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What is Mobile App Development : An Interactive Guide – 2021




mobile app development

In the beginning of this decade, there were impressive predictions. Through in-app advertising and app stores, mobile applications are predicted to generate around $700 billion. The fact that the development of mobile apps is spreading by leaps and bounds is encouraging, but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding it. Only if you have a clearly defined goal and how to develop an app can you reach the pinnacle of success.

Why is Mobile App Development Important?

Apps are being downloaded and installed at a higher rate than ever before, as smartphones and smart devices continue to rise in popularity. Most businesses today rely on mobile apps to grow their customer base and attract more customers. By 2023, market experts project an increase in app revenue of 1 trillion dollars.

App Development Offers the Following Advantages:

  • Through effective communication between the developer and customer, the developer creates a loyal customer base.
  • The development of apps is a tried and tested method for ensuring your brand’s all-pervasive presence.
  • The fastest way to let your customers know about potential offers or new products is through an app if you run a business.
  • It increases sales of your products/services when payment options are an integral part of the app.

Identify the Category of Apps You Are Looking For

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Health care apps

This category contains more than one hundred thousand apps. Apps for healthcare have evolved beyond their original function of checking the health of users. A doctor and patient can communicate two-way with their appointments, ensure that appropriate drugs are administered, and make appointments.

Manufacturing apps

Your manufacturing process can be streamlined with integrated data analysis. Your workforce is more efficient with manufacturing apps as they systematically decrease the system’s flaws.


With today’s technology, you can track your packages at the touch of a button. Therefore, you can also send ETA to your users. Managing your warehouse and monitoring your fleet is easy if you own a business.

Retail Apps

Apps for retail today serve a number of purposes. Rather than simply displaying products, it enhances the interaction between the customer and the business owner. Customers are also informed about the latest products, coupons, and exciting offers.

E-learning Apps

Professional courses are in greater demand today than ever before. Enrollment numbers are also rising. App developers have realized the need for online classrooms with engaging and interactive tutorials.

Financial Apps

In managing your finances, financial apps have been the backbone. The firm can help you manage your debt and make predictions before you invest. Today, you are literally at the tip of your fingers when it comes to your financial wellbeing.

Media Apps

An app that offers you a variety of movies, music, streaming services, and messaging can be considered a media app. In today’s world, media apps focus on connecting people better, especially in times of pandemics. In the modern era, people are stuck within the confines of their own homes, so we have created a larger collection of movies and music than ever before

Food and Hospitality

During a vacation, you can book your bed and breakfast or the best restaurant in the area with a click of a button. With the advent of customer reviews, tourists can now have a more interactive experience with the app when it comes to local specialties and places to visit.

Mobile Platforms that Are Dominant

What Are the Different Development Approaches for Building Apps?

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Native Apps

Apps that are native to a particular device unlock the full potential of the device and the app. Nevertheless, they are very costly and require a great deal of maintenance. This will give it good performance since APIs can be accessed directly. One of the disadvantages of native apps is that they require different code for each platform.

Cross-platform Applications

These applications are built using a variety of languages and frameworks. Because of this, they work on a wide range of platforms. They may have a single codebase, but maintenance requires efficient bridges. Performance is limited with native apps compared to web apps.

Hybrid Applications

JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used to build these apps. The Android and iOS apps share the same codebase. Therefore, performance is lower than native applications.

Progressive Web Applications

Web-based applications. The browser allows you to use web applications without installing anything. Apps can be installed on the home screen and run in the background.

Technologies Used in Mobile Applications

React Native

It is a part of the Javascript library, so it shares a code base. Apps that run across platforms can be created with it. In addition to this, React includes a reusable code system that is applicable to a variety of scenarios.


Google’s toolkit can be found here. Flutter can be used to build native applications across multiple platforms with a single codebase. Since the architecture is layered, there are options for customisation.


When compared to other processes, this mobile application development is more rapid. The reason for this is that it comes with inbuilt UI components, themes, and styles. Additionally, the application features adaptive styles and is interactive. The application runs smoothly across multiple operating systems because of this.

