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Test-Driven Java Development Can Help Your Business



Testing plays a vital part in the life cycle of software development and excluding it from the process is impossible! In order for an application to meet its goal, testing is a must. Test-driven Java development ensures the code is error-free and capable of optimal performance even in high load and traffic cases. 

Java software development services that use this approach have much to offer their clients. First, let us explain what actually is test-driven development. 

What is Test-Driven Development? 

Test-driven development is a scenario in which your developer will first write an automated test case. After the test is written, the developer will turn their attention to writing a code that fulfills the test. If the code fails the test, the developer will refactor the code. 

This approach to Java development makes sure the code as a whole is written in small sections at a time. Providing an opportunity for code to have relatively fewer errors and bugs that could comprise the application. 

Steps for test-driven development include:

  1. Devise a test
  2. Write the code to meet the test parameters
  3. If the test fails, refactor the code to make it pass the test
  4. Run the test again, if the code fails refactor it again

Advantages of Test-Driven Development?

Test-driven development does have many advantages for investors looking to utilize this technology. It might sound like a long, time-wasting process. But at the end of the day, its advantages help you in more ways than one. 

These are some of the advantages of adopting test-driven development:

  • Test-driven development allows you to think your idea through. That is before you get down to actually writing the final code 
  • Overall it enables project development to occur in smaller steps rather than a whole. These small portions of code allow you to really spend more time and effort on the finer details
  • This particular approach to Java development is more productive than most others. This is because it allows developers to approach a project in steps rather than as a whole project! 

Let’s explain how these advantages appear in the practical world. Suppose a developer has written some code and when he compiles it, there will probably be some errors. 

Finding and fixing these errors is easier if there are just a few lines of code. Imagine trying to find errors in hundreds of lines of code. You would literally be trying to ‘ find a needle in a haystack!’ 

So to summarize, test-driven development for Java has the following benefits for investors:

  • Very few bugs to resolve 
  • High-quality code
  • Allows the ability to focus on a single function at a time
  • Easily allows developers to identify and solve errors
  • Not much time goes to waste on refactoring and reworking code

Test-driven Development Tools

Test-Driven Development with Java will require tools to make the process that much easier for you and your developer. These tools assist and improve the design and implementation of the software system. 

1. JUnit for Unit Testing

A unit is the smallest portion of code that can be logically isolated from a software system. These units can be a function, method, property, or subroutine. JUnit is a unit testing tool that applies to the Java programming language

Every Java development company ought to use JUnit. It is also an important part of the unit testing frameworks collectively known as xUnit. This framework is crucial for making sure that code is error-free before it is implemented. 

Advantages of JUnit for Unit Testing

Unit testing may require developing your project in small steps, but there are long-term advantages to this path. These are some advantages of using unit testing during coding. 

  • Saves Resources

Imagine if your developer only starts to run tests only after writing all the code. The process of finding errors and correcting them will take a long time! 

Not to mention, your developer will not be in the state of mind he was in while writing the code. This would cause him to make more errors! The longer your developer spends correcting the code, the more time and money it will cost you. 

  • Increases Chances of Reusing Reliable Code

With the development of test-driven environments, the stability, and reliability of code increases. This is because each module (unit) is tested almost as soon as the code is written. 

Reusing code is something developers should aim for as it offers consistency and efficiency to the code. 

2. JMeter for Performance/Load Testing

The JMeter tool is an open-source application capable of measuring software performance and user behavior. JMeter is the go-to tool for testing Java web applications especially against heavy loads and concurrent multi-user traffic.  

Advantages of JMeter for Performance/Load Testing

Testing the performance of your application before it goes live can avoid embarrassing situations! Imagine if you launch your application only to have it crash an hour later due to high traffic. This is why performance/load testing is essential.

  • User-Friendly

The JMeter tool has a simple user interface that doesn’t take long to be familiar with. Even beginner developers with basic skills can find their way around the JMeter application with ease. 

  • Platform Independent 

JMeter is a popular performance and load testing tool every Java application development services company uses. This is because the JMeter application can be installed on any operating system. 

  • Simulation-Based Tool

With JMeter, you can create a simulation-based test. That means you can artificially create a load of multiple threads accessing your application. Ultimately, this allows you to assess how well your application performs under traffic loads. 


The advantages of test-driven development are obvious. For an investor, not opting for this approach is a mistake you’ll regret at the time of application compilation. Testing as you go will have its benefits for the code and for you. 

