Client Support, Dedicated Team To manage your server, Unique IP, and more. They offer a Highly secure isolated hosting environment at a Cheap Price. Your VPS comes with high-class service, client support, cutting-edge resources, including large bandwidth, high Storage, RAM, security services, backup plans, and much more at a cost-effective price.


You can trust Serverwala for your VPS Server experience. They offer high-quality assistance at a Cheapest Cost. With VPS Hosting, you can select reliable plans for your business website. Mostly it depends on the traffic and loads of your website. With the leading Company Serverwala, you can choose the Best VPS in India without any hidden fee. You can manage and handle everything with your own hands. It is the right and best solution for those who need to control your server and data. I Hop after reading this content you can choose the Best VPS India For your website.

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Develop a Feature-rich eCommerce Store in Magento2




eCommerce Store in Magento2

eCommerce platform development is on the peak in the present time, and every new venture is showing its interest in this field. If you have not jumped into this large ocean yet, then there is no time better than now to start.

Magento Development Services are providing businesses ready-to-use eCommerce platforms as developing a web marketplace is no longer challenging or hard now. The newly recognized Magento2 technology is helping ventures to develop a feature-rich eCommerce platform that provides good functionality, customizability, and scalability. 

In this post, we are going to provide you with significant steps you should take into account to build a web marketplace using Magento2.

How to Build an Appropriate eCommerce Website using Magento2?

Here we will focus on the starting procedure of building a platform by taking the help of Magento2 for the growing venture.

Technology Stack Requirements of Magento2 to Create a Web Store

Those requirements are as follows-

Web server– use Nginx 1.x. Or Apache 2.4

Operating System– Use Linux x86-64 and other Linux distributions.

Memory– Downloading and updating Magento2 and its extensions will consume 2GB of RAM.


  • MySQL 5.6 for Magento 2.1.1 and 2.0.X
  • MySQL 5.6 & 5.7 for Magento 2.1.2 and higher
  • MySQL 8.0 for on-premise downloadings.


  • Magento2- PHP 7.2 & 7.3
  • Magento2.4- PHP 7.4.0

Security– A proper SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate for HTTPS, TLS (Transport Layer Security) for PayPal integration and

Mail Server– SMTP server & MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)

Hosting Provider– It must include an SSL certificate as suggested by Magento Development Company. And, there are four main kinds of hosting: VPS, shared, dedicated and cloud. Price can be around $5 to more than $1000 monthly. Here are some top hosting providers-

  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Nexcess
  • InMotion

Must-Included Features in an eCommerce Website 

If you go to ask a user why he had a bad experience, there might be several reasons for it. Among all the reasons, bad features are the ones that can highly affect a user’s experience. So, your web marketplace must include essential features for providing users with a mesmerizing experience and for business growth. 

Magento Development Services will help you to have significant components that will solve all your eCommerce doubts. Below we have highlighted all the major features that should be included in a Magento Platform-

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive & device friendly template
  • SEO friendly
  • High performance of the website and less loading time
  • Improved product import management  
  • Ads & Marketing tool
  • Tracking, Identifying, and reporting
  • Numerous options for Payment and shipping 
  • Multi-store management
  • Latest admin interface
  • Wish list for customers
  • Full-page cache
  • Easy integration with Google Tools
  • Product sharing by e-mails
  • Easy checkout 
  • Customer reviews

Install Magento2

Follow the steps-

  • Register at the download stage
  • Install Magento 
  • Choose the method- archive (zip/tar) or composer
  • Go to resources> tech-resources> click on the download

Update the Store Theme & Design

For this, go to content>elements> click on create new pages, widgets, and blocks for the site’s structure. It will update the CMS pages, blocks, and widgets to extend the basic functionalities. Then, for the next step, go to content> design> configuration and then tap on ‘edit’ for setting up. Also, Magento Development Services offer 3000+ paid and free custom themes for the web marketplace.  

Include More Products

For adding a new product, choose catalogue> products> add product. Fill the data like description, attribute set, SKU type, product’s weight, product price, tax class, product type, etc. For including products in bulk, go to system, data transfer, import.    

Website Testing

Once you are done with all the design, features, and functionalities, test your website before its launch. It will make sure the good functionality of the project includes page load time, code compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, security, performance, speed, scalability both on mobile and desktop. If there is a problem, fix it and test it again.

Launch the Magento Website

After having an appropriate eCommerce store from a top-notch Magento Development Company that includes each thing in its place, you can now go live! It also needs technical expertise to make your deployment procedure hassle-free and smooth.

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed all the essential steps to develop a feature-rich web marketplace using Magento2. After including all these above-mentioned features and aspects, a Magento eCommerce Marketplace cost will start from $22,000. 

It would be better to hire a leading Magento Development Company for your project as it is a powerful tool and needs more effort than any other things. It will help you to beat the competition, have better knowledge, and adopt new trends and technologies easily. With this detailed guide, you will be completely ready to run a flourishing Magento2 eCommerce store. 

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Technology Consulting Trends to Watch In 2021




Technology consulting

2021 is going to be a year with several technology consulting trends that will impact the industry. Are you ready to make the changes to stay on top? Then read about the following technology trends and implement these in your business operations to stay on the top.