Six phases form the basis of a focused approach to app development. Let’s take a closer look at them:

1. Strategizing

To turn an idea into a working app, the first phase of app development is to have a clearly defined policy. This process should also include your enterprise mobility strategy. It is important to identify the key demographics that will use the app during this phase. Your competitors should be known to you. It is very important for a mobile app development company to be clear about the app’s objectives before deciding on a platform.

2. Planning and Analysis

You will be able to tell when your idea is transformed into a real project. The first thing you do is analyze the scenarios in which your application can add value as well as the functional requirements to get started. Once you know all of these things, you should create a product roadmap that charts the progress of your idea from its very first day until its eventual execution.

You should also include the requirements and the date by which you expect a milestone to be achieved. It would be good to have an MVP available if cost is a concern.

A key element of the planning process is identifying the skills required for app development. You’ll need developers who understand how to use these technology stacks if you plan on developing an Android or iOS app. Your app needs a name, and you need to check if it has already been taken.

3. UI/UX Design

An impression of your mobile application is greatly influenced by the way it looks. No matter whether you want to launch a complete product or an MVP, the user experience must be top-notch.

When users interact with your app, they are simply evoking emotions. App development must address the issues of design, accessibility, usability, system performance, and marketing to maximize user experience. It makes sense to create an interactive and seamless UX when you build apps with more and more companies shifting to a more user-centric approach.

In order to make the app appealing to users, you must make the UI presentable. Good UX design companies create UIs which evoke a feeling of curiosity and make the user want to know more about the application that they have developed.

Information Architecture

As part of your app development process, you should also have a systematic understanding of the data that your app will display, the data that will be taken from the user, and the user’s navigational journey within the app.

Different businesses have different users with different privileges and functions, so it is crucial to enable these information to be stored in the information architecture within business mobility.

In addition to this, you should also draw out a workflow diagram to see the possible combinations of interactions between the app and the user.


Wireframes are essentially digital sketches. Applicant’s aesthetics are represented by these screenshots. Develop the layout so you can review the design before finalizing it in an effective manner. Ideally, any application you design should be device-specific. As a result, it is important to clarify whether your app runs on Android, iOS, as the user experience will differ.

Style Guides

Designers use a style guide as a guide when they are designing. It can be difficult for a designer to create wireframes because of the complexity. He must choose a font while designing. It is important that the color scheme matches the vision of the application. A decision needs to be made regarding where certain icons should be positioned.

Any app’s productivity and efficiency can be increased by focusing on the style guide during the development process. In addition, style guides allow you to chart your product’s evolution


You have a high-fidelity final rendering of the app when you apply the standards of the style guide to the wireframe. You can make further changes to the interface, the information architecture, and the workflow once the mockup is ready. These mockups are often created by UI designers using Adobe Photoshop. Figma and Sketch are also popular apps.


A prototype is a dynamic first rendition of the app which you can use to simulate the user experience, while mockups are static images that give you an idea of the layout of the app. Additionally, a prototype reviews the workflow that can be expected from the final product.

Although building a prototype can be expensive and time-consuming, it makes sense to do so. App development teams can use this data to determine if the app lacks anything and make necessary changes before the launch. Prototype building can be done with Invision.

4. App Development

App development usually consists of three parts. Backend/server technology is the first step, followed by API(s), and finally mobile app front end development.

Backend Technology

The backend of a mobile app is used to store, secure, and process data. Backend refers to the process that occurs when the user interacts with the UI. The backend stores information in a remote database, which allows the creation of the architecture. There is no need for a backend in applications that do not require data connection.

API(s) development

Today, there is hardly any app that does not stay connected to servers. App developers often use Amazon, Google, or internal teams to provide APIs.

API development is a very sensitive process, and making requests through servers can be tricky if not done correctly. APIs can be bought and built. You can integrate an API into your application if you buy it. It will save you time and money, but you will have to give up the freedom to include features of your choice. An app developer team develops the latter.

In addition to documenting APIs, you should keep this in mind during the process of developing a mobile app. Documentation can give you an overview of the app’s history and current state. It is easier to form updates this way. It is possible to allow others access to your API by documenting it.

Front End Development

The front end of a mobile application is what the users actually see and interact with. Apps for mobile devices will use interactive experiences for the user that are enabled by the backend and API. Applications that don’t use APIs will store their data locally. The backend of an app can be developed in any programming language. You will need to use a platform-specific technology stack when using native applications.

