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Youtube Likes

YouTube has been the perfect source of the content as an entertaining platform, yet it’s also working as a capitalizing tool for marketers. Nearly more than half of all marketers that are approximately 48% plan to work on YouTube with marketing strategies. 

More than one-third of the total time spent online for looking at videos and YouTube has got more than a billion active users. The YouTube platform is so extensive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages worldwide, calculating for 95% of the total world’s population. 

YouTube is considered the Internet’s second-largest search engine not only for the audience but also for the marketers. It can help to improve your SEO and overall brand participation. YouTube helps to support the marketers to appear as unique content that’s easy for the audience to spend a lot of time and share more!

YouTube marketing is one of the terrifying tools for brands. You can get your video trending after buying cheap YouTube likes where you can use them with a lot of benefits between other users. In this article, we’ll be giving complete guidance for YouTube pros and newcomers. We’ll walk through several strategic steps that are essential on the YouTube channel created from scratch. Then comes the optimization of the videos for SEO to run a YouTube advertising campaign and, at last, they interpret video analytics!

#1 The simple way your video content on YouTube 

Let’s talk more about search engine optimization for your YouTube channel, where it is going up and running high!

Always keep in mind that, as said earlier, the YouTube platform is the second most search engine. Thus you need to develop the most engaging content, which is a mandatory step for jumping into the success rate. There are different factors that you need to perform while optimizing your video content to rank them highly on both YouTube as well as Google search results. 

The first and foremost step is to grow into a YouTube marketing pro by designing and optimizing your video’s metadata. Simply give the metadata that gives out the audience with the precise data about your video, that comprises of your video title, description, tags, category, thumbnails, subtitle, and closed captions

Providing with the correct set of details for your video’s metadata ensures whether it is correctly indexed by YouTube and tends to make an appearance when people are searching for a video like yours. Be short and direct when filling out the metadata for your content because it can be penalized if you try to promote it with the irrelevant keywords.  

#2 Write an Attractive content and unique title:

Similar to On-page SEO, it’s really significant to optimize your video’s title and description. Titles are the first part where people first readout when scrolling down a list of videos, hence try to make it clear and attractive for the searchers who are curious about your content or make it informative for all those who need the assistance to solve their problem.

Perform some keyword research to get a better understanding of what audiences are searching for or what they want from your content. Include the most significant information and keywords at the beginning of your title. In the end, keep titles to approx of 60 characters to keep text from being cut off in the results pages.

#3 Craft content that people love to enjoy!

YouTube will only show the first two to three lines that are about 100 characters of your video’s description. Thus to read it beyond that, the audience needs to click “show more” to check out the rest. 

Always add the important links or Click through actions at the beginning of your description and write the copy, so it grabs the views and engagement. 

After this, add the video transcript that is the translation of your content. Video transcripts can greatly help to improve your SEO because your video is usually packed full of keywords. Use a default channel description that comprises links to your other social channels, video credits, and video-specific time stamps. Also, you can import #hashtags in your title and description.

#4 Publish your video with the best tags:

Next, focus your main keywords in your tags. Keywords make the involvement of your video with the same type of videos, which mainly expands its reach. While tagging videos, always try to tags with the most important keywords first and then try to include a good combination of more common keywords with the long-tail keywords!

#5 Publish your videos based on its category:

After uploading a video, YouTube  will allow you to select a video category under the “Advanced setting.” Video categories group will automatically group your video with the relevant content on the platform.

YouTube  makes you sort your videos into the several categories they are 

  • Filming and Animation
  • Auto and Vehicles
  • Music 
  • Pets and Animals
  • Sports 
  • Travel and Events
  • Gaming
  • People and Blogs
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • News and Politics
  • Education
  • Science and Technology

#6 Create a Great Thumbnail:

Video thumbnails for YouTube are the main images where viewers can see when scrolling down through a list of video results. Your videos can create a larger amount of clicks and views for your content by receiving it. YouTube will automatically produce a few thumbnail options for your video, yet the possible high recommendation is uploading the customized thumbnail.

In the recent YouTube, reports say that 90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have customized thumbnails. When filming, just think of the best and high-quality shots that would perfectly represent your videos. YouTube suggests using a 1280 x 720 pixels image to confirm that your thumbnail looks perfect for all screen sizes!

#7 Make a perfect playlist:

Are you building videos for a specific theme? Then playlists are one of the perfect tools for your channel! Playlists all help to organize a collection of videos from both your channel and other channels. Not only helps to organize your playlist but also gain viewers by encouraging them to watch similar content. Crafting a playlist that caters you with the more discoverable content. 

To build a new playlist, got to a video you’d like to add and click the “Add to” under the video then create new content. Type the name of the player you want to feature and click “create”.


How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App In Bangalore?



Mobile App In Bangalore

Mobile apps have become a vital component to capture the wide market that is swiftly shifted to smartphones. Mobile application development plays an important role in all the industries to increase the visibility of the brand and also its sales. The mobile application is the top user interaction medium that aids the business owner in increasing sales output. Whether it’s booking a flight, ordering your favorite food, chatting with your close ones or booking a ride, mobile apps play a crucial role in the modern-day lives. Mobile applications are at your fingertips for productivity, enjoyment, and utility purposes.

The advantages of having a mobile app include,

  • Real-time customer interaction.
  • Easy access from anytime, anywhere.
  • Quick, effortless, and easy to adapt.
  • Easier payment options.
  • Realtime information option for users about new products and offers.
  • Continuous customer service and support.
  • Stay ahead in the race as wider audience are covered.

What does it cost to develop a mobile app in Bangalore?

If you are calculating the mobile app development cost in Bangalore without having the proper knowledge of its features then it is impossible task to get the accurate result. Best mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brillmindz evaluate many factors before mentioning the actual price. The cost of application development varies in accordance with the various factors below:

1.Business Engagement model:

Business model is the top priority behind the cost of application development. It is dependent on factors like,

  • Duration of the project (Short, medium or long term)
  • The platform used by your target customers.
  • The intensity of your requirements and scope change.
  • Type of product you are selling.
  • Devices that need to be consolidated to give a reactive app.
  • Free or Paid application.
  • Third party or your own product advertisements.

You need to have proper and fixed answers to all these questions in order to get the cost estimation of your app, as all these above factors have a direct influence on the final cost. Also having a best vision before starting the development of the app will avoid any pitfalls in later stages of the process.

2) Type of platform:

Next important step in deciding the development cost is choosing the type of platform. Majorly it is reliant on whether you need a native application or a hybrid application. A native application is dependent on platform and can only run on a particular platform like Android or iOS. But hybrid applications can run on various platforms.


Android is the hugely utilised mobile operating system across the world and majority of business owners opt for Android apps. But, the development cost of building an Android application can be a bit on higher side when compared to IOS. JAVA being a heavy programming language needs more lines of codes that will finally increase the total duration to complete the process. Also, as number of devices are more, testing will also be a tedious job.


The programming languages like Objective C and Swift, that are utilised for creating an IOS app are less complex than JAVA, that also requires less lines of codes to be written. Thus, the time and cost for total development of the app comes down. But the hourly rates quoted for IOS application development may be higher than Android.

