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Umrah Industry In The United Kingdom



Umrah packages

Umrah in Islam plays an important part of “Emaan” (Faith). Like every other religion in the world, Islam also has its basic foundations which a Muslim has to fulfil in his/her lifetime. Whereas Hajj is for those who can ‘afford’ it, Umrah is considered by many Muslims that it has to be performed at least once in their lifetimes. When a religion has 1.8 billion adherents all over the globe, it comes as no surprise that the holy city of Makkah is always crowded. Every Muslim wants to see Makkah at least once in their lifetimes, so many companies have come up with travelling solutions, providing the travellers with convenient packages. Some people can afford a luxury stay there, but many are in a constant search for some cheap Umrah Packages, and some companies might be able to fulfil the demands of the customers very efficiently.

Easter Umrah Packages For You To Avail

If you are living in the United Kingdom and you are a Muslim, there are many occasions when you can get a chance to perform your obligatory duty of Umrah on public holidays, since you get both the Muslim and Christian holidays; such as Christmas and Easter. So, planning your Umrah on these holidays might be a good idea because many companies offer cheap Easter Umrah Packages to their customers. From modest four-star hotels for fourteen nights to a luxury five-star hotel for seven nights, there’s a package for everyone.

Umrah Packages

Many different travel companies provide Umrah Packages and an Umrah Visa. Every company has its own competitive edge when it comes to these services. Some, for instance, can provide you with Visa convenience while some can get you a pretty good deal in terms of booking hotels and flights. So, it really depends on what your preference is. Visit the website of these travel agencies, and you can get a good deal on your next Umrah if you manage to book it in advance.

Basic Requirements For Visa

The first condition for getting an Umrah Visa is that you must provide all your relevant information on the Visa application form, along with passport size photographs and a health certificate. If you don’t have British nationality and still want to apply, then you will have to provide proof that you were living in the United Kingdom for more than two months.

As for women, they must be accompanied by a ‘Mehram’ as per Saudia Arabia’s policy. Mehram must be at least of 16 years of age. Travellers must have a valid passport, and the expiration date of the passport is preferred to be at least six months to avoid any last minute setbacks. So, make sure you do your pre-checks before your departure date to make your journey as trouble free as possible.

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Netflix prices for the Irish customers Read through it



Netflix prices

Netflix, the streaming service provider with 140 million customer’s world over has increased the subscription charges for its Ireland customers by nearly 14.5%. The basic rates are left untouched at 7.99 pounds, while the standard and premium plans saw a price rise. Netflix increased its charges after remaining unchanged since October 2017. The price rise will come into effect from August 2020 for their existing customers while the new customers have to shell out 9.99 pounds for their subscription.

Netflix is also making changes in its standard plan which is used to view content on two screens at the same time at 11.99 pounds and in its premium subscription plan for viewing on four devices at the same time, the increase will be to 15.99 pounds.

What is the reason for the price increase?

The streaming industry is going to witness a huge competition from the giants like Disney and Apple. The planning is all completed with tie-ups and partnerships with many other companies. The entry of Disney, Apple, and Britbox into the streaming business is going to affect Netflix as it will lose many of its famous contents to its original rights holders. 

Disney has many significant movies in its name which were relayed in Netflix all these days. Disney with many super hit movies in its hold has decided to pull out many of its movies from Netflix.  Disney has the Marvel series of movies and Star Wars in its kitty and is going to be a tough competitor for Netflix. The streaming company might start its services at the end of this year. Apple, a company with huge money is entering the market with Apple TV+, has partnerships with many companies like HBO is entering the streaming market in a big way.

Amazon, the present competitor is planning to spend huge money to buy content. Netflix, as it is going to lose many of its contents to its competitors is planning to spend huge money to create many original contents to wade of the present threat. Netflix, to keep its competitors in the bay, needs heavy investment to stay ahead in the very competitive market. If the content is not improved, it is going to be a tough journey for Netflix. New money is needed as it can’t always depend on its existing investors for money. The only other source would be its subscribers and a nominal increase in its rate will bring in huge funds from its existing customer base.

Netflix needs new and fresh contents to stay ahead of its rivals who have very highly valuable contents in their hold. Netflix needs to invest more to give incredible contents as it was doing earlier. The price rise is only a small step for the many significant investments it has to make in the future.

