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Top 9 Steps to Consider While Choosing a Perfect Software Development Company



Software Development Company

The constant growth in digitalization has encouraged businesses to adapt software development for their operations. But the question is where to start? How to select the perfect software development company that can be apt for your project?

Choosing the right development company is not an easy job. Many situations go into consideration. Especially, when you are investing a lot of money and time, you will want to get a good product that can fulfill all your requirements. Therefore, hiring the right software development team is necessary. Here we will see that you go through some important points that can help you in selecting a good custom software development company

Important Steps to Consider While Selecting a Software Development Company


  • Figure Out Your Project Needs

The first thing to do before searching out for companies is to have a complete understanding of your project needs. It is essential to figure out what type of software or system you want to get developed. To choose a perfect company for your project you must be aware of your needs and goals. 


  • Search For Companies


Once the requirements are defined, you can start looking for a company that provides the best software development services. This search can be conducted using three different ways – by a personal reference, searching on the internet, or through direct connection with the vendor. 

A personal reference is one of the most common methods of getting the development company’s information. 

Searching the service providers through the internet is the option where you will have to use technical keywords like top software development companies to narrow down your search.

Besides the above options, it can also be possible that you have the contact details of a few software development service providers whom you find worth contacting. 


  • Check Out Their Client Reviews

Knowing everything about the company of your choice is a must. You can start by looking around the website of the company and see if they have software development experience or not. If you get your hands on their portfolio then spend some time looking and focusing on the designs and efficiency of their products. 

You can also search for the companies from the third-party service providing sites like


  • Compare Offers

While searching for the perfect company for your project, you can go through the company’s ratings and rates. Lower rates can attract attention, but you need to compare the services that different companies offer at different rates. 

A comparison of rates, services, and years of experience the company has in the market can prove to be beneficial. 


  • Learn About Their Approaches to Project Creation

These days software developers of popular companies go out without imposing any appearance of the structure onto the development process. Therefore, this practice of checking out whether the companies are following any specific development methodologies is essential.

While approaching the company, know whether they are using any popular methodologies like SCRUM. These development methods can make the development process, budget management, and communication, an easy task. 


  • Check Out Their Communication Practices

The next step to look for after understanding the project creation approach is to learn about their communication practices. When you are hiring a company, and investing money to get an excellent product, you should experience a high-level of communication from the beginning of your journey with the company. 

The better the communication between you and the project manager the better outcome you will get. 


  • Find Details About Company’s Development Methodology

The important factor of consideration while selecting the company is its development process and workflow. They must be using the latest technologies that can help your software to accommodate a good amount of users and traffic. Apart from this, in the early stages, the company must also start the software estimation process that includes basic information about the business requirements, target audience, and project budget.


  • Tech Research

To have in-depth information about the technical skills of software developers before hiring the company of your choice is important. First, know about the technologies the company works with and ask if they provide tailored services. 

Then see to it, that the software development team keeps up with the latest programming languages, frameworks, and tools. By checking GitHub, the collaborative code hosting platform you will be able to learn whether the team delivers reusable and easy-readable code or not. 

In addition to this, one of the most important factors to check out is the project management tools the company uses to complete the client’s requirements. 


  • Maintenance and Support

The last thing to consider while selecting a software development company is that the company must offer constant maintenance to run bug-free software. The post-delivery services like software configuration, orientation, customization, and software backup must be provided by the companies. 


The advancement in the acceptance of technologies leads to many small to medium size of businesses turning towards digitalization. Because of which there is a constant growth in the number of software developers. As per a survey by Statista, there will be around 29 million developers in the world by 2024. 

To select the best team of software developers from a client-focused custom software development company is very difficult. Therefore, the above-listed points can be considered to make your selection process smooth and effortless. 

Writer note

Clay Jones working as a Technical Content Writer at a Custom Software Development Service provider company.

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Plunge into the best online rental marketplace – Zillow clone app makes the rental businesses easier



Zillow clone app

Why Zillow?

In the digitally- driven world, every single business and service utilizes the technology and internet to take their businesses to the next level. The aim for all businesses is reaching globally with success and there is no reason why real estate businesses cannot join the online frenzy that paved the way to develop an app like Zillow.

With people relying more on technology to access their problems, the real estate market is not one to be left behind. Now that everything is done online and made people’s work easier with the internet and advanced technology, and if there is still any business left to not bring their business online, then those are doomed to lose to their competitors.

Reasons For Developing A Zillow Clone App

  • As more and more people are capitalizing on the usefulness of the internet and the advancing technology, any business that won’t see the need to keep an active online existence is doomed to lose to the other forward-thinking companies.
  • Prior, the real estate business was done through a buyer’s agent or a seller’s agent. If interested, they either sell or purchase a property. They must constantly be in contact with a real estate agent or a broker till the end of the process.

zillow clone

The business (buying and selling process) will then need a buyer to meet as many agents as possible to find the best deal.

Now, the whole process stated here would require personal meet-ups with dealers or agents. Later, those agents will arrange for the interested parties to arrange and schedule visits to the desired location and homes for sale. The process is inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive.

What if we tell you there is a business-driven app for real estate that helps you reach potential buyers for the businesses and helps the buyers find the best deals with the updated data in one app? Like all the mandatory and necessary information being available in one app. The Zillow clone app gives relevant information you need to know and the detail is explained below.


Zillow is an online rental marketplace and helps manage your real estate business operations with an app like Zillow clone. The Zillow script is integrated with smooth features that will ensure your app has smooth and easy functioning.

In this blog, we will discuss things you should consider while going for real estate app development.

Salient Features to have in a Zillow Clone app

Infinite Users and Listings

Develop the Zillow clone script in a way that has the ability to handle multiple users at the same time and providing the facility to set limitations as per user’s requirement.

Integrating Multiple Languages

Make sure the app has integrated with multiple languages so that businesses can target wide regions and get better ROI for their business.

Map-based Search Filter

Develop a Zillow clone app integrated with map-based search options to give real-time and accurate results to the users.

New User Registration

The other important feature in Zillow clone app development is the registration or sign-up for the new user. The idea behind giving a sign-up feature is to help them understand the features and personalize or customize the listings according to their preferences that help users to know the app better.

The profile created in the Zillow will also help the app know the users better and consider offering them suggestions and solutions accordingly.


Zillow has gained its fame not just because of the listings or the search filters, but the way it has used the map. The map in the app lets users check a lot of information about the area that they might be considering.

For example, let’s say you get the crime rate in that area, the number of varieties of schools present and their ratings, the nearby shops, as well as the reviews of the locals regarding that area. If you are in another city, these statistics help you know if you are willing to book a place for rent in that particular area.

The Zillow app is incorporated into various databases and APIs to get the information that you are looking for.

Listing on Multi-devices

Zillow clone application is developed that supports all the platforms, including iOS phones and tablets, android mobile phones & tablet computers.


An app should have an option or a separate column for saving the client’s favorites. If a user likes a particular place or is interested in a particular location, then this option in the Zillow app is highly beneficial. Since the app saves the client’s favorite with this feature, they can get back to their listed favorites anytime.

3D VR tours

The app can reach a wider audience if it is incorporated with 3D VR tours. With this outstanding feature in the Zillow clone app, the clients can easily take a tour while they are seated in their comfort areas and get a real-time visit experience.


Summing up, the Zillow like app development helps the businesses and the users get connected by providing a large number of options to choose from, which is not possible in real-time searching. With a few more additional features like the mortgage calculator and digital documents in the app, both parties can save a lot of time.

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A Brief Look Into The Intricacies Of A Binance Clone Script



Binance Clone Script

With cryptocurrencies significantly impacting the digitally evolving world and crypto exchanges being the driving force behind the volume and profitability of the cryptosphere; at least one in every ten budding entrepreneurs wants to be associated with crypto exchanges or create and launch their own exchange to amplify their profit revenues. If you are one of them, there is no way you haven’t heard about Binance. But have you heard about binance clone? if not then this blog is for you.

Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, and it is almost impossible to appraise the landscape of crypto exchanges without considering Binance. How and why Binance always excels over the other exchanges and holds on to its number 1 position, is because of the unmatched user experience it offers. The exchange provides multiple cryptocurrencies support, high volume liquidity, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface that is applicable for both experienced and novice users, and more. These qualities make Binance stand out and ahead of the crowd. 

Now, for a new exchange to achieve potential, popularity, and profitability, it is not necessary that it should be/become the next Binance. But it is important and is a key advantage if the new exchange makes sure to exist in the shadow of Binance, while also striving to establish a niche of its own. A Binance clone was brought to light to fulfill this idea. If you are looking to kick start your exchange business and earn credibility and profitability in the shortest time, there is no better solution than a Binance clone. But what is a Binance clone? How does it work? What benefits does it bring to your business? Let’s figure them all further in this blog, starting with a quick prologue of Binance. 

What is Binance? 

