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How Annotation of Medical Image Data is Done?



Healthcare Training Data

Annotation of medical image data in healthcare sector is increasing with significant growth in timely and fast detection of critical diseases for well-timed treatments and cure of various body organs. Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in providing ultramodern medical facilities to patients across the world making their life easier with higher life-expectancy.

To make it understandable the medical related images like X-Ray, CT scan or MRI reports are annotated with possible ailments and label the same properly to make it recognizable or readable for computer vision or machines. Medical Image Annotation data is and complex time taking process that needs lots of patience to maintain the accuracy and quality.

And there are various tools and techniques used in medical imaging annotation. Here we will discuss about medical image data used in VISCERAL project. Actually, there are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic tools that can be used to annotate the pictures in different formats like bounding boxes and cuboid or pixel level marking. So, let’s find how annotation of the medical image data is done in such cases and what are the tools used for annotation.

3D Annotation Software

This one the most advance or effective technique to annotate the medical images. In 3D Annotation an initial step in the development of such systems for diagnosis relief is to have manually annotated datasets that are used to train and implement machine-learning methods to mimic a human annotator.

3D Annotation Software

In order to separate various structures in the images the manual segmentation of the patients’ 3D volumes is used for radiology imaging.  And the most important feature of manual or semi-automatic segmentation methods is that they assist the radiologists in taking the final decision of the resulting 3D structures.  

Ticketing Tool/Framework

Manually annotation of organs or landmarks in the images is a very difficult process that involves too many manpower including administration and management of various experts to monitor the annotation process to make sure the quality and accuracy. But in VISCERAL project the entire system has been designed and developed to simplify the management of manual annotation process.

Ticketing Tool/Framework

In this process a ticket is raised assigning each ticket to people for tasks that should be done. The VISCERAL ticketing framework is especially designed to monitor and manage the entire life cycle of an annotation ticket, to deliver an interface for annotators and quality control team members for ticket submission for each client.

Inter-annotator Agreement

To make sure the reliability of annotators, the agreements of different experts is investigated by comparing multiple annotations of specific structure acquired from multiple annotators. The Dice coefficient is similarly another method is used for two annotations that is also called the three-dimensional overlap measure indicated 1 for perfect overlap and 0 if no overlap of two segmentations is present over there.

The dice coefficient method is also called the overlap index, which is most regularly used metric in validating medical volume segmentations. While Zou et al, used the Dice coefficient as a degree of the reproducibility as a numerical validation of manual annotation where segmentors repeatedly annotated the same image with highest accuracy.

Inter-annotator Agreement


This article described how medical image annotation for internal organs like instinctual project is done. The selection of all tools to annotate the 3D images and the quality management of the annotations are extremely important. Actually, the choice of good annotation tool can affect the annotation process and semi-automatic annotation technique allows to rapidly attaining good segmentation results. Similarly, while image annotation outsourcing quality control is important factors considered seriously. As there is always subjectivity in annotations, so double annotations are essential to judge the subjectivity of a task and maintain the quality.

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Digital Marketing

Scope of Content Writing in India – Beginners Guide



Scope of Content Writing in India

Hey there! Are you looking for scope of content writing in India? Are you not sure where to start? Are you looking for some guidance? Well, my friend, look no further because this piece answers all your questions regarding the scope of content writing. 

The scope of content writing is increasing in Indian and all around the world. The number of active internet users is growing at a high-speed rate, and hence the demand for online content is also increasing. So content writers play a vital role in today’s time. All you need is good content writing skills. Even if you are a beginner, then also there are many Content writing courses available in the market that can help and guide you. I would suggest The Thought Tree as they are the best content writing institute in the market. Now let’s see what is content writing and the scope of content writing in India.


I would define content writing (as my experience has led me to) as an art of explaining any topic, any subject matter in your own words, after conducting proper research on it, of course. So, let us say that I have to write an article on COVID-19. I would have first to research it in multiple ways – Online research, meaning I will read about 10-15 articles on COVID’s primary definition, then read about its symptoms, implications, effect, vaccine, origin, etc. Then comes personal observation, which will include my observations that I have noticed during the lockdown period. 

Next, if possible, I will go out and conduct surveys, where I will ask people about the results and effects of the pandemic. I will also go and talk to professionals like a doctor, a policeman and note their observations.

Conducting surveys might not always be possible to stick to online methods – Blogs, Vlogs, Statistics, PM addressing the nation, and so on. 

All these research methods will be followed by the prioritizing of data. I will first organize all the data and then see where if it feels and fits right. Then it will be the time for actually writing down the article. There will be some days where you will have writer’s block (I would hope not). 

Moving on to proofreading. This is an essential aspect of content writing which many writers ignore. Make sure to read your piece 2-3 times before you submit it. All of this is explained thoroughly in a great content writing course. 

That was one hell of an answer, but let us move on to the scope.


People have realized that content writing does not require a specific degree, and you can earn a handsome amount of income. You don’t need a master’s, or for that matter, a bachelor’s degree for writing! Basic English and grade 12 grammar will be enough to begin your next step!

Earlier, people did not respect content writing, but the times have changed, and now content writing has become a viable career choice for many people. 



Digital marketing and content writing go hand-in-hand. Writers hire digital marketers to promote their works, and marketers hire writers to boost the quality of their content. The industry hires content writers for various types of digital marketing agencies, such as – Email marketing campaigns, blogs, SEO marketing. Content authors write content for marketing purposes and send emails to large numbers of people. 

Some clients have recruited digital marketers to promote their websites. This industry has access to all different types of marketing, and the terminology of content authors is referred to here as content marketers. 

Read More: What Does a Printer Technician Do?


People today prefer to consume content in visual form. Videos and infographics are more popular than text. With more than 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Infographics are three times more likely to be shared on social media platforms. For this reason, all influential blogs are turning to short videos or podcasts instead of text messages. This is just a change in the way the content is presented, and the content developed by the content author remains unchanged. 