Apps for iOS can be developed using Flutter or React Native, for example. Java and Kotlin can be used to develop apps for Android, in addition to the others mentioned earlier. A mobile app developer should understand the pros and cons of each language before selecting one.

5. Testing a Developed Application

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In any mobile app development program, quality checking is one of the most important phases. With quality hecking, the app is more usable, more secure, and more stable. This process requires you to prepare test cases that address all the qualities of the app. Manual or automatic testing is possible.

Test cases provide answers regarding the viability of an app development, just as use cases provide answers regarding its viability. You can follow the following types of testing procedures

User Experience Testing

A well-designed application matches the expectations of the user experience curated by the design team. According to the style guide, the app will leave a good impression on the reader. Use aesthetic color schemes and fonts in your app, and ensure a consistent design. As soon as your app meets these standards, it can be launched.

Functional Testing

By using this method, you can ensure that all your specifications are justified in your app. The app will be used differently by every user, and therefore mobile app development must take this into account. Finding out if your app has a bug can be done through functional testing. The app might need to be fixed if the outcome is different for two similar actions. The app should be available on two platforms so that two versions of the application can be compared. The functionality of an application can also be broken down into various components to be analyzed.

Performance Testing

Performance testing in app development is aimed at determining whether the app can perform consistently even with different loads. During this test, an important question will be answered, such as how well it responds to user requests and how fast screens load. It will also test the app’s effect on the device, determining if it drains the battery or causes memory leaks. In addition, it raises the important question of whether your app is too big. The development of mobile apps should also consider how the app performs when multiple users are logged in.

Security Testing

Mobile app development is concerned with achieving a security standard that cannot be compromised. A hacker can exploit any vulnerability. Occasionally, the work is outsourced for thorough examination. Logins should be recorded in the device and on the backend if your app requires them. The user should be able to terminate the session if they haven’t interacted for some time

The security of your device should be emphasized in case your mobile app development also allows a user’s credentials to be stored on the device. Apple’s keychain feature, for example, allows users to store credentials and not worry about losing them.

Device and Platform Testing

Testing web apps is easy, but testing mobile apps should be far more frequent since new devices are continuously being released with new firmware, operating systems, and designs. It is therefore important to test mobile apps across different platforms and simulators to ensure the app works properly on all of them.

Because it is more expensive to develop multiplatform apps, most companies opt for single-platform apps. You can follow device testing as one of the best tools to ensure sustainability if you are wondering how to build an app.

Recovery Testing

Testing your app’s recovery means assessing its ability to recover from failures. One of the most important things you should realize if you are considering how to create an app is that it can fail, but what matters is how quickly it relaunches.

Beta Testing

An app is beta tested by real users in terms of App development terminology. In mobile app development, beta testing ensures the product’s reliability, security and compatibility. Through beta testing, a large group of users evaluates the application for loopholes. In-app purchases are also checked for reliability.

Certification testing is the final form of testing. App developers should follow the standards set by the Apple and Play Stores so there will be no difference between the devices and the apps they create.

6. Mobile App Deployment

An app must be submitted to the app store of the device in order to be launched. After the mobile app development process is complete, you will need to create a developer’s account in order to submit your app. Meta-data for the release of the app will include the following:

  • The Title of the App
  • Description of the App
  • Category
  • Keywords
  • App store screenshots

An Android app becomes a part of the app store after a few hours. With the Apple store, however, there will be a review process that will determine how well your app follows the store’s guidelines. It is necessary to create a test account for the store if users will need to log in.

Once your app has been approved for the store, check out feedback and crash reports. As part of quality control after app development, key analytics and performance indicators should be used.

After Mobile App Development Is Completed, How Can Quality Be Maintained?

  • After the app development process, it is crucial to update the app interface. When the users do not have anything new to look forward to, they will likely switch to the competing app that provides similar features.
  • You can never build an app if you want to keep it compatible with new hardware and software updates.
  • Mobile app development includes fixing bugs as well, and it can show your dedication to ensuring the quality of your application to your customers.
  • Getting feedback from your customers after developing mobile apps should provide you with useful information for developing new features. Users may decide to switch to another app if your app doesn’t excite them.