Hybrid Application:

Hybrid apps are one of the best options to lower the app development costs. They can run on many platforms, as a single set of code will perform on different platforms. Hybrid apps may have few features less than that of native apps, but if you have a tight budget then they work very handy.

3)Features included in the app:

If you are planning to include any features like,

  • With or without a web server,
  • To include any third-party integrations,
  • Admin dashboards,
  • Makes use of hardware components like Bluetooth and GPS etc.

These feature related factors in your apps will have an influence on total cost of your app. It is always better to have a complete vision of features that are required in the app decided in the scope of work.

4)Visual Design:

The first impression is the best impression. It will have direct impact on increasing your brand publicity and growing it to a next level. As there is lot of competition in the app market, this can turnout to be a maker or a deal breaker for your organisation. The more engaging and appealing the app is, more are the probabilities for a customer to stick on to it. Nevertheless, to build visually rich apps, more effort has to be put in on the development process, that will increase the total development cost too.

5)Paid apps, free apps or e-commerce?

Free apps generate cash via different ways like sponsorship, ads and email marketing etc. E-commerce apps rely on either by selling their own products or get commissions from various sellers linked to the application. Paid applications will get advance payment through downloads. So, the total revenue generated is largely dependent on the amount of time the application is downloaded from the store. Therefore, setting the correct price for the app is very important. You need to perform competitive analysis and thus determine the customer’s eagerness to pay and download your application. This helps you to fix a perfect price for the application.


A best mobile app development company is reliable, has skilled and technically expert mobile app developers who have transformed a good business idea into a wonderfully working mobile app. As a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, Brillmindz utilises the agile software development methodologies for building successful mobile applications that provide swift performance, exciting UI and highly interactive user experience. With an exact blend of technology and business experts, we constantly make a genuine effort to keep our customer’s brand ahead in the competition. If you are searching for a trusted and output-oriented mobile app development company in Bangalore, then contact us at

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What is Instagram reels? How to Use it?



Instagram reels

With tiktok moving out,instagram reels have started to pick the pace in India,a facebook owned company which made a big move and taking the instagram to the next level,instagram reels can be found the instagram camera section and lets see 

What is instagram reels and how to use it?

 Instagram reels is a 15 seconds video creation feature of a instagram app which allows you to create the fun and creative videos,which is similar to tiktok .The Instagram reels was first rolled out in brazil in 2019 and have been launched in more than 50 countries and In Country like India after the ban of TikTok it is supposed to get the higher number of users.instagram reels allows you to record a video and select music from the library embed some of the filters and share it 

How to use the Instagram reels?

You have to simply instagram stories camera and choose the reels feature,use the options to prepare the recording,select the audio option to select the recording from the repo,you have the option to add the audio to the desired part of the video you can then increase or decrease the speed of and add some filters and then there is a timer to select the length of the reel when everything is ready hold the record option to record a clip,you can start or stop the clip when ever needed by clicking on the record button and you have the align option to arrange the two or more clips togather, you also have the option to edit or delete the clips by select the edit option of the clip once you are done with the recordings then you can add the stickers and other texts 

Sharing the recording

Once you are ready with the clip hit the next button which takes you to the share page and you have the option to add the cover photo and the caption to the reel once every thing is done instagram allows you to share the reel to the dedicated people and or the dedicated pages 

The second option is to share the recordings to all your followers 


Instagram reels is gaining the popularity,we at BrillMindz a top mobile app development company in bangalore capable of developing a highly popular apps

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Why Should Mobile App Start-ups Choose Flutter?



Why Should Mobile App Start-ups Choose Flutter

Flutter App Development is the most popular subject for discussion on the digital world for its huge benefits related to the development of mobile applications. It is rising as one of the top platforms among the developer communities and in the evolving world of business. The Google-developed platform has advanced tools and perfect techniques to build developer/user-friendly applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter us Google’s open-source UI toolkit to develop natively assembled applications for web, mobile and desktop from a single code base. Flutter was founded initially in 2015 by Google but the official launch happened in December 2018.

The major components of Flutter are:

SDK: This is the vast tool assembly that aids in the easy development of apps. The flexibility allows compilation of single code for multiple platforms.

Framework: It is a reusable assembly of UI elements like text inputs, buttons, etc that may be customized for any particular requirements.

Advantages of flutter apps for start-ups:

The majority of start-ups are stuck between the idea of whether to develop native or cross-platform apps for their customers. With the advancements happening in multiple operating systems, start-ups will have to serve this purpose. Below are the advantages of flutter apps for start-ups.

Ideal for MVP: The major hiccups for start-ups are the high cost of app development especially during the initial stages. Flutter apps could be of great help through their ability to aid in developing apps even with limited financial resources.

Effortless development: Flutter apps employ a single codebase platform. Therefore, it is easier to develop apps with Flutter due to a wide range of code libraries and developer community. The development tools built by Google makes the complete process to travel smoothly while compared to other types.

Reduced development costs: As the development process would be easier and developed on a single code base, there will be savings for the company.

Lowered testing time: Testing needs to be done properly on every platform to ensure optimal performance. As testing is done on only one app platform on flutter, start-ups will be saving both time and money.

Fast and effective: The team will get the freedom to execute their efforts based on already present tools and code libraries present on the Flutter platform. This will make the end product faster and more effective.

Timely market launch: All the above combinations including less development and testing times lead to an advantage over competitors. Start-ups will be able to launch the app as per their schedule and enjoy the benefits.

Flutter vs native apps: Which one to choose?

  • Many companies were facing challenges in developing native and cross-platform apps for a product. With the introduction of Flutter, there is an exciting option for companies to provide an improved and efficient user experience. They have narrowed the issues involved with the development of native and cross-platform apps. This has provided a profitable channel, especially for start-ups to accomplish their goals along with unparalleled ROI.
  • Flutter apps are supported by Google-backed Firebase for their space and storing needs. Hence, they have a good cloud storage space, efficient DB running services, and validations. Due to this support, flutter is able to deliver efficient development and meet all the requirements at a single place. There is constant support from the vast developer community which is passionate and supportive. Due to this majority of developers in start-ups can leverage the benefits of learning and work collaboratively.
  • Native apps need to be developed individually on each platform which is solved by flutter apps. This is the major reason for the preference for flutter apps amongst start-up owners and developers. As the ultimate goal of every start-up is to develop efficient and user-friendly apps, flutter apps exactly meet the points.

Flutter app development cost in India:

The overall cost of developing a flutter app is dependent on many factors. Below are the major ones affecting flutter app development.

Features: All the app development businesses concentrate on developing a feature-filled app that satisfies the necessities of target users. There are many basic features that are very much necessary in any ap but advanced features must be added as per requirements. These advanced features surely enhance the app but they also have a huge impact on the overall cost for development.

Integration of any 3rd party app: There will be a need for integration of the app with any 3rd party applications for precise purposes like payments etc. Such integrations demand extra costs from the service providers.

Backend & Server: Backend is the major supporting factor of all applications as it holds control over data, security, server, and other functionalities. User data is crucial for providing personalized experience is stored on the DB and the server manages the different client request related functions.

Design: UI/UX is an important aspect of providing unique user experience. A list of elements involving colour, images, and graphics play a key role in providing individuality to your app. The addition of advanced and unique design elements has a major influence on the overall cost of development.