As mentioned earlier, Binance is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange that gained global acceptance. Well-known mainly for crypto-to-crypto trading, Binance is an exchange with the highest users and trade volumes. The platform supports every major cryptocurrency from Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tether, Libra, and more. The term “Binance” indicates Binary Finance. The main motto of Binance is to offer the most seamless, secure, and user-friendly experience to its traders, which is why it remains the most preferred exchange. Binance also has launched its own coin known as “Binance Coin”, and has a token sale platform of its own known as “Binance launchpad.” Today, there are about more than 13.5 million daily active crypto exchange users and Binance comprises half of them. 

What is meant by a Binance Clone? 

A Binance clone is nothing but a ready-made script with complete source code, that replicates the core features and functionalities of Binance, allowing you to launch a similar exchange in the market in a short turnaround time. The script is developed with advanced technology stack, security implementations, and trading tools just like Binance, and customers are given the flexibility to customize the script as per their individual needs to launch it in their unique brand. 

The script is usually developed by well-experienced and qualified experts. They take care of everything from development, design, testing, and deployment, allowing you to focus on just the customization part. There are many advantages involved with purchasing and deploying a Binance clone script for your business. Let’s find out what they are, 

Key Benefits of a Binance Clone Script 

  • A Binance clone script relieves you from the long, tedious development process and the costs and resources incurred for development. It comes readily-available, enabling a quick launch at a cost-effective price. 
  • A Binance clone script supports multiple cryptocurrencies and multiple languages that will help you broaden your user base just like the original Binance model. 
  • A Binance clone script comes with similar advanced trading tools, technology implementations, exchange infrastructure, and features that fit both experienced and new traders. 
  • Transactions will be of low costs similar to Binance, therefore more trades, which means more profits for both traders and the exchange owner. 
  • Binance clone script will bring in more liquidity and the high capacity of handling multiple transactions per second. 
  • A Binance clone script offers a wide range of customization options for the users, in terms of name, logo, brand, UX/UI, color themes, etc. Also, it is completely pre-tested before being delivered hence it assures bug-free operations, more reliability, security, and sustainability. 

How does a Binance Clone Script work?

As a Binance clone script is almost identical to the Binance exchange platform, it functions the same way. Here’s the workflow explained step by step for your understanding, 

  • The first step is to signup with the account. Once the users sign up, there emerges a pop-up on the screen for enabling two-factor authentication. 2FA provides an additional layer of security to your platform, therefore it is better to enable it right away. 
  • The users have to submit your KYC details, which will be verified by the platform. Once it is successfully verified, they can complete the signup process. The platform can also be used without undergoing verification, but users can only withdraw/transact 2 BTCs. Once verified, users can withdraw or transact even upto 100BTCs on the platform. 
  • Once successfully logged in, users have to deposit an initial amount of funds in the exchange. 
  • Once the deposit has been made, they can place orders and start trading on the platform. Similar to the popular Binance model, the Binance clone script also comes with two interfaces known as basic, and advanced interface. The basic is for novice traders, and the advanced is for experienced traders. 

This is how a Binance clone script works. With the intensely growing demand and competition, several companies around the world have started offering a Binance clone script for businesses. To choose the right one for yours, look if the script comprises the following features. 

Essential features for a Binance Clone Script

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies and language support
  • Simple registration process
  • Secure in-built wallet
  • Powerful trade matching engine with high TPS
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • High Volume Liquidity 
  • Global trade access
  • Advanced order types 
  • Live-order book mechanism 
  • Payment integrations
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Multi-layer security protocols 

These are the mandatory features to be implemented with a Binance clone script. Launching an exchange similar to Binance will help you quickly gain traction, visibility, credibility, and gather customers’ trust and interest in your exchange. Therefore, go through extensive market research, choose the best Binance clone script provider, purchase and customize your script according to your unique preferences, and enjoy immense popularity and profitability for your business.

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Use In-App Chats to Take Your Consultation Marketplace from Good to Great



Use In-App Chats

Consultations are an integral part of a number of industries because they provide access to subject matter experts who can help businesses achieve their goals and better understand the market they function in. Currently, the global consultancy market is worth $250 billion across all industries. Despite being such a ubiquitous need, consultations continue to be a process that is burdened by multiple steps, convoluted structures and limitless back-and-forth without clarity.

However, the consultation marketplace aims to disrupt a needlessly complex industry and simplify things. It is made even easier to use by consultation chat software, which enables seamless communication.

The Lowdown on Consultation Marketplaces

Marketplaces for consultation help fill the resource gaps and skills in a business with just a few clicks of a button. They typically are holistic platforms where independent consultants can make their services known and rendered directly to a customer, without using a mediator.

“One must learn to embrace the expertise of others, just like one expects one’s own expertise to be embraced by others.”

–– Abhijit Naskar in When Call The People: My World My Responsibility

The benefits of a consultation marketplace are:

  • Better conversions: Service providers are able to communicate with customers more easily in real-time and close offers.
  • Conversation-friendly features: Apart from text messages, video and audio calls facilitate a partnership between provider and customer.
    Flexibility of rates: The chances of payment delays and follow-ups are negated by several payment gateways.
  • Social media integration: Manage orders on Facebook and Instagram from one account
  • Trackable analytics: Keep track of daily income, buyer conversions and successful sellers

How In-app Communication Features Work for Consultation Apps

A consultation chat app is the most popular way of facilitating communication between provider and buyer, and something that those looking to build a successful consultation app must explore. It enables real-time contact between the two key stakeholders, taking third-party platforms out of the picture and the process. 

An in-app chat platform for a marketplace ensures high levels of customer support. This is because experts are able to clarify their processes and share their prices in one go. Aside from in-app chat messaging, additional features such as file-sharing, video calling, emoji reactions and presence indicators increase the user experience significantly. A consultation chat for marketplace means that all-important information is in one place – perfect when any party needs to refer to previously shared information.

Here are Ways to Expand the Reach and Use of an In-app Chat Platform for Business Towards Different End Goals: best in app chat platform

1. Leverage Real-time Interactions to Facilitate Buyer-seller Confidence

Real-time chat, video and audio features help sellers pitch their services better, build a rapport with a buyer and close deals quicker. They also facilitate better working relationships and negate intermediaries. Some of these features include:

  • Typing indicators 
  • Availability indicators 
  • Personalised buyer and seller profiles
  • Automated questions
  • File-sharing 
  • Emoji reactions

2. Connect Buyers and Sellers with On-demand Video and Audio

On-demand video allows sellers to create streamlined video pitches to explain their services better. These help buyers visualise their end goals using this service and enables them to make better purchasing decisions. Critical features that help achieve this goal include:

  • Call recording 
  • Voice mute options
  • Group calls 
  • Message broadcast 
  • Real-time comments 
  • Emoji reactions

3. Convert Passive Viewers to Active Users with Live Streaming Chat

Chat for live streaming allows viewers to engage with the broadcaster through comments, questions and emoji reactions. This facilitates content reach and message retention and helps create a loyal user base out of otherwise passive followers. Make sure your app of choice includes the following features:

  • Video live streaming 
  • Emoji reactions
  • Synchronous chat 

4. Facilitate Intimate Interactions Through Group and Private Chat

Consultation marketplaces need private chats to maintain buyer confidentiality and ensure security. However, group chats foster a sense of community and allow buyers or sellers to discuss critical topics. Features that help create such an engaging environment include:

  • Personalised profiles
  • Individual roles
  • Emoji reactions
  • Hand-raising features
  • Mute options
  • Presence indicators

Features That are Must-haves for Consultation Marketplace Apps

Given that there are a plethora of features to choose from to enhance your consultation app, it can be a bit confusing, figuring out where to start. These are some must-have features to look for when choosing an in-app messaging solution for Android and iOS. 

IN app chat api features

  • HD Video Calls

Video calls allow the service provider and users to connect on a more personal level and build a visual rapport. Quite a few consultation types, such as those in healthcare, require visual aid to facilitate decision-making processes. High-definition video calls mustn’t falter in quality regardless of bandwidth or the number of users. They must be end-to-end encrypted and safe to use. 

  • Real-time Chat

An in-app chat for website and consultation apps allow for quick consultations without needing to connect over a voice or video call. Chat allows users to get to the bottom of their issues quickly, share important information and even provide files important to the conversation. It prevents delays in conversations and allows for immediate discussions, just like what would occur in face-to-face circumstances. 

  • Group Calls 

Group calls allow for better conversations, especially when critical business decisions are involved that need more than two participants to facilitate. Group calls involve entire teams in the process and allow everyone to feel a sense of comfort before taking a critical call. They also enhance message retention and distribution. 

  • Secure File Transfer

Several consultation processes are dependent on file-sharing, which adds more information to the process and prevents users from switching to other apps. These files could be PDFs, Word documents, photos, receipts, even video; allowing users to share this ensures that their conversations are that much more information-rich. Security is an integral part of this process; files must be limited to the participants alone as they could be private and confidential. 

