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Highlighting the Legacy of Jacob, the Jeweler

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In the 21st century chartered airplanes, villas, a yacht, etc has emerged as a symbol of aristocracy but nobody can ignore the fact that precious gemstones have a special place. From the Sheikhs of middle-east to the funky jewelry of rap artists, jewelry is an inevitable part. Can you imagine wearing a red D&G dress stand without a matching jewelry? Absolutely not, that’s the magic of classy jewelry. So it is an important accessory that sort of completes the look. Hip-hop stars, Hollywood actors and actresses, footballers and even non celebrities are deeply into this jewelry culture. And not any ordinary jewelry, the brand culture has deeply affected this sector.

The art of designing jewelry

You ask a sportsman about a product, he will suggest Nike, Adidas or Puma and you ask someone about designer jewelry and one of the names would be Jacob, the Jeweler. Such is the power of creating a name in the market. The inspiring story of Jacob Arabov can be dated back to the 90’s, when he was only 14 years old.

At such a tender age when other children were going to school, Jacob registered for a jewelry course as his desire for gemstones was immense. At such an early age, Jacob was appreciated by his teachers for his artistic creations in the jewelry course. His determination to be the best in his field was because of his father who has been a driving force in his life. Gradually, as he mastered the art of designing jewelry, he opened his store and it was not long when people started acknowledging his artistic creations. His innovation and unique jewelry is a reason behind his huge popularity.

2014 and still going

The Armenian boy, Jacob is now a leading manufacturer of gold, diamond and other jewelry. Not only that, he is an influential trader of loose stones. Not every people can achieve such a great feat. It’s quite difficult to deal with finished products and raw materials at the same time. His status is among the elites these days – no wonder if stars like David Beckham, Jessica Simpson are top clients. The designer jewelry presented by Jacob the Jeweler has become a status symbol all over the world. His jewelry collections have been featured in several magazines and covers. Other notable achievements include several trade shows and exhibitions in different parts of Europe, America and Asia which has helped him to expand his contacts as well as his business territory.

One of the main reasons why Jacob’s design has survived for years and will continue to do so is the innovative thinking which has led to a number of exquisite designs. People now crave for his jewelry items and the demand is not going to end soon as long as Jacob Arabov creates magic with his lovely imaginations. So, what are you waiting for? Get your near and dear ones these stunning jewelries and bring smile to their pretty faces.


Developing a Tinder Clone without a single line of code



Tinder Clone

At present, there are several dating options, but you can get the ultimate dating app thanks to the power of a robust Tinder clone.

A related clone script or software can help in developing such cool and astounding products.

This article will explain how you can develop your powerful Tinder clone with the help of our advanced clone script where you don’t have to code anything.

So, let us get started.

(a) Initial Considerations:

Start things off by doing the work related to wireframing the product design or by creating the mandatory database-related fields.

In the case of Tinder, replication contemplates to include the following like.

A home page to swipe through matches and a page where the given users can view all the matches.

Speaking of your dating app, it is also required to create a page that is dedicated to hosting all the messages that arise as an interaction between two users.

(b) Database Configuration:

After the pages are wireframed, the next concentration should be on the data fields that power the Tinder clone. The fields integrate all the product associated with workflows.

Create data types corresponding to User (with Data fields comprising the likes of Name, Photo, Gender, Age, Location, List of Matched & No Matched Users along with Messages)

and Messages (that includes fields like Message Content, Message Sender and Message Receiver)

(c) Creating Workflows

The work here is related to making the application functional, and this achieved by what we call Workflows.

(i) Swiping for Matches

We have an assortment of plugins, and when you add our TindoSwipe plugin to your arsenal, it will effectively take care of the process related to building a swiping feature.

Next, update the content type to the user and do a search with respect to all the users in the database of yours.

Furthermore, you can incorporate even more search constraints provided you want to filter a user’s potential matches with the help of gender or some other dating inclinations.

The TindoSwipe plugin will furthermore display some custom animations when the user swipes to the left or right.

Then there’s the need to develop a new workflow for every swiping event to make changes to the database when a swipe happens.

Should the user swipe right, then this event is considered as a match. Take the workflow editor and access the element actions to select the swiped right event.

Next, the change to be made to the database is the current user’s users matched field. Finally, integrate TindoSwipe’s current slide to the matched users data field.

After that gets accomplished, the same task must be carried out for swipe left action where changes are done only for the current user’s not matched data field.

(ii) Seeing a list of matches

Once a match is made, next to be shown is the list of matches of that user on a given page. Wield the power of our repeating group element on this matches page to show all the matches of the given user.

Here link it to a data type (user) within the database and further make the data source as a list that comprises the current user’s matched users.

Next map out the first column with the info to be displayed, and all the other columns will be populated based on the given data.

With our repeating group, you can also create events as associated with each column.

When the user is trying to associate with Direct Messages, the user will tap on the message button as associated with their desired column.

Now comes the notion of a dedicated messaging page. In this workflow, you should transfer the applicable data to find the end user with whom a conversation can get started.

(iii) Development of a chat function

Should your user start a private chat, then show unique messages that get shared between the users.

The page type must get configured to a user property. Then add the repeating group element to show all the messages as pertinent to the current page user.

When searching for all messages followed by integrating with more constraints, then it is possible to show messages where the present user is a sender or a receiver.

(iv) Creation of Messages

To create messages, integrate a multiline input field beneath the conversation repeating group.

Develop a workflow when the user clicks the send button.

Then in the workflow, create a new thing (a new message) in the database.

The current user must get categorized as a sender, and the current page user must get classified as a receiver where the content of the message is the multiline input field.

(v) Message Display

The repeating group element will update itself when a new message is created. Then finish things by adding content that will be displayed from every message.

(vi) Extra Features

Other things that can be incorporated into the Tinder Clone includes developing individual user profiles, build support for super like feature and filter-based matches as related to sexual preferences.


Availing the services of a typical development team to develop your Tinder clone might be too costly. Visit to get to create an enthralling dating app that comes with no extra charge. We offer no-coding services at very economical prices to leave you with a satiated smile.