Maintenance & Support: The job of any app is not done with its release in the market. There should be optimal maintenance and constant support to the app for it to be running smoothly. Appropriate user feedback must be implemented and any product issues must be resolved on time. This helps in creating a positive impact on the customers and makes them long-time users of your app.

Bottom line: There are many start-ups operating currently in the market and many new ones launching periodically. This situation makes it very challenging for your brand to stay ahead in the competition. If you are looking for a solution that is affordable and effective, then Flutter is definitely the right choice. But it is also key to associate with the best app development company in India like Brill Mindz for successful results. They are reliable and experienced players in the market who ensure profitable app development.

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Creating A App For Foldable Devices



Foldable Devices

The mobile applications strategies of the many organizations have now started revolving around foldable devices since they’re the new trendsetters of 2020. they’re the neatest inventions of the age since they permit the user to fold the screens whenever it isn’t in use thus improving the user interactions.

Foldable smartphones are on the verge of becoming mainstream considering their rising popularity across the planet . Top smartphone brands like Samsung, Huawei, Motorola have started shifting base when it involves offering foldable smartphones. Since foldable and enormous screen devices are the longer term of the mobile world, it’s time to delve into the mobile app development for foldable devices.

The smartphone applications that are mandatory for a foldable device are the staple of recent times and one cannot agree more. consistent with a recent survey, foldable smartphones are getting to deduct almost 5% of the share for the esteemed mobile smartphone organizations by the top of 2023. additionally to the present , it’s time to urge tech-savvy with the event of mobile applications for foldable screens that further offers a user-friendly experience.

Since the amount of foldable smartphone owners is increasing tenfold, it’s mandatory for the organizations to think about improving practices for developing mobile apps that employment seamlessly when the device is folded and when it’s not.

Planning for mobile application development for one small screen is quite different from getting to develop applications for screens which are foldable. Certain important aspects to think about include making the application:

  • Compatible in a multi-window mode
  • Works optimally with the small screen when golden and large screen when unfolded
  • Work seamlessly with different aspect ratios
  • Have an adequate response when resumed in either mode
  • Configure to multiple screens at once

Don’t compromise on quality when switched to a large screen to the small screen and vice versa.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the most sought after features for mobile applications for foldable phones:


It is one among the foremost sought-after features for a mobile application developed for a foldable smartphone. the app should follow continuity to supply the user with a far better experience in both the screen modes. The applications should allow the user to seamlessly switch from one mode to a different without having to open the app again and again in either of the modes. Continuity further paves the way for application consistency which is one among the most concerns of users with foldable smartphones.


The applications for foldable mobile phones must be compatible with the massive screen also like the smaller screen essentially. aside from this, the resizability of the app must be kept under consideration when creating them. they need to be compatible with multi-window mode. When developing the app , the “resizeableActivity=true” should be used for each application made for the custom foldable smartphones.

Multi-Window Ability

Since most of the foldable smartphones and devices have a multi-window feature, the app must be developed during a way that they run seamlessly in multi-window so on offer a far better user experience. they ought to be developed during a way that multitasking with multiple screens performing at just one occasion should be easy for the user


Another one among the various features required for mobile applications for a foldable device is that the multi-resume features. The applications must be ready to resume as per the user requirements when the screen is folded and unfolded. For the Android devices having a version of Android 10 plus are resolved from the difficulty . All applications within the multi-window mode are often resumed with none glitch.

Support for Multiple Screens

The applications developers while developing for foldable devices must consider the compatibility with more than two screens at a time. They can decide on which screen to be kept primary and which one to be kept secondary. The application must be resumed according to either of the screen sizes, the text as well as the configuration.


The next trends would be the apps for the foldable device and we at BrillMindz, a Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore do keep up with the trand and are ready to build any kind of apps for any kind of devices  


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How to Build a Grubhub Like App for Your Region?



Grubhub Like App

People across the world are becoming fond of tasty and different types of food, and hence, the online food market is growing fastly. There are so many Food Ordering Apps such as UberEats, Swiggy, GrubHub, etc. that have a large customer base and providing high-quality and fast food services.

The popularity of these apps having a positive impact on other food startups and other development companies are also stepping towards building a similar app like Grubhub. For creating an app like this, firstly you should know about all the important things that are useful in this journey.

Few Points that are Useful to Create An App Like Grubhub

These below-mentioned points will help you to build an appropriate app for sure-

Target Market Analysis

Product development and offered services always depend upon the goals and requirements of users. In the case of a food delivery app, it can keep an eye on the delivery of ready meals like salads, soups, steaks, and on grocery delivery products such as cereals, dairy products, oil, and also serving specially curated menus dependent on the diets of customers containing ingredients and recipes like proper nutrition, vegetarian, Chinese cuisine, or products from fisherman and farmers directly. Target market can include any person like men/women, corporate persons, couples, students, etc.

Identify the Rivals/Competitors

You can see so much competition among all the On-Demand food delivery apps as there are so many online food service providers available nowadays. Acceleration in online food deliveries is the reason for the tough competition between the startups. Some platforms failed to compete with other rivals, so it is necessary to analyze your competitors and market situation before entering it. This research should include services, location, customers, profit and loss, failures and success stories, etc. Consider this data and offer solutions and services according to the goals and needs of users.

Easy Coordination

Trusted and smooth partnership or cooperation between restaurants and startups, local farmings, or food vendors will give the assurance to success for a food tech app. The selection of future partners is based on a particular business model. If we take an example of Grubhub itself, as an intermediary company, it has a partnership with other ventures. And hence, restaurants pay money for orders and customers for food deliveries. As a result, partners get more and more orders and wide publicity. On the other hand, a delivery app also has a stable increase in the flow of users if two organizations have different methods but are united by a smooth partnership and a strong relationship with business partners.

Fast Network Drivers

For running an app like Grubhub, you have to deliver all the orders in the fastest way. To get this done, network drivers must be well-thought-out. For managing a fast-food delivery, it should include-
Rely on freelancers or hire employees

Full-time or part-time drivers

Select a needed kind of transport- scooter, bicycle, small truck, car
Transport development, climate zone, and roads conditions in your area that are no less important
Partnership with delivery services of third-party
Fast food delivery

Tech Infusions and Features

A proper food tech app solution needs the function execution that fulfils the requirements of restaurant staff, customers, and drivers. Hence, three categories of technological features must be built to satisfy all the people-
The restaurant team must have a CRM, a management platform, and CMS systems, maximal process automation, and minimal human interference.

Users must have a convenient restaurant’s list, a streamlined website, easy online food ordering, and simple layout of the menu. Drivers should be able to access the order list and significant external services.

In the design building of less important projects, principles of human-centred designs work. It permits you to get an intimate, modern, and user-friendly interface for all kinds of users.

Closing Thoughts

From this post, you can learn about the ideas and stages of building an app like Grubhub. For creating a food tech platform, it depends upon the functionality and complexity, but it will take a few more hours to develop. Sometimes, the cost of the solution depends upon the area. As we know, each business person has some specific desires and budget for the business, so most of the businessmen try to save money. But be careful and choose quality experts for the app development for your Food tech business.

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Washmen?



Develop An App Like Washmen?