  • Screen-sharing

In the case of troubleshooting and consultations, it helps to have screen-sharing as an essential feature. It facilitates clarity and transparency in conversations and reduces information gaps. It also helps service providers be more proactive about their solutions, as they can identify problems and deliver their expertise much more easily. 

Top In-app Chat Providers for In-app Chat API and SDKs

Whether you’re on the lookout for an in-app messaging API for iOS, in-app messaging SDK for Android or a third-party plugin for your website, these top providers are a great starting point to kick off your search. 

1. MirrorFly

One of the best in-app chat platforms available today, MirrorFly’s solution is ideal for consultation marketplaces. Alongside an in-app chat SDK and API, you’ll find that MirrorFly also offers voice calling and video calling functionality. Aside from these basic features, the platform also offers screen sharing, group chats, smart reply and real-time language translation. It is highly secure and has setups for spam protection and profanity filters. 

2. Apphitect

Apphitect offers a complete messaging solution that powers real-time communication through high-tech integrations. Their in-app communication API and chat SDK facilitates several great features including group chat, offline messages, presence indicators, voice calling, video calling and screen-sharing. It is highly secure as well– Apphitect leverages high-end technology to ensure end-to-end encryption and privacy.

3. Chat SDK

Chat SDK is a free and open-source way to add an in-app chat for Android application, iOS or browser. They provide a handy UI framework that allows you to integrate the app and get started in a jiffy. Their extensive list of features includes private and group chats, multiple message types, push notifications, social login, personalised user profiles and message history.

4. Stream

Stream’s in-app communication SDK and API consists of a highly reliable infrastructure that can easily be plugged into an existing app. The platform is customisable enough to keep as a messaging platform or even to create an alternative to Slack and popular workplace apps. Some powerful features that they offer include direct and group chats, organised chat threads, file sharing, GIF and emoji sharing, message search and link previews. 

The Bottom Line

Marketplaces for consultations are the newest way to bring experts on board your project without the hassles and procedures that are typically involved.

It’s a great idea to integrate communication features that will leverage your existing benefits and encourage conversations and transparency.

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A Guide On Building Your Own Successful Tinder Clone Solution



Tinder Clone Solution

There is a boom at present when it comes to on-demand services carried out through mobile applications. Greatly benefited are the end customers as every service is carried out with a single tap, and the services availed are very much economical pricing as well.

One such division that is gaining greater prominence with time is Online Dating. Blind dates are gaining more momentum in several nations across the world, and many entrepreneurs are beginning to capitalize on this lucrative industry with their customized Tinder clone. Being an advanced software solution, it is capable of enthralling a colossal number of people in a short time.

Let’s see some stats regarding this Online Dating Industry.

(i) Online Dating Revenue is forecasted to reach US$1,754 Million this year.

(ii) User Penetration which is 2.6% now is predicted to hit 3.6% by 2024.

(iii) The Average Revenue per user is estimated to be a sum of US$8.95

(iv) The United States featured the lion’s share in revenue accounting to US$798 million in 2020.

So how does a Tinder clone attract a huge customer base? It is because of several factors that are mentioned below:

  • Simplicity in finding a date:

Thanks to the dating app, anyone across the globe can find a date swiftly. After inputting the needed info into the app and then on finding a match, the user can associate with the match before going out on a date.

  • Seamless communication:

The Tinder clone can be used by users to find someone who matches their expectations and likes. The in-app chat along with the audio/video call feature, can connect users from across the globe. To add more richness, one can share videos, audios, locations and much more via the app.

  • Greater reach and penetration:

With the Tinder clone, one can get a higher reach from the customers. It will be a thumping success among all users because of cool features and state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Extremely lucrative in a short span:

This solution has everything needed to smoothly establish a huge income-generating online dating business within a short time. The more the innovation in features, the more the revenue and customers will be.

What should be done to develop a robust Tinder clone solution?

To build such a successful product, follow the below guidelines.

  • Focusing on long-term goals and the future:

Contemplate gathering relevant data and information from the past and the present to get a vision of the future regarding the dating app solution. You can go a step further and research statistics and other such market forecasts for better enlightenment.

  • Optimizing the online presence:

Wield the power of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and much more to get a better online presence within a short span. To optimize the customer base, integrate posts, ads and promotions consistently.

  • An economical dating app solution:

Make sure to develop a dating app that isn’t intricate in terms of usage. It should offer the best UI/UX, which gets accomplished by providing useful and captivating features along with vibrant design. A separate panel should get developed for the users as well as the admin. Ensure that everything is of the best quality and very highly economical as well.

  • Discounts/Offers and referrals:

Whoever has come under a subscription plan, they can be supplied with offers and rewards. Also, give out rewards if the users refer the Tinder clone to friends or other relations.

  • Analyzing the competitors:

Intensely scrutinize the online dating market and the competition as well. Research into each competitor’s mobile apps will give enlightenment on what should be done to make your dating app that special. These are one of the ways to develop a Tinder clone that is more enhanced than that of the competitors.

  • Incorporating powerful algorithms:

Ensure that the dating app solution is built by using the best algorithms that will help tremendously in matching two people who share the same preferences and likes. For good suggestions, it can be based on aspects like their inclinations, location and such.


All the above guidelines and factors would have provided a great deal of enlightenment in building a powerful dating app solution with the help of state-of-the-art technologies. Our team at Tinderboxsolutions have great expertise in developing a powerful Tinder clone app that speaks of astounding success.

We offer our services to effectively and quickly build the solution as per your requirements.

To know more reach us out at

Author Bio:

Vinoth is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Canadian based Tinderboxsolutions. As a blogger in his free time writing articles on Mobile Apps and the On-Demand Service Industry, he has greatly guided the company in developing user-friendly clone app solutions.

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5 Magnificent Examples of Websites That Convert Visitors into Customers



5 Magnificent Examples of Websites That Convert Visitors into Customers

What actually happens when a user visits the landing page?

What are your strategies to convert those visitors into leads?

How can you well-optimize the present conversion tactics to boost the lead volume and quality?

You might do a lot to persuade visitors to become customers. If a website is able to do so, it can drive a lot more revenue than you have ever imagined. Therefore, we came up with such great examples that have successfully turned visitors into customers. You can get inspiration from such a website and, likewise, drive good revenue.

What types of websites are supposed to give conversions?

An excellent converting website constitutes a clean design, makes everything easy for the people to access the information, and generates a clear path of conversion that may force people to convert and engage in what is showcasing.

Let us have a glimpse of the things that most of the websites have in common.

  • Eye-Captivating Web Design:

Smart marketers are well aware of how their website design can create a difference. Most of the marketers usually harp on investing in SEO, social media, and creating lead magnets that can catch the conversion. Although these components have their own place to engage and convert, your web design is that pretty face that adored the customer. This pretty face can either make or break your conversion rates.

Following are the web design tips and principles that most popular websites follow from so long:

  1. Making the web design responsive
  2. Using faces on your website
  3. Catchy testimonials and reviews
  4. Using call-to-action crucial element
  5. Content placement
  6. Unique selling point
  7. Keeping it smooth
  8. Using the white space/ negative space
  9. Consistency in the color, branding, images, and fonts
  10. Choosing the right colors

People crave fast information, and mainly when half of the internet traffic is scrolling mobile, quick page speed is necessary for conversion. 

Now, you can imagine how web design can boost the conversion rate. 

Next, let us jump upon the precise concepts and value propositions.

  • Clear Concepts and Value Propositions:

High converting websites explain to the visitors about their company and what actually makes their products and services unique.

More your visitors will know what the company performs in upfront, and more the consumers would be clear on the informed purchasing decisions.

Such websites that convert also label about the uniqueness of the business, products, and services, which sets them apart from the competitors.

  • Apparent Call-to-Action:

The visitors would themselves come to convert when they know what it is what you want them to do. Therefore, high-converting websites use call-to-action.

CTA button helps interested users to know how to take the next step towards the conversion. The websites having the best conversion rate showcases their CTA buttons very early and provides excellent conversion opportunities. CTA buttons help the users get to the next step, whether for checking out a pricing page or convert. You must set up a page that includes CTA buttons like:

  • Sign up
  • Shop
  • Subscribe
  • Learn More
  • Get started

In this post, we will give you examples of the websites that are capable of converting visitors into customers.             

1. Discord:

Discord is a popular application that mainly targets the gaming and streamlining industry. This application offers a free all-in-one voice and texting platform where people can easily engage. Now the question is why it is considered among the best examples of websites that make the conversion. Let us discuss it in three points:

  1. Appealing Web Design:

          Discord has a good idea on the market, and they display it with the fun and peculiar web design. This website consists of a number of crisped graphics and the eye-captivating animations that entertain audiences. The site checks the entire web design boxes with fast page load time, responsiveness, and spontaneous navigation.