Here are some statistics for this ever-changing industry:

  • IT and technology forms the 20% of the overall consulting market
  • Integration services, app design, and development accounts for approximately 25% of the technology industry
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased by 30% between 2018 and 2019
  • Many firms are focusing on the rise of smartphones

Technology Consulting Trends to expect in 2021

  • For instance the Firms should use the Internet of Things (IoT) more to optimize campaigns, perform consultations, and much more.
  • The use of analytics software will grow and help consulting firms better understand what their current customers need.
  • We expect the Cloud strategies to shift to more edge services.
  • We expect the Firms to capitalize on faster technologies and services by taking advantage of 5G.
  • The popularity of Blockchain technology will continue to grow because companies have seen how it can be used alongside other technology.
  • We expect the Artificial intelligence to go more mainstream in 2021.
  • World expect the Augmented Reality to replace Virtual Reality because it’s easier to use, more efficient, and costs less.
  • Trends expect the Firms to offer Failure as a Service (FAAS) to more clients.
  • Large enterprises will transition to operate hyper-locally.
  • Firms will grow and change to meet these new trends and technologies, especially as they retool for a post-pandemic world.

Are you ready to keep up with the new trends in the New Year? Apparently Let us help! Ideacom NC can provide you with the best technology consulting services that are proven to help businesses be more productive and more profitable.


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Establish your business with our white label Swiggy Clone Script




Swiggy Clone Script

Our modern world has sat on the backs of technological inventions. The growth is comparatively fast in this digital era. Business in the digital age is heavy/tough; competitions between many top industries happen every day due to technology advancements, which offers a standpoint in many business markets. The widening market opens a multiverse of opportunities, irrespective of their strength or reputation. One such revolutionary business plan was food delivery services.

Remember we called up the hotels to book our orders; it was time consuming with every process. And the anxious waiting begins after we place the order. Gone are the days that we waited in famish. With apps like Swiggy Clone, finding restaurants is easy, foraging through multi-cuisines is free, placing a hassle-free order is so much more fun, and enjoying the comfort of home is significantly redefined when receiving the order at the doorstep. Yes, the digital age has appreciably improved our lifestyles; our modern choices offer a natural convenience.

The food delivery service involves the customers, hotels, delivery executives, and the admin panel. These business ends have apps where they coordinate and keep their business cycle spinning. The food apps have similar options with some specific features that support the particular business flow. Since it’s the features that make all the difference for the users, let’s dive and take a quick look at a few of the most highlight features that offer a supreme user experience

Emphasizing our features built-in during Swiggy Clone App Development

The Customer app features

  • Quick search

Search enabled with filters narrow down the users’ search content and help them find the menu, hotel, or food quickly.

  • Payment options

Our Swiggy Clone offers all the national payment modes for transactions our user can pay without hassles.

  • Favorites

The user can mark favorites on the regular purchase of food or keep the hotels they regularly buy.

  • Rating and reviews

After the order is received, users can rate and review the food, delivery services, and hotel and add suggestions or queries.

  • Cooking status

This feature lets the user know an elaborate cooking status of the ordered food in the restaurant.

  • Real-time tracking

The user can track the delivery executive movements after collecting the order from the restaurant. This display shows the estimated time of arrival and the route the delivery executive takes.

  • Bill invoice

The user is sent a digitally authenticated invoice of the breakage of the paid fee. E.g., order rate, delivery charge, discount, etc.

The restaurant app features

  • Availability

The restaurants can accept or deny the orders or choose to work at their convenient time.

  • Discounts/promo codes

The restaurants can push discounts on any of their dishes and accept promotional discounts with app partners.

  • Menus

Restaurants can switch menus on-demand or assign foods in cuisine categories.

  • Delivery dispatch

The automated features help the restaurant hand over the order to the executive as soon as it comes from the kitchen to ensure punctual delivery.

  • Order management

The restaurant owner is notified by the in-app alerts on food orders and completed food deliveries.

  • income records

The restaurant can view the income by toggling in a dedicated window that displays the revenue and the profit analytics.

The Delivery executive app

  • Availability toggle

The delivery executive can either accept or deny the restaurant’s call to deliver the food order.

  • Navigation

The executives under pressure to deliver within the allotted time can navigate the route maps which is constantly updated on the current traffic conditions.

  • Delivery history

The executive can view the completed order history for future reference within our app. The executive can also view the upcoming and canceled orders.

  • Account creation

The delivery executive needs an authentic portfolio before they start the services. By the information provided, the executive joins his designation.

The end

Successful and on-demand food delivery apps like swiggy clone have created a momentum that, in its potential, has disrupted traditional food delivery.

The widening market has warmly received many investors and entrepreneurs for the opportunities that the market kept offering. Individuals or startups eyeing the profit league can scale the business effectively with our Swiggy Clone App. Our readymade solution procures a steady stream of incomes from the word go and is completely customizable for all business requirements. 

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Flourish your Crypto Exchange Business with White label Binance Clone Software




Crypto Exchange

The on-demand Binance clone app has the most extensive and trending crypto exchange by trade volume in the world with instant success. For the entrepreneur’s flexibility, we have come up with a white label binance clone software to customize the app’s ideas by raising their business.

What is Binance Clone App?

A cryptocurrency app like binance allows its users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies in a simple & secure way. This binance app provides a crypto wallet for its users to store their electronic currencies. 

How does the binance clone script work?