On-demand mobile apps have given a solid opportunity for businesses across the world to reach their target users with individual service platforms. They have made a huge impact on the life of normal people with their functionalities and features serving them in the time of need. With such a huge demand for mobile apps, many sectors in the business came to the party by introducing apps for online shopping, booking a taxi, beauty services food delivery, etc. These apps have become an important necessity for people across the world and also helping businesses to earn significant revenue. Similarly, the laundry and dry-cleaning industry apps have gained huge popularity with their dedicated service and utility.

What is Washmen app?

Washmen is a laundry service smartphone app founded in 2015 by Jad Halaoui and Rami Shaar and operates across Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. They have gained immense popularity due to their committed service and on-time delivery. They offer pick-up and delivery of laundry directly into the doorsteps of their users. 

How does Washmen Work?

The on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning app like Washmen operate simply. To use this app:

  • A user should register and log-in to their account and demand for the laundry service by selecting the appropriate date and time from the calendar.
  • The service request is received by the owner and they check the availability.
  • If there is availability, they accept the request and confirm via email and messages to the contact information provided by the particular users.
  • There will be a pick-up person assigned to the order and they will contact the user for picking up the clothes.
  • Clothes are then received at the laundry and service is accomplished carefully as per the request.
  • After the specific type of wash, clothes are ironed and wrapped properly for delivery.

Washmen works on an attractive idea of a happy hour where the cost id dropped at those hours that helps both customers and the owners as they may get many orders in the nearby areas. They employ a color-coded bag each for the particular type of service as per request. There is also no necessity of waiting at home and just providing instructions through the app will do the job. This type of handiness has made Washmen fairly popular across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Features to be included in Laundry app like Washmen:

Signup and Log-in: This is a critical feature in all kinds of apps. Users must be easily able to register to provide email or social media credentials for authentication. After this, they must be able to log-in and provide all their details like name, email id, contact number, and residential address.

Chat: Chat support feature is important for answering queries by the customers. As the orders would be made from the app, it would not be the best option for customers to try to contact the service providers via any third-party systems. This in-app chat feature will be useful for customers for getting clear answers and also for service providers to respond immediately and not dragging the issues.

Payment: Users must be provided with secure and smooth payment options without any flaws. There should be multiple payment options like Credit and debit cards, net banking, Ewallets, UPI, etc to ensure that no customer is lost due to this reason.

Order tracking option: GPS tracking facility is very important for tracing the orders for customers to know their status. Along with this, it also facilitates users to get reports about the events and other happenings via the laundry app. It will help the delivery guys to find the location of the customer and the shortest possible route easily. It will also give real-time tracking of the delivery persons and the latest information about the delivery timings.

Order Cancellation:

Due to some unavoidable situations anytime, the customer may want to cancel their orders. Implementing the cancel order feature in the laundry app will allow customers to effortlessly cancel the orders. They must provide immediate intimations to both customers and delivery people so that they are aware of the latest status. 

Offers and promotions:

Laundry owners may provide few offers and deals to attract the customers. With the best discount deals and promotions, they can pull customers into their service for a longer time. This varies from one service provider to another and can be developed accordingly.

Ratings and Reviews: Having ratings and feedback section in the application will help your customers to write reviews and rate your service. This rating will help you to have a good brand value in the app store and also feedbacks will let you know the areas of improvement.

The factors that affect the cost of the development of e-commerce app like Washmen are:

App Design: The cost of building a laundry app like Washmen relies on the type of design that you implement. You need to ensure that the design should be user-friendly and easy to use for the customer.

Features: There should be a smart decision taken on the type of features, after the analysis of the target customer and final structure of the app. Different types of features demand a different range of costs.

App Size: The cost of any kind of app rests on the features involved in it. As you implement thrilling features in the app, they will have an impact on the app size.

App Platform: Different platforms have different development rates at different locations. Doing proper research on the target customers, you can decide on building the app across different platforms like Android, iOS or cross-platform apps.

Bottom line:

In today’s fast-paced world almost, every person is reliant and adopting the on-demand smartphone apps, for their everyday tasks. Laundry and dry cleaning are among the industries that could hugely benefit from adopting this business model. If you are planning to build a similar kind of app like Washmen, then contact Brill Mindz, a pioneer in the mobile app development company in bangalore .

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How Cloud Computing Impact Mobile App Development



How Cloud Computing Impact Mobile App Development

The expansion of cell phones and web network has empowered application designers and buyers to store and interact with information in a manner that never considered.

The availability of unlimited storage and the limitless processing power offered by the cloud has permitted engineers to arrive at new degrees of usefulness.

Albeit numerous organizations have made the rough progress to cloud computing, some actually dither to join cloud computing inside their mobile application advancement measure.

Native applications in fact remained the standard up to this point; the ongoing patterns in the application development world have brought mobile cloud computing to the spotlight.

Cisco’s exploration previously anticipated the rising fame of mobile cloud applications in 2019. As indicated by their Global Cloud Index, the organization anticipated that cloud applications would drive 92 percent of the worldwide portable information traffic before the year’s over.

As cloud innovation further grows, there will be no chance to get for organizations to discover accomplishment without grasping cloud computing for mobile applications.

Since a large portion of the mobile cloud computing or MCC discussions are packed with specialized language, we start by addressing the pivotal terms engaged with mobile cloud applications.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The meaning of cloud computing is ceaselessly advancing as per its attributes, contributions, administration, and arrangement models. For the most part, cloud computing is characterized as an on-request network admittance to a pool of assets with no cooperation with the specialist organization.

To place it in straightforward terms, cloud computing guarantees speedy and simple accessibility of parts of huge source to customers who are charged based on use. The common resource like mobile applications, programming, and different administrations are given to cell phone and work area clients on request.

Additionally, cloud computing permits clients to modify their processing limit contingent upon their necessities for a given assignment at a given time. Clients don’t need to stress over the preparing force or capacity and get the ideal outcomes without settling on the quality.

Cloud Mobile Apps

A mobile cloud application is a mobile application that works and can be gotten to through the cloud. Despite the fact that the cloud applications and administrations have local highlights, a huge aspect of the preparing is done on a distant cloud server.

Popular examples of cloud mobile apps include Dropbox, Asana, and Apple’s iCloud services.

Effects of cloud computing on mobile apps

Platform Compatibility

Cloud computing innovation diminished the requirement for creating separate applications for various OS stages. Not at all like native applications, cloud mobile applications are viable over various stages, which lessen both the improvement cost and time.

cloud computing innovation permits engineers to fabricate a solitary application and dispatch it all the while across stages, for example, Android and iOS. Since the application is put away on the cloud rather than a stage, clients don’t confront any entrance issues as long as they have a steady web association.

Cost reduction

Although the development cost of a native mobile app tends to vary depending on the features, design, and overall complexity of the app. But it is certainly not an inexpensive affair.

Cloud apps; on the other hand, reduces the app development cost since there is only one app that you have to develop for multiple platforms.

The use of a single codebase is an ideal choice for small businesses or startups who don’t have massive budgets to fund a native mobile app for Android and iOS.

Many novice developers tend to overlook the ongoing . For an app to function correctly, it needs to be maintained and updated to eliminate glitches and lags.