  1. Fresh Concept and Value Propositions:

Discord knows very well what actually engages the community better. They have showcased both premium and free products with an opportunity for the influencers and the game developers.

  1. Distinct CTAs:

Their landing pages have a very polished design and large white spaces. The value propositions and the CTA buttons have stood out uniquely. The entertaining animations are worth checking out for both of these landing pages.

2. Mint:

Mint is a well-known all-in-one financial management application that helps set up the budgets, manage the bills, and check the credit scores.

So, why Mint is known as the excellent example of a high conversion rate?

  • Captivating Web Design: 

The appealing web design is very eye-captivating at a glance. They are known for giving the information very quickly with the fast loading and the mobile responsive pages. They have used white spaces with the ultimate infographics that make the website worth visiting.

  • Clear Concept and Value Propositions: 

It lets you get a first glance at what you get with their application when you first scroll down. They explain everything about their app and smartly engage the people by focusing on their personal concerns. So, they indulge the call to action buttons to let the visitors learn more and sign-up for free.

  • Distinct CTAs: 

It puts up the valuable and related CTA buttons in the known places via their website. They are having unique styles of CTA buttons that carry the blue outline for their “Sign in” button to an adorable orange for “Sign up free” CAT button. These buttons are making a nice contrast.

  • RealSpace:

It makes superb 3D renders and animations for architectural companies. 

Let us check out why it sits best for the website conversion.

  • Enticing Web Design: 

It represents the beautiful portfolio of 3D rendered images that uses the clean design to engage the customers. With the minimalist layout, they help in creating an attractive website.

  • Clear Concept and Value Propositions: 

From their homepage, you can quickly discover the unique points about the products and services. With the help of the “Learn More” CTAs under every service point, you can find more information about the services if users showcase interest in them.

  • Distinct CTAs: 

RealSpace makes the conversion process very abrupt when the CTA links to their portfolio, service pages, and the most accessible contact form.

  • Rookwood:

Rookwood is a company that makes fantastic pottery and tiles for home use. This pottery company is the best examples of the websites that make the rapid conversion as it hits the vital elements for conversion.

  • Beautiful Web Design: 

This website has been covered up with the superb images of their wares. It provides a super clean and engaging design within the website that indulges easy to use navigation and the white space. The color scheme showcases the appeal of the pottery.

  • Clear Concept and Value Propositions: 

It displays the company’s history and the things that make them unique in their services. It outlines the intricate pottery crafting process in a superb way and details the information on the reserving tours.

  • Distinct CTAs: 

Visitors can easily follow Learn More and About Us CTA to the relevant pages and learn more about the artisans with the help of the ‘Meet the team’ CTA and explore the products with the Shop Now button. Infact, they offer a secure form for the users to fill out the information on the services for the vast projects.

  • Skillshare: 

It is a well-recognized online learning platform with a broad range of classes’ subscribers that covers topics such as business, lifestyle, writing, photo/film, and many more. It is one of the best examples of the websites that make the conversion as it hits all the marks.

  1. Out of the Box Design: 

With the help of the fun video header and an engaging or say, playful that makes the web design much more alluring and fun-loving learning.

  1. Clear Concepts and the Value Propositions:

This company shows effective results among consumers with promoting learning and creativity. The visitors can explore the classes and quickly takes participate in the robust online inspiration based community.

  • Distinct CTAs: 

It carries the dark blue and the white color scheme, and then mint green accent color makes the CTAs pop. This company knows well how to make the customers act with the actionable CTAs such as “Browse classes” and “Get started with the first three months free.”

Make yourself ready to get inspired by these five examples of the websites that can help you with making the best conversion from your own site.

Author Bio- Regina Deemer is a content writer, mobility strategist and blogger who writes on the latest technology and business-related topics. At present, she is working with Cerebrum Infotech, a leading custom software application development company.

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How Can Startups Avoid Particular Bottlenecks When It Comes To Uber For X Services?



Uber for X script

At present, there is a boom in demand for an Uber-like application in several verticals like lifestyle, sports, nightlife, education and of course transportation. Several start-ups are venturing into the market of “Uber for X” apps which aren’t related in the least to transportation. They are funded in this mission by several Venture Capitalists.

So, what exactly is Uber for X?

For starts, Uber is a taxi-hailing app that proved to be an unprecedented success in connecting drivers and customers. A taxi will come to your doorstep with a mere press of a button and with another press so will the payment fare for the ride be completed. Its that simple. The Uber for X concept is developing demands via smartphones and accomplishing those demands via offline service providers. The on-demand services are simplified and accomplished with relative ease, thereby satiating the customers.

Speaking of its powerful potential, this concept can disrupt the mighty Google itself. The X in ‘Uber for X’ can vary from groceries to laundry and virtually anything like food and dining, delivery, transportation, travel etc. This ever-growing trend has paved the way for good reception when we speak of these verticals.

No matter what, the solution provided is ascertained to be very simple indeed.

Mentioning the Challenges that will come ahead

Indeed, a lot of articles have been published regarding why these passionate and eager start-ups typically fail in their ventures when we speak about the blind Uberization of all such verticals. So, let’s take a detailed look.

When we use the framework of Mike Ghaffary, then if an offline enterprise must be transformed into an online equivalent, then by processing the three primary parameters like the power to standardize content, automation of the pricing and transaction and the handling of a speedy delivery with relation to the service, it is seen that uberization of home services will fail.

The verification concerning the home services vertical fails due to hurdles in the standardization of find, buy and redeem funnel, the ever-varying quality of the home service experts and when ascertaining speedy deliveries.

A few start-ups have found ways to tackle these problems through the introduction of some factors. They are detailed below.

Varying quality of home service professionals –

Its seen that almost every start-up feature a system related to offline background and reference checks along with the interviews for the service providers who are coming on board. One startup called Kudzu inspired the users to integrate feedback when it came to selecting the service provider.

Standardization of find, buy and redeem funnel –

A start-up called RedBeacon provided its customers with the opportunity to associate with service providers and get custom quotes related to the demanded work specifics. Another one called Club Local also paved the way for negotiation to be associated with the interaction.

Instant deliveries –

Handybook followed the method of Uber when it came to regular hourly rates and instant appointments. MyTime sells the appointment where it allows the users to select from the open times that are featured on the calendars of the service providers.


Thus, this article would have provided insight for those entrepreneurs who are aspiring to begin their own On-Demand Mobile Application Service businesses.  Do download our Uber for X script from the Google Play Store and if you have a fantastic on-demand service idea do feel free to reach us out at, and we will be happy to help you out.

Author Bio:

Prawin Chandru is an Entrepreneur and a Co-Founder of Uberdoo. The enterprise is a premier technological company in Canada that specializes in Clone Products. It has delivered several economical and robust clone products for its global client base based the ever-changing market trends. Uberdoo is a pioneer when it comes to platforms that speak of On-Demand Mobile Services.

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Promising Strategies to Improve your Space Rental Business



Promising Strategies to Improve your Space Rental Business

A startup business has many targets and goals to make the business successful. Similarly, when you are starting out a space rental business you need to be successful at small goals to achieve maximum profits and business stability. 

So, to improve your business success, we have put down the following tips for successful business growth.

Tip #1: Know your current & potential customers 

As the business revolves around customers, you need to decode 

their rental interest and mark the days as the best and worst rental season. In this way, we can find a rental pattern of customers and their expectations from your business. 

Besides this, you also need to know the potential customers, who might be interested in your service.  This way, you can position your business to earn more profits and improve marketing plans.

Tip #2: Gain customers trust 

Customers’ trust is the first step to make your business thrive. Trust helps in increasing customer engagement, in turn, increase the number of bookings. 

Ways to get the customers trust is by: 

  1. Assuring your customers that the booking process is transparent, and there is no deceiving of any sort. 
  2. Guarantee to help them out if any mishaps happen. 
  3. Present positive customer reviews of other customers. This reassures them as make the decision. 

Tip #3: Advertise your space with benefits

Advertisement plays a big part in spreading the news about your space rental business. Promote your business explaining the benefits offered along with the pricing details. 

Here in the below picture, you can find a sample advertisement done for a venue space mentioning the space being suitable to conduct many events. 

You can advertise your space rental business online through: 

  • Social media
  • Search engine 
  • Blogging websites where there is a high number of visitors

Offline advertisement can be done through: 

  • Announcing in local radio 
  • Newspaper 
  • Local Magazine 
  • Local tv channels 
  • Billboards 

Tip #4: Get a website for your business

In today’s fast and internet-connected world, a website or an app brings more online users to your online space rental business. 

Apart from that it also benefits :

  1. Customers to easily book your venue spaces. 
  2. To advertise any upcoming news and price discounts 

You can approach a web and mobile app development company for setting up an online store for your space rental business.  

Also, there are tech companies that have Airbnb clone script which is customizable to any marketplace platform. 