The binance clone script is a multi-tested & readymade crypto exchange software with the latest architectural design and secures your crypto exchange app to prevent hacks and thefts. 

To create this app by yourself, you will experience a lot of effort, time & money to waste by overcoming your mistakes. Instead, you can buy and opt for a working model of a binance clone  at a reasonable price from the development team.

Advantages of binance app :

  1. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
  2. Fast buy and sell feature.
  3. Secure 2-factor authentication.
  4. Referral bonuses.
  5. Affordable trading fee.

Features of binance app :

  1. Live trade analysis.
  2. Simple user interface.
  3. Crypto wallet integrated app.
  4. Multi-language option.
  5. Integrated Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  6. Integrated Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO).


The growth of cryptocurrency exchange like binance indicates people are progressively involved in this crypto exchange system. So this digital asset opens an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in this app and experience a rise in growth. To own this cryptocurrency exchange app with compelling features at an affordable price, reach out to the Appdupe team.

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Developing an app like Instacart? Here is the list of features that shouldn’t be missed




Developing an app like Instacart

With the growth of technology at a massive pace, on-demand service apps are dominating the market. People prefer online shopping applications for their convenience and attractive offers. They no longer have to stand in crowded areas, long queues, and travel to the stores. If you are an entrepreneur with plans to enter the on-demand grocery delivery business, then getting an Instacart clone app will be the ideal solution. 

You can flourish business in no time with the technologically advanced Instacart clone solution. You can provide a hassle-free grocery shopping experience to your customers and manage orders seamlessly from a dynamic panel. Digital consumerism is the best contributor to the increase in preference of on-demand grocery delivery services. If you are keen on stepping into this sector, discuss your business requirements with a professional app development team to get started. Make sure that you integrate the following features in your on-demand grocery delivery solution. 

Features that shouldn’t be missed on your Instacart clone app:

Features in the customer-side app:

  • Sign-up
  • Sign-in 
  • User profile 
  • List of stores
  • Store filters
  • Product catalogue
  • Order Status tracking
  • Order history tracking
  • Return/Refund Management
  • Real-time location-tracking
  • Push and email notifications  
  • Consumer support panel
  • Product filters
  • Virtual shopping cart
  • Payment gateways

Features in the supermarket owners app:

  • Sign-up
  • Sign-in
  • User profile
  • Order details
  • Geo-navigation via map integration
  • Delivery history tracking
  • Shoppers’ earnings tracking 
  • Push and email notifications  
  • Shoppers support panel
  • Order notifications
  • Location-wise order allocation

Features in the admin panel:

  • Customer database
  • Shopper database
  • Store management
  • Catalogue management
  • Order status tracking
  • Revenue analytics
  • Store-affiliation management
  • Revenue channels management
  • Coupons and discount management
  • Refund management
  • Payments management
  • Customer support panel
  • Shoppers support panel
  • Ratings and Review Management

Features in the delivery executives app:

  • Accept/Decline orders
  • Multiple Orders
  • Status Updates
  • GPS Navigation
  • Contact Delivery Personnel/ Customers.
  • Multi-Payment options
  • Ability to call a customer and outlets
  • Store App Module:
  • Organize Inventory
  • Availability Status
  • Track Deliveries
How much does it cost to develop an app like Instacart:

Now that you have learned about the critical features that should go into your app like Instacart, you can develop the entire ecosystem of the business. The overall cost of developing your Instacart like app depends on various factors like the number of resources, the complexity of the tech-stack, outsourcing firm, cost of APIs, etc. Remember that the pricing strategy will differ from the app development team and so pick your choices ideally. Here is the list of resources that will work on developing your app; however, the size of the team will differ based on the scale of your app.

  • Project Manager
  • Android developers
  • iOS developers
  • UI/ UX developers
  • Quality Analysts
  • Back-end developers
In a nutshell:

If you look at the market statistics, you will get a clear picture of the dominance of on-demand grocery delivery apps in the market. They have shown phenomenal growth in 2020 as Statista has reported a 200% growth in its market share in March. These numbers prove that more and more retailers have stepped into this sector. In order to attain a strong customer base, it is critical to integrate user-centric features. The on-demand grocery delivery apps have made a significant impact on the lifestyle of modern consumers. The full potential of the market isn’t explored yet, and you could become one of the successful entrepreneurs by joining hands with a reputed app development company.

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How to Choose the Best White Label OTT Solution for Your Business in 2021?




White Label Video Streaming: Top Features and Benefits in 2021


The market size of the global OTT market is expected to reach $1,039.03 billion by 2027.

Needless to say, OTT streaming platforms are exploding! OTT or Over-the-top platforms distribute content directly to users through digital means. They mainly feature Movies and TV services via the internet to PCs, Smartphones, Tablets, and other electronic devices. Their content can be downloaded and consumed anytime, anywhere.

Owing to their multiple benefits, OTT streaming solutions are emerging swiftly and are projected to undergo significant transformation in the coming years, enabling users to access everything in one go.

What is a White-Label OTT Platform?

The term white-label refers to a product that is developed by one company and sold to another, which then rebrands it as their own. A white-label OTT platform allows businesses to present the video player with their branding, instead of the service provider. The viewers do not see any logos of the original manufacturer, and therefore, do not know that the platform is developed by another entity. White-label platforms are embedded with HTML5 video players and other tools, offering complete customization for individual businesses.