There is a high demand for content creators in the media industry because they form the backbone of all TV/YouTube programs and are referred to as “writers” or “producers” in the media. Requests for content writers for news websites or portals that need to create content to update the news on the website have increased drastically.

These 2 are the major industries where you can take off as a content writer. Other industries that include the scope are – News industry, IT industry, Education industry, and so on. 

Again, to catalyze your career as a content writer, you will have to take up an excellent course on content writing like The Thought Tree. 

Thank you. Great day!

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When Is House Burglarized Or Robbed? And Differences Between Burglary Vs. Robbery



Burglary Vs. Robbery

Given the frequency of natural calamities, the importance of home insurance can’t be stressed enough. But a house insurance policy doesn’t just insure your house against natural catastrophes; it also ensures the home’s contents against burglary. But did you know that your house insurance policy will not cover theft? So what is the difference between Burglary and robbery? Let’s find out.


Home Insurance

There are two types of insurance policies to cover your house: a basic fire insurance policy and a comprehensive policy called the householder’s package policy (HPP). 

The fire policy covers your house and its contents against fire and other allied perils, including storms and floods. Some insurers may ask you to pay an extra premium to cover other natural disasters such as earthquakes.

Over and above the fire insurance policy, HPP includes covers that insure the contents of your house against burglary and mechanical or electrical breakdowns. 

You can also add covers such as a public liability cover, which compensates the third party for losses caused by you, or a personal accident cover offering insurance on accidental death or total permanent and partial disability due to an accident.

Legal Difference Between Burglary Vs. Robbery 

While a packaged home insurance policy offers financial protection in case of damage due to natural calamities, it also compensates you if somebody breaks into your house and steals your valuables. Burglary is a real threat, and it is good that your insurance covers it. But you must go through the insurance policy’s details to know how it defines burglary.

While you may use the words burglary and robbery interchangeably, the two have different meanings in law, and the insurers observe this distinction. Burglary, by definition, involves a break-in through violent or forcible means. So if a person breaks a window to get into the house or breaks open your cupboard to steal, it is considered burglary. Usually, an HPP covers burglary but not robbery.

Robbery would mean the person committing the crime had access to the house or its valuables. For example, you may have dropped the keys to your house near the door and come back home to discover your jewelry stolen. 

This is more a case of negligence. The insurer could say that you should have kept the keys safely. Insurers don’t cover theft because it is difficult to administer and often can be due to negligence. But some insurers also offer robbery insurance as an add-on cover to the HPP.

To know more about burglary vs. robbery, please click here

Also: ensures

The 4th Amendment protects two fundamental liberty interests: the right to privacy and freedom from arbitrary invasion.

A search occurs when a government employee or agent violates a reasonable expectation of privacy. A seizure is an interference with an individual’s possessory interest in the property. The property’s owner must have had a reasonable expectation of privacy in the items seized. 

A person is seized when law enforcement personnel use physical force to restrain the person if a reasonable person in a similar situation would not feel free to leave.

The prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures restricts the actions law enforcement personnel may take when performing a criminal investigation; however, the ban also disallows unjustified searches and attacks in the civil litigation context. 

Law enforcement may search only if individualized suspicion motivates the search. The Fourth Amendment prohibits generalized searches unless extraordinary circumstances place the public in danger.

To sue regarding an alleged Fourth Amendment violation, the plaintiff must have a legitimate expectation of privacy at the searched location. This expectation must meet both the subjective and objective tests of reasonableness. 

The subjective test requires the plaintiff to expect privacy genuinely. The objective test requires that, given the circumstances, a reasonable person in a similar situation also would have expected privacy.

The Exclusionary Rule

Courts ordinarily suppress evidence obtained during an unreasonable search or seizure. This rule, known as the exclusionary rule, applies to both the investigatory and accusatory stages of criminal prosecution.

If evidence that falls within the scope of the exclusionary rule led law enforcement to other evidence, then the exclusionary rule also applies to this related evidence.

The Warrant Requirement

To avoid illegally searching or seizing property, law enforcement officers typically obtain warrants. They must show probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and describe the place they will search and the items they will seize. A judge may find the probable cause only by examining the totality of the circumstances.

A knock-and-announce warrant requires law enforcement officers to knock on the door of a residence and announce their identity before entering. 

For additional information about search and seizure definition, you can click here


Once approved, the insurer will typically pay for the insured assets on a market-value basis only after determining the difference between burglary vs. robbery

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Learn How to Trade in Share Market in India



Learn How to Trade in Share Market in India

There is no certain shot recipe for accomplishment in financial exchanges. The draw of making huge cash in a brief timeframe has consistently pulled in individuals into putting cash in financial exchanges. In any case, there is no certain shot equation for achievement in financial exchanges. It requires a great deal of tolerance, order, and information in understanding how to trade in the share market. You can learn online trade learning easily with the best online trade learning packages in India which will help you to learn how to trade in Share market.

Before you really begin putting and exchanging securities exchange. It is a great idea to see some much of the time utilized terms:

Common Terms Used in Share market:-

Stock Market in India

A financial exchange, equity market, or share market is the conglomeration of purchasers and sellers of stocks/shares for exchanging of organization offers, stock, or subsidiaries. This incorporates protections recorded on a stock trade just as those just exchanged secretly. The trade-in the Indian stock market is where purchasers and sellers of protections can go into exchanges to buy and sell shares, securities, debentures, and so forth. For instance: portions of privately owned businesses are offered to speculators through value swarm financing stages. Stock trades list portions of basic value just as other security types, for example, corporate securities and convertible securities. 


A stock trade, share showcase is a trade which gives offices to stock intermediaries and merchants, to exchange organization stocks and different protections. In India, Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, or BSE has an across the nation reach with nearness in 417 urban areas and towns of India. Its record or market pointer is known as the Sensex. The National Stock Exchange of India, or S&P CNX Nifty, or essentially Nifty, is the main record for enormous organizations in India. 

What is Shares in India?