Tip #5: Keep the description of your rental property correct and updated 

Write the description of the properties very precise, creative, and giving lots of details. 

The key to engaging users to your property is to write creatively featuring the best features of your platform and venue space, and formating the description with a bulletin or numbered.  The description has to be precise with the updated information of the venue space and keeping it authentic.  It is important not to lose customers on false or misleading information which would lose more customers to your business. 

With a quality photo of the venue space and a clear call-to-action button on the website, customers take much faster to book. 

Tip #6: Give a virtual tutorial

To bring more users to your website, you can create a virtual tutorial on :

  • Decoration ideas of space for marriage or any special occasions
  • Tips for choosing furniture for weddings
  • Guide to decorate the wedding stage 
  • Food to offer guests 
  • A list of music to play at the wedding or any other special occasion
  • A list of great local DJs for any weddings or birthday parties

You can also mention the best local event managers, florists, DJs, food catering people for weddings, or special occasions hosted on the venue space. 

Bottom Line 

Growing a business is a slow process and takes patience in handling for entrepreneurs. To bring positive growth, we have mentioned the workable 6 tips from our side. I hope you find insightful in implementing these methods to your space rental business.

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6 Factors to Consider While Choosing an Online Teen Patti Software



Teen Patti Software

Teen Patti Software originated from Britain in the 16th century. The British referred to it as the three cards brag. Online Teen Patti game is said to be the predecessor of poker’s variation draw simply because both the poker and Teen Patti game have similar rules. The only difference is in terms of specialties and modifications. For instance, in Teen Patti game, each player is supposed to put an ante bet in the pot. If one player bets, the next player should put an equal amount or higher than the previous player. 

When it comes to games, Teen Patti software often draws game enthusiasts’ attention. It is the most famous and entertaining game that has taken the online world by storm. Teen Patti game is not only enjoyable but also a business opportunity for game developers. The game comes with a lot of benefits, that is why we bring you the strategies you should rely on while choosing the best online Teen Patti Software. 

Factors to Consider While Choosing an Online Teen Patti Software

Teen Patti game development is mushrooming at a high rate. Every business wants to launch a unique and appealing online game software that is full of hype. Selecting and implementing a Teen Patti game software is the biggest challenge that most people face nowadays. However, regardless of the numerous Teen Patti Software, it is crucial always to consider the following six factors outlined below.

1. Cross-Browser Compatibility

When choosing an online Teen Patti software, user-friendliness is crucial. Ensure that the software is compatible with most used browsers as well as mobile phones. The site should be easy to navigate with minimum loading time. Also, pay particular attention to the bandwidth requirement, the number of players who can use the software simultaneously.

2. Prompt Technical Support

A good Teen Patti software is one that has efficient customer support. At times the software fails, you forget your password, your account got hacked, and many more hitches. This calls for immediate help. You, therefore, need customer support that can resolve your issues promptly.

3. High-Quality Graphics

You have to look out for special features and the quality of the graphics. The graphics are meant to mesmerize the players. With unique features such as VIP benefits and security features. They all make the Teen Patti Software worthwhile.

4. Authoritative Licenses

Always cross-check the validity of the software license. A regulatory body should license the Teen Patti Software in the country it operates. You can get the information on the homepage at the bottom or a link. The licensing will indicate the software’s legality.

5. Type of Game

When signing up for the Teen Patti software website, you desire to get the game. Do not fall victim to a cheeky app that does not allow you to know the game installed in the app before a deposit. Avoid such developers unless referred by someone you trust. Either way, you can check out on the library for the games available before signing up.

6. Multiplayer Mode

For a player to enjoy the game, at times, you will need to enjoy it with others. Teen Patti Software should have both a single and multiplayer mode. Playing with others is more fun and kills boredom. You are not only going to play with those near you but also those far away. Which also creates socialization.

Wrapping up: 

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, you must choose an Online Teen Patti Software that is not only trustworthy but also reputable. Choose the one that meets your requirements. Good software should enhance the purpose of the game, entertainment and Mobzway can help you in this purpose.

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What does it take to initiate UrbanClap Like App Development?



UrbanClap Like App Development

It is quite daunting to locate and access service providers nowadays. In this modern era, people demand doorstep services. The advent of smartphones and on-demand apps have provided a paradigm shift in the way people approach services. With every service, including taxis, food delivery, and many more going online, don’t you think a virtual platform connecting multiple service professionals with people becomes a necessity? 

A typical household needs the services of several professionals, including 

  • Home interior designers
  • Painters
  • Pest control professionals
  • Electrical and electronics repair executives
  • Home tutors
  • Yoga and fitness trainers
  • Massage therapists
  • Event organizers and many more. 

Are you an entrepreneur who can bridge the gap between these professionals and smartphone users? All you have to do is develop an app and reach out to your target audience. Are you wondering how to develop such an on-demand marketplace platform? This blog caters to the needs of all those who wish to invest in an UrbanClap like app development

‘Familiarize yourself with the big picture’ 

Before initiating app development, get to know the prerequisites of developing the app. Certain factors play a significant role in shaping your app and need the utmost care. They include,

  • Providing a seamless app experience to your customers. 
  • Identifying the business model according to your resources. 
  • Integrating unique features to attract the audience. 
  • Choosing the revenue model(s) based on your business performance. 

Focusing on these vital factors can let you have a competitive edge over your rivals. Let’s take an in-depth overview of these factors here. 

‘Workflow can make all the difference’ 

Even people who do not have much experience with on-demand apps will reach out to your home services app. Hence, make sure the app is simple in design and offers an enhanced and user-friendly experience. Let’s take a look at the working of the app here, 


  • Users download the app and register with their social media handles or email IDs. 
  • They navigate through the app, looking for their desired services. 
  • Narrowing down their search, they can sort out professionals based on various parameters using the filter options
  • They can book their services instantly and can track service professionals using the in-app navigation feature. 
  • After the work completion, they pay for the professionals through multiple payment gateways available in the app. 

Service providers: 

  • Professionals download the app and register with the app by uploading valid documents for their proof of work. 
  • Once verified by the admin, they can provide services based on their availability
  • These professionals can accept/reject user requests based on their interests. 
  • They receive users’ payment instantly after the commission cut-down by the admin. 


  • The admin can monitor the entire activity around the app through an intuitive dashboard
  • The admin can reroute professionals to those regions experiencing high demand. 
  • He/she can set the commission percentage and deduct the same from users’ payments before processing it to the admin. 
  • Besides, the admin can reach out to customer queries, as well. 

‘The business model impacts your performance’ 

The business model is vital in setting the tone as to how the app will offer services. Some of the popular business models worth-considering for the home services app include, 

  • System-pick model: In this model, users select the type of service that is required. The system algorithm then generates professionals who are available in the vicinity. Here, users have a say only in the kind of services rather than choosing professionals themselves. This model is less-preferred nowadays. 
  • Buyer-pick model: In addition to the type of work, users get to choose the professionals who are available to offer their services in this model. The users have the last say in this model, leading to the escalation of customer satisfaction. If you wish to enhance your customer engagements, this model should be your first choice. 

‘Features make your app distinctive’ 

Besides the basic features, your app should lure the audience through its stand-apart features. They include, 

  • In-app chat/call: To avoid inconvenience to both users and professionals, your app should establish a communication flow between the two networks. This way, they can solve their doubts and queries without any hassles. 
  • Fare estimator: It is vital to let users know the price they are paying for a particular service. This can be calculated based on the hourly rate of professionals or a fixed price per service. Either way, informing the users beforehand can offer them a sense of contentment, as well. 
  • Real-time updates: Besides hourly services, your platform includes professionals who require days to complete a particular task, for example, painting services. Hence, it is essential to provide real-time updates on the work for the display of the users. 
  • In-app wallet: Your platform should provide an easy way to pay for professional services. Hence, an in-app wallet, wherein users can transfer money from their bank accounts, is necessary. This way, users needn’t enter their account details every time during payments. 
  • Multi-lingual support: Users should have the option of accessing the platform in the language of their choice. This way, people from varied demographics can access the app hassle-free, leading to an increase in sales.  

‘At the end of the day, revenue matters’ 

Any entrepreneur must maintain a perfect balance between offering best-in-class services and generating constant income. Through an UrbanClap clone app, you are entitled to receive income from multiple sources. This include, 

  • Commission fee: Acting as a bridge between users and professionals, you provide services for the former and jobs for the latter. Hence, you receive a part of users’ payment as paid commissions. For every transaction made through the app, you receive a percentage of it, adding to a constant revenue source. 
  • Subscription plans: To avail of top-notch services and enjoy lucrative benefits of the app, you can charge a subscription fee from users on a monthly or yearly basis. 
  • Advertisements: By displaying third-party ad banners on your site, you can generate consistent income, as well. 

It depends on the business owners to choose their revenue streams based on their business performance. 