White-label OTT solution providers eliminate the need for businesses to create everything from scratch. They can just buy these services and go ahead with their video hosting and streaming directly. There is no need for much technical know-how for businesses as the service provider takes care of these things. The service provider, in turn, gets access to the distribution network of its partners, thereby increasing its reach. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

Benefits of Using a White-Label Video Platform:

Though there are many free video streaming services available in the market, they are often unreliable. These services have their own limitations, from storage to video quality and more. White-label video platforms are a smart alternative that eases the video delivery process while saving you time and money. Not only this, white-label video platforms offer a variety of other benefits that include:

● Ad-free Viewing Experience:

Even in a free platform, there is no such thing as free. Instead of a fee, you pay through advertisements on your content. The disadvantaged part is you have no control over these ads. They can be of your competitor’s or any product/service totally unrelated to your niche, which may drive the viewers away from your video. Hence, using a white-label video hosting platform prevents from facing such problems.

●  No Sudden Shutdowns:

Free services generally use automated algorithms to protect content from copyright issues and other policy violations. This results in videos and live streams getting abruptly shut down even if they follow all the rules. A white-label streaming service, on the other hand, does not monitor the content this way. They are essentially offering companies a technological solution for video hosting and streaming. The legal part of the content is not their responsibility. So, your content is less likely to be taken down.

●  Complete Control over Content:

White-label platforms provide you with complete control over your video. You have the option to embed the video on your website homepage or place it behind a paywall. White-label video players are completely customizable as opposed to the free players that let you customize only certain aspects like height and width. Moreover, the free players often show other related videos at the end that might lure away the viewers from your website.

●  Freedom to Choose Quality:

Free services usually have limits on the content shared in terms of its file size, playing time, bitrate, or video format. In the case of live streams, they can also limit the resolution and the number of viewers. These limitations can conflict with the constantly changing needs of any business. While, using a white-label video hosting platform it eliminates these needs by offering you complete freedom over the quality, time, format, and other such criteria.

What to Look Before Choosing the Right White-Label OTT Solution?

Every business has its individual needs. And your chosen white-label OTT solution must fulfil these needs in order to help you gain effective results.

Here is a list of features that will help you choose a white-label OTT platform that not only meets your requirements but also exceeds your unidentified expectations.

  • Video Hosting Platform:

White-label VOD platform should offer users the option to store and re-stream their live video by turning it into a VOD asset. By pre-scheduling programs, you can also do passive streaming 24X7 for your content.

  • Content Delivery Platform:

Content delivery platforms allow you to deliver content using embedded software. It collects, structures, processes, and fine-tunes the content for delivery while tailoring it for specific needs.

  • Multi-Device Support:

The white-label platform needs to be responsive to a range of devices from PCs to Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, etc. The content should also be customizable as per the screen size and specifications.

  • Digital Rights Management:

Digital Rights Management (DRM) prevents the unauthorized distribution of your content, thus, offering complete copyright protection. You can set multiple access control to your videos, and password protects the entire platform using a lock system.

  • Video Architecture:

To enhance the videos’ reach, users can compress them to reduce the amount of data. Advanced video compression tools can analyze the video and drop indiscernible information, allowing easier transfer to multiple users.

  • Revenue Generation Model:

There are multiple monetization methods to earn revenue over your video content. Users can opt for SVOD (subscription), AVOD (advertising), TVOD (transactional), server-side ad-insertion, third-party ad integration, catch up TV, coupons & promotions, etc.

  • Inbuilt Marketing Tools:

To enhance the discoverability of your videos, you can use various marketing tools like metadata management, calls-to-action, AI-powered recommendation engine, video sitemaps, etc. Marketing software integration along with lead capture form, social publishing, and email marketing help drive conversions and increase ROI.

  • User Metrics:

Reporting and analytics are crucial for the growth of your OTT platform. Tools like device data, custom metrics, live dashboard reports, stream data, and third-party analytics integration help users measure their progress timely. The player data, network data, video quality data, and user data provide insights into the content and audience behaviour.

How to Choose the White-label OTT Video Solution Provider?

Choosing a white-label video solution can be challenging if you are new to this technology. It is recommended to consider your business needs carefully before selecting any video solution provider. Look for a video hosting platform with multi-device support for increased engagements.

A content delivery platform with digital rights management and video architecture will enable the smooth and secure functionality of your OTT platform. Multiple monetization methods support and user metrics will help you increase revenue and improve performance.

Make sure to check the response rate of the customer support service of the solution provider before selecting! Since video hosting and streaming is a technical process, robust customer support is crucial in case of technical difficulties.


A white-label video platform takes the performance of your video player to the next level. It not only helps you with your branding but also provides you better control over your content, resulting in enhanced viewer experience and brand perception by your audience. By investing in the right white-label video platform, you can make your own blockbuster OTT platform and boost your business!

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How Can Blockchain help your Business?




Blockchain Development

We come to know that the industry is immensely moving towards the ‘Blockchain’ technology. They are known as the back-end technology for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of financial transactions. In addition the technology is on the verge of making good impact on the entire technology landscape, as its key applications are potentially emerging rapidly in diverse industrial realms.