An offer, otherwise called value or stock, is one of a limited number that speaks to partial responsibility for the organization in relation to the complete number of offers. In liquidation, the stock speaks to the lingering resources of the organization that would be because of investors after the release of every senior case, for example, made sure about and debt without collateral. Value is an offer in the responsibility of the organization. It speaks to a case on the organization’s advantages and profit.

The least demanding approach to do share exchanging is to recruit a stock dealer or business firm. There are various notable stock representatives who can put exchanges for you and offer you guidance every once in a while for how to trade in the stock market. On the off chance that you need to do it without anyone else’s help, follow these: 

1. Peruse 

Learn to trade in the share market, peruse book on stock exchanging however much as could be expected. Books give an abundance of data and are modestly contrasted with different methods of training. For example, broker classes, workshops, or instructive DVDs, and helps you to understand how to trade in the stock market. You can likewise buy into business news channels and news gateways for articles identified with securities exchange and organizations.

2. Screen Advertise Development 

By checking the development of business sectors and trade in the Indian stock market every day through TV and print media. Financial specialists can open themselves to patterns, master investigation, organization merger, obtaining, and so on. Watching the impact of news on specific stock costs and perusing basic information can likewise fill in as another great wellspring of introduction for financial specialists. 

3. Get Paid Memberships 

Learn to trade in the share market through numerous organizations and agents who give data on when to purchase or sell the stocks dependent upon available examination and investigation. Thus, the firm will charge you a commission, typically a few pennies for each offer. Be that as it may, don’t depend on 100 per cent on these organizations. Utilize your own knowledge and examination to pick the stocks after knowing how to trade in the stock market. 

4. Pick the Stocks in Indian Market 

Follow the market pattern for scarcely any days and afterward select stocks you need to buy. When you set up your arrangement of stocks. Attempt virtual exchanging for rehearsing or you can begin with a little speculation. For instance, 1, 10, or 20 offers. To purchase the stock, place your offer through your offer exchanging account. The sellers of that stock will request a particular cost. At the point when these two costs coordinate, the deal will be executed. 

5. Stop Misfortune 

A stop misfortune is essential to restrict your misfortune in a security position. When you purchase the stock, you put in a sell request so when the stock value arrives at a specific level, the sell will be executed. A stop-misfortune request can be useful while you are on an excursion or can’t watch your position.

People still wondering about the question “how can I trade in the share market” must get in touch with our professional team of Skylark Groups for online trade learning. Our platforms not only provide guidance but distinct online trade learning packages from beginners to advanced. Visit our website to know more about us and the Indian stock market exchange.

You can further contact us over a call or through social media medium.

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Are You Looking For Best IAS Coaching In Delhi



Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

Elite IAS Coaching Academy is your one-stop destination for the most comprehensive and result-oriented preparation for the upcoming Civil Services Examination.

In this article, aspirants can find all the details pertaining to our IAS Coaching in Delhi. India’s capital city is the hub of IAS coaching institutes in the country. Aspirants from all parts of the country flock to Delhi with hopes and dreams of becoming one of the chosen few in India’s elite bureaucracy.

Elite IAS Coaching in Delhi, aspirants can rest assured that one-on-one attention will be given along with 24*7 support and mentorship. We are provides lectures and regular Current Affairs updates.

There are many reputed UPSC coaching centres in Delhi, however, at the end of the day, what matters is the perseverance and dedication of the individual. Coaching is not essential for clearing the Civil Services Exam but able guidance and selection of the best study material is definitely essential.

In recent years, IAS toppers have remarked on the importance of aligning current affairs with the UPSC Syllabus for Prelims and Mains. The syllabus is vast and requires aspirants to cover many topics in significant depth and range. This makes it difficult for candidates to structure and prepare a study plan which will be suitable for both Prelims and Mains.

The IAS Exam is widely considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. That being said, it is surely not an impossible task to ace the exam. Our IAS Coaching Academy in Delhi brings together all the resources and facilities that an aspirant needs to face this daunting exam.

Aspirants looking for Best IAS Coaching in Delhi can take a look at our IAS Academy where they can find personalised mentorship regarding studying from the right sources, taking mock tests for both prelims and mains, keeping a close tab on current affairs material, practising answer writing and most of all, having a detailed preparation plan and sticking to it.

IAS Toppers in recent years have been from a wide variety of background, educational history and choice of optional subjects. Our experienced faculty and advisory board are experts in identifying the innate strengths of individual aspirants, including working professionals, and then guiding them towards the goal. Aspirants looking for best IAS preparation in Delhi can check the relevant details on this page.

The specific details of Elite Best IAS Coaching in Delhi can be found in the table below. Both Hindi and English medium coaching is available.

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Things to be considered at the time of choosing a GMAT coaching institute



GMAT coaching in Pune

In case any of the students are thinking to appear for the GMAT exam then he or she must start preparing since the very beginning. Scoring well in this exam can help in fetching the admissions in the best of the b-schools across the globe.

 GMAT coaching in Pune is provided by various institutes. The students have to consider several things at the time of choosing a particular institute for coaching. 

 Some of the points are mentioned as follows: 

  • The previous record of the coaching institute: This is a very important point to be considered at the time of joining institutes. The student should not blindly trust the advertisements and they must check and verify the track record of the institutes. The students can access their mock test papers to check how much the institute is skilled. Another thing is to contact the alumni of that institute so that one can have an idea about their methodologies and ways of doing things. The alumni will surely help in providing the best feedback of the institutes.
  • The faculty members of Institute: This must be the primary and important area of focus at the time of choosing Institute. The students who want to join a particular institute must have chitchat with the already studying students and the teachers to have an idea about them and their experience. One can talk to various groups of students to understand the methodologies of the teachers in a better way. One can ask several questions about the backgrounds and experiences to have an idea about them. In this way, the student will be able to have a holistic view of the institute.
  • The whole size of the batch: A lot of students have the problem that they cannot study in large-sized batches. Such students want individual-based attention from the teachers. Many of the students are unable to clear their doubts when the study in large batches. So, the students look for the institutes who conduct their classes in very small batches so that they can get the individual desired attention.
  • Type of study-based material: Another important consideration at the time of choosing an institute is the study based material and its type which is provided by the Institute. A lot of institutes also provide the option to properly go through the study based material and then decide whether they should join the coaching centre or not. Students can also ask about the mock based tests before joining the Institute. Another important consideration is that if each of the students gets individual feedback based on their performance.
  • The location related factor: This is another important consideration at the time of choosing the coaching institute. A lot of people go with the nearest one. The reason behind this is that they want to remain fresh as well as attentive after the classes and do not want to waste the time in travelling because when they reach home then also they have to study a lot.