Summing up, 

Apps like UrbanClap, Task Rabbit, etc., have already gained immense popularity among the people, owing to their reliable, affordable, and convenient services. It is high to invest in an on-demand home services app and establish your business entity. Nowadays, app development companies are offering clone app scripts. You can choose your best-suited UrbanClap clone script, integrate your necessary business model, features, and revenue models, and launch your app instantly into the market. 

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Best 7 Photo Restoration Software



Photo Restoration Software


Digital photo restoration involves the process of reviving the looks of a digital representation of a real picture which has been damaged due to mishandling and poor storage resulting to destruction by water or get worn out with time. If you have old photos which were destroyed, but they are still worth and meaningful to you, you will probably need a digital image restoration software to breathe life back into them. 

 These programs facilitate image restoration by removing scratches, stains, edit skin imperfections, and enhance color as well as the surroundings. By doing so, a renewed look is given to them, making them look perfect and original. The challenge comes when you can’t find the best restoration tool that will do the work correctly. That’s why our article is going to highlight the best 7 photo restoration software you can try for better results.

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

The Adobe Photoshop CC comes as our first pick and the best photo restoration software, which comes as the most famous and remarkable image restoration program around the world. It has a user-friendly interface, a comprehensive range of tools, and top-grade updates. These make every part of the picture restoration process to be efficient and reliable as best needed. 

The best part is that this software currently supports nearly all the raster formats, and its basic Photoshop format is compatible with plenty of graphic editors. It’s operational on personal computers that have the macOS and Windows operational systems with mobile versions of IOS, Windows Phone and Android. 

The Adobe Photoshop CC is best engineered to facilitate all types of digital image retrieval work you may need. Besides, its extensive list of operation may be hard to understand by a beginner, but they give exceptional and satisfying restoration service you will never regret.

  • Luminar 4

When it comes to the removal of blemishes and stains, Luminar 4 does it entirely. This implies that you can recover photos with slight damages. This program provides a range of tools that are typically for plenty up to date photo editors which will help you remove the unnecessary damages like scratches and dirt.

It is easy to operate with just drawing over the required portion of the photo that needs editing. After that, Luminar will analyze the surrounding pixels and give a suitable and corresponding texture. You can easily zoom in and out to have a look at the minute elements and wipe them out using an ideal brush size.  

  • GIMP

This is a powerful photo editing software that is capable of performing essential photo restoration functions. With its epy open source feature, you can freely access nearly all editing tools you never came across. This allows image editors to express their creativity in the best way possible. Besides, it supports all kinds of file image formats. Being provided freely, you can never be seen in Photoshop.

While the Unsharp Mask or the Clone tools permits users to develop flawless images, its ability to make color adjustments to enhance the faded images restoring an old photograph to perfection. You can use the GIMP online, mobile and desktop versions – whichever that suits you best. This software can be installed without a fuss and operates excellently on most low power systems.

  • Retouch Pilot

With Retouch Pilot software, minimal technical damages initially on pictures or those which appeared after scanning photos. They include scratches, dust particles, hair or stains. This software is ultimately designed for digital camera users to enable them to perform photo improvement most efficiently and straightforwardly.  

It is a primary photo restoration software that requires its experts to possess Photoshop. Its user interface is friendly to maneuver plus its significant functions are well organized in the tool palette on the sides. In general, the Retouch Pilot is a powerful photo restoration tool that allows editors to make adjustments on photo correction but only suitable for essential color restoration of old photos. 

  • Inpaint 

Inpaint comes as a paid basic photo restoration software which was designed to help photo editors get rid of irrelevant components on an image. It is pretty understandable thanks to the educative tutorials that explain how old and damaged restoration is done. Its best part is that there are no limitations on the objects you can eliminate in a photo. 

It is equipped with Guide Lines that helps in drawing green lines to mark the photo edges, contours and background for easy identification by Inpaint for a fast and more effortless photo restoration process. This software is quite affordable and allows users free trials for restoring their old or damaged photos using. And, it requires no training or experience to restore your photos.

  • Fotophire Editing Toolkit

This is yet another one of the best-paid photo restoration software which provides a variety of programs in a single pack. They include the Cutter, Editor, and the Eraser. But the one which we are mainly interested in is the photo Eraser that automatically eliminates any irrelevant scratches or image elements. Besides, it gives the crop and clone tools which are vital for correcting any flaws your old pictures may have. 

Other than photo restoration, image background correction, as well as old photo enhancement through the addition of vintage effects, is enhanced by Fotophire Editing Toolkit. This software comes as a whole set of photo editing tools which are quite simple to use. Among the tools is the Fotophire Slideshow Marker which facilitates the creation of slideshows from old photos or videos.

  • Corel Paintshop Pro

This powerful photo restoration software has plenty of advanced features. Managing and operating it is extremely easy to the extent that photo editors with beginner level skills can learn and master the basics tasks quickly. It comes with an interface with a lot of resources that are user friendly to learn. To be specific, this is the best photo repair tool for beginners.  

Its interface has two primary tool tabs for grouping of image editing tools by function, allowing easy navigation and maneuvering. It has the latest software version with a single click photo correction function that can save a lot of time when restoring old or damaged photos. Plus, the HDR or Lens Correction tools allow you to customize images with high levels of precision.


Photography is a fantastic art of keeping different kinds of lifetime memories. And like memories, photos fade, scratched, or any other form of damage over time. With an appropriate photo restoration software, all your warm memories can be protected from going to extinction.

Regardless of which of the above best 7 photo restoration software programs you decide to use, we assure you the best and impressive results. While some require you to make purchases for use, others like the GIMP program are provided free of charge.

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How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Software for Your Company



Business Intelligence Software

There is no debate as to how vital business intelligence is to the growth and success of any business enterprise. Information pulled from internal systems and channels like CRMs, ERPs, accounting software, communication histories, and security logs is as important as the data retrieved from outside sources.  

With the advent of business intelligence software, companies are able to quickly gather, centralize, and analyze mountains of internal data and transform them into useful and actionable business insights. As big data continues to become more prevalent, the demand for business analytics tools and BI solutions will continue to soar. A Stratistics MRC outlook report on the business intelligence market predicts that the sector will grow from $15.64 billion in 2016 to $29.48 billion by the end of 2022. 

It’s undeniable how impactful an enterprise analytics solution is in today’s business landscape. Investing in one seems to be a very logical move for modern enterprises as well as established businesses that look to transform their operations. Below are expert tips on how to choose the right business intelligence software for your company. 

Keep It Within Budget 

The price of a business intelligence software and your budget should go hand in hand. It is paramount that your company invests in a BI solution that it can afford. But it is also important that your platform is able to meet your specifications and address unique business requirements. 

According to Better Buys BI pricing guide (as of January 2020), the cost of business intelligence software ranges from $10 per user to a humongous $300,000 per license. Along with your budget, you must be able to identify your BI needs, actual users, features, and take them all into account. 

For instance, most basic business intelligence examples come with core BI capabilities and are designed mainly for those with limited business intelligence knowledge. But for organizations that have power users like data scientists and analysts who require extensive BI functionality, such as machine learning in everyday analytics, powerful data visualization tools, data warehousing, and granular data analysis, a more powerful and robust business intelligence solution is needed. And these types of BI systems carry a very hefty price tag. 

If you’re looking for the best data visualization solutions, Finances Online created this list to help jumpstart your search and make an informed decision. 

To ensure that you are making the right BI investment, it is important that you consult with various vendors and provide them with your requirements and budget. A great vendor will communicate with you and offer you custom packages that will meet your needs without you breaking the bank. 

Make Scalability a Priority 

As your business grows, so does the amount of data you need to process. It is only a matter of time before you need to boost your BI system’s ability to retrieve and analyze information. You want business intelligence tools and techniques that can keep up with the mounting volume of information. Thus, it is only imperative that you settle for a solution that can quickly scale as your requirements change. 

Scalability is essential in the world of business intelligence. That’s because BI software and tools are no longer limited to providing you and your team actionable insights. 

Initially thought of as a solution to bring down operational costs and drive business efficiency at all levels, companies are now looking at BI systems and business intelligence techniques for decision making improvements as well as enhanced revenues. According to a BI market study called Wisdom of Crowds, 50% of the companies surveyed expect BI platforms to offer better decision making when it comes to improving revenues. 

And it’s not just decision-making and revenue. The same report cited compliance, risk management, supply chain management, research and development as main areas impacted by the increasing popularity of BI systems. 

This is a clear indication that business intelligence is playing more roles in the growth and success of any business enterprise. When purchasing BI software, you want it to be scalable but also flexible. You need it to play specific roles and provide you insights into certain areas of your business that are otherwise invisible. 

Pick a Reliable Vendor/Partner 

Investing in a business intelligence software vendor is as important as investing in the product itself. Choosing the right software vendor can be the big difference between a successful software deployment or a catastrophic implementation failure.   