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10 Strategies For Online E-learning During a Coronavirus Outbreak



online e-learning

The outbreak of Coronavirus has led to a major preventive measure of lockdowns across the globe. Due to this, all the sectors are affected and just started to operate with all the hygiene and precautions. Schools, colleges and educational institutes that are closed for many days have started their operation with the help of e-learning. While adjusting to this new normal, they have opted for certain advanced digital tools and platforms to provide uninterrupted learning to all the students. But there are many challenges faced by both students and schools/educational institutes while using the online e-learning platforms.

10 strategies for online e-learning during a coronavirus outbreak

  1. Guarantee digital equity:

Digital equity is the most important thing to be taken care of for e-learning continuity. The school or education institution must be sure about the availability of appropriate devices with each student as many families may not have a computer. Due to the lockdowns, even parents would be working from home that requires the use of computers. Hence government and schools must collaborate to ensure that apps work well even on Mobile app without any issue. For students and teachers who do not have an internet connection, there could be an efficient plan of creating Wi-fi hotspots and plan well to distribute them.

  1. Prepare and practice:

Both teachers and students may not be used to working with such advanced platforms. They need to prepare and practice properly before the actual class so that there is no interruption during the process. They must know the functionality of the platforms and related apps that they will be using in the apps. Teachers will have added responsibility for teaching the students to use the tools along with teaching the regular academics. These learnings could help students to try off the tools and their features at home after the class.

  1. Clear communication:

Communication between school management, staff, parents, and students become a key factor than never before. In an online setting, every person will be anxious and it requires a clear communication channel that would be frequent and concise. Along with sending all the FAQ’s, schools should also set up a messaging channel in the form of SMS and emails. It will help in sending follow-up messages on any updates or changes in the process. Have proper communication with the parents of the family about the familiarity of using the online apps for students, especially the younger kids. Administrations need to be very precise in explaining the ways to teachers in maintaining a smooth flow in routine activities.

  1. Plan:

If the teachers are unaware of the modern e-learning methodologies and about the latest apps, it is wise to prepare well before starting the actual session with students. The short-term delay in beginning the online classes will be beneficial in the long run. Even if the teachers did not get any time to prepare due to sudden closures, planning for some days before beginning the classes will offer lots of conveniences. Even teachers need to be sure about their at-home availability of internet connectivity and other subject related things essential for accomplishing the e-learning classes. 

  1. Establish daily schedules.

There must be a well-defined schedule about when the teachers and students will have their specific sessions. A whole day of an online class in front of the screen would be much hectic for students and also parents who are sharing computers or devices. There should be a properly organized schedule that utilizes the day by providing ample breaks in between. It will give time for families to manage their own time and also adhere to the schedule.

  1. Monitor for any issues:

Occasionally it could be difficult to predict the obstructions that students may encounter while steering through this new terrain. Monitor the children’s expected schedule throughout a day to ensure that everything is working as expected. If not, act immediately to make necessary changes so that it is helpful and meets the purpose. The focus of e-learning must not be just to convey the learnings but convey them effectively.

  1. Engaging learning:

In a regular classroom setting, teachers will provide the worksheets to students and ask them to complete it, correct it, and provide the feedback. But e-learning during these extended periods would not be of the same type and teachers must find engaging methods to make the learning experience interesting and worthy.

Divide the learning into smaller portions and provide all the guidance before the commencement.

Give immediate feedback via online tests, quizzes, and other knowledge check activities.

Encourage students on their tasks to provide motivation.

  1. Independent learning.

All the e-learning schedules and learnings must be planned with no expectations of help from the parents. They would be working from home or out on any essential works. The learnings must be designed in such a way that it is independent for students. The schools must be sure to keep all the assignments and schedules in one place so that it would be easier for parents to check when they are at home.

  1. Address the emotional stress:

Verify with students and staff, especially those who are less eased with online tools to know if they require any aid. Being seized at home can be tedious and isolating which induces a feeling of emotional stress on the individual. Spending time to know the feeling is very important as the regular academics.

  1. Choose the right tools:

There are many tools available for the e-learning process, and it can be confusing to use all of them for your routine. But limiting to certain reliable tools and platforms is beneficial for both parents and teachers.

Bottom line:

In this time of crisis, a well-organized and impactful educational exercise is essential for the continuity of the education process. An experienced and skilled mobile app development company in Bangalore  like Brill Mindz could aid you in building a successful app that meets all your e-learning requirements.


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How mobile app technology is helping businesses to succeed in the Ecommerce Industry



mobile app technology

In simple words, the e-commerce business is the online presence of a store that runs business transactions over the internet. With an extending internet audience, the development of e-commerce business has shaped the online shopping behaviors of both customers and retailers. With a smooth customer experience, it opened new opportunities for corporate expansion and growth.

In the 1960s, business products/services were initiated online trading, which offered advertising features. Since 1994, online business growth has advanced considerably with the advent of stable shopping networks. Today, the e-commerce business market has been widely adopted by clients and their trust has increased.

Today, companies are investing actively in technology to add digital features to their online shop. Also, mobile application development is booming to engage today’s Smartphone users. Mobile applications have enabled companies in the Smartphone-led market to meet the requirements of customers digitally.

Not only have the invention of mobile apps changed the eco-commerce environment, but they have made shopping simpler for consumers. The mobile app represents an important solution for customer capture.

Mobile apps and e-commerce businesses

Mobile apps helped companies’ more than mobile / desktop websites to reach the e-commerce market. According to Statista ‘s study, shopping ranks among the most increasingly rising categories of mobile apps on the basis of the user time spent in 2017. Shopping applications made the highest profits, with the user sessions rising by 54% over the year.

Mobile applications for e-commerce have an important part to play in meeting customer satisfaction and providing a shopping-centered experience. The special unified features in mobile apps help to provide multi-device and multi-channel experience for your e-commerce business.