Also it is needless to say, this comprises all forms of commercial banking services. Apart from that, the technology also imprints its acumen innovation in other areas such as supply chain management, retail and foreign exchange, e-commerce advertising, and identity management.

With the widespread deployments across the globe, it is clear that – in the near future – Blockchain would certainly make financial transactions more and more transparent, secure and fast; optimizing operational costs as it gains good momentum.

The Blockchain Platform

Hashogen Technologies assist you find to the best-in-class Blockchain platform that closely aligns with your business goals.

Application Development

Act of leveraging Blockchain solutions, latest tools, and languages, our consultants will greatly help you reduce the blockchain application development time.

Operational Efficiency

Moreover collaborating with several technology partners across diverse industries, our consultants will guide you from design to implementation of Blockchain solutions. This will help your firm to achieve tangible outcomes in Blockchain—generating new fast revenue streams, saving time, reducing risks and cutting down the costs.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the new buzzword in the blockchain technology. Our consultants will help you to implement your idea into the Blockchain solution of your choice.

Which is the best Cryptocurrency exchange software development company?

Without any doubt the Hashogen Technologies is a popular motivated cryptocurrency exchange software development company with a team of skilful resources. Their key motto of us is to offer technology-driven services at an affordable cost without compromising the quality. One can also witness quality Bitcoin Exchange ScriptCryptocurrency Exchange script and Cryptocurrency exchange software from Hashogen Technologies.

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How Online Food Delivery Platforms Use Machine Learning?




How Online Food Delivery Platforms Use Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a key focal point for enterprises in different verticals. The effect of machine learning and AI algorithms has grown amazingly over the last few years. Even many famous Online Food Delivery Platforms are also using these latest technologies to increase their business and sales, and customer engagement. 

Machine learning in the food industry has played an important role in the fast and advanced developments that have taken place in the last some years. These technologies seem to be pervasive in the market of online food delivery. Here is how these online food delivery platforms are making use of machine learning.

Why Go for Machine Learning to Get Performance Improvements?

All these technologies bring a wave of alterations across various industries and change their method by which people were using online apps to order their food. In this case, it becomes critical to understand all the food trends, bridging the gap between business and customers, and addressing customer issues. 

Today, the combination of such technologies as Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning are driving the real innovations across different verticals, not only the Food Delivery App Development.

Here are some of the reasons why you must apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your enterprise value-

  • Machine learning has exceptional skills when it is about effective planning of the demand forecasting and delivery routes.
  • Increase consumer relationships along with chatbots.
  • Predictions about the latest food trends and sorting the preferences of customers.

By applying machine learning, food app development companies are working on building apps optimized by advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. It is also helpful to show the most related messages and different offers to their customers. 

Use Cases of Machine Learning in Food Delivery Platforms

Here are a few use cases-

Predicting Demands

In the case of demands, many companies work upon improving logistics using machine learning. The online food ordering industry is a resource-intensive sector in which the logistics and delivery domain always remains complicated in the same way. In Online Food Delivery Platforms, each delivery agent’s given time requires to be optimized by choosing the appropriate route to deliver the break time and constant movement. The use of Machine learning technology can also optimize this model.

Effective Planning

Machine learning provides the chance for food-delivery companies to have planning activities more effectively. Many companies in the food sector have a skilled team to cater to the emerging and fast food delivery market. 

Technology Shift

Globally, food delivery companies have a tie-up with many enterprise automation vendors and consultants to generate top machine learning solutions on-demand.    Online food ordering apps are also working with machine learning development companies to build more attractive products.

Optimization Via Data Insights

Optimization is the only way to provide the best path to the nearest delivery agent, and it is also about the demand optimization of the users. Machine learning is now leveraged for creating a list of consumers to choose from. Customers are now guided by how they can make their orders. This information is being fed to the algorithm again, along with many tests. Some of the food delivery firms are also working in this direction for having maximum outcomes. 

Take a Step Ahead from Traditional Services

There are many Online Food Delivery Platforms now who are using machine learning to provide better food delivery experiences to customers. It can range from having a more streamlined and essential web presence to smart voice assistants for ordering food. Other food chains and hotels are searching to develop their food-ordering and delivering a system that can be optimized using machine learning to display the most interactive content.


This post discussed how these famous online food delivery platforms are improving their business performance using machine learning and its algorithm. In the case of Food Delivery App Development, this technology helps optimize and improve food business operations and enhance customer engagement. MI has become an integral part of the food industry with self-improving algorithms and working as a one-stop solution for all the tech issues of the food delivery system.

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How to Start a Fantasy Sports Business?




Fantasy Sports App

With many leading fantasy sports, more and more people are interested in the sports betting business. Thus, fantasy sports App development has gained lots of credibility and popularity within the sports market. If you are interested in the fantasy sports app and want to start a fantasy sports business, you must know everything about fantasy sports app development. Here we will provide you with some tips that will guide you to start a fantasy sports business.

Look At These Below Steps to Help You to Begin a Fantasy Sports Business

Check out this guide on how you get started your fantasy sports business as an entrepreneur.

Don’t Be Confused About the Business Objectives.

It depends upon what you want to provide to your customers and target audiences. Also, it relies upon how small or large your business will be, and as per that, your end-goal can differ a lot. Your end-goal can be a steady revenue stream or source of income. But for a large enterprise, you have to invest more and have to brand it out there. For such business, this investment will be long-term rather than a quick chance to make money. 