 Hence, all the above-mentioned considerations must be kept in mind at the time of choosing the particular GMAT coaching institute

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Digital Marketing

How To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing



Hidden Skills To Become A Expert In Digital Marketing:- Life is continuously moving from tradition to digital. Because technology is also evolving day by day it’s been predicted that in the future around by 2030 many of the jobs will be obsolete. Being a marketer we also have to get ahead so that we don’t lose our jobs. To do so jump to digital marketing if still you are doing or learning digital marketing you will be left behind start today. You are living in the information age so to start learning Digital Marketing you don’t have to spend so much money on coaching and all. For basics of digital marketing you can subscribe to my blog digitalkartik where I post blog what’s going on digital marketing Or Get certified by Google Digital Unlocked it free of cost.

Digital Marketing

So here are some most demanding skills

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SMO (Social Media Marketing).
  • PPC (Pay per Click) It’s a Google AdWords.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing).
  • Email Marketing

Form above you have to master one Skill. Because everyone need expert in there company or organization. Learning skill doesn’t stop there only there are few more skill that you should know, But you don’t have to master them but yes are important. Without these skills, you will not become experts in the above Skills.

So Important skill list goes like this.

  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing & Curation
  • Copywriting
  • Data Analysis

Let’s elaborate on them why they are important:-

Let’s start with Data AnalysisData Analysis is also called data science but you don’t have to learn complete in-depth data sciences you just have to understand numbers that you need this because you have to understand the Google Analytics so you can measure your performance whether your website is doing great or not from where your traffic is coming what is the age group of your audience, which type of device they are using to reach your website.

Content Marketing & Content Curation: Content is said to the king in digital marketing. Digital marketing is all about content curation, But nowadays the content is in quantity but value-added content is less the content which adds some value to the person living that type of content is less. To hold the eyeballs on your online platform you have continuously have curate some content that can be in any format.

Copywriting: It’s the main skill that everybody should learn & it must skill if you are a digital marketer or pursuing a career in Digital Marketing. Copywriting will help you in making Ads on social media. Writing engaging Emails that person read completely

Email Marketing: – It’s important because being a digital marketer you should also build your E-mail list also. Because they will become your first customer database. Then you can sell your digital product to them. Or you can pitch your new product to them through Email Marketing. You should know how you can collect emails from visitors.

Don’t forget to subscribe digitalkartik show on @Spotify

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Some of the Best Digital Marketing Tactics



Digital Marketing Tactics

Your objective is to select the strategies that are going to be the most active for your commercial and then hire those digital marketing tactics in methods that finally result in conversions. Our Digital Marketing Service will assist you to understand all the perfect strategies and ways to use them. To assist you to achieve this, we have made a list of the most general digital marketing plans, and come up with certain best practices that you can use as you execute your content advertising efforts.

Here are the Finest Digital Marketing Policies

Blog posts

  • Not ever write a blog post deprived of a tactic

Before you initiate creating blog post concepts, know what you are about to tell persons and what they want to get from you. For the case, are you writing a blog post in support of a current marketing procedure? If so, you want the excellence and message that you use to match the further content that is being shaped for the marketing operation.

  • Know who you are aiming at a macro and micro level

If you do not have distinct customer facades already, you will need them before you initiate blogging. At that time, figure out which of them will be absorbed in reading your blog. In addition to this, you should also know which of your facades you are aiming with each separate post.

  • Brand constancy is enormous

When we talk about content and aesthetics together, never use the vision of your product. This means using similar fonts and color systems when you set up your blog as you did on the rest of your website. It also means that similar values you follow to on your website, on social media, in your marketing, etc.

Social Media

Many marketing policies have understood the potential of using social media attendance to drive leads. This is why more trades than ever are fetching active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media stages. An active social media attendance leads to brand knowledge, and that makes it calmer to close deals when the time arises. In addition to this, social media can be used as a platform to start industry skill, developing dealings, and then eventually as the opening of a sales pipe.


When used efficiently, email news sheets are a great vehicle to create thought leadership, to keep bibliophiles interested and conversant, and to drive persons to your website. Here are a few supreme practices:

  • Contain an easy to determine to unsubscribe Link in each Email- most receivers won’t use it, but you want to make the procedure easy for those who do
  • Open with a Transitory disclaimer that the receiver is receiving the email because they promised
  • For extensive articles comprise the Intro in the email then Link to your website for the rest of the post. This Digital Marketing service company offers many different ways to attract various consumers to your trade.


The use of video content in B2B advertising is fetching more and more general ad people understand its potential to make leads, boost SEO, and create an appointment. Though, to get the most profit from video advertising there are a few strategies you should follow:

  • Know who every single video is going to aim
  • If the video is a portion of a larger operation- coordination is important
  • Invest in decent production excellence

Images and Photos                                                                                     

Faith rises meaningfully when persons can subordinate faces to designations. This is as true in B2B as it is in B2C. This is why one of the sagest use of photos in B2B marketing is to just include snapshots of yourself and your squad on your website, social media, and blogs. In addition to this blog, blog posts and articles that contain graphics are attractive to visual learners, and they can assist you to exemplify a point in a picture that might take you numerous sections of text to make.