Although the development cost of a native mobile app tends to vary depending on the features, design, and overall complexity of the app. But it is certainly not an inexpensive affair.

Cloud apps; on the other hand, reduces the app development cost since there is only one app that you have to develop for multiple platforms.

The use of a single codebase is an ideal choice for small businesses or startups who don’t have massive budgets to fund a native mobile app for Android and iOS.

Many novice developers tend to overlook the ongoing . For an app to function correctly, it needs to be maintained and updated to eliminate glitches and lags.


The use of cloud computing in mobile apps is going to be a significant trend in the coming years. We at BrillMindz,Top Mobile App Development Company In Bangalore do go with the trend

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How To Choose The Best Poker Game Development Company?



Poker Game Development Company

Poker is an evergreen casino game that has been prevailing for a very long time. The fact that it is still played as enthusiastically as before justifies its popularity. However, with gradual technological advancements and the smartphone and internet revolution, it is now possible to experience a similar to realistic poker session virtually.

All thanks to the Poker Software Developers who are available in the market. If you also seek interest in the poker platform and are willing to invest it, referring to the points that are mentioned in this article is recommended while you decide the best Poker Game Development Company for your project.

How To Choose The Best Poker Game Development Company

Out of many poker software developers available in the market, opting out the best one can be a challenging task. It is important to check the background of the app development company for its reliability. Still, it is equally important to know about the experience of it in poker app development.

There are many phases involved in the process of poker app development for the online poker software providers to practice. Scrolling below to know them in detail is suggested. 

Inventing Ideas

Think! Rethink! And then think again! This is how the route to get the optimal app is. The developer and the client need to figure out ideas about the algorithms, graphics, style, and theme of your poker playing platform. The goal should be clearly laid at the initial research and planning laid to create a blueprint as effective as it can be for the purpose.

Testing On The Prototype

The Poker Game Development Company should lay emphasis on creating and testing on the prototype before actually deploying the commercial version of the app. It helps to diagnose any glitch or bug and fix it timely to avoid any irregularities in the user experience. 

The Primary Version

The primary version of the application is also called ‘skeleton’. It serves as the basic version of the application and is the foundation that supports future enhancements. 

The Final Version

It is that phase of the app development where all the participants that are involved in the process join in. They assemble the different elements of the application, check its functioning and improvise the product. 


After completing all the above-mentioned projects, the developers now test the app before the final deployment. In case of any minor or major bug appears, the Poker Game Development Company addresses it for ensuring smoothie playability. 

Emphasizing On Customization

There are many software companies out in the market but not all provide a customizable solution. Before venturing into the project with any software development company, ensure that the company lays stress on customizable poker app solutions rather than a rigid one. This approach will save you a lot of cost and time in the long run.

Back-End Support 

Make sure the company that you select does mention about the back-end support that could be asked 24 x 7. Providing the players with a robust poker playing platform is not an easy task but filled with full of unexpected challenges. The company should provide complete assistance in case of any unexpected instance that could affect the products image negatively. 

Certified Software

Make sure that the poker app that is handed by the poker software developers boasts a certified license. Risking on the license can create serious issues where the users’ experience can be compromised. 

We are pretty sure that you would not want your customers to fall back because of licensing issues hence investing in a certified software is highly recommended. Make sure the online poker software providers hands you the right one. 

Final words

All the sections mentioned in this article hold great relevance that helps you in finding a suitable Poker Game Development Company. Conducting a manual Google search is the first step, followed by enquiring the software development that appears on the search list. 

Adopting the best practices as mentioned above, will help you experience a seamless app development journey and hence get a platform that caters to the business needs. Go ahead and order your own poker gaming app to earn high profits.

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How To Create A App Like Flipkart



How To Create A App Like Flipkart

The number of smartphone users in India has gone up considerably higher and most of them would have used or a minimum of heard of Flipkart. it’s the most important e-commerce company in India selling a good sort of products like phones, home appliances, office supplies, mechanical tools, stationery, and therefore the list goes on. albeit it had been Amazon that started the industry of E-commerce in India, credit must tend to Flipkart for creating it reach to a bigger audience. because the mobile apps gained popularity, they were available on smartphones and from then it’s reached another level. In recent times, Flipkart is covering the main portion of E-commerce traffic in India. This success of the app has become a benchmark for several ventures to start out an E-commerce app like Flipkart and therefore the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore like Brill mindz would be the simplest choice for it.

The app are often downloaded on app stores like Google Play (Android), App Store (iOS), or the Windows Store (Windows Phone). Once the users download the app they’re going to need to check in and log in to the app. Users can look for their required products or they will select them from the list. it’s the simplest filter option that helps find the proper product without having to seem through the unwanted items.

Unique features of Flipkart Mobile App:

Covers all hot Categories:

Flipkart has all the running categories within the market among households, furniture, clothing, electronics books, etc.

Quality check:

Flipkart provides the “Flipkart verified” option for all the products that are checked by them for quality.

Tracking orders:

Flipkart offers its service during a sizable amount of locations and you’ll track the orders easily with its geolocation features.

Promotions and Offers:

It has one among the simplest and genuine offers with massive discounts and points redeeming options for future purchases.

Payment modes:

It supports all the modes of payments available in India along side COD (cash on delivery) which makes life easier for users.

Factors Influencing the app development cost for an app Like Flipkart:

App Platform: Mobile app development investment is hugely hooked in to the sort of platform employed like Android, iOS, or hybrid. The software used for Android may be a bit less expensive than iOS. But the time required to create the app on Android would be far more than that of iOS since the emulators utilized for the method are slower than that of iOS, Also as devices that use Android are in large numbers and hence the app has got to be tested on all those devices. Therefore, albeit the hourly cost of iOS platform development is quite that of Android, with all the above factors combined, Android proves to be much costlier. The cross-platform app is another app development choice, but if the specified aim is to offer an upscale user experience, native app (Android or iOS) is that the most suitable option . Hence it’s vital to accompany the simplest and experienced mobile app development company that guides you within the right way for development.

App Design: Creative design plays a really important a part of the marketing and sales of an app like Flipkart. It should have proper sync between functionality and appearance. Mobile app development has differing types of techniques to assist within the development of apps with user-friendly and innovative design. Best mobile app development companies will employ useful and standard design templates which will need very fewer modifications. More level of complexity and advanced designs may surely provide the users with high-tech designs but it comes with an increased cost of the general development. Hence it’s very crucial to possess a settled aim and know the target customers to possess a simplified design that suits the app.

App Size: App size depends on the amount of features and level of functionality that’s utilized in the app. Application size are often a decisive aspect of gauging the ultimate price of the appliance . An app like Flipkart needs various features like integration of third-party services and features which will surely impact the general cost of the appliance .

Development: the entire mobile app development cost relies heavily on the technical expertise of the engineers of a corporation that’s involved in development. Development of E-commerce apps requires the mixing of the many features and functionalities which can involve many complexities which makes the general cost to get on the upper side if not properly planned. There should be the proper choice of technology use and therefore the features included to form a mobile app Flipkart a pure success. Therefore, it’s vital to use the services of a highly skilled and experienced app development company for a valuable investment.