Artistixe IT Solutions LLP is an efficient Mobile App Development Company that offers a carefully curated selection of technologically diverse products and services. To get in touch, mail us at info @ if you have a project that needs attention.

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What is GB WhatsApp? Is it Safe to use GB Whatsapp ?




GB Whatsapp

Are you thinking of downloading GB WhatsApp on your phone, then just wait and after reading this article, go and think of downloading it, because it is an illegal app, then using it can cause many damages to you.

Well, friends, in this article we are going to share complete information about GB WhatsApp, so friends, if you want to download GB WhatsApp, or already, then definitely read this article, and then think that GB WhatsApp download Doing right or wrong.

Here we have given detailed information about what is GB WhatsApp, the advantages of GB WhatsApp, the disadvantages of GB WhatsApp, etc., so stay tuned till the end of this article.

So friends, let’s know how GB WhatsApp works, and how it can bring advantages or disadvantages to you.

What is GB WhatsApp and Whow it Work?

Friends, let us tell you that there is very little separation between GB WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp, due to which people consider GB WhatsApp as an updated version of Original WhatsApp, but in reality, it is not true, it is a clone version of GB WhatsApp.So stop thinking that this is an updated version of WhatsApp, this app is also known as the omods app. Let us tell you that all the features that are there in the original WhatsApp, all those features are also in this GB WhatsApp, as well as there are many other great features in GB WhatsApp as compared to the original app, due to which people get more tired of GB WhatsApp. .

GB WhatsApp has many great features as compared to the original WhatsApp, due to which people like it a lot and it is very comfortable to use as compared to the original WhatsApp.

Features of GB Whatsapp :

  • In the original WhatsApp, you can share 30 photos at a time, but in this, you can share 90 photos at a time.
  • You can protect it through the password.
  • You can upload videos up to 7 minutes in your status, but in original WhatsApp, you can only upload half-second videos.
  • It has tons of great customized emojis, which are not found in the original WhatsApp.
  • Through this, you can send audio files up to 100 MB and video files up to 50 MB.
  • You can use it along with the original WhatsApp.
  • It has many great designed themes, which you can use for free.

Is it Safe to use GB WhatsApp?

We have already discussed that this is a clone app, and it is a copy of WhatsApp. So you must have understood very well how dangerous it can prove to be to use it, this app can ruin your whole life too.It is also not available on Google Play Store, because it has been banned by Original WhatsApp for copyright infringement, with Original WhatsApp has clearly forbidden to use it, as well as given a warning.

You may have to face many problems by using it, such as your original WhatsApp account can be banned, your personal data can be stolen by anyone and used in the wrong ways and your phone can also be hacked.So, friends, we hope that you must have known better, after all, what harm you may have to face if you use car GB WhatsApp, so friends, it can be better for you to stay away from it.

What is the difference Between Original Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp?

Friends, we have already said thatgbwhatsApp and Original WhatsApp are similar in appearance, all the features that are there in the original are in GB WA .There are many such features in GBWhatsApp, they are not all in the original WhatsApp, such as sending 90 photos at a time, sending more MB videos and audios at a time, setting passwords, etc.

By the way, GBWhatsApp is also stronger than the original WhatsApp, but there is less cheese, it does not have any security feature, so anyone can easily steal your personal data.It has not been uploaded to any app play store, because it is a moded app, so if you want to download it, you will have to download it from a third-party app.

This is a completely unsafe app, so it can prove to be very dangerous for you to use it, so use original WhatsApp instead of GB WhatsApp.

Advantages of GB Whatsapp :

If we talk about the advantages of GB WhatsApp, then there are many great features in it that are not in the original WhatsApp, which you can take advantage of.
GB Whatsapp is quite advanced as compared to the original Whatsapp.
GB WhatsApp is very easy to use.
In this, you can share 90 images at a time.
GB WhatsApp can share files of larger size than the original WhatsApp.
GB WhatsApp has a lot of such features, which make it tremendous compared to the original WhatsApp.

Disadvantages of GB Whatsapp :

gb WhatsApp does not have many security features, so it is not completely secure.
If you are using it along with the original app, then your original WhatsApp account is likely to be banned.
Anyone can steal your personal data without your permission.

Even if you want to download it, you will have to download it from a third-party website.
So friends, if you do not have to face any kind of hassle, then stay away from this app.