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McAfee Security



McAfee Security

McAfee is a antivirus that’s available worldwide for gadgets such as Computer, Notebook or Smartphones, and McAfee is a standout among additional 10 Antivirus as signaled by all polls in most recent ten decades. McAfee Security is used to anchor the gadgets out of Trojans, Attacks, Malware or other exercises that might harm the system or gadgets.This edition of McAfee AntiVirus utilizes a different sort of design to other anti virus software. The windows to browse through are tall and narrow, with flat”drawer” tabs instead of tabs on the top or down the left side of the display.

McAfee eliminates the viruses without bias without leaving the traces of files that are executable.
McAfee provides protection from a broad array of spyware, viruses and malicious software, Trojans etc.. You may easily rely upon one of the greatest virus database.

We made a very simple ransomware simulation that spiders via a folder tree, studying and reading files, pictures, MP3s and much more. By conducting this on our evaluation system, we had been expecting to check if McAfee AntiVirus Plus could detect ransomware by behaviour alone, and discover out the number of files may be lost prior to the assault may be stopped.The response was unsatisfactory, since the app totally disregarded our simulator and let it reestablish thousands of documents. Other anti virus engines have performed quite differently, so such as Kaspersky Antivirus 2019 not just seen and killed the danger, but also restored the few of documents it’d was able to encrypt.

McAfee Mobile Security for Android has everything from the iOS construct, and provides much, much more: anti virus, ransomware elimination, program privacy review (check permissions and eliminate anything that goes too much ), phone and SMS obstructing, power management and much more. New now is a Data Usage Tracker which tracks how much information is moved by means of an program, and permits you to set data limitations by month or day.

A more practical networking module shows a map of linked devices and computers.

This malware security software has many additional safety features to keep your entire computer safe. The spam blockers and antiphishing tools kick as you get email to be certain that there is not anything harmful in the messages or in documents attached to them. McAfee Total Protection contains parental controls which permit you to restrict kids from seeing unethical sites and put time controls which restrict internet access during specific occasions, like faculty hours and hours.

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What Does a Printer Technician Do? Career Outlook



Printer Technician

IT support specialists offer help and advice to people and organizations with software or computer equipment. Some of the so-called computer network support specialists support IT employees in your organization. Others, called computer user support specialists, provide support to users who do not have IT and who have computer problems.

Computer user support specialists generally do the following:

  •         See customer descriptions of computer problems.
  •         Ask the client questions to diagnose the problem correctly.
  •         Guide customers through best troubleshooting practices
  •         Set up or repair computer devices and related devices.
  •         Provide other team members and organization leaders with information about the causes that cause most customer problems and what other issues customers have

IT support specialists, also known as help desk technicians, generally provide technical assistance to computer users without IT skills. They respond to requests for help by phone and email. You can usually help users remotely, but you can also visit the website to solve a problem personally.

Help desk technicians can solve numerous problems that vary by industry and company. Some technicians work for big S/W companies or customer service companies and must provide corporate clients with instructions on how to use company-specific programs, for example. For example, an electronic medical records program used in hospitals or medical offices. Sometimes they work with other technicians to solve problems.

Other help-desk technicians work in call centers and answer more straightforward questions from non-corporate clients. They can guide customers through the necessary steps to restore Internet connectivity or troubleshoot home computing products such as a Wi-Fi router.

How to become a printer technician

Due to the wide range of skills used for various IT support activities, there are many ways to work. A bachelor’s degree is required for some specialized IT support positions, but an associate diploma or postgraduate diploma may be sufficient for others.


Training requirements for IT support specialists vary. The work of computer support specialists for users requires some computer skills, but not necessarily a post-secondary diploma. Candidates who have attended computer courses are often qualified. Many employers accept associate degree candidates, although some candidates prefer a bachelor’s degree.

Large software companies that help commercial users purchase their products or services often require a degree. The more technical positions probably require a degree in a field such as computer science, engineering or computer science, but for others the subject of the candidate is less important.

To keep pace with technological change, many IT support specialists continue their education throughout their careers.


Independent certification providers or providers usually offer certification programs. The certification confirms the best practices required by IT support specialists. Companies can request certification from their IT support specialists for the products they use.


Many IT support specialists switch to other IT positions, e.g. B. Network and IT system administrators and software developers. Some become managers in the IT support department. Some organizations offer routes that allow nurses to move to other parts of the organization, such as:in sales. For more information, see the profiles of network administrators, IT systems and software developers.


A tech printer technician typically earns between $ 34,000 and $ 75,000 a year with an average salary of $ 50,000. Other factors as the size of the organization and the sector, play a role in determining a person’s pay.


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How to Determine Child Support Payments



How to Determine Child Support Payments

At this point when the guardians are separated or independent and cared for, the custodial parent has the privilege of Child Support. The order in relation to this installment arises from the state family court, which furthermore must be paid by non-parental parents dependent on various financial, social and expert variables.

Find out the amount of payment

There are three fundamental factors that must be considered as to how much non-custodial parents will have to pay for their child’s needs and will be assessed by the state family court. These elements include:

Income: The livelihood of the two parents should be examined and checked so that they have to present the correct documents required by the court. It is to be observed that parents are also given an opportunity to take advantage of their lives from their salary while providing for their Child Support. Just one level of their salary is to be used for the kids’ booster installments, dependent on the court estimating the installments.

Parental obligation: Related to the custodial parent’s money and to help the parents decide the installment of the young booster should be considered. On the off chance that a custodial parent has more work than a non-custodial parent, this will affect the subsequent installment chosen by the court.

A number of children: The more children are born, the more installment will be. This means a more prominent duty that two parents need to bear. For complacency, the two parents should give an equal measure of help in the parental and budgetary sense.

Kid Support and Tax Matters

Planned installments are subtracted with the respect of the custodial parent to help your children. They will also not be attached for evaluation in relation to the paying parent.

Child Support and Residential Schedules

To pay child support, one should also rely on paternity. This parent describes how the parent is engaged in bringing up the child. On the off chance that the image has step-parents, the set-up paternity still goes to both birth guardians despite their division or separation.

In the event that the Child Support is ordered to live with just one parent, the custodial one, the non-parental parent is required to pay to help Tyche. Be that as it may, if Tyche is under joint authorization and remains in the living arrangements of the two guardians, then the measure of time spent in each household must be considered. It will be given a significant amount so that the appropriate installments can be properly ascertained which should be collected from the respective guardians.