Advantages of mobile apps effect to your e-commerce business

Deeper analytics

A mobile app helps you to better understand the preferences and activities of your customers. It gives you profound empirical reports, describing user knowledge and shopping decisions. This helps to improve your marketing strategies and business tactics.

Amazing innovations

E-commerce applications are specially equipped with custom user-friendly features. Easy-to-search products and filters, for example, that can reduce results to a certain price range, are highly user-accessible, helping customer interest and accelerate revenue

Multi-layer security system

User details and information about the online payment through credit/debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, etc. are of great importance for the protection of users. Mobile applications must be safe and the risk of cyber attacks must be minimized. It helps build customer confidence with multi-layer security.

Standardized complexity

Ios devices offer an advanced interface with features like search bars, quick navigation, available items, and different forms of payment.

More interactive

An innovative mobile device interface makes an amazing user experience. The intelligent UX / UI design increases the instructiveness of your mobile apps. This allows you to use prospective shoppers longer, which increases your chance of shopping more.

Mobile applications provide an impressive user experience for your target market and influence you to shop more.

Extremely convenient

Users can simply download Mobile Apps from the App Store (iOS users) or Play Store (Android users). An e-commerce app conveniently enables shoppers to shop wherever and anytime, so having one will increase your business profits.

Lowers down the cart abandonment rate

Mobile apps support lower below the cart abandonment prices. According to statements published by Bayard, the cart abandonment rate on a website is about 68 percent while it is merely 28 percent for mobile apps.

Loyalty integration

Integrated coupons/rewards in apps increase the loyalty of your customers. Transactional Tiered Rewards, Scratch and Win, Referral Rewards, Coupons, Spin to Win, VIP Rewards, Action Points, Digital Stamp Card are some of the loyalty features used by e-commerce businesses to attract customers.

Retain customers

To inform your applicators of recent offers, sales, discounts, etc, you can readily send push notifications. It was found that a large number of customers can be attracted by notifications addressed by username. It increases the conversion rate and retention of customers. 38 percent of users returned to an app more than 10 times through notifications in the most recent statistics.


The advancement of e-commerce has encouraged business while offering new consumer prospects with a significant sales growth opportunity. The development of mobile apps has dramatically increased revenue through an outstanding, user-friendly strategy in an e-commerce environment. Users like shopping with mobile applications now, because they are easily accessible, easy to use and time-saving. It is good time for business owners to invest in the creation of mobile apps to meet the technology needs of the consumer, brand awe and competitors.


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Wuhan Wild Wings – Men’s T-shirts & Tanks



Top Quality Women’s T-Shirts

Wuhan Wild Wings Following World War II, it was worn by Navy males as undergarments and slowly turned common to see veterans wearing their uniform trousers with their T-shirts as casual clothes. The shirts turned even more in style in the Nineteen Fifties after Marlon Brando wore one in A Streetcar Named Desire, lastly reaching status as modern, stand-alone, outerwear garments. Often boys wore them whereas doing chores and playing outside, finally opening up the thought of sporting them as common-objective casual clothing. A T-shirt is a mode of fabric shirt named after the T form of its physique and sleeves. Traditionally it has quick sleeves and a spherical neckline, known as a crew neck, which lacks a collar.

Wuhan Wild Wings Softest Cotton T-Shirts

The first tile will show your present t-shirt and allow you to change colors simply. You can also browse complementary styles or select one thing else from our catalog. Printed T-shirts had been in limited use by 1942 when an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt appeared on the duvet of Life journal. In the 1960s, printed T-shirts gained reputation for self-expression as properly for advertisements, protests, and souvenirs.

The first company was Tropix Togs, beneath founder Sam Kantor, in Miami. They have been the original licensee for Walt Disney characters in 1976 including Mickey Mouse and Davy Crockett. Later, different firms expanded into the T-shirt printing business, including Sherry Manufacturing Company, additionally primarily based in Miami. Sherry was founded in 1948 by its proprietor and founder Quentin H. Sandler as a display screen printer of Souvenir Scarf’s to the memento resort market.

You can also make personalised shirts for small groups from our huge choice of no minimums, complete with names and/or numbers, too. Dye-sublimation printing is a direct-to-garment digital printing know-how using full color paintings to transfer pictures to polyester and polymer-coated substrate primarily based T-shirts. Dye-sublimation (additionally commonly known as all-over printing) got here into widespread use within the 21st century, enabling some designs beforehand impossible.

  • Start making your personal customized tees in our best-in-class on-line Design Lab.
  • You can also make personalized shirts for small teams from our huge number of no minimums, complete with names and/or numbers, too.
  • Custom Ink is the custom t-shirt maker on your team, college, firm, or any event befitting a customized-made T-shirts.
  • If you do not fancy yourself a tee shirt designer otherwise you’d quite not try to create your personal, you will get began with certainly one of our free personalized T-shirt designs.


Printing with limitless colours utilizing large CMYK printers with special paper and ink is feasible, in contrast to display printing which requires screens for each colour of the design. If you beloved this post and you would like to acquire more data relating to Wuhan Wild Wings T Shirt kindly check out the internet site. All-over print T-shirts have solved the problem with colour fading and the vibrancy is higher than most traditional printing methods but requires artificial materials for the ink to take maintain. The key feature of dye-sublimated clothing is that the design is not printed on prime of the garment, but completely dyed into the threads of the shirt, guaranteeing that it’s going to never fade.

Women’s Performance T-Shirts

Choose from a variety of designs, logos, and quotes to search out the best shirt to celebrate those bygone days. You’ll clearly love our funny novelty tees for yourself, but our shirts also make great items. Give them certainly one of ourflip-up t-shirtsand help them channel their inside animal.

The statements also may be found to be offensive, surprising, or pornographic to some. Examples of T-shirt stores and designers recognized for using offensive and stunning messages include T-Shirt Hell and Apollo Braun.

Current variations can be found in many alternative designs and materials, and types include crew-neck and V-neck shirts. T-shirts are among the most worn clothes of clothing used at present. T-shirts are particularly in style with branding for firms or merchandise, as they are inexpensive to make and buy. For children’ parties, match the theme or celebrate with their favorite character to wear.