Conclusion :

We are sure that you must have liked this article a lot, and through this article, you will also be sure that how secure is gbWhatsApp, as well as we have discussed a lot about gb WhatsApp here, so we hope you will also You must have known well, yet if you want to know more about GB WhatsApp, then definitely tell us through the comment.

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Set foot into the on-demand business sector with TaskRabbit clone




TaskRabbit clone

Here I’ve completed compiling this blog, but in the process of compiling once in a while, I used to get distracted by the list of everyday errands that I’ve procrastinated due to lack of time. This rapidly-paced world has made me so busy that I find it hard to allot time even for most of my basic everyday chores.

How continuous the evolution is, there may even be a blend of innovation yet I find it difficult to cope up with the everyday chores that lag behind due to the shift in lifestyles. Have you ever felt the same? If yes, then you are not alone. 

We all would have once imagined what if there exists a magic wand and we can just get our works done with just a swish of it. And, somehow the techno wizards of this digital era have made it possible. Yes! Now, all we have to do is just tap into specific apps to get our tasks done. Well, all this is now possible through on-demand service apps.

And, this is the prime reason for young business minds to think about collaborating with mobile app development companies. Above all, there is another major reason for these apps to gain popularity. The recent scenario of COVID-19 has brought into effect social distancing and at the same time imposed the value of being digitally connected with the world. Thus, slowly we all have become dependent on these on-demand service apps.

So, don’t you realize stepping into the on-demand business sector to be the best move? If so then, have you thought about setting up a platform similar to Taskrabbit? Wondering how? Then continue reading my blog. It is here you’ll get enough insights into, What is an on-demand app? What is the scope of on-demand apps in the days to come? and how much will it cost to develop an on-demand platform similar to TaskRabbit? So don’t leave this page until you’ve completed reading this blog. I bet you’ll never get disappointed.

What is an on-demand app?

The name says it all. An on-demand app is a platform that allows its users to find their required services without hassle. On-demand service apps can also be defined as the mobile application that provides goods and services to the customers within their comfort zone. So, undoubtedly these on-demand apps can be considered as the bridge that connects customers with different service providers.

This new technology has covered nearly all the sectors of the businesses such as travel, transportation, food delivery, grocery, pet-domestication, cosmetic therapy, etc. In addition to this, the most convenient aspect of these on-demand service apps is that customers are just a click away from the services they need. 

When you visit an on-demand app like TaskRabbit, you will have several choices to choose from and you get to shortlist those services that fit in your budget and suit your comfort zone.

Similarly, you may also get to find many vendors and you can choose the best among them. Now that you are clear about what an on-demand app is, you must know how popular these apps are in recent times.

What’s the scope of on-demand apps in the days to come? 

Since 2019 the on-demand service apps have experienced a boom due to the pandemic. And, as a result of this, many on-demand business apps gained their popularity in terms of usage leading to  62 million downloads across iOS and Google Apps.

The reason behind the sudden increase in popularity is the way all these apps are designed. They are designed to fulfill the everyday needs of the users. So, you can always see an on-demand app like TaskRabbit being popular in the market. This increase in popularity also provides the users a hidden assurance of a promising future. Take a look at the following points to know about the scope of on-demand apps in the future.

  • After the increase in popularity of Taskrabbit and Urbanclap, the logistics report an upsurge in mobile traffic.
  • Even food ordering apps made a point clear that how quick and sustainable growth can be acquired by delivering the customers multiple restaurant dishes to their home
  • Another prominent example of a successful on-demand app is the TaskRabbit that offers multiple house maintenance services such as plumbing service, AC maintenance, beauty services for women, etc.
  • Surprisingly, grocery delivery apps have also earned their niche in many countries by carrying out home delivery for their daily veggies and groceries.

Thus, it’s a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs like you to be one of these market giants. All you need to do is just to give wings to your innovative idea and get it molded into an astounding on-demand app.

How much will it cost to build an on-demand app like Taskrabbit? 

Once you have decided to set foot into the on-demand industry, then you must own an exuberant on-demand service platform similar to that of Taskrabbit. There is a need for your platform to be unique, as there are many on-demand service platforms and you need to make your platform novel to stand out of the cluster.