How is legal child support payment

The process used to settle and find out the funding support required by the children is resolved on a case-to-case basis, regardless of the paternity created and the support provided to the youth by the two parents, regardless of whether they should be joint. Right or not. Additionally, every single document required by the court should be presented in a sequential manner.

On the occasion that the consent of the original records has problems or that both parents cannot be agreed to understand the court-ordered orders, it is prudent with a private detective agency in Delhi. It will celebrate the legal advisors with a claim to fame, who have involvement in the care of young booster cases.

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Rajasthan Board Announced the RBSE class 12 commerce result: Check it out



RBSE class 12 commerce result 2019

Rajasthan Board has announced RBSE Class 12 Commerce result 2019. The result of RBSE Class 12 Commerce 2019 result has been declared by the RBSE on its official website. Students can visit on the to check their RBSE 12th Commerce result 2019. 

The statement of RBSE 12th Commerce result 2019 online was done after its official announcement. Along with announcing the BSER 12th Commerce result 2019, the result for Science stream has also been published on the official website.

Students can also enter their RBSE 12th Commerce result 2019 through the official link made available on this page. It is in the best advice to the students to bookmark this page to remain informed about any updates on RBSE 12th result 2019 which will always be made available here.

 Rajasthan 12 Commerce 2019 Result Declaration Date

The declaration date of RBSE 12 Commerce result 2019 is 15th May. Students can read the table below to know about the significant dates of Rajasthan Board 12th Commerce result 2019. 

State Exam Name Exam Date Exam Result Date
Rajasthan Board Rajasthan 10th Board Exam 14th March to 27th March 3rd June 2019
Rajasthan 12th Board Exam 7th March to 2nd April (Arts) 22nd May 2019
Rajasthan 12th Arts Result 7th March to 2nd April 22nd May 2019
Rajasthan Board 12th Science 7th March to 2nd April 15th May 2019
Rajasthan Board 12th Commerce Result 7th March to 2nd April 15th May 2019


 Rajasthan Board RBSE Class 12 Commerce result – Key Highlights of 2018

  • Total Number of Candidates appeared: 46,877
  • Total Number of Candidates passed: 38,370
  • Overall Pass percentage: 91.09%
  • Pass percentage of girls: 91.09%
  • Pass percentage of boys: 89.23% 

The top 3 Rank Students of RBSE  12 commerce results are mentioned below:

  • Deeksha Agarwal (97.6%)
  • Ronak Sagtani (96.4%)
  • Lavisha Nagda (95.8%)

How to Check Rajasthan (RBSE) 12 Commerce Result 2019 through Google

To know the result of RBSE class 12th commerce result via google here we will guide you how to check rbse board result 2019 class 12 commerce in a below steps:

  • Do a google search of rbse class 12 commerce result 2019.
  • There were so many results displayed on your screen choose the official link of Rajasthan board result
  • After the opening of the official link of rbse class 12 commerce result screen will appear like
  • Enter your details that have been asked 
  • And click the Submit button and you can see your rbse 12 commerce result.
  •  Make sure to download your result or make a soft copy or print out of your result         



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Digital Marketing

How Are Ar/vr Laptops Changing The Way We Study And Learn? A Deep Insight



Arvr Laptops Changing

Gone are the days when movies would portray virtual reality or augmented reality technology as something that would be used in the future. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) is real and it is already here.

There are already gadgets and apps making use of this technology. Devices like the Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Microsoft HoloLens to name a few. There are also mobile applications taking advantage of augmented reality technology. Snapchat is a prime example with the various filters they have.

So Are You Telling Me That AR/VR Laptops Are Here To Save Me?

One of the biggest industry that has been on the forefront with the AR/VR industry is the gaming industry. With products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, they have had a tremendous hand in furthering the development of AR/VR products.

The industry which is now dipping its toes into the AR/VR tech is the education sector. Companies have recognized the market gap for such products. They are now focusing on the education sector specifically and making products for them.

One such example is zSpace. They have come up with an amazing AR laptop that will change the educators teach and the way students learn. Assignment Writing UK has a few articles on how augmented reality and virtual reality is starting to change the ways students are taught inside classrooms and how they learn outside the class room.

Major Ways That You Can Benefit From Using AR/VR For Educational Purposes!

One of the biggest industry that has been on the forefront with the AR/VR industry is the gaming industry. With products like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, they have had a tremendous hand in furthering the development of AR/VR products.

The industry which is now dipping its toes into the AR/VR tech is the education sector. Companies have recognized the market gap for such products. They are now focusing on the education sector specifically and making products for them.

One such example is zSpace. They have come up with an amazing AR laptop that will change the educators teach and the way students learn. Assignment Writing UK has a few articles on how augmented reality and virtual reality is starting to change the ways students are taught inside classrooms and how they learn outside the class room.

Major Ways That You Can Benefit From Using AR/VR For Educational Purposes!

Most students have experienced their lessons on chalkboards and textbooks. With the recent inclusion of technology, some schools may use electronic boards and tablets but this is something else entirely. AR technology will allow students to experience objects as if they’re really there. No longer will students be searching, “do my assignment UK” on the internet.

It is mostly agreed that students have a better learning experience when there’s physical interaction involved such as practical experiments    involved. It has proven that students retain more information through these practices.

What student would prefer to learn from boring old textbooks when they can experience the real thing with Augmented Reality? It has countless uses and ways that that it is superior to everyday teaching methods.