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How to Enhance Your Existing Business Application?



Business Application

There are applications developed by various companies that do not get the desired response from the customers in the market. Bring together the skills of your developers and business analysts and solve this problem.  There surely are ways in which a company can develop and improve the current applications and get a good response.

We intend to provide you with some fast and simple tips that can help your company boost enhancement for your current applications.

1.Work on User Reviews

Do not feel bad for the negative feedback and comments your product received. Instead, take these reviews seriously, and make changes to your software and applications. Acting on the problems and not arguing with the bad reviews will get you the best results.  You should keep a track of user feedback timely, and make changes according to the negative responses. People always look up for the negative reviews to be warned about the flaws, so the fewer the reviews, the better it is. It is also very necessary to respond to this feedback and let the users know that you are improvising in those fields. Negative reviews are mostly honest ones, and so you can benefit and work on those points.

2.Analyze your competitors

The owner of a successful app is also the one who keeps track of competitor’s movements. Businesses need to learn about what other apps are doing and then make improvements to their software. This is a really easy way to enhance your software. Many business application owners and mobile application developers are following their competitors’ moves, and this helps them to focus on their businesses.

3. Regularly update your application

Creating an application is not just bound to developing and launching it in store. This is just 50% of the whole process. In order to make the app successful, developers need to timely provide updates so that if there’s any bug, that can be fixed quickly. This would enhance user experience and also encourage customer loyalty. This will keep them patient and wait for fixes of any minor problems that occur in the future in the application.

4. Continuously take proper QA measures

 Since apps are being updated from time to time, make sure each and every update brings improvement as a whole. To make a change in the application, do not wait for negative feedback to roll in. Attempt to uninstall all update-related bugs from your software by taking continuous QA steps.

5. Always focus on new innovations

 Mobile application development is a booming industry. From developers to smartphone producers, everyone is trying to bring a revolution in the mobile industry. As a result, this is changing the patterns of development and technology. To ensure your applications are up to date, you need to make improvements to the software and make developments accordingly.

Developing software isn’t a difficult task and can be achieved quickly. You just need to keep yourself informed about the trends in technology related to your niche and make amends accordingly.


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Digital Marketing

How To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing



Hidden Skills To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing:- Life is continuously moving from tradition to digital. Because technology is also evolving day by day it’s been predicted that in the future around by 2030 many of the jobs will be obsolete. Being a marketer we also have to get ahead so that we don’t lose our jobs. To do so jump to digital marketing if still you are doing or learning digital marketing you will be left behind start today. You are living in the information age so to start learning Digital Marketing you don’t have to spend so much money on coaching and all. For basics of digital marketing you can subscribe to my blog digitalkartik where I post blog what’s going on digital marketing Or Get certified by Google Digital Unlocked it free of cost.

Digital Marketing

So here are some most demanding skills

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SMO (Social Media Marketing).
  • PPC (Pay per Click) It’s a Google AdWords.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing).
  • Email Marketing

Form above you have to master one Skill. Because everyone need expert in there company or organization. Learning skill doesn’t stop there only there are few more skill that you should know, But you don’t have to master them but yes are important. Without these skills, you will not become experts in the above Skills.

So Important skill list goes like this.

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis

Let’s elaborate on them why they are important:-

Let’s start with Data AnalysisData Analysis is also called data science but you don’t have to learn complete in-depth data sciences you just have to understand numbers that you need this because you have to understand the Google Analytics so you can measure your performance whether your website is doing great or not from where your traffic is coming what is the age group of your audience, which type of device they are using to reach your website.

Content Marketing & Content Curation: Content is said to the king in digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about content curation, But nowadays the content is in quantity but value-added content is less the content which adds some value to the person living that type of content is less. To hold the eyeballs on your online platform you have continuously have curate some content that can be in any format.

Copywriting: It’s the main skill that everybody should learn & it must skill if you are a digital marketer or pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. Copywriting will help you in making Ads on social media. Writing engaging Emails that person read completely

Email Marketing: – It’s important because being a digital marketer you should also build your E-mail list also. Because they will become your first customer database. Then you can sell your digital product to them. Or you can pitch your new product to them through Email Marketing. You should know how you can collect emails from visitors.

Don’t forget to subscribe digitalkartik show on @Spotify

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Does Ultrasound Treatment Eliminate prostate cancer?



Prostate cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer among men. The most affected with prostate cancer are the African American men who are 2 times more likely to die due to the cancer than white men(or other). However, there are many ways to treat Prostate cancer, most of which are the traditional ones that are common for all types of cancer. These treatment methods involve therapies like Radiation, Surgery, Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted drug therapy, etc. But researcher are trying out a new treatment method to treat prostate cancer which we will be discussing here and before we get into further discussion, here’s a brief definition and function of the prostate gland and what are the common symptoms that need consultation from a doctor as soon as you witness any or more of them:

Prostate Gland and its main function

Prostate gland is present under the bladder, surrounding the urethra. It is a male reproductive organ that secretes a fluid known as the prostate fluid which is also a component of semen. The prostate muscle further pushes out the fluid while ejaculating.

Common Symptoms of Prostate Cancer: 

  1. Trouble/irritation while urinating
  2. Blood discharge with urine 
  3. Blood discharge along with semen
  4. Erectile dysfunction
  5. Decreased force while urinating
  6. Pain in the Pelvic area
  7. Other complications in the pelvic area

What is the new Ultrasound treatment method for Prostate cancer:

A new treatment method is already under clinical trials which has been approved by the FDA. This treatment method is known as high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) which gets rid of the prostate tissue. Researchers are still trying out the effectiveness of the new method and what possible side-effects it may have. 

How does the new HIFU treatment method work?

You may have tried focusing the sun’s rays through a magnifying glass on a paper where the paper eventually burns. The new treatment method is quite similar to that where sun rays are replaced by sound waves which the doctor focuses on the rectum wall which is the lower part of the large intestine.The sound ways are directed to kill the cancer cells.