Mobile Wallet: because the Flipkart like app gives the simplest way for users to buy for any products without the difficulty of delivery and originality of the merchandise , it might be less impactful if there’s no option of the mobile wallet. it’s evident that with the addition of additional features, the value of development will rise, but this mobile wallet feature will aid the user to form a secure payment with the posh of building a sense of belief on the appliance . With proper implementation of technology and having the proper vision of the wants will surely help in decreasing the mobile development cost and also help to require the branding to subsequent level.


The mobile app development process involves different stages and challenges faced during every stage will influence the ultimate cost of the appliance . With the top-ranked mobile app development companies in Bangalore like BrillMindz, you’ll be assured to urge the simplest services in building a top mobile app like Flipkart that adheres to your requirements and customer delight. Contact us at together with your ideas and witness us in guiding you to the simplest way of brand name success.

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How Much Will It Cost To Make A App Like Cars24



How Much Will It Cost To Make A App Like Cars24

Digitalization is at is peek, cars24 app,a digital way of transaction for sellers for selling the cars and buyers who are searching the cars online . Cars24 was established in 2015 and has gained the popularity from the time it has been found for the kind of support and the experience they provide to the customer.Top Mobile App Development company like BrillMindz,with high rated apps in playstore will develop these apps with expert teams

What Are the Features to include?

The apps should have the easy to registration process asking for all the details required and a login screen with all the options of login through third party apps involved .The most important feature of this app is where the seller has to enter all the details of the car and save, the details entered has to be validated by the suitable customer care executive.For the Buyer the search should be properly categorized in form of variant,price variation and the brand.The option to book a appointment at the store should be given for both the seller and customer.The app Should have a shop locator to find the nearest shop making the buyer or the seller easily locating the shop without googling. There should be a navigator with in the app helping the users find the easiest road to the shop.After reaching the shop there should be a customer care associate to look into the whole process of buying or selling 

How much does it cost?

The cost of developing the app like Cars24 can depend on many factors,factors may vary from the ui and ux of the app, a good ui and ux mean the investing a bit more on the designer,size of app,cars24 app is completely filled by the images and the data from the back end so the app should be sized to hold all of these data. The platform, the cost of the app also depends on the platform that the app is built it will be usually the android playstore and the apple store or the hybrid app can also be done, the costs will differ accordingly.App Developers,the developer cost always differ with the platform,experience and the size of the team involved in the development


Any apps can be developed with the good team, we BrillMindz,Top Mobile App Development Company,can develop the apps like cars24 with the additional features implemented according to the client requirement as we have the best team of developers and designers

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How Much does it Cost to Develop an app like Merit nation?



Merit nation

E-learning is the constant new ringing bell in education in recent years. With the world moving rapidly into a technology focussed way, all the segments are being influenced by the flow. Gone are the days where the student needed to learn about every topic only through books and clear his doubts by discussing with his tutor.

What is the Merit nation?

Merit nation is one of India’s largest and oldest service providers in the digital education industry that was started at the time when the internet was just blooming its way into the Indian market. From that period, it has transformed into a successful provider of education courses from early classes to competitive exams. Currently, the Merit nation mobile app covers all the range of subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, mathematics, languages, economic, etc with a lot of customization options and facilities of video learning. It also has the accessibility of looking into previous years’ question papers or any precise notes if required. Mock tests and solutions are helping to prepare for the actual exams and also a dedicated section for posting your doubts. Because of this success rate and reach, many organizations are showing a keen interest in developing similar types of app with the association of expert mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz and reaping success.

Major advantages of a mobile Learning app like Merit Nation:

  1. With simple registration process, all the course materials are organized perfectly with complete access to the students accordingly. The onus of preparing the study contents is given to experts of the subjects. This results in giving well-organized and fully covered content for the students at all levels. The content is very well structured so that the student gets ample time to study the topic on time according to their speed of understanding. Doubts can be cleared swiftly without having to be dependent on anyone. Students can pay attention to precise subjects that they feel difficult compared to other ones. 
  1. 2. There are descriptive animated videos that help the students to analyse and understand the concepts easily. Topics like Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Mathematics are well grasped if the students learn through these visually interesting methods instead of the boring and usual board method. These apps consist of the video talks of the topics that require collaborative and visual explanations. Customized learning, Interactive and visuals style of teaching methods in the learning apps are very useful to the needs of students.  
  1. 3. Unit-wise tests are very crucial for students to assess their knowledge in understanding the subjects as they finish studying a particular chapter. These apps have stocked mock test checks along with sample question papers and previous years’ exam question papers. These tests will always keep students confident enough to face the main exams and meanwhile showing their record of the learning knowledge. Well-arranged subject-wise tests to asses and prepare the students precisely with the convenience of GD/PI mock tests for competitive tests.
  2. In-built chat options will provide the students with the advantage to contact their subject matter experts when required. It can be very important because not understanding any particular topic could slow down the learning pace of the student.
  1. Integration with third-party apps like In-app messaging, calling and chat communities are some of the key features that are provided to help in quickly increasing the learning curve of the users.

Major Features of Merit nation App:

The important features of the merit nation app are:

  • User Profile (Sign-up and login)
  • Rating and Feedback section
  • Activity feed and any external options.
  • In-app calling and messaging.
  • Third-Party API integration.
  • Geolocation
  • Push Notifications
  • Connect to parent
  • Built-in Camera

Technologies used in Merit nation E-learning Web and Mobile App Development:

Integration with the cloud: With the advancement in technology, every industry is making changes to have the storage online with cloud storage to ensure security and fast access to data.

Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR): AR is an advanced feature that integrates the real world and helps to apply advanced graphics into the physical setting. Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment that is a bit expensive than AR. VR creates an artificial environment and places the user inside it.

Payment Gateway: Integration of the app with different payment methods like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, net banking, etc. are very important in the payment for various in-app purchases.

Mobile platforms: Depending on the Android, iOS or hybrid platforms different technologies are used in the development of a mobile application. It depends on the target customers of a particular organization.

Database: Depending on the requirement, different types of databases like MongoDB, MYSQL, Redis, PostgreSQL, etc are used.

UI/UX: HTML5, Photoshop, CSS, Sketch, etc. are used to develop the UI for this kind of Mobile Application. The number of features added here proves to be very crucial in deciding the scalability of the application.

Factors that Decide the Development Cost of Merit nation like App:

The cost of building a Merit nation like app relies on the intricacy, size, and location where the app development is going to take place. As the per hour development rates can vary depending on the different locations, it plays an important role in deciding the overall cost of the app. Below are a few crucial factors that influence the total cost of building an app like Merit nation:

  • UI/UX design.
  • Subject documentation.
  • Development rates.
  • Testing.
  • Type of Platform. 


With the increasing popularity of digital learning, mobile apps like Merit nation will be a key element in the future in completely transforming the education system in the world. These types of apps are reaching a huge number of students and with having an expert mobile app development company like Brill Mindz as a partner, you are sure to take your business reach the next level in the industry. For more info on building your dream app contact us at

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How to Create App Like DuoLingo




As present day innovations and the web are spreading their wings over the globe, the business has gotten worldwide. Thus it is essential to learn various dialects for having a decent repo with customers and colleagues from different nations.  language learning versatile applications have changed the method of knowing various dialects and best among them is Duolingo. On the off chance that you are hoping to build up an application like Duolingo, at that point you should be related with a top mobile app development companies like Brill Mindz who are specialists in building energizing versatile applications for some eminent associations.