  • Augmented reality allows a student to experience an immersive, image that seemingly pops out of the screen. This image can be interacted with using the help of a stylus that is provided with the laptop. This will be incredibly helpful with subjects such as biology and architecture.
  • Virtual reality is something that science, medicine, engineering and even maths students can benefit. Students from every field can use the technology to demonstrate abstract topics, ideas or experiments that would be impossible to do in the real world.
  • One way that teachers can benefit from this technology is creating augmented or virtual room which students can attend lectures in. One such example of this was called “Second Life”. The teachers could create a room with up to a 100 students attending. In this particular example, Australian students were introduced to Chinese culture using AR before they left on an exchange program.
  • There have been several effects of this program noted, some of which include:
    1) Reduced apprehension and embarrassment in students.
    2) Students revisiting a lesson multiple times without hesitation.
    3) Better social interaction between students as they were interacting in a virtual world.
    4) A virtual environment where students have control over their avatars also allows teachers to judge a student’s body language and facial expressions.
  • Research has shown that the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology has resulted in increased motivation and classroom participation. The students are more eager to participate and engage in the classroom.
  • The use of Augmented Reality is more easily implemented as it is an overlay over the real, physical world. An example of this is the mobile game “Pokemon Go” which uses the phone’s camera and adds elements to it. Augmented reality only adds to one’s vision while Virtual Reality covers it completely.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality are a great way to allow students to practice. A student of anatomy may not be able to practice on a real body multiple times but they may be able to use augmented or virtual reality to practice that same procedure multiple times.
  • Another example is Elements 4D. DAQRI studios have created an app to help students learn about chemistry. They have real-life boxes that represent each element of the periodic table. When the app sees these blocks using the phone’s camera, it recognises each box as the elements. Students can combine elements to see how they’d react.
  • Anatomy 4D and Corinth Micro Anatomy are two apps related to the medical field. These apps allow students to interact with 3D models of the human body. Students can change, adjust and dissect any part of the body and see the effects of their actions.
  • Apps such as Human Heart 3D allow students to focus on specific parts of the human body with this one focusing on the heart. It shows various animations and tips about it while showing the minute details such as the arteries, muscle, tissue and such.

On The Whole; AR/VR Laptops Mean Good News For Education, Right?

AR and VR are relatively new technologies that aren’t even close to their final form. We can take the example of smartphones and see what a long way they’ve come along. Augmented and virtual reality is slowly being introduced to mainstream media. Developers and users are finding new ways to use it or improve it every day.

It won’t be long before students are writing their thesis on how augmented and virtual reality drastically changed industries and looking for assignment help UK to help them out with it.

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A Complete Guide to Understand the Meaning of Econometrics




Have you ever heard of term econometrics? It is the quantitative application statistical methods for understating and studying the economic data and problems. As the name suggests, econometrics consist of two major words economic and metrics. It involves using statistical and mathematical theories that are utilized to test the hypotheses of the economic system. This method is also used to forecast future trends by analyzing historical data.

The students who are studying econometrics often find difficulties to understand its various concepts. When you get stuck with some of its topic it is always better to get econometric assignment help rather than wasting your time on it. Moreover, this post would give you detailed information about the Econometrics. Now read carefully to know more about it.

The Basic of Econometrics

The analysis of econometrics uses statistical methods to test economic theory. To quantify economic phenomena it uses economic theories, statistical interference, and mathematics. In simple words, econometrics is the best method to drive useful information about the economic models for economic policy making. It converts qualitative statements into quantitative information. The process of econometrics is used in various branches such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance, etc.

The entire method of econometrics majorly relies on statistical data to measure and examine economic theories. It leverages various tools like frequency distribution, correlation analysis, probability distribution, time series methods, equation models, etc. It also utilizes theoretical econometrics and the original data for creating economic theories, forecasting, developing economic models and for the detailed examination of economic history.

Its theory is highly based on the statistical data and mathematical statistics that are used to develop and evaluate the econometric methods. Most of the time the cliometricians seek the estimators with desirable statistical properties and it consists of efficiency, unbiasedness, consistency, etc.

What are the Methodologies of Econometrics?

The econometric methodology begins by collecting and analyzing the data. It is fairly straightforward. Then, it involves defining the specific hypotheses which explain the structure of the data set. The econometrics works with all the statistical models to study variants of things related to economics. The analysis of econometrics is similar to the design of the studies in other disciplines. It includes sociology, political science, epidemiology, etc.

The most important tool of econometrics is a linear multiple regression model. This tool is used to provide the formal approach to explain how the change in one economic variable can impact the other determinants of the dependent variables. It encompasses the economic variables and its effects being explained, the explanatory variable, etc.

Limitations of Econometrics

The econometrics is criticized for various reasons. As you know that it entirely depends upon the raw data for analyzing the things. There is no link of econometrics with the established economic theory. It is somehow mandatory to adequately explain the theory of all the revealed data. The regression analysis of econometrics is one of the most important methodologies. The economists cannot always use controlled experiments. But sometimes regression analysis also fails to provide accurate results. It could be invalid as it uses two sets of data. In addition to this, the economy is majorly concerned with the correlation analysis but still, it is not completely causation. It has been noted that in some situations the econometric data can be manipulated. This makes it necessary to rely on observational studies.

It is true that students often get stuck while writing the assignments on this topic. If you are going through the same phase then you should consider taking homework and assignment help from the professionals of BookMyEssay. They can provide you best guidance for any of your assignment related to this topic. So, instead of struggling with this assignment contact them today.

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A Proficient Guide to Understand the Visual Studio Code for Java



Visual Studio Code for Java

In visual studio code, the Java is supported by providing a diverse range of extensions. There are so many benefits for installing these extensions; it gives you the lightweight and performing code editors. This also supports Java development tools. Many necessary language features are also provided by the visual studio code. These features include linting, formatting, refactoring, code completion and so on. Along with that it also provides code snippets that have convenient debugging and it also units test support.

The visual code also integrates perfectly with the tools and frameworks. Maven, Jetty, Tomcat and spring boot are the name of some frameworks that integrate with Visual codes. Due to all these things the Visual studio has become the most preferred text editor for polyglot developers. It is known as the superior text editor that works fast and has very lightweight despite having the IDE-ish capabilities.