These sound waves heat up to temperatures of 194degree Farahaneit (90 degree celsius) and this immense amount of heat can kill the cancer cells within seconds.MRI(magnetic resonance imaging) is performed on the patient to exactly locate the tumor before the doctor focuses the sound waves on them.

Additional details on the HIFU Treatment:

The procedure takes almost 1-4 hours to be performed efficiently. The patient is given enema before the procedure starts, just to make sure the bowels are empty. Also, the patient isn’t allowed to intake (both liquid and solid diet is avoided) anything 6 hours before the procedure.

Once the procedure is complete, the doctor inserts a catheter from the head of the patient’s penis which connects to the bladder and is used to get rid of the urine since the patient is under the effect of anesthesia. The catheter is usually left in there for a week or so, even though the patient is good to leave for home the same day.

Moreover, the doctor also puts an ultrasound probe inside the rectum(similar to the ones used during biopsies). The probe contains crystals that reflect the sound waves and helps in picturising the state of the prostate gland.

How to reduce risks of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects African Americans the most, however, a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce the risks. Some of these tips are:

1.Healthy Diet

  • Low-fat diet
  • Eat vegetables and fruits
  • Avoid dairy products

2.  Regular Exercise

3. Healthy weight

4. Talk to your doctor whenever you feel anything odd 


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Mobile App Development Business in the Moment of Crisis




Mobile App Development

During the time of the crisis, it is not easy for any business to adjust to the new rules and methods. The strategies and methodologies that people have been following for ages should be altered to the current situation in such a way that it does not affect the clients and employees. If not appropriately strategized, then it will have an impact on the revenue of the company.

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, the new customers are declining in number more than the usual times. The mobile app development companies in Chennai are putting more effort than ever to make “work from home” possible for their employees. As great leaders say, “It is in times of catastrophe, an excellent leader emerges”. Here are some tools and methodologies that make this situation easier to cope with.

Technologies and Communication

We are in an era where everybody has access to the internet, and this is the right time to put it into full usage. Communication is vital for every business to understand, discuss and analyze the projects with the team. Therefore, the most popular applications among the firms to communicate are slack and zoom. These two applications made it easier to converse between the workforces.

Change of Perspective in Productivity Levels

The primary concern among numerous businesses is that the productivity level of their employees, this is mainly due to the shift in the working environment and many companies don’t have a strategy to follow or organize work from the home policy. This leads companies to think that the productivity level might be affected. But many researchers have found out that the quality of work is higher in work from home than compared to traditional ways. The businesses should also understand that the conventional methods of measuring the output should be changed and new ways should be incorporated.

Remote Working could be the Future

The pandemic has forced many businesses to adapt to the new models of working remotely. This thought once was impossible to process for many companies, but the time of crisis has proved that working from home could be a new standard. This method is hugely beneficial for both the business and the environment. The technology has shown that this method could be integrated not only in the companies but also in various other sectors such as educational institutions and healthcare.

In conclusion, going through a pandemic is difficult for every single person; this might even primarily affect the economy of most countries which further leads to affecting small business and companies. Therefore, remotely working will allow businesses to survive with the right tools and technologies, even in the middle of the pandemic.

Author Bio:

Monish Sinthala is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of Pyramidion Solutions. This company provides a wide range of services in developing mobile apps, web applications and digital marketing services. With a well-qualified team of designers and developers, the company stands as the best mobile application development company in Chennai providing first-class and pioneering solutions for your business.

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Build A Fortunate Online Vacation Rental Booking Startup?



Vacation Rental Booking

The online rental marketplace is a platform to showcase services to users. Individuals or companies can able to rent different types of products, for instance, eg. car, furniture, etc.  The finest instance of an online rental marketplace is Airbnb Clone. 

Airbnb Clone is the one who starts the peer to peer rental business first. Since then, the approval of the sharing website has arisen.  Nowadays marketplace and e-commerce have become a huge trend with massive business potential. 

The rental marketplace gets revenue through commissions. It makes cash by charging a percentage of each transaction that takes in the marketplace. Airbnb uses this revenue model. If you are planning to take a look at the opportunities in the e-commerce rental business, here is the furthest list of the very fashionable rental business ideas.

Why Use The App For Rental Business?

Nowadays the demand of rental business is very high all over the country. Fortunately, in the postmodern world, we all have a solution for all possible tasks, businesses, problems, and types of work with the help of mobile devices and modern technologies. To have a mobile device in the pocket is not whimsey anymore. Mobile is the most needed thing in this postmodern society. So, mobile people find it easy to access rentals online.

Type Of Rental

Rent is used as a part of the product. There are many types of the rental platform in this postmodern world. 

Car Rental Platform

The car rental platform is very easy to launch. The important parts are the mobile application for each stakeholder like the customer, service provider, and admin. The solution is available with many experienced app development companies. Gather all resources and start from scratch is the only way to build the application solution for startups. 

Another thing is to get a pre-designed app solution from experienced app developers. The previous method is not really going to recommend nevertheless you must have all the resources and time, the main thing is that everything must be technically proficient to take on future changes. The next method i.e. buying the readymade solutions is greatly recommended for the reason that it has a quick turnaround time and the flexibility to modify. Using a pre-built solution is the finest idea for an on-demand car rental platform is the best combination.

Flat Rental Platform 

Nowadays flat renting services have a huge opportunity. In the city like the metro. The finance to start a flat renting business in less finance. The business is successful in the residential area and metropolitan city. The people also looking for flats to live that same time they are looking for work. Besides, the property owner also looking into property administration for their business. People connect with the property owner to obtain better profit.

Dress Rental Platform

The dress rental business is one of the most popular businesses in this postmodern society.  They can be able to wear the dress that they want during the event times, you don’t even spend exorbitantly on them. Most people do not like to purchase clothes for one-off use. Either it is the outfit for Halloween party or some other parties, those that one needs to wear for concept-based events you have a chance to knocking at your door. 

If you want to succeed in this dress rental business you must need to maintain the good terms of costumes and keep them in the best shape and purity to build a good reputation. Observe the latest trends in the market and update your stock list. And the most important is that you just need to focus on the elegant costumes and you must have your successful business plan in the best place.