DuoLingo What is It?

Duolingo is one of the most broad free language learning application with around 300 million clients established in 2011. Its significant advantages are: 

The App can assist clients with knowing in excess of 30 primary language. 

It pulls less information and conveys quick outcomes. 

The application can be utilized by grown-ups, understudies and furthermore instructors. 

It has a creative cycle of learning with extraordinary activities and energizing games

Highlights to be remembered for a language learning application like Duolingo: 

What are the feature that should be included in  app like duolingo?

  1. Join and Login: 

While building up a language learning application like Duolingo, care ought to be taken to have a decent approving framework that requests all the details of the user like name, email, telephone number and afterward furnishes with the sign-up choice. When all the information are checked with an approved government id, the client ought to have the option to sign in with no issues. 

  1. Entering Personal info

After the client’s login, they should be sent to the profile segment for topping off the essential data as beneath: 

 the clients should enter their info like age, sex, photograph, and so on. 

Language of the user The rundown of language user needs to learn and furthermore the local language of the user. 

Objectives This will have the user define a particular objective for learning their ideal language. They will likewise have the alternative of setting the language standard level in the event that they are as of now mindful of the fundamentals of the language. 

  1. Dashboard: 

It is important for the user to have the track of all the achievements that he has done and also on what pace the user is learning 

  1. Live Streaming: 

This feature takes the app to the very next level of user retrival where the users will have the direct connect with the mentor and ask or clear all the doubts which he has, this becomes the dditional feature 

Option to write a review: 

A successful strategy to improve your application is to include a criticism highlight that permits the users to make reference to their conclusion pretty much all the cycles utilized in the learnings. This will assist you with including if any missing components and practices in your application. 

  1. Trial period

This would be an essential component offered to the users as it will permit them to get the insights of teaching given for a particular language. You can give a few nuts and bolts of a specific language in the time for testing with the expectation of complimentary expense. 

  1. Giving quality content: 

You have to take care that the learning gave in the course should be of acceptable worth and quality so it spreads a decent word about the application and builds the natural downloads. This will urge individuals to zero in on your application learnings as opposed to picking the standard disconnected courses. 

  1. Discussion portal: 

Language learning applications must have a selective gathering for all the people where they effectively post their questions on any point and trade the musings that will assist with learning the language in an imaginative manner.


Language learning mobile applications are increasing enormous ubiquity as they are making things less complex for students. It is a proper path for users to build up a decent hang on any language they have to learn. Duolingo is one such application that is making the entire cycle of learning various language great. Because of this achievement, business visionaries are putting resources into creating language learning applications like Duolingo and partner with solid and experienced mobile app development company like Brill Mindz.

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How much does it cost to make an app like PUBG mobile?



Mobile game development has grown significantly in recent years with an increase in interested communities across the globe. With the emergence of modern technologies like AR and VR in the industry, mobile gaming app development has been stimulated like never before. Different types of mobile games have become closer to people as they find perfect therapy to kill their boredom. Games such as PUBG have become extremely popular due to their exciting, user-friendly, addictive features. Recently, with the threat to data security and increased tensions between India and China at the borders, the Central Indian government had banned several Chinese apps than even includes PUBG. Inspired by its success and the void created due to the ban, many app owners are willing to create an app like PUBG. As a business entrepreneur, if you want to develop a PUBG game making software, you have to associate with a top-notch game app development company.

What is the concept used in PUBG?

If you are thinking “how to make a game like PUBG”, first you need to know about PUBG and its inception. The widespread mobile version of PUBG was introduced by a video game company from China named Tencent Mobile International Limited in February 2018. Mobile gamers across the world were stunned by the type of features and concepts offered by PUBG. Since then, it has been popular among gaming enthusiasts across the globe. The concept starts with dropping the players simultaneously at a lonely island. Players will battle for survival as the game begins to decrease in the area. The number of players is brought to a single player who remains will be the winner. Before its ban in India, the game had around 13 million active daily users and around 50 million registered active players. PUBG mobile had a vast network of professional gamers in India, who participated even in global competitions. Owing to these developments, the live streaming game market was evolved in India in recent years.

Points to consider while building an app like PUBG:

  1. Game Idea: PUBG was successful in India mainly due to its real-time gameplay tactics and user-friendly features. Players became addictive and highly engaged as the game included such exciting operations. Due to this, it is important to analyse and decide a theme for the game, plan the ideas, and develop on them to execute an engaging game like PUBG.
  2. Develop a solid story: PUBG involves an exciting story where users are dropped on a lonely island and dared to get battle for survival. Different types of challenges and goals always keep the players involved in the game. Hence, an app like PUBG must have a solid story to keep the users interested and involved in the game for prolonged periods. The story is the main pillar of such games and if you can accomplish this, your plan of building an app such as PUBG will continue expectedly.
  3. Stimulating design and visuals: Thrilling game moves, pleasing graphics, and adjustable resolutions is the major reason for the attractiveness of PUBG. Therefore, an app like PUBG must have all the required tuning options to let the players continue their game according to their chosen settings. A proper blend of exciting graphics, effects, and other real-time features will help in making your app to be a hit in the market. This will guarantee a good result in gaining game lovers’ attention and help you to enhance your brand value.  
  4. Type of Platform: Research the usage of app platforms by your customers before you decide on building an app on a specific platform. App owners might want to build the app on Native platforms like Android or iOS or go for cross-platform app development where a single code will work on different platforms. However, the android version of PUBG mobile is very popular across the country as the majority of players are from the same platform. So, if you are thinking “how to make games like PUBG in android”, then develop your objectives in those lines.
  5. Monetization: Main focus of any kind of mobile app is to reach maximum users and earn profit for the company. Hence, an effective monetization plan precise to your app must be applied before you decide on the app development. Some of the highly included plans includeIn-app purchases, ads, and premium versions of the app that will aid in getting substantial profit for your brand.

 How much did it cost to make PUBG mobile?

All the above features to be included in the app will have a major impact on developing an app such as PUBG. PUBG game was successful mainly due to its optimal design and user-friendly features. Hence, these aspects will have to be carried out well with a sufficient budget to make your app stand out in the competition. The type of gameplay, weapons, designs, and other innovative features will have a direct impact on the development and involved charges. For instance, if the type of platform is android, then the game has to be tested with different types of android devices. Hence, the chosen mobile game development company will have a huge part to play in deciding the overall cost.

Bottom line:

With a huge following, the ban of PUBG has created a void in the gaming system in India. If you are looking “How to make PUBG mobile app”, then associate with an experienced mobile app development company in India such as Brillmindz. People are searching for engaging multi-level games like PUBG like never before. It has increased to a higher level during the lockdown stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. But there will be a big line of entrepreneurs who will want to occupy the vacant position of this popular game. As an app owner, you will be successful only if you join hands with a reliable mobile  app development company that will guide you to positive results.

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How to create a app like Khatabook?




Khatabook,a ledger book kind of app,developed by AppAnnie,mainly targeting the small to very big shops in India,for the maintaining transaction between the customer and shop vendor,is gaining the huge popularity with high downloads on the google play store.We at BrillMindz a Top mobile app development company in Bangalore competent enough to create these kind of apps.