For a fantasy sports App, you must focus first on user engagements and business growth, and earning revenue or making money should come after that.

Analyze the Target Demographic

It can be the key to success at the starting of a fantasy sports business. Good analysis of the target demographic will make you able to include nuances at the time of fantasy sports app development. At many times, you will also require particular product features like specific sports or multi-language apps, and their legal jurisdictions rely upon demographics. 

Decide the List of Sports Leagues

You may require a good list of famous sports leagues in the targeted demographics for fantasy website development or mobile app development. Also, you can have this for a cricket or football fantasy app or soccer leagues. It will help to decide the scope of the fantasy sports business.

Specify Your Different Proposition

Undoubtedly, the fantasy sports leagues have a large industry to explore, and it includes various options and scope for every sport. The only method to get around this challenge is to specify the USPs in a good manner. So, do you know what that one different factor that you want to provide your users is? What will help you to stand in front of your competitors? It will make the fantasy software development able to add unique features in the fantasy app.

For instance, the main soccer startup app of India’ Ballr’ runs micro-games during single soccer matches that are the same as daily fantasy sports and help to distinguish the app. 

Have Reliable Data Providers and Development Partner

It acts as a make or breaks factor to begin the fantasy sports business. In this business, you will require different types of data that are hard to handle regularly. It would be best if you went for a reliable data provider from the sports industry. So, select a data provider that has already worked in the sports or leagues. You can also consider the charges regarding the offered support from the provider. Some famous data providers’ recommendations include FantasyData, SportsRadar, GoalServe, and Stats Inc. 

Final Verdict

In this post, you will get all the knowledge about steps that will help you to start your sports business. Get the fantasy sports App developers from a leading app development company so that you can have a rich-featured solution at a reasonable price. Choose a company with years of experience and dedicated and skilled developers that have a track record of providing high-quality projects on-time. 

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How Should Choose Game Engine For Game Development




Game App Development

Video game market is a multi-billion dollar market having a further scope of expansion. The next-gen game development has sparked a new wave of games for various platforms. 

Developing a game is a complex process that can be divided into various phases. The game engine plays a vital role in deciding the success of any game hence making it a critical part in the game development process. This article aims to make you aware of some essential tricks to choose a game engine 

How To Choose Game Engine For Game Development

Below are mentioned some tried and tested tricks to choose the game engine that best suits your needs. Keep scrolling to read them and make the optimal choice for your game development process.

Knowing the time frame

Asking yourself about the deadline of the project is a crucial aspect in deciding the game engine. 

No doubt there exists some robust game engines that feature a variety of tools essential for game development; however, their complex structure makes them a challenge to learn and operate hence consuming a lot of time. Unreal or Unity game engines can be an ideal example of this type of game engine.

On the other hand, there are some easy to use game engines that are a bliss to work with if a short time is your concern. Gamemaker Studio or Construct 2 is best suitable if you are on a strict deadline.

How well equipped is the team?

Another important aspect that determines what game engine to use, it is essential for you to have a clear idea whether it will be with the involvement of a team or the solo efforts. If a team will be involved in the game development process, then it is vital to know their capabilities and expertise. 

Going for Unity or Unreal game app development can be helpful for a solo developer; however, with some sort of technical knowledge. However, there are more basic versions available, like Gamemaker Studio or Construct 2.

Moreover, for the beginners, there are readymade assets available on the internet by leading brands that will help the user in a quick deployment.


Budget plays a vital role in deciding the right game engine for you. There exists the game engine that requires a paid subscription to access, while others offer free workability up to an extent and then imposing a monthly fee or charge royalty. 

However, most of the game engine allows access without charging any fee up to an extent and having a paid version to access the full features. 

Programming skills

A lack of knowledge in coding can become a hurdle in the game development process. If you are weak at coding, and it’s bothering your goal of game development, using a game engine with a visual scripting platform can be the tool that fulfils the programming requirement.

Identifying the game genre

A factor that holds great importance, asking yourself about the game genre or if it is a combination of multiple gaming genres is useful in determining the perfect game engine for your project. 

Determining platform 

Creating a game is not enough but taking into account its smooth functioning and ensuring it to be a bug-free app is a must. You must visualize the scope of the game.

Also, knowing about the target platforms is another vital aspect that will help you decide the appropriate gaming engine. 

Game engines like Unreal, CryEngine or Unity can help you in console game development, whereas basic games for web applications or mobile platforms can be easily developed by game engines like Construct 2 or Gamemaker.

Final words

There are many game engines available in the market, some of them excel in developing 2D games, and the others are meant for 3D games. Depending on your gaming requirements and with the help of the developer, you will be able to shortlist the most suitable game engine for your game development. 

Approaching an expert software solution company with years of expertise in game development can help you with your business idea by providing a feature-rich game at a cost-effective price. The ideal tricks to choose the game engine mentioned in the article might also come in handy. 

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Mobile App Development Timeline: A Realistic Perspective




Mobile App Development

Anyone planning to build an app for their business will inevitably have this question in mind: How much time it will take for my app to transform from the drawing board to the app store?

You may read about the app development companies who tout how they built their apps from the ground up; however, managing an app development timeline is a crucial factor as it helps in planning the marketing activities that further decides the number of downloads and other essential parameters that are important for app success. While one can forecast the timeline, the actual time depends on several factors like app features, design, platforms, and so on.