Furniture Rental Platform

The furniture business of hiring out furniture now frames new opportunities for entrepreneurs who have a desire to have a regular profit. The product offered for rent comes under the necessity of day to day life. Renting the business as a complete that makes the proprietor of the product or resources earn money on a daily basis or maybe every month bases. This constant progress of money permits the owner to even earn more than enough money after covering the cost of the furniture.

Wrapping Up!

The online rental business has given birth to the multi-trillion dollar industry and you can also be a part of it with a minimum investment. You can take a look at the several opportunities that come your way through online rental business solutions. The internet has changed the universe around us and form a new chance for business and income in postmodern society. 

You need to worry about starting a business. There are plenty of ideas and rental businesses in this world.  Quickly start your online rental business startup; it’s your time, don’t think to come and earn money and achieve. 


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How to Lure Visitors towards Your Custom Exhibition Stand



Custom Exhibition Stand
custom exhibition stands

There are countless types of stands, stalls, and booths at the trade show or exhibition depending on the type of brands and companies participating out there. It is quite easy for bigger market players to create massive and exclusive display stalls worth attracting a huge number of people towards their stand on the extensive and pretext usage of cash and sharing other benefits to the attendees. However, if you are a small company or a mid-level one, then it is even more important for you to follow a creative approach to get one of the most engaging yet custom exhibition stands.

An aesthetically appealing and imposing design of your exhibition stand can attract your prospects and hold their attention for a longer period. So, below are some of the best ideas to help you reap the maximum benefits of a ‘client savvy’ exhibition stall in the upcoming event:

  • Sensible Use of the Right Props at the Stall: Some companies many times use interesting props and other objects to grab the attention of the visitors at their stalls. However, that ‘crowd’ rarely converts and brings fruitful or desired outcomes for you. Whatever, maneuvering, is being used by you to make the event a success for you, it must be as per the services and products of your company. In addition to this, several benefits should be there for end-users and your customers.
  • Trust Your Brand Values: So, you and your team are at the trade show or exhibition trying hard to attract potential clients with various types of features and benefits of your products. It is always a good idea to introduce your clients with something new during such events but remember how often you have explained to them about your company, its offerings, and success saga! Undeniably, it is the job of your marketing and sales team to review everything and tell them about your presence in the upcoming events. This simple yet crucial task is directly connected with the overall success of your brand.
  • Provide Your Visitors with Brand-Centric Giveaways or Freebies: Do not get frustrated with the marketing efforts of your team. Instead, you should concentrate on the brand-centric giveaways and freebies. For this, ask your exhibition stall and booth designing company to go with your words only. You can also opt for interactive booth and stall designs wherein the sales and marketing team should have some productive time with the potential clients giving freebies and telling about the company and its offerings.
  • Do Not Only Showcase but Also Invite Your Prospects: If you truly want to lure your potential clients, you need to have a stall accordingly. Hence, you can go to a custom exhibition stand. However, it should be ‘non-obstructive’ to your attendees. They should start their ‘brand experience’ at the very first glance not by the obstructions and physical barriers.

Final Words

Just keep the ideas mentioned above and that is it! You are ready to lure your prospects and bring a better glitch with a surety towards leads generation. However, you will also need a professional exhibition stall designing company in India to have an appealing and enticing custom exhibition stand for the upcoming events.

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What Is The Role Of Logo In Your Brand Image?



Brand Image

Stop for a moment and look around. At present, it is practically impossible for us not to be surrounded by a logo. A pen, food packaging, clothing, a lock, even in places that are normally inaccessible, on the chips that make up your TV or computer, they are found everywhere.

Our environment is invaded by all these logos. The question that arises from this observation is as follows:

Why have they become so important in our society?

From time immemorial and in all peoples, we have needed to be identified, or the group to which we belong, to mark our territory, to show that we have been there.

With evolution, man had to change the way he marked his territory. He had to find something that represented him, at least that represented what he wanted to show others. This thing should be able to make an impression, speaking to the greatest number of people and should be able to be reproduced on a maximum of supports.

We can imagine the importance of a logo then, because it is logo who represents us or our activity. No one is left behind: from the multinational to the smallest craftsman, everyone is looking for the symbol of their activity.

What comes to mind after seeing a picture?

If you see a big yellow M, you instantly think of McDonald’s, right? See how an image and a design can be memorized. By mounting a tiny part of the logo, you have identified the brand. You have probably associated this piece of logo with a taste, an emotion and a Santa Claus ad. We understand the power of the logo.

How do you get your customers to remember your logo?

You may know that a picture explains better than words. As we have seen, the logo did not appear by chance and meets certain essential rules. All the components of the logos have in common a desire to simplify, to reduce an idea into a short symbol, easy to identify and above all extremely connoted. It is this connotation coupled with the influence of current trends and fashions, which gives the logo its full force. Since the creation process of a logo is pretty difficult and requires a professional approach. You must count on any highly skilled logo designer in London UK and other places to get positive results.

The quality criteria of a logo can be broken down into 8 points.

• The logo must be distinctive and original. It must create emotions and move as far as possible from all the logos of the same sector.
• It must be easily identifiable, recognizable and memorable ,
• A logo must be meaningful. It has its own meaning and an identification function, ambiguity must not exist.
• It must be memorable, simple allowing instant identification. If a logo does not surprise when it arrives on the market, it will quickly be forgotten, there must be a “freeze frame” during the first reading.
• It meets the needs of the present and tomorrow, while following today’s trends, it must pass the test of time at least for 10 years.
• It must be reproducible and readable in all formats.
• It must pass the fragmentation test. This check is an assessment of the perception of the visual identity. A logo is all the more characteristic and original as it can be identified by a single fragment. The test mainly applies to mass market logos.
• Last but not least, it must give an image that adheres to the entity represented. The logo is the synthesis of the image that the entity wants to give of itself, both for a product and for a service. Thus, the entity will identify with the image of the logo.
• Today as yesterday, the creation of a logo is the product of a long journey. It requires several exchanges, an exploration of the sector and the know-how of a good creative.