So, the best and the smartest way to achieve this is by employing the best Taskrabbit clone. You may wonder what is the need for you to opt for a TaskRabbit clone script when you can build an app from scratch. Building an app from scratch would make you invest a lot of your precious time and hard-earned money. 

Whereas a Taskrabbit clone is readily available which means you can arrive at your desired on-demand platform within your budget.

Apart from these, if you start to create an app from scratch you have no assurance that the end product will be the same as that of the one you expected. In case if it isn’t then you have no other than putting up with what you have. And, if at all there is any need to upgrade it, you need to pool in extra money.

So, be wise enough to choose a fully integrated and adaptable Taskrabbit clone. Only such a clone script will be customizable. So, you can get it altered as per your on-demand business plan. But, where will you find such perfect clone scripts?

Wrapping Up

Congrats! You’ve made it to the end of the blog. And, as I’ve mentioned already, you need to employ an awe-inspiring TaskRabbit clone to develop your desired on-demand platform. And, to achieve this with ease and success, you need to seek the best clone solution providers in the market. Appkodes is the right place you need to look for. It is the one-stop that gives shape to the dream of many ambitious entrepreneurs and makes it into reality.

Therefore, get connected with Appkodes to develop your desired on-demand service platform, and discuss your on-demand business ideas with the Appkodes team of intellectual developers. Their team has over a decade of experience in meticulously crafting your dream on-demand platform within your budget using their unique Appkodes Idemand clone script.

So, What are you waiting for? Make no more delay. Get the best Taskrabbit clone script from Appkodes and make the best use of the service provided by their team. Hearty wishes to come out with flying colors in the on-demand service business.

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Why Should You Choose React Native for Your Next Project ?




React Native

Over 3.2 billion smartphones were in use worldwide in 2019, so it makes perfect sense that mobile apps are booming. The number of mobile internet users is even higher at 4.2 billion. Numbers continue to grow steadily and there is no sign this trend might reverse. Mobile apps have become quite competitive because of the huge market. There is always a challenge for companies to improve their mobile experiences. React Native is one of a number of mobile app development frameworks available to software developers.

What is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript framework, which can be used to build mobile apps much faster than native ones, and yet runs natively on both iOS and Android platforms. This application was built upon React.js, an open-source framework for creating interfaces and front-end web applications.

Facebook hosted its first hackathon in 2013, which led to the creation of its popular mobile app framework. As of February 2015, it was available as an open-source library on GitHub and quickly became a popular choice for mobile developers. In March of 2015, React.js 2015 was presented to a global audience.

Apps built with React Native have become immensely popular and have surpassed the popularity of apps developed using classic Android or iOS development.

What Is Cross-Platform Mobile Development?

Cross-platform mobile development is more convenient and cheaper than native Android and iOS development. There is no longer a requirement for apps to run on a certain OS only.

One of the best mobile development options is React Native. You can save time and money by using cross-platform mobile development to produce apps that run both on Android and iOS.

How does React Native work?

Similar to the development of React.js, React Native applications are written with JavaScript and JSX, a language for creating user interfaces that replaces HTML and CSS with XML markdown. JSX components are composed of native components. Dedicated to a particular platform, they make apps’ usage faster and more intuitive.

It then calls native rendering APIs, for Android and for iOS, in Java or Objective-C. Furthermore, it exposes JavaScript APIs for platform APIs, allowing RN apps to make use of GPS location functionality.

Some Examples of Applications Built with React Native 


React Native was introduced to the Instagram development team in 2016. First, they tested out Push Notifications. They continued to use the framework to develop other portions of the app as the results were so promising. Instagram was able to deliver features much, much faster to iOS and Android. Currently, 85% to 99% of code is shared between Android and iOS apps.


Their team began developing a new application in 2017 that would wholeheartedly utilize React Native. In order to add new features to the old app, they rebuilt it. Along with the mobile app, Microsoft also used React Native to make desktop apps, showing that it goes beyond simple mobile apps.


In its mobile app, Pinterest decided to use React Native for its onboarding process – the Topic Picker view. Users see this view as soon as they sign up, so they thought it needed some smoothing. Pinterest’s initial implementation on iOS took a record-breaking 10 days.