Let’s explore the various phases of the mobile app development process.

  1. Conceptualization:

Under this phase, the developers typically investigate the target audience, app objectives, business challenges, etc by conducting comprehensive research of competitors, benchmarking with their shortcomings, followed by identifying the ways in which your app can overcome those shortcomings. This phase is very crucial and can take upto 1 month or more depending on the depth of research needed.

  1. Planning:

Once the initial research is done, it’s time to identify the list of features, UI, UX, etc that should be included. At this moment, it would be ideal to discuss the timeline and cost, as it will provide a better estimation. The higher the number of features and complexity of these features your app has, the greater the cost and the longer it will take to develop the app. This phase typically takes 15-20 days again depending on the complexity and features of the app.

  1. Development:

This phase takes the maximum time of the app development process and depends on the various facets of panels you need like user panel, admin panel, etc. The timeline depends on the platform you choose and the complexity involved in integrating the features; however, the timeline could be between 2-6 months depending on the size of the project.

  1. Testing:

At this phase, the app is put for rigorous testing in 360 degrees to analyze if it performs as expected and identify any bugs or errors that can affect the user experience. The experts test the app to identify if all the features are performing as intended, does the app performs seamlessly across various platforms and connections. Here the users can be involved to identify the challenges and shortcomings so that they can be rectified on time. This phase may take 1-3 months depending on the expertise of the developers.

  1. Launching:

Once all the bugs are removed and the app is tested for its functionalities, it is ready to be launched on the respective app stores. Once it is live on the app store, you can implement App Store Optimization (ASO) strategies to accelerate the visibility of the app and increase the number of downloads. Launching an app takes not more than 1 week.

Developing an app that provides genuine and meaningful value to users is essential.There are many factors that go into determining how much development time your app will take, but an understanding of a few of the basic functions users want and expect can help start you off on the right foot. Here I cover a few important elements that decide the development time and ensure your mobile app has a shot at success.

  • Quality

The better the quality the more time it will take to develop the mobile app; however, that does not mean in name of perfection, the timeline has to stretch way too far. It should be reasonable to balance the quality and time both.

  • Project Size

Project size has a major impact on the timeline. Under project size, one has to investigate the scope of the project, depth, the number of features, and purpose of the app. If the app necessitates in-depth research, the timeline will increase.

  • Expertise

The amount of time taken to build the app has a direct impact on the mobile app development cost and can be reduced significantly if the right expertise is available.

All mobile applications are obligatory to provide excellent performance and come in different designs and sizes which makes it a bit difficult to ascertain “how long does it take to make an app”. However, there is a way to make some generalization we defined earlier.

To speed up the launching process, rely only on the right Mobile app development companies in India has vast experience and expertise to support realizing your organization’s vision, and achieve app objectives. When you lookout for a company to develop applications you should not only consider current needs but future ones also as this will directly impact your delivery time as well as business goals too. we hope we answered your question “how long does it take to make an app”. If you have any additional questions or need a consultation, feel free to contact us

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QLED vs. OLED TV: Which One You Should Use?




QLED vs. OLED TV: Which One You Should Use?
Where technology is making it easy for us to have access to almost anything, it also puts us in rather a difficult position. This happens when individuals have to choose between two considerably best technologies. In question, today, are QLED and OLED TV sets. So, which one should you opt for? A friend made fun of me regarding how my Waco cable channels plan will display equally well on both and blamed me for being so paranoid. But I am a sucker for the latest tech. Therefore, here is your detailed guide for those like me so they can make an informed choice too.

Why is it Hard to Make a Choice?

If you find yourself confused as to which type of TV to opt for, you are not alone. TV tech is more confusing than you would imagine. It is mainly because the TV technology looks similar for all sets that you would see. The result? Individuals often do not know which TV set and model (making things more complicated here) they want. However, if you are stuck between the choices OLED and QLED, we can be of assistance.

Is Organic LED Better?

Before you choose for yourself, you need to know the difference between these two technologies. To explain things to you in an easy manner, consider QLED as a tweak to the LCD technology. However, OLED is a completely new technology. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. This TV makes use of the carbon film that gets placed between two conductors. The film then emits its light whenever an electric current passes through it. Here, the pixels are producing the light themselves. This means that when the pixels are supposed to be black, they will switch off. Do you know what that means? It translates into a TV watching experience that will give you a rare feeling of watching something extraordinary. Because you will get to witness realistic blacks, infinite contrast, and muted brightness. Until now, OLEDs only came in specific sizes (small). However, some companies including Panasonic and LG introduced bigger screens for OLEDs this year. Thus, making it better for the bright environment as well. As for QLED, as mentioned earlier, it is nothing but a rebranding of LCDs.

Brands that Support QLED and OLED

More than the matter of the type of screen, it is a matter of branding. Because every OLED TV gets its OLED panel from LG. On the other hand, QLED panels get supplied by Samsung to every company that is manufacturing QLED TVs.