Do not take the creation of your logo so lightly. After all, it will be your identity. It cannot be improvised. Your logo is the first impression and is a way to communicate with your customer. As such, it plays a main role in the reputation of your business. The design of your logo must be unique and must in no case be similar to others, to avoid any confusion. It is better to design a functional and durable logo for the credibility of your business. For a logo to be effective, it must be simple and legible.

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Without Social Media Stats you can’t Live



Social Media

Numbers are just digits but sometimes they can save your valuable time also”

     It is all about numbers sometimes when we ever desire to calculate how many years ago, this world actually came into existence. Anything that is known for millions of years but doesn’t have any source of its evolution, must have an approximate number of its age.

If a person doesn’t own a name, which seems impossible for an instance, but yet considering the situation, then what we can calculate or roughly make an idea is about the age of that person. Now the age is again a number. Which could save that person from many possible mis-happenings that might develop if the person is diagnosed without an idea of his age, a number.

The fact to prove here is, that we can not guess anything unknown except something that has numeric identity. And thus, a number or a statistic, is not something to be under-estimated.

Social media statistics and their importance

Numbers in the case of Social media are also very effective. We often call them ‘Stats’ or ‘Statistics’ for pluralistic figures in technical language.

The matter of the fact here is, that the numbers in social media are the most attractive things. We would not disagree with the fact that most of us are more curious about the numbers, but not anything else. Numbers would mean for, the number of likes, comments, and overall engagement our social media post has got.

The number of engagements catches our attention all the time in the way that a few likes in many days sadden us whereas more than a hundred likes in a day drives us very happy instantly.

However, they sometimes become a subject of business as we have promoted it for an increment over customer reach. In such cases, we must be aware of ingenuine and not so real accounts over social media.

Social media stats also play a vital role in businesses as well. As the businesses which try to get popular through valuable user-generated content, have a very crucial role for statistics. As the higher the engagement they get on social media, the more conversion probability increases for a business. And thus, it becomes important to track social media stats for them to think over the next step they need to take.

There are many social media management tools like Hootsuite that are built to assist social media campaigns at minimal efforts required by an individual.

Social media Aggregation tools have now become a trend, that accumulates the useful or must be relevant social media content to a brand by filtering it through its algorithm, and can showcase it on a platform that could leverage your social as well as online engagement rate. Such tools also have an Analytic-tool for social media stats only so as to get themselves aware of the engagement and public response.

After every such example and justification in support of how important a ‘social media stat’ could be, it can be understood technically and professionally both through the terms and conditions set by the most famous social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and many others for the commercial transformation of an ordinary account.

Youtube makes sure that the content must be getting enough engagement before putting any advertisement over the video and letting the video creator earn through them. Instagram, on the other end, makes sure that the public figure or the account must be credible enough to transform into a verified account and must not have genuine reports or flags in against.

All these factors are nothing but the statistics that are used by the social media networks itself to transform something ordinary into a valuable thing.

There are many Youtubers like Bhuvan Bam, the most famous comedian in India, and ‘Despacito’, one of the most famous songs of 2010 decade were became popular for their content of course, but the entity for which they are known and have set a record is their number of engagement, or statistics they built.

As far as the importance of social media statistics is concerned, they are crucial during the digital marketing campaign running for our business. Also, it becomes important when we invest in your online business through any means of ‘Paid Marketing’, be it through ‘Search Engine Marketing’, ‘PPC’, or ‘Ad-Words’, as the statistics only could tell us about the performance of the campaign and public response.

It is thoughtful that without statistical data, how could someone figure out whether one should invest again or not? As leads are not all over sufficient for the ultimate analysis.

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Important Things To Remember Before You Launch Your App



mobile apps

There’s one important thing to know that if you’re only making or designing some program, there’s very little chance of becoming popular. Your app might get lost in a crowd where you placed it in a stack and it reaches fewer audiences. The app ecosystem is highly competitive than ever before. Many Mobile app development companies  find device trends well before releasing it.

1. Do work on potential rivals and the market

For the success of the app, you need to be well aware of all the application areas, so that you can understand every feature and functionality of the app when you start an app and also manage future-oriented app problems. It could be your first amazing move if you are well aware of these things.

2.The pricing plan of your app

The app that you are developing may not be worth it to everyone in this world, though you may have struggled a lot to make it. So you need a good strategy for setting a cost to your app. At first, try to sell it at no cost, if it becomes so popular and reaches more audience, then you can release it at a price.

3. Use the right screenshot products for the ads

Specifications most appeal to people. It magnetizes people by screenshots, displaying the elegance of your app. Nobody is interested in reading a plain text about the app and they are much more interested in specifications.

4. Go for Optimisation of App Store

Even though your app will be launched in the app store, it’s pretty hard to say whether or not it’ll reach the audience. So, have a thoughtful look at the title, summary, positive and negative feedback, so people tend to see it. Some of California’s mobile application development companies offer their clients tips on reaching people in a short time.

5. Get true guidance from authorized sources

Nothing is called blind faith when launching a device. If your app is outstanding and earns the certificate from the approved sources, then free-flying is a bird with wings. Let it all be legal and formal so that the users feel protected while using the app.

6.Create a strong plan to build awareness in the media

This is the period most companies are fluctuating. Awareness building among users is a key to success. So to do it effectively, first forward the information to credible authors, journalists, and writers who have already set up the audience.

7.Have a trusty web presence

You can build a website where you can guide it to the app store. Provide a link to share it among all major social media networks so they can share it and make the app reach as many people as possible, and you should also collect emails from visitors and provide them with all the round facilities to make them feel good about the app.

8. Let users spread their word

Build and launch a social media campaign among targeted users. They’re the ones who spread the App’s viral image. Let the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many other common networks share the app.


Many people launch the app blindly without having a minimum knowledge of it and fail more when it doesn’t work. So before you launch your app, it is better to know all of these.