The price rise by Netflix will not stop in Ireland, but it will surely increase its prices in other countries also. The price is very nominal and the company thinks that its existing customers will not mind spending a nominal increase for its valuable content. Netflix has time and again has to spend huge money to stay ahead of the curve not only for its contents but also increase the quality of all its products. Netflix nearly spends 8.9 billion pounds annually on content. It spends a significant amount of money on local programs to entertain the local customers. The price increase is only nominal but considering the number of customers in its subscription, the total amount is going to be huge and significant.

Commercial property insurance Ireland

Ireland is already reeling in the significant increase of commercial property insurance and business insurance. Commercial property insurance Ireland has significantly affected many establishments in Ireland and with the increase of Netflix subscription by nearly 15-20 percent is also going to have a significant impact on the households of Ireland.

Netflix has a very little option left to avoid the increase as competition is heating up significantly from many other giants in the business insurance Ireland

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United Kingdom

Advantages of Travelling in Your Own Country?



Advantages of Travelling in Your Own Country

Do you love travelling and always excited about planning a trip with family or friends? Do you prefer to travel in your own country or always interested in abroad travel? Are you among those who completely ignore their native country while planning their vacations? If yes, don’t worry, you are following maximum! But do you know, if you will plan travel in your country, you will be able to see how much beauty and attraction your country has for the tourists? I am strong in the opinion that everyone should start his travel adventure from his native country before opting a foreign trip.

Plan a travel to explore the beauty of your country. Check out cheap airport parking deals at Smart Travel Deals to get ready for a perfect airport parking experience.

Most of us take our own country to be far granted and never appreciate the natural beauty and beautiful spots in our own country. Are you always fascinated about travelling to other countries, considering them to be more peaceful, beautiful and worth watching? If this is the case, then you must try to change your opinion and give a try to your own country by arranging travel with your friends or family. For example, if you are a resident of northwest England, you can go for frequent trips to other regions of the UK to witness the beautiful landscape and interesting places, cities surrounding you. We all know that a lot of people visit the UK from all around the world every year. This is because our country is worth watching. Hence, why shouldn’t we appreciate our country rather than be a source of revenue for any other country due to our travel?

You can easily get familiarized with the culture and tradition of your country due to travelling. But before showing interest in other nation’s culture, you must ask yourself if you know everything about your own country heritage and history? Most of us will come up saying “No”, but believe me, your country’s heritage and culture are going to surprise you with its beauty and uniqueness!

Isn’t it more affordable to buy a domestic flight ticket rather than to opt for an international flight? Also, while arranging a domestic flight,  you know about the tricks to avail happy hour prices, discounts, and offers, so it is less likely for you to get yourself trapped with any tourist scams. You can also save money by arranging accommodation through a friend who is living nearby to your travelling place.

You have to never worry about translation issues while travelling within your own country. If you are travelling in a country where the language is different than yours, then you must get ready to waste a lot of your time and effort. From navigation, reading the food menu to accommodation reservation, you no longer require translation help from any local or app to go ahead.

If you own a vehicle, you no longer require to spend money over flight reservation, especially when you are not afraid of a long drive. Pack your luggage, sit in your car and get ready to witness the beauty of your country.

But if you want to travel in the part of the country where it is not comfortable to opt for the road trip, then make sure to reserve your flight in advance as domestic flights quickly fill up! Once you have booked your flight, go ahead with airport parking arrangements so that you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your vehicle in the official parking lot. Book meet and greet Gatwick parking service to secure parking space for your vehicle at Gatwick airport.

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Why is it important to hire a web development company in Cardiff for making your business stronger?



web development company

It’s needless to say that in today’s world full of competition and race, owning a website is vital for a business. With a professionally designed website, you can establish your presence in the market and enhance your visibility amongst others by attracting enormous customers. So, it is always advisable for a business owner to hire a professional web development company in Cardiff rather than trying to develop the website on the personal front. The attempt is sure to be lucrative.

Here are some reasons listed below why a business owner should consider hiring a professional web development company in Cardiff:

Skills and professionalism: It is quite obvious that a layman would never have the skills and expertise that are required for developing an effective website for a business. A perfect website should have proper design, good navigation properties, should be easy to access and also, most importantly should carry all the necessary information about the business precisely. Web developing professionals would carry out all these requirements with ease. These are details to make the company operate with the level of skill and superior expertise.

Saves you time: Hiring a web development company, for the sake of development of your website will not only enhance the beauty of your website but also will help you save time. These people are perfect professionals and they are trained in the manner to be precise in what they are doing. They even have a better understanding regarding all your requirements. Moreover, they are able to implement things with perfection and things are sure to be perfect as part of the superior web development company.