The student ad beginners who are working on the visual code for Java assignment might be finding some difficulties. It happens a lot because it is a little complicated topic that generally confuses the students. If you are going through the same situation, then you can ask for professional assistance for completing this assignment. The assignment help for Java offered by the experts of BookMyEssay can help you with this task. However, in this post, we would try to cover as many things as we can about visual code so that you can understand it in a better way.

The visual studio code can do well with Java because it has to leverage power to the developers. The excellent tools that enable them to code quickly and they can also edit the existing code. It also allows them to do full debugging and testing cycle. These are some of the things that make for visual studio code worth using for working with the Java:

The visual studio code is free open source, fast and lightweight software.

  • It supports multiple programming languages.
  • If you are using visual studio code then you don’t have to learn and install the complex IDE for working with Java.
  • The visual studio code has best microservice support and it includes popular frameworks, could integration, and container tooling as well.
  • The collaborative features of this software enhance work productivity.

Now we would discuss the ways to drive out the maximum output from the visual studio code for Java development project. The Java extension set of Microsoft also includes some major extensions.

Begin with the initial setup: There is the set of extensions which is necessary for the core Java support in VS Code.

Language Support for Java Red Hat: This extension is important to install for having Java support. Extensions other than this are complementary and you can use them as per the requirements of your development project. It allows you to read and edit the java source code.

Other features: Using these extensions also add many other capabilities so that you can navigate, write, edit and read the Java source code quickly.

Debugger for Java by Microsoft: After completing the basic writing and reading of the Java code on visual studio, then you have to debug it. These extensions are made for that. It would use JAVA_HOME on your device and you can customize it. This extension has the features of normal Java IDE debugging which give you the authority to customize and control over how you want things to be executed. When you would install this extension then you will notice two hyperlinks.

Maven for Java, by Microsoft: It is the widely used tool for building projects in the Java ecosystem. Using this extension makes it easier to work on any Java project through visual studio code. It would ask the destination folder where you want to generate the project folder.

There are many benefits to using visual studio code for Java projects. So if you want to acquire more information about it, you can take homework and assignment help from the professionals.

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ICAI CA Final Admit Card for 2019: Download



ICAI CA Final admit card

ICAI has released the CA Final admit card for students who registered for the CA Final course. Admit card has been released online on an ICAI official website. Students can go to the website and download the admit card, note that no hard copy will provide. For download, students have to log in to your account by filling  ID and password and only three times students can download the CA Final year admit card. After download the admit card, It is necessary to check all the details given in the admit card because if there is error comes, then you can solve it through the ICAI helpline number. The ICAI has already announced the exam date and the exams will be held in May. Candidate must have to carry the admit card in the exam center because it is important for verification and after the verification process then you are allowed to sit in the exam.

Result of CA Final exam likely to be announced in the month 3rd week of July and students can check their CA Final result May 2019 through the ICAI website.

In this article, we will discuss the admit card of CA final like important details, how to download, exam dates, Helpline number, etc below.

CA Final Admit Card 2019: Important Dates

Important dates related to the admit card for CA Final. Let’s see:

Events Dates
Application correction window- 1 starts March 27th-2 April
Application correction window- 2 starts May 10- May 19, 2019
CA Final admit card releases May 6, 2019
CA Final 2019 (old and revised) May 27, 29, 30, June 4, 7, 9 and 13, 2019
CA Final result date After 2 months of exam

CA Final Exam Time Table

ICAI has already released the exam dates. Exams will be held in the month of May. Let’s see the schedule given below:

Subject Date Day
Financial Reporting 27th May 2019 Monday   
Strategic Financial Management 29th May 2019 Wednesday  
Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics 31st May 2019 Friday
Corporate and Economic Laws 2nd June 2019 Sunday
Strategic Cost Management and Performance Evaluation 4th June 2019 Tuesday
Risk Management 7th June 2019 Friday
Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation 9th June 2019 Sunday
Indirect Tax Laws 11th June 2019 Tuesday

How to Download the CA Final Admit Card May 2019

Follow these easy steps to download the  CA final admit card:

  1. In the first Step, you have to visit the ICAI website where you can download the ICAI official website.
  2. Next, you have to log in to your ICAI account by entering the ID and Password.
  3. After login to your account, now you have to click on the “View” button in front of admit card
  4. Now your admit card for CA final 2019 will display on your screen
  5. Click on the download button and take out print.

Details Which Admit Card Contains

CA Final Admit card contains various details which are given below

  • Student’s Name
  • Student’s Photo
  • Student’s Signature
  • Registration Number
  • Roll Number
  • Medium of exam
  • Exam dates

How to Download Admit Card if You Forgot Your Password?

In case if you forgot your password, then you have to follow these simple steps to retrieve your password.

  1. First, you have to go on ICAI website
  2. After you have click on the login button.
  3. Now on the login page, you will see a link of Forget Password. Click on it.
  4. There are 3 potions given to retrieve your password, from these you have to choose one
  5. If you choose the first option to retrieve your password through email id and mobile number then you will have to submit the email id and password
  6. If you choose the second option to retrieve your password through login ID then you will have to submit the registration number, security question, and date of birth.
  7. If you choose the third option to retrieve your password through barcode then you will have to submit the registration number, exam barcode number, and personal identification.

If Signature and Photograph are not Shown in Admit Card. It is Valid?

If by chance in your CA Final admit card your photograph and signature do not show then you have to paste the photograph and affix the signature on the area given on printout of admit card and get attested by the ICAI official.

Correction Window for Admit Card

Unfortunately, if in your CA Final exam admit card any error comes related to medium/center then by correction window you can correct your errors.ICAI has provided the two.2 correction. In the first correction window, you can correct your error without pay any fee and in the second window, you have to pay a fee to correct the error. Both of these windows will open for a limited period of time.

CA Final Helpdesk

If you have any issue related to your CA Final admit card then you can contact the ICAI helpline Number, you can also email.

Helpline Numbers- 0120 3054 851, extensions- 852, 853, 854 and 835; 0120 4953 751, extensions- 752, 753 and 754

Mail Address –

As we have told you all the details regarding CA Final exam admit card and result. Hope this information was helpful for you. 

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