Other names could be Walmart,, Airbnb, Soundcloud Pulse, and many more.

Advantages of Using React Native in Your Project

Advantages of Using React Native in Your Project

A Perspective from a Business Owner

Time and Cost Savings

Saving time and money is possible with reusable codes, a supported library, and one development team. Startups and young businesses, especially those concerned about money, should use React Native to enhance their products.

Live updates

This tool eliminates the eternal iOS app problem – waiting for approval from the App Store. In general, your app can publish updates whenever you like, as long as it has access to the server to check for new versions.

Extension of Code Sharing

It is possible to use the same code for mobile platforms and web browsers with React Native. Consider having one codebase covering all your channels

Cross-Platform Mobile Development

You can develop iOS and Android applications with the same code using React Native. Therefore, you no longer need a bunch of engineers who speak Java, Swift, or C++ to write code. It is essential to hire mobile developers familiar with native UI libraries, APIs, and hybrid development.

Great User Experience

By using this framework, you can create mobile applications that deliver seamless user experiences. A highly responsive User Interface makes the experience smooth and appealing, pleasing your customers.

Stable Future

Due to the success of its library, Facebook is one of the few enterprises that have stood by each of its frameworks and grown it with the results. Open-source software makes it possible for a large number of developers to continuously improve it.

A Perspective from a Developer

A Perspective from a Developer

Easy Learning Curve

You have to learn many rules that you can only apply within that technology when you use a variety of frameworks. This is the exact opposite of what React native does, which is why it has a great advantage of being easily readable on the first contact.

Pre-Developed Components

The community behind React Native makes it easy to find many premade assets to use, making development faster and more efficient.

Third-Party Support

Due to the nature of the project, React Native comes with an open environment. There is no problem integrating modules from third parties.

One Ecosystem

React Native offers developers the opportunity to build versatile applications without having to understand the ecosystem and language specifics of each OS.

Great Developer Experience

RN’s development environment makes building applications easy and enjoyable, with the help of Chrome developer tools, flexbox for layout, and many more.

Future of React Native

As we know, their team is developing “Fabric”, a new implementation of React Native UI written in C++ which will be more flexible and can be integrated with JavaScript-based hybrid infrastructure. There will be a few significant changes to Fabric that will alleviate the issues with the current framework and give React Native a chance to grow, such as:

  • The improved user experience of core components
  • Improved threading model
  • Ability to render simultaneously
  • Type-safe interactions between JavaScript and UI managers
  • The simplified framework that makes building debugging tools easier
  • Quicker startup

Summing up

In a short amount of time, you can create powerful mobile apps with React Native App Development. The developer experience is great, with pre-developed components and a vibrant community. There is no doubt that business owners will welcome efficient, low-cost, and super-efficient code sharing across mobile, tablet, and web platforms, as well as the quality of the apps. You should definitely consider joining Artistixe IT Solutions that has chosen to trust React Native with its products if you need a versatile native app.

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On Demand Platform And Succeed In The Online Business In The Days To Come?




On Demand Platform

In today’s rapidly pacing digital world, people have no other option but to keep running to make ends meet. So, it has become impossible for them to find time to complete either their household services or any of their other required tasks. And, it was exactly when the usage of mobile apps by people started increasing.

This scenario led to the advent of different applications for each service that people were in need of. It also gave rise to the so-called gig economy and as a result of this, various apps continued to mushroom out of nowhere. Now, give it a thought, is it sensible to fill the mobile storage with apps for each service that people are in need of? 

Therefore, this limitation made techno-wizards combine all services into one single app. One such all-in-one on demand service app will restrict the users from downloading different apps for each service they are in need of. Apart from this, it assures the service providers an increase in their revenue too.

Therefore, if you are an ambitious entrepreneur who is about to set foot into the online business, then the smartest way is to create an on demand platform similar to that of Taskrabbit. Though I have clearly explained how on demand service apps have gained their popularity, I can make out that you are hesitant about building a platform similar to Taskrabbit. 

Well, then stick with me until the end of this blog to know about the lesser-known facts of the Taskrabbit app, why you should opt for a Taskrabbit clone, and what to look for while choosing a clone solution for your on demand business need.