There are numerous instances of companies losing millions of dollars, if not billions, because they opted for the wrong software vendor/developer. One of these glaring examples is the failed welfare processing system deal between the State of Indiana and IBM. 

The project, which was worth $1.6 billion, was aimed to help people access the system online and make a claim personally or via a telephone call. The software was riddled with errors, resulting in longer waiting times for welfare applicants. 

IBM, although an established leader in IT and software, was overwhelmed with the challenges and unable to produce a product that met the client’s requirements. Unfortunately for the State of Indiana, it resulted in a huge financial loss. 

In choosing the right vendor/developer, you need to create a shortlist of vendors and developers who have extensive experience and expertise in business intelligence. Both parties need to meet, make a thorough assessment of the vendor’s skills while doing an adequate evaluation of the project’s scale. It’s a big plus if your vendor/developer includes free training with your package.  

Transparency is key so it is best that you choose a vendor that communicates regularly and considers your inputs and suggestions. The lack of communication is a hindrance to transparency. Very often it is a major factor in poor project management, which ultimately leads to software implementation failure. 

Make It Easy 

Business intelligence may sound very technical and intimidating, especially to people who are not that well-versed in BI. When you pick a BI software, make sure that it is easy to use for all user types and provides Self-service BI 

Ease of use is one of the main factors in the quick and successful adoption and implementation of any software by any organization. If your employees find your business intelligence system both friendly and intuitive, it empowers them to integrate the software into their workflows and processes and utilize the software more. 

Successful adoption and implementation impacts your ROI in a very positive way. Thus, it is also crucial that you take time to discuss with your employees what they want in a business intelligence solution, from features to deployment types and everything in between. 

Work Smarter Now 

Working smarter, not harder, is the new motto for many business organizations. So far, it’s proving to be true. Companies that invested in business intelligence systems have seen their efficiency, productivity, and profitability increase exponentially. 

According to an IDC study on business analytics, 54% of companies that invested in business analytics, including business intelligence, generated ROIs of 101% or more. Adoption of business intelligence solutions results in faster, insight-driven decision-making, enhanced operational visibility, intelligent hiring choices, and gaining significant advantages over the competition. 

If working smart is a crucial component to business success, there’s no denying business intelligence is the key to working smart. 

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Qualified professional of Ighty Support Managed IT Support Southlake, TX.



Qualified professional of Ighty Support Managed IT Support Southlake, TX.

Yes, we have teams of qualified professionals for your managed IT support work and operations. Our team works professionally and patinate for their work. They always do work according to international standards of IT support services. All team members are well trained, professional and experienced.

The Best Managed IT Support provider in Southlake.

Ighty Support is the only IT support provider who gives you fastest results and satisfaction, works smoothly and always takes care of your business and business needs. 

Ighty Support LLC


Ighty support is the best Managed IT Service provider (MSP) and IT support company in Southlake, Taxes. 

We are the best Managed IT Support service provider for business IT solutions. We provide you a wide range of IT Support Services for your company. It gives you real time results and also offers the best value towards your investment. 

Why do we provide service in Southlake, Taxes?

Southlake, Texas is a fast-growing city with rapid demand for IT support services.Taking this as an opportunity  we have expanded our footsteps towards Southlake. We have already been present in many areas and nearby cities since 2011 and now we are glad to serve our clients in southlake too. It’s a highly affluent city located predominantly in Tarrant County with minor areas extending into Denton County in the U.S. state of Texas. Southlake is a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth.

Get late night Managed IT Support near you? Southlake Taxes.

We always ensure that we have never missed anything, proper functioning and your continuous operation, we provide you 24*7 support services anytime and anywhere. We are with you always when you need us. We are in Carrollton only 20mi away from Southlake. We can reach you within 24 to minutes.

What Issues Crop Up with a Non-Local IT Managed Services Provider?

1. Time Zones

If you need something immediately which is only done at your Business location that means they(MSP) have to come to your office or house. But If your MSP is another side of global then it takes time Depending on where they are located in relevance to you, they could be 10 or 12 hours. This can make your problem bigger and more difficult.

2. Response Time:

When any problems arise such as hardware issues, any technical issue, your device not working, having someone nearby gives relief. Because you have any problem which hinders mid of your work you can call them to fix it and A rapid response following a disaster is a life-saver, it feels like you work with remote management technology or a remote vendor. So your local MSP is working much faster than a remote rep and it helps your business a lot.

3. Language Barriers

The language also makes your work difficult. If you’re speaking to someone who’s not speaking your native language. We know that there are many translator programs that exist in the phone, computer but what about when you come face to face. Misunderstandings just make your IT issues more difficult.

What Do IT Managed Services Providers (MSPs) Actually Do?

Did you know what services you need and what service is mandatory for a healthy business? 

Let me tell you, your MSP should provide standard managed IT services, network management services, security, recovery, monitoring, IT procurement, technical support, firewall and more. This is only a portion of what MSPs can do for your business. and more it requirements who are done in daily bases such as regular checks network flow, make preparations and solve problem of your IT infrastructure, management, and monitoring by consistently checking your hardware such as servers, devices, and monitors, and running tests to confirm and more which is done in a proper manner with an MSP representative nearby like Ighty support. 

Our IT Services: 

We are the best Managed IT Support for business operations. And provide a wide range of IT Support Services for your business. Which gives your real time results and also offers the best value towards your investment. Here we provide the details of our services which are not limited too. 

IT solution : 

We believe that every Business deserves full access to a turnkey IT Solution who helps them to grow faster. So that we are offering complete IT Solutions such as Managing, monitoring, security, Plan, Design, Implement, data backup, firewall security, HIPPA Compliant, Access point, network support and much more who helps your business to run fast and smoothly. 

IT Security :

To make your system more secure and data safe, prevent your system and data, file, application with viruses, malware, and other network activity. We provide a wide range of IT security, network security, and risk prevention services such as software and patching to ensure your system updates and runs smoothly.

IT procurement: 

Is an important one for your business and it is a mandatory part of management services. It covers both strategy and administrative responsibilities. We offer creation and management of requests for information, requirements for IT systems, communicating with suppliers, administering procuring contracts, managing assets and assuring the quality of the products/services procured.

Backup & Recovery:

We ensure that all your data is protected. For that, we offer a Firewall Security, Cloud Services, and data backup services which give enhanced, level of security and Great Performance. We cover security services such as keeping safe your data drives from malware and other attacks. Here we are offering a solution for your backup needs and give you the assurance that your data is that we provide include hard drives checks, RAID, Redundant, recovering your data and more.

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Things to follow while purchasing Antivirus Software



AVG Antivirus software

Antivirus software has become necessary for computer security. Although the computer operating system has its own security software that is not enough for comprehensive protection. So the requirement of antivirus software has become essential. There are some major things to keep in mind before investing in any security software. It is not only about the investment but it is also about protection.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Price

Price is one of the first and top things to keep in mind while investing in antivirus software. Before purchasing make sure that all kinds of features and versions worth around a broad scale. Some of the software is free whereas others cost hundreds of dollars. Preferring something reasonable is a smart choice and it isn’t necessary to invest with the most expensive and costly program to keep the system safe and secure. Well, AVG Antivirus software is reasonable to buy and comes with outstanding security tools to protect the system.

  • Download Protection

The second feature in the list of most important things to consider is download protection. The files have all types of harmful elements and therefore choose the antivirus software that provides file download scanning features.

  • Email Scanning

The vital feature of some best antivirus software is ‘Email Scanning’. This is something that can save the device from erasing the hard drive or personal data exposed to the prying eyes. A high percentage of the computer issues and attacks from the spam email, whether it be attached file or links which cause the problem. An antivirus email scan notifies the users when one of the threats has been found before opening or clicking anywhere in the message.

  • Malware/Spyware Scans

The best antivirus tools and features not only protect against viruses, but they also keep an eye or the malware and spyware. These are the evil assistant to viruses which cause harm and compromise the personal information. Just browsing the internet can lead to these programs and files to end up on the computer, causing havoc in the background. A scanner for these will come in handy and safeguard from otherwise hidden threats.

  • Compatibility

One of the most essential things to keep in mind while purchasing antivirus software is compatibility with the computer. While for some people this might seem like a common-sense issue, it can be easily overlooked if the computer hasn’t any special software. Windows users must have to pay attention to the exact operating system as there are multiple versions of antivirus programs there. The Mac users sometimes face the issue of being slightly incompatible, but it is still crucial to look for the appropriate version which will work on the system. Or else, the user might risk wasting money on something which cannot completely scan and safeguard the computer.

  • Speed

Pay attention to the computer scanning speed. Any other program which provides a ‘quick scan’ or ‘speedy scan’ might be a great option. This is simple for anyone who doesn’t spend a great time on their computer. While they might not be as careful as quick scans and full scans, that can give you some peace of mind.