Cost efficiency: Cost efficiency is anyway an important thing to consider, especially for business companies. The idea of hiring an offshore company for the purpose of web development will certainly save you money. It will cost you less but you can enjoy higher returns. You won’t have pay extra money on unnecessary manpower or equipment. Your web developers are enough to take care of your website. They will take care of the details to make the site appear neat and perfect.

Keep you focused: If you decide to develop your website on your own, you will end up wasting ample unnecessary time on it and may get distracted from the main business. So, a web development company can help you keep your focus on the business while they will be taking the charge of your website development. Now, you can well focus on other things and aptly extend the wings in business with the applicable expertise.

Proper maintenance of your websites: A professional web development company not only helps developing your website but also take care of the fact that your websites are duly updated with the latest set of information on it. They keep an eye on your website and keep making the necessary changes and modification in a timely manner.

As the bottom line, it can be said that hiring a professional offshore web development company will earn you benefits in many ways, by saving you time and money and grabbing more and more customer attention.

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United Kingdom

Which is the best place in UK to get a mobile touch screen repaired?



Samsung screen replacement

Today, the technology is taking the world to lay completely on the mobile phone, laptops, and computers. Mobile is the device that is found in the hands of every individual. As you use them you may drop them, or there can be any damage that can happen. Most common mobile phone damage is a broken screen. Since the screen are very sensitive and it breaks easily. Understand these; there are many service providers evolved to provide you the repair service. When you are in the UK you can have any of these ways to have service for your mobile phone.

Through online mode

One of the easiest ways that everyone follows to have any services or order something is through online. You can use the online service to fix your screen repair as well. For which you can browse some companies that provides mobile screen repair the service online in UK. Go to their website, read the details about them, if you are satisfied with them you can proceed by following the instructions given by them. Mostly, you will have to raise a complaint regarding the damage, within few days they will notify you by analyzing the solution for your problem and you can have an appointment or you can ask for some professionals to reach you out directly.

To the mobile company that you have purchased your mobile

As a second option, you can visit the company that you purchased your mobile to fix your mobile phone repair. This is more advisable since they might have the all the necessary spare parts and the knowledge regarding the product and it will be easy for you to get service. As another case, when you are within your warranty period you can visit your shop since you do not need to pay an extra amount, this can be applied only if the breakage comes into the norms of the company and you can know them by your warranty card.

To the third party shop – Samsung screen replacement

It is not necessary to have an online service or to visit the company where you purchased your mobiles all the time. You may not have time to wait till you get service through online mode or reach to the company. In those cases, you can find some third-party mobile phone repair service to have your Samsung screen replacement or any other repair service. They will help you with the equipment that they have. In such cases, you can meet them in person and speak about your issue and also demand fast and accurate service.

Whatever the mode that you choose make sure you enquire clearly about certain details regarding the data inside your mobile or any damage to the other parts of your mobile and its efficiency after the repair. Make the repair and service up to the extent that you are satisfied with and remove some additional devices like SD card before you hand over them, since they may get lost.

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United Kingdom

Experience Kent and take an incredible trip back to ancient England



Ashford and Maidstone

Kent is a place that has attracted a wealth of tourists for many, many years now. There are several reasons why this is the case. Of course one of the main factors is that the county is known as the ‘Garden of England’. Thus, if you are a lover of nature and all things beautiful, you will certainly enjoy Kent. Nonetheless, Kent is also extremely popular because it is full of history. It has actually been occupied since the Palaeolithic area, meaning there are lots of stories and tales to unravel. When you visit the area you will be able to enjoy a wealth of ancient tourist attractions and alike. You definitely don’t need to be a history buff to find this fascinating. The sheer fact that there are remains from BC is truly incredible. Keeping that in mind, this post provides all the information you need to know regarding the best places to visit in order to experience a slice of ancient Kent.

There are several ancient monuments in Kent. The Medway Megaliths are extremely popular. This is the name that has been given to chambered long barrows and other megalithic monuments that were established in the Early Neolithic period. Between the 4th and 3rd millennia BCE, these monuments were created from soil and local sarsen stone. The Medway Megaliths are found in the lower valley of the River Medway. There are three identified tombs to the west of the river and another three to the east. Those on the west are the Chestnuts long barrow, Addington long barrow, and the Coldrum Stones. On the east there is Smythe’s Megalith, Little Kit’s Coty House, and Kit’s Coty House. These are extremely significant, as the large stone tombs known as megaliths, were some of the first monumental structures built by humans into the landscape in Western Europe.