We at BrillMindz Technologies developed 200+ mobile apps and games for different platforms. We are a top-rated android application development company in the USA. To know more about our work,

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How Fitness Mobile Apps Can Help In Improving Your Fitness?



Fitness Mobile Apps

How fitness mobile apps can help with improving your fitness?

fitness mobile app development has created a lot of buzz among the masses these days. Some popular ones are MyFitnessPal, Strava, Pact, Charity Miles, FitStar and more.

So, how fitness mobile apps can affect your health? Let’s examine here in detail.

  1. fitness mobile app provides a boost in the right direction

If you really want to be healthy, all you need is the proper encouragement from several sources confirmed. This will help you to make certain modifications in lifestyle and daily habits, if necessary.and this fitness mobile app is best to give a push in the right direction. It makes you motivated and focused to achieve the desired level of fitness.

  1. Get new ideas for your exercise regime

In recent years, people have become more serious about their health and fitness. That is the reason the number of people who join the gym has increased considerably.

With fitness trainer has started to come up with a new exercise regime. But what about those who can not join a gym because of their busy lives? Fitness mobile app is the perfect solution for users.

They can learn more about the new fitness regime and practice to get top-notch results. For example, applications such as physical fitness and Jefit suggest new types of resistance training exercises designed specifically for several muscles in the body.

Meanwhile, applications such as Tai Chi and Yoga app provides you with pictures, videos, and instructions for the regime.

  1. They create a healthy competition

Well, the competition between you and other competitors in this virtual world. Application fosters competitive edge health and fitness and encourages you to achieve it.

application, Strava helps you to sign up and compete with all other users of the application. It takes into account all activities and breaks them into different segments and provides the winner.

So, there is always the charm and excitement, which is not only inspiring but also motivating.

  1. Set realistic fitness goals

Many of us might aspire to have a body like a supermodel. However, they may not have the proper guidance or a way to achieve it.

In addition, setting impossible targets early can be harmful to your body and potentially lower your motivation for the next session.

Read More -

mobile fitness mobile app here plays a crucial role as they devise a regime with realistic targets. They take you to the next level only when you finish earlier.

In this way, this app helps you to maintain your exercise regime which is one of the main challenges for those who are beginners.

  1. The application provides a challenge based on the condition of your body

You heard it right. fitness tracking application stores all your activity, BMR, age and weight as well. By gathering all the information that gives you a routine to achieve maximum results from your schedule.

This routine is often quite challenging, which helps you to get your butt off and keep moving to reach them.

  1. The track record of maintaining fitness apps

Well, this is the best application to keep track of your medical conditions, including height, weight, BMR, calories burned, calories are obtained and everything in detail over a period of time.

So, you really can assess your progress and work accordingly. You can get an idea of ​​how much you do and how much more effort you need to put in to achieve the desired goal. Typically, these features are found in the development of wearable applications such as Fitbit.

  1. Eat wisely

Eating healthy foods is important when you’re an exercise regime. However, different people have different body types and metabolic systems. There can not be a single diet chart for all of them.

Apps like Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker comes to the rescue in such scenarios. This application along with your exercise regime suggested to also guide you on what you should eat.

It records your calorie intake and calories burned in exercise. Thus, it shows you the food so you only consume a certain amount of calories.

  1. Applications provides a lot of flexibility

It is need of the hour, I guess. It is because of your hectic life schedule. But do not worry. With this fitness mobile app, it is no longer necessary to hit the gym at a certain time.

This fitness app chalk exercises and routines specific to you based all your body.

All you need to do is take some time out of your routine and follow them according to your convenience.

Thus, the only fitness mobile app to power the health and fitness industry with their magical powers. Flow-through and lead a healthy life.


Thus, we see how many different ways a mobile fitness mobile app helps us in maintaining our health. We look at how technology can lead us to a healthier lifestyle.

It helps people struggling with obesity is to adopt a healthy workout routine supported by this application. With this, they can prevent harmful cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

So, what are you waiting for? Just download the application fits and starts working. If you want to enjoy the premium features of the application and then figure out the cost of fitness apps and buy it.

If you need a fitness mobile app then contact us at

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McAfee Security



McAfee Security

McAfee is a antivirus that’s available worldwide for gadgets such as Computer, Notebook or Smartphones, and McAfee is a standout among additional 10 Antivirus as signaled by all polls in most recent ten decades. McAfee Security is used to anchor the gadgets out of Trojans, Attacks, Malware or other exercises that might harm the system or gadgets.This edition of McAfee AntiVirus utilizes a different sort of design to other anti virus software. The windows to browse through are tall and narrow, with flat”drawer” tabs instead of tabs on the top or down the left side of the display.

McAfee eliminates the viruses without bias without leaving the traces of files that are executable.
McAfee provides protection from a broad array of spyware, viruses and malicious software, Trojans etc.. You may easily rely upon one of the greatest virus database.

We made a very simple ransomware simulation that spiders via a folder tree, studying and reading files, pictures, MP3s and much more. By conducting this on our evaluation system, we had been expecting to check if McAfee AntiVirus Plus could detect ransomware by behaviour alone, and discover out the number of files may be lost prior to the assault may be stopped.The response was unsatisfactory, since the app totally disregarded our simulator and let it reestablish thousands of documents. Other anti virus engines have performed quite differently, so such as Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 not just seen and killed the danger, but also restored the few of documents it’d was able to encrypt.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android has everything from the iOS construct, and provides much, much more: anti virus, ransomware elimination, program privacy review (check permissions and eliminate anything that goes too much ), phone and SMS obstructing, power management and much more. New now is a Data Usage Tracker which tracks how much information is moved by means of an program, and permits you to set data limitations by month or day.

A more practical networking module shows a map of linked devices and computers.

This malware security software has many additional safety features to keep your entire computer safe. The spam blockers and antiphishing tools kick as you get email to be certain that there is not anything harmful in the messages or in documents attached to them. McAfee Total Protection contains parental controls which permit you to restrict kids from seeing unethical sites and put time controls which restrict internet access during specific occasions, like faculty hours and hours.

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