Payment dues are most common at bill payment for various reasons and shop vendors usually maintain a hand book to record these dues,maintaining the hand books has many disadvantages,be it page being torn or a book being lost.Apps like Khatabook wipes out the disadvantage by maintaining the digital records 

How should be the digital ledger app like khatabook be working?

A easy to use interface,all the process must be  made to the point considering the instance of how a shop vendor should use when app is installed .An entry should be made either the phone number or the emailid for registration and verification,verified,the name of the business or business owner is entered for the identity,option to add the customer number where the number of customers are added, customer is added there process is split into two for each customer added,”customer Dues” and “advance payment by customers”.Each customer data is stored with in the app. Click on a customer added , if he has a due click send the notification about the dues either through whats app or through message is made available,considering the dues cleared by customer,notification for customer saying “dues cleared” should be sent and also updated to shop vendor  and that is not allover 

Companies developing this kind of app should also have the digital payment option where the customers with dues can pay through third party apps or through net banking or through card 

How to earn money by making Khatabook Kind of app?

The most reliable way you can earn is through In App Ads and you can allow ad to run on the apps . If you have a chance to put up the ads of good brands then the revenue would be more higher

What is the cost involved for Khatabook like app?

The cost  depends on the size of the team,time involved and the infrastructure which differ on the reputation of the company, a startup can develop for a less cost,reputed companies might charge you more with good support 


When need a app like Khatabook,consider BrillMindz Technologies, top mobile app development company in India,we develop the apps faster,with end to end support 


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Amazing Tips To Get More Twitter Conversation And Retweets



Twitter Conversation

          Twitter is a very big growing platform to get better conversations and retweets. There are 271 million active users every month and 500 million tweets every day. Most people get their news online every day. Most people use twitter on mobile and 77% of twitter accounts are outside of the united states. Most of the business people use this twitter successfully to get the best marketing strategy. Twitter is a big message sharing platform in the form of tweets, polls, and so on. In this article here are some amazing ideas to get more twitter conversation and retweets.

Use Copy And Title Tweets

Twitter is an amazing information sharing platform with friends and followers in lots of ways. Copy tweet means posting an article or blog post as a sentence or question type. The title tweets mean just post a heading of the article or blog post and the link to that article. Title tweets start each word with a capital letter like a heading. Title tweets do not contain other long words or phrases. Title tweets get more clicks than copy tweets. 

Include Links Are Get More Engagement

Links are the best and easy way to get better conversions and get more retweets. Link clicks are the biggest way for users to interact with your content. So, adding your blog or website link for your tweet is a great way to receive your users directly to get better conversions. 

Tweet With Images

Images create more attention more likely than texts. Tweet with images is the way to get more conversation and to increase more retweets. So, make some attractive and effective images relevant to your profile or tweets. Tweets with images received more click through, favorites, and got more retweets. 

Schedule Your Tweet Time 

When you tweet your thoughts, the schedule timing is very important to receive more audience. Twitter gives the result, most of the people share their tweets between 10 pm to 11 pm. This is the best time of the day to tweet for retweets. Also, this is the time to reach more people on your profile. So, make your tweet for best and share that tweet at the correct time. To get more retweets.

Ask Retweets

Retweet means re-posting on your tweet or others tweet. Retweet receives more engagement and it is higher than the usual retweets rates. There are several ways to get more retweets. If you can get more retweets on your tweet, you can buy real twitter retweet to increase the number of retweets and get more user engagement. This will help you to communicate with more people. Another easy way is to add some words and phrases like ‘Please Retweet’, ‘RT’, and ‘Retweet’. when you use this phrase your retweet rate will get the best results. When you spelled out these type retweets your tweet get more retweets and get better conversations. Most of the marketers use this method frequently and they will get better results.

Tweet About Twitter

Twitter is an amazing platform for all the individual and business people to reach their goals successfully. When you start creating your twitter account, you can tweet blog posts, articles, or about twitter and other social media topics. This will help your tweet to get more clicks and retweets. 

Don’t Tweet Statistical Results

Tweets with statistical results receive bad impressions and their click-through rate is very less. The statistical results help to get more retweets but they do not get more clicks. So, don’t include the statistical results for all the tweets. 

Interact With Your Audience

Interaction is the way to get more success and this will help you to get more audience support. When you start a new small business, interaction is needed to impress your fans and followers. So, respond to your audience questions and comments immediately. This is the way to give the trust of you and your company. Add a comment section on your every tweet and watch them regularly then solve your audience’s needs and interests quickly. Twitter is a powerful social media platform to grow your business, build brand awareness, and sell products online. Every social media includes very huge competitors and users.

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Why Should Mobile App Start-ups Choose Flutter?

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Build Your Real-time Chat Application With A Premium Feature-set

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Creating A App For Foldable Devices

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How to Build a Grubhub Like App for Your Region?

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Washmen?

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How Cloud Computing Impact Mobile App Development

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A Comprehencive Guide for selecting the best mouse for Computer in 2020

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How To Choose The Best Poker Game Development Company?

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How To Create A App Like Flipkart

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6 Tips For Video Marketing On LinkedIn

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How to Run a Video Competition?

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How Much Will It Cost To Make A App Like Cars24

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How Much does it Cost to Develop an app like Merit nation?

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Best Virtual Classrooms Software

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How to Create App Like DuoLingo

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A Brief Look Into The Intricacies Of A Binance Clone Script

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Cinnamon Water And Lemon To Lose Weight. Super Healthy!

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How much does it cost to make an app like PUBG mobile?

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How to create a app like Khatabook?

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Use In-App Chats to Take Your Consultation Marketplace from Good to Great

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What Types of Objects Image Annotation Can Detect for AI in Agriculture?

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Hack Facebook Messenger Through Cell Phone Spy App

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4 Amazing Steps to Develop A Food Delivery App

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Effective Ways to promote custom Apps for Mobile App Development Company

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Managing Video made easy with Videomate Download

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Zoom vs WebEx – Which is better?

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What is mywifiext local and steps to access the smart setup wizard

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How You Can Improve Your Existing Business App

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Best rooting apps for Android 2018

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AT&T Internet Security McAfee download for real-time protection

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How to Find Mobile App Development Company in Canada

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Magento Boosts Security, Performance And Visibility Of Your Site

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The 4 Tools Not To Be Missed To Create Videos to Be Published On Social Networks

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On-Demand Mobile Apps that will Make Your Life Easy

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How to Register IDM without License Key

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Highlighting the Legacy of Jacob, the Jeweler

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How to Spy on Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

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How To Spy On Someone Through Their Phone Camera with TTSPY

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Vidmate Apk Deciphered

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Great News! Why Does Your E-Commerce Business Need Its Own Mobile App?

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How Annotation of Medical Image Data is Done?

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Online Activate Mcafee Antivirus | Update 2019

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Top 5 Selling Uber Clone Scripts In The USA, UK & European Market

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Microsoft Office 2016 Full Version Free Download

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Best Android Apps for December 2018

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How Can You Benefit From Machine Learning?

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A Full Guide on How to Keep Your Desk Neat and Clean

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