  • Real-Time Information

It can be very practical to have real-time scanning and information available whenever required. Some programs run in the background and provide the pause option or turn on and off at scheduled times. This is really convenient for the people who check email, browse online, or download files on a constant basis, until it saves the time of booting up the software all day and every hour.

  • Free Trial

You might want to consider investing an antivirus program that provides a free trial so that one can decide its working procedure, performance, and speed if it is right for him. Keep in mind that, some features aren’t completely accessible in a free trial that won’t be ideal. Choose one which provides a full figure of the availability and that transparency means the paid version is worth the price.

These things are very important to keep in mind while investing in any antivirus software. AVG Antivirus fulfills the all given requirements in its paid and some in its unpaid version. This antivirus software is also reasonable to buy and consumes less space in the device.

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Top 10 Sports Betting App and Software Development Companies 2020-21



Fantasy sports app

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling, carried out by generations for a very long time. With the help of digitalization and technological innovations, online betting has been gaining popularity over physical betting and undergoing great transformations over the last few years. Today the online gambling industry has become one of the fastest-growing industries across the world. Online betting is illegal in some of the Asian and European countries, but it is quite popular in the American and African countries. 

What is Sports Betting?

Sports betting is a type of gambling activity that involves predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome of that event in order to win money. The most famous forms of gambling in the world in which water has to be placed on rugby, poker, horse racing, cricket, football, baseball, basketball, golf, car races and tennis. Fantasy sports app development can be done for all the sports with their own game variation and minor tweaks. 

Features That Should Be Included in Sports Betting Apps:

  1. User Account: User can register an account in the app and start betting on various matches.
  2. Live Updates: Giving live updates, live feed and real time analytics to user about each and every different sports activity.
  3. Multiple Bets: Provide multiple betting options for users in app to enhance the overall betting experience.
  4. Security: Provide protection from fraudulent activities and make it is fully secured for your users to bet and play.
  5. Payment Gateway: Always make sure your sports betting app is set up with the following payment gateway features:
  • Secure payment gateways with multi-currency support
  • Account management, fraud detection
  • Advanced currency risk management
  • Previous transaction history
  • Monthly processing volume.
  1. Event Schedule: Give push notifications to the users, so that they can know more about the upcoming sports or events.

  2. Multilingual: The most advanced feature which should be included in the app is “multilingual option” so that user can play in his own regional language.  

Also Read: Top 10 Fantasy Sports App Development Companies

Required Developers & Team Members for Sports Betting App Development:

  • UI/UX designers
  • Android and iOS developer
  • QA expert
  • Database Expert
  • Delivery expert
  • Marketing and Sales team
  • Product manager 

Here is the list of Top 10 Sports Betting App and Software Development Companies which are known for providing top-notch sports betting solutions globally:

1. Mobiweb Technologies

Mobiweb Technologies is the most popular and trustworthy sports betting app and software development company in the market at present that provides world class white label solutions for online betting. Their main objective is to deliver most secure, innovative, user friendly and highly functional gambling software, sports betting websites and apps for all major platforms including Soccer, Cricket, Horse racing,Teen patti, Poker, Online casino and many others. They have expertise in delivering sports betting apps similar to Bet365 and Betfair.

2. Visvero Inc

Visvero Inc is a specialized custom and white label sports betting app development company. They build highly engaging betting and gambling solutions for all popular sports including Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, Rugby, etc. They have been providing their customers with the sports betting services they dream for. Their team is capable of delivering the next generation sports betting platform includes features like one touch betting, live scores, detailed user profile & social sharing.

3. Arka Softwares

Arka Softwares is the professional sports betting app development company that you can trust. They offer the finest sports betting mobile app development solutions by integrating all the vital features of clients sports app needs. They thoroughly understand the requirement of clients  business and incorporate relevant elements in the sports betting apps they create.

4. Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is one of the top-notch sports betting app development companies. They have a team of skilled and experienced developers who are highly-skilled in development of betting app for any kind of sport including Cricket, Soccer, Football, Baseball, and Horse racing, etc. The apps created by them are highly secure to execute monetary transactions related to bets and prize money.

5. Hornet Dynamics

Hornet is a leading sports betting software development company which provides White label solution of sports betting, Poker, Teen patti, Live casino, betfair api solution around the world. Highly professional software developers employed in their company provide the most reliable and secure betting platforms with live feed as well as the betting odds.

6. VerveLogic

VerveLogic is a Sport betting app development company, with a wonderful team of game developers who have years of experience in game development by making use of the latest technology. Their qualified developers allows you bet the virtuality at real matches to play with the virtual currency.

7. Dream Codesign

DreamCo Design is a professional sports betting app design company that you can trust. For more than a decade, they provided the sports industry with top-tier mobile solutions. They work with fantasy operators, data providers, teams, regulators, game labs, and more. They create the betting apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

8. BR Softech

BR Softech is one of the well known game software development companies, provides with compelling Live sports betting game application. Their sports betting game services combine security and reliability for better results. They strive to implement an excellent solution for all your betting needs.

9. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys help business enterprises out there with their innovative range of professional sports betting app development solutions in the modern era. Right from cricket betting app development to football betting app development and so more – browse through their comprehensive range of online sports betting app development solutions for your business.

10. Gammastack

 Gammastack, a betting software development company always focuses on the requirements of clients and tries to develop the software that can be cost efficient and quick time to market. They help you create enticing and robust sports betting apps. Right from contact sports – cricket betting app development to casino betting app development, they do it all.

Finding your Betting partner is always a hard nut to crack and a dubious thing. There are numerous Sports betting app development companies worldwide, out of which we have created a filtered list of the top few. All these companies are having years of experience and well equipped with the latest technological trends.

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7 Ways Design Software Assists to Improve Online Sales



Design Software

Businesses, since time immemorial, are always on the lookout for innovative ways to entice the audience. After all, they are the king always.

Enhancing the revenues is something that any business looks forward to and now with the emergence of the online shopping, businesses leave no stones un turned to beat their competitors and offer the audience something that they don’t get elsewhere.

Herein comes the need of a quality design software that enables the audience to design any product from the mugs and caps to t-shirts and laptop skins just the way they want.

Installing this is therefore, bound to give a final push to your balance sheet. You must look for the appealing options to attain the online customer attention and the right product designer software is bound to create magic numbers for your sales.

Design Software

Here are some of the ways in which the design software enables the sales. Just take a look.

  • Make the Business Look Really Good – The Product Design Software is something that is most craved for these days. Installing this definitely sets your business apart as it is a rare USP that is going to attract more audience and eventually enable your business to gain more leads.
  • Give Customers the Choice of Designing Their Products –These days customers are not only choosy but also more intelligent. They do not want to settle for anything less. That is why when you give them the freedom to design their product, they are going to appreciate it to the fullest. for the same reason, your business must add texts, art, style and pattern and give the customers the freedom of choice while designing. Once the software has been integrated, anyone can customize, design or personalize any product from the t-shirts and caps to USB drives and mobile covers just the way they want. Such a liberty is quite rare and cannot be derived. Naturally when you give your customers such a liberty, they are bound to prefer your e-store over others resulting more revenues for you.
  • Make It an Effortless Task – The best thing about the product design software is that the users can design any product across any device and platform effortlessly. This ensures that the task takes place in a smooth and convenient way. What’s more, this also does not involve a complicated process of implementation and so anyone and everyone can go for this without any prior technical expertise. Naturally, this is going to draw more eyes to your brand and help you earn more revenues.
  • Create a Strong Online Visibility – This tool can create the opportunity for developing a great customer base for the business. Once you install this you give the customers the chance to select from a plethora of shades, images, clipart, text alignments and styles. As they can also share the designs on the social media it goes without saying that once you install this software, your brand visibility also gets enhanced manifolds resulting in more sales for your business.
  • Help Your Business Stay Updated with the Current Trends – Customized products have always been the first choice for quite a good number of customers. Afterall, who does not want to stand out from the crowds. Therefore, when you integrate your website with such a design software your customers will feel special and happy and they will show appreciation for this effort by choosing your business over others time and again.
  • Help Your Business Grow – As said earlier, product designing happens to be the hottest trends in the ecommerce space. The e-stores that provide the customers with the freedom of designing any product from the mugs to the t-shirts on their own, have proven to gain more. When you try such ground-breaking elements, there is an enhanced chance for your business to grow further by enhancing its sales and realise its potential.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge – In today’s age of competition there is lots of competition in every field. Without a USP, it is challenging for any business to stand out and sustain in the long run. The software comes with all the functionalities and features that are bound to impress the customers. They will be able to design any product of their choice in an effortless way. This is a sure-shot way to drive sales and achieve success for any business as the secret to the success of any business is providing the customers with what they desire.

All these point to the fact that when you integrate your business website with the right product design tool like t shirt design software your e-store is not just going to attract more customers to your business but it will also ensure that you retain a consistent customer base. This eventually leads to the enhancement of leads and sales for your business.

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