Out of the six tombs at Medway Megaliths that have been mentioned, there are three that tend to be extremely popular and are frequently visited by a large number of tourists. These are as follows – the Coldrum Stones, Kit’s Coty House, and Little Kit’s Coty House. The Coldrum Stones, which is also commonly referred to as the Coldrum Longbarrow, is situated near Trottiscliffe. The barrow boasts impressive dimensions of 30 metres in length x 18 metres in width. It is almost intact, and thus is probably the best preserved in the whole of Kent. Around the main stones you will find 15 sarsen stones arranged in a circle. In fact, in the early 20th century the site was excavated, and the remains of 22 people were found. If you wish to see these you just have to take the short trip to the Maidstone Museum. It is worth pointing out that there is fencing around the stones that has been put in place to stop people climbing on them.

As mentioned, Kit’s Coty House and Little Kit’s Coty House are also popular ancient attractions. Most people visit both together, as they are situated near one and other. If you speak to people who have been to Kit’s Coty House before they will tell you that it is not the easiest place to find. If you are prepared for this, then it can be a bit of fun, but if you are on a tight schedule it can be somewhat frustrating – so make sure you keep this in mind. Kit’s Coty House is actually the remains of a dolmen burial chamber. It features three upright stones and one huge capstone. You will find Little Kit’s Coty approximately 450 metres south of Kit’s Coty House. Little Kit’s Coty is also commonly referred to as Countless Stones, which should give you a good idea of what you are likely to witness. The area, which appears to be a jumble of sarsen stones, was indeed a prehistoric burial site. It is difficult to determine how this would have appeared all of those years ago. However William Stukeley, an 18th century antiquarian, devised drawings that suggest it was a long barrow – although it certainly does not look like one today.

Aside from this, another ancient monument that is worth a mention is Julliberrie’s Grave. This is located near the small village of Chilham and overlooks the River Stour. Similarly to the Medway Megaliths, Julliberrie’s Grave dates back to the Early Neolithic period. It is an unchambered earthen Neolithic long barrow boasting the following dimensions – 44 metres in length x 2 metres in height x 15 metres in width. It is believed that the chamber got the name ‘Julliberrie’ from antiquarian speculation. It is the burial site of a giant called Julaber according to folk etymology. It is certainly a fascinating site to behold.

Two years ago there was also the discovery of an ancient ceremonial site on the North Downs, near Hollingbourne. This is another Neolithic henge, yet the purpose of the site remains a mystery. It is believed it was a ritual capacity site that could date back as far as 2500 BC. The burnt pottery and bone remains indicate that it was used for almost two thousand years.

Last but not least, let’s finish by taking a trip to a different era – the Iron Age. Bigbury Camp is an Iron Age hill fort covering 26 acres. It was actually the site of the British conflict against Julius Caesar in 54 BC. After this, the site was used as a military camp site by the Romans. There have been lots of fantastic finds at Camp Bigbury. One of the most notable is a slave chain, which has led many to ponder over the prospect of slave trading between Gaul and Britain prior to the Roman period. Aside from this, there have been findings ranging from horse bridles, to knifes, to arrowheads. Nonetheless, you won’t get to see these findings at Bigbury Camp; you will have to visit Maidstone Museum and Canterbury Museum – which are both in Kent. Nonetheless, what you will get to see is the remains of the fort itself. A 16 foot wide perimeter ditch encloses the main fort with an earthwork bank on the inner lip. To provide added security from any attacks, it is believed there was a timber palisade there, as a series of post holes can be found in the bottom of the ditch. Moreover, there is also a large enclosure north of the main fort, which could have been utilised as a cattle pen.

So there you have it – the ultimate guide to experiencing ancient Kent. Whether you are a lover of history or not, you are assured to be amazed when you visit any one of the sites that have been mentioned. It is difficult to comprehend the fact that these tombs, forts and monuments were built so many years ago. And once you see them with your own eyes, you will be even more amazed. So, if you have booked a holiday to Kent, you should definitely consider incorporating at least one of the ancient attractions into your trip. If you are yet to book your vacation, start looking online for some excellent deals. Kent is home to an array of stunning and traditional cottages, which would provide the perfect basis for this type of vacation.

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