Test-driven Java development saves the time of both you and your developer. It also saves your money on not having to extend your developer’s services for longer. If planning to hire a Java web application development company, make sure they use test-driven Java development. 

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How to Create a Progressive Web App With React



How to Create a Progressive Web App With React

With Progressive React Applications, user input is extremely responsive. They are as quick to load and as entertaining as a smartphone app. They have access to mobile device functions, are capable of using the operating system, and have a large audience. Installability, background synchronization, caching, and offline support are all available, as are additional features like Push Notifications. Hire ReactJS developers to simply update online apps over time to make them appear and feel like native mobile apps. Also, to be categorized as a PWA, an application must check some of the boxes.

Let’s take a look at them,

  • PWAs must be distributed over a secure network, which means the app must be delivered through HTTPS.
  • PWAs must include service workers. Service workers function as a middleman between web browsers and API servers. Web applications may now manage and cache network requests and data.
  • PWAs must have a web manifest definition, which is a JSON file that contains basic app information like the app’s name, icons, look and feel, splash screen, version, description, creator, and so on.

What is the Point of Creating a PWA?

Businesses and technical teams should consider constructing a progressive web app instead of a standard web app. The following are some of the most persuasive arguments in favor of PWAs:

  • PWAs are safe since they are always transmitted through HTTPS.
  • Push alerts, app updates, and other services are provided by PWAs.
  • PWAs can be added to an app’s home screen, making it more accessible.
  • PWAs may be molded. Because of their mobile-first design philosophy, PWAs can support a wide range of viewports and orientations.
  • PWAs can operate in low-bandwidth or no-bandwidth settings. Traditional web apps and web pages simply cease functioning when there is no active Internet connection, but app developers may control how a PWA behaves when there is no active Internet connection.

ReactJS and PWA

A Progressive Web Application can be built in a variety of ways. Vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS can be used independently or in combination with a framework or library. Ionic, Vue, Angular, Polymer, and, of course, React, which happens to be my favorite front-end library, are some of the popular options. Let’s see how we can hire ReactJS developers to create PWAs using the Create React App tool.

#1 Start With the Fundamentals

To get started, we need to download and install the Create React App program on our computer. Enter the following code,

npm install –global create-react-app

The Create React App utility is now installed. When the procedure is finished, type the following code to start a new project.

create-react-app react-pwa-example

Examine the package.json file once you’ve built the project to see what dependencies are included. Using the code editor, install the needed React-router, then perform a test using the npm run start command.

#2 Checklist for PWA

To make your work simpler, you can load Lighthouse, a free Chrome plugin from Google that examines a web app and decides if it is progressive or not. If your app isn’t progressive, Lighthouse will send you a list of standards that your app must complete in order to be recognized as a PWA.

#3 Service Workers

The Create React App has a default service worker for caching static files, but we want to create our own. To begin, in our project’s source directory, create a new service worker file and replace the following code snippet with the name of our own service worker.

window.addEventListener(‘load’, () => {

Const URL = ‘${process.env.PUBLIC_URL}/service-worker.js’;

Add testing functionality to your freshly built service worker file using a default console. Make a new production build of the app and examine the console using the log(” “) command.  Lighthouse will give a higher PWA score because of the improved service worker skills.  Depending on the functionality you want, you may need to be creative and write more complex service worker code. Before we can add secure contexts, we need to increase the progressiveness of our app.

By altering the index.html file, we may show loading messages or CSS before the app starts up, allowing us to remove CSS import references from the app.js and index.js files and improve app speed.

#4 Secure Context and Manifest File

The public directory’s Create React App tool generates a manifest file for usage in projects with minimal setup settings. The public/manifest.json file may be modified to incorporate features such as icons, installation choices, and the ability to save PWA icons on the home screen or desktop for quick access.

It’s now time to put all of our hard work into action. Many developers use Firebase to provide React-based apps, and we would suggest it for PWA deployment as well. Set doCache to true to enable caching, then install and initialize the Firebase module.

Once the transaction is complete, enter the following code into the console to deploy your app,

npm run build && firebase deploy

The Firebase CLI tool will generate a URL for you to access in your browser. The hosting URL will be an HTTPS URL to address the issue of secure contexts. You are done after one more run with the Lighthouse tool! Your PWA score should now be 100.


You now know what PWAs are and how to create one with ReactJS now. This article can assist you in rapidly adding a great asset to your business, that is, a REact PWA. All you have to do next is to hire ReactJS developers with high proficiency and experience to create a top-notch Progressive Web Application for your business growth.

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