Although LG is producing the OLED panels, the company is finding it hard to produce them at a fast pace. This makes OLED TV an expensive one. And its prices won’t come down any time soon. Some of the brands that manufacture OLED TVs include:
  • LG
  • Panasonic
  • Sony
  • TP-Vision
  • Loewe
  • Skyworth
  • Changhong
  • Bang & Olufsen


Samsung started by producing OLED panels but backed off looking at the time that it consumes. The company now produces QLED panels. Lesser brands are manufacturing QLED TVs when compared to the names manufacturing OLED TVs. Companies manufacturing the QLED TVs include:
  • Samsung
  • TCL
  • Hisense

Best TV for Gamers

When it comes to making a choice between which TV to choose, one has to consider all aspects of it. Gaming is one unignorable activity that plays a major role when selecting the TV type. Gamers would know this better than anyone else. If you wish to purchase a television for gaming purposes alone, then you shouldn’t be bothered about QLED or OLED. You should be looking at different criteria altogether. Focus on the specs and features of each TV that will aid you in achieving the best graphics and voice. If you look at OLED, it will give you the best contrast, and it also can make the cinematic games look breathtaking. On the other hand, if you have a look at QLEDs, you will realize that they are capable of brighter and visible contrast that is best for gaming. The TV makes drawing the objects and the environments clear.


The question remains. Should you purchase a QLED or OLED? If you are looking for a high-end 55-inch TV, then you should opt for OLED. However, remember that you will have to spend some money on it. However, if you wish to go for a smaller TV, things get complicated. Because you will get both OLED and QLED in large screen size. You will have to get into the nitty-gritty if you want to choose between OLED and QLED when it comes to the small-sized screen. However, if money your constraint, then you should opt for QLED. Or, you can go with an expensive TV set (OLED) and save money through a reasonably priced new spectrum cable box. Hope you choose the best one. I would recommend that you do thorough research before you go to purchase a set.
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Best Virtual Classrooms Software




Virtual Classroom Software

The world has turned into the modern era, where education is not confined only until the physical classroom. Now,  learning has turned easier than ever before with online sessions. Presently, the students don’t have to attend the sessions in schools and colleges.

There are several virtual classroom software solutions in the market, which offers easy connectivity and enhanced learning experience. Online virtual software such as Zoom and Google Classrooms helps to connect teachers and students with each other. With several functionalities such as screen sharing and video conferencing helps to conduct training sessions from anywhere in the world and at any time. 

In this blog, let’s know about the several online classroom virtual software solutions, that are playing a major role in the education sector. This software has enhanced the learning experience of the students and connect students and teachers worldwide. 

Best Virtual Classroom Software Solutions 


It is known as the best  Virtual Classroom Software and LMS Software. It is a SAAS based platform, which works with Cloud. With mobile devices, users can simply connect with virtual classrooms and attend their sessions. This software was founded in 2007 by  Harman Singh. WizIQ also supports different training modules and supported in several languages such as Spanish, and Arabic Language. Also offers online courses and even train students as well as customers. 

The major benefit of WizIQ software is the live classes can be recorded and if in any case, students are not able to attend them so by recorded sessions they can preview them easily. Secondly, the major benefit of this software is it offers excellent 24/7 live customer support ready

Google Classroom 

Google Classroom software is the most trending and has gained immense popularity in the COVID pandemic. Schools and colleges have to opt for this platform to continue their classes. It offers a free web service and is developed by Google. Undoubtedly, it simplifies the education process and turns the process of creating, distributing, and grading assignments easier than ever before. 

According to Wikipedia, the primary purpose of Google Classroom is to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students. Supports several operating systems such as Android, iOS, and  Web. This software also allows teachers to monitor the progress for each student by reviewing the revision history of a document, and after being graded, teachers can return work along with comments.

  • It is easy to manage 
  • Allow users to share multimedia content, which includes images, videos, and other files easily as well as faster.
  • Other reasons that students have opted for it is this virtual classroom solution is affordable, highly secure, and also enhances the communication process among students, teachers, and parents. 


It is the next major E-learning platform, which offers HTML5 based virtual classroom software. This virtual classroom software offers an opportunity to the users to create and sell online courses, which helps to expand the educational sector. BrainCert is the one-stop platform for online learning, as it also provides engaging sessions, which boost the interactivity in the sessions. 

  • Cloud-based E-learning platform 
  • Features –  HD video conferencing, audio calls, chats, screen sharing, and session recording. 
  • Users can also add other plugins in the software. 
  • Utilize the latest technologies to offer a unique and high-level experience to the teachers and students. 
  •  Allows users to connect with other virtual classrooms with API. 


PeopleLink is the other popular online live class platform. It allows teachers to deliver appropriate lessons or guidelines to the students. This software supports high-quality audio and rich content sharing options such as screen sharing or transferring files easily with other users. It is software to leverage all the benefits of the E-learning platform. 

  • Engage users 
  • Secure and HD quality video conferencing
  • Offers real-time and reliable communication
  • It is the best platform for the organizations to conduct their business meetings as it is based on the cloud, which turns it more appropriate and accurate. 


This solution is a popular and widely used online platform, it was developed with the motive to conduct online classrooms as well as business meetings. It is based on a cloud-based platform, and allows users to share screen, live chat, video conferencing ( group and individual), and also allows integrating whiteboards. 

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. If users want to leverage, the additional functionalities then they can also opt for the premium versions. 


These are the best virtual classroom software solution, that helps to deliver interactive sessions to the students and also simplify the processes for the teachers. However, you can also develop your own virtual classroom software as per your requirements.

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