 Lesser-known Facts About TheTaskrabbit

  • Leah Busque had no time to buy dog food and wished they had an option that could help them find someone to whom they would pay to do it for them.
  • Back in 2008, the above incident was the spark that ignited the mind of Leah Busque and she wanted to help people with completing their random errands and tasks. Thus, this gave rise to the idea of connecting consumers with workers to achieve what she thought. And, she has now ended up as the founder of Taskrabbit.
  •  The company RunMyErrand began with not more than 100 “runners” in Boston. By 2010, the company’s name RunMyErrand was changed to TaskRabbit and it continues to serve people to this day with a strong goal, Everywhere, for everybody, and for every device.
  • Can you believe it! There are more than 140,000 Taskers on the network (60% are Millennials) and on an average scale, the taskers in the United States earn nearly $35/hour.
  • Whereas in the United Kingdom the taskers earn an average of £24/hour.

From these above-sorted facts, it’s evident that the business model of Taskrabbit caters to the needs of both taskers and consumers precisely. And, it also proves to be an eminent multi-service providing app that can fulfill people’s needs instantly. 

To start your on demand service business business and outwit your competitors, the wisest move would be to opt for a clone solution. Only when you opt for a readily available clone solution you can arrive at a platform that is exactly similar to the Taskrabbit app, within a short period of time.

At this juncture, you may wonder, why you should opt for a clone solution instead of building a platform similar to the Taskrabbit from scratch. Keep scrolling to understand the reason.


While developing a new app from scratch you have to invest nearly most of your valuable time. 

Having decided to build an on demand platform similar to the Taskrabbit, then the best option is to use the Taskrabbit clone. 

Choosing such a ready-to-use clone solution will reduce the overall development time of your desired on demand service platform, which usually takes months or years to complete if built from scratch. 


Developing an app right from the scratch isn’t easy. You must be ready to manage a large amount of expense and even invest more once in a while for the improvement of the app you built. Whereas if you opt for an all-inclusive Taskrabbit clone that is prebuilt, then you can save a handsome amount which will for sure come in handy for future use.

Proper Planning 

This is the most important criterion for any aspiring entrepreneur who is setting up his online business. Be it any online business you are about to start, the first and foremost step you have to do is proper planning to stay ahead of your competitors in the long run.

So, if you choose to build an app from scratch, despite proper planning there are chances of not being able to arrive at your desired outcome. In such cases, you have no other choice but to put up with what you’ve built, though it doesn’t meet your on demand business requirements and your expectations.

On the contrary when you rely on an all inclusive Taskrabbit clone, arriving at your desired on demand service platform will be quick and less complicated.

A Platform on Demand

Increasing the popularity of their on demand business altogether to the global level is something any ambitious entrepreneur like you would aspire for. So, to achieve this, it is advisable to build an on demand service platform by taking inspiration from an existing and well-established on demand service app.

Therefore, by making use of the TaskRabbit clone, your on demand business will gain more visibility and will attain huge success.

Coding Knowledge

You may not be an expert when it comes to coding, if that is so, then building an app from scratch becomes your worst nightmare. Instead, when you choose a customizable Taskrabbit clone that is well equipped with cool features and trendy functionalities, you can modify the clone solution as per your on demand service business needs and requirements.

Outwit Competitors

The major barrier for any online start-up initially is the existing competition. The use of an exact Taskrabbit clone solution will aid you with the growth of your on demand service business and its expansion. So, you get a fat chance to stay ahead of your competitors.

Hope you are now completely aware of the facts of the Taskrabbit app, and the advantages of using the Taskrabbit clone to develop your required on demand service platform. You are now all set to set foot into your online business. Yet, there is one prime factor you should know regarding where to look for an exact Taskrabbit clone.


I hope that all the facts mentioned above have made you realize how needful it is to set up your on demand service platform using the Taskrabbit clone. And, to achieve success in your on demand service business venture, you need to look for an awe-inspiring clone solution at the right place. Appkodes is the one-stop where you can find an amazing Taskrabbit clone solution. 

Appkodes has a team of intellectual professionals and skilled developers. They also have more than a decade of experience in materializing entrepreneur’s dreams into reality. So, your wait is over! Get connected with the team to craft your desired on demand service platform meticulously as per your business framework.

Be smart and pave your digital pathway to success with this best-in-class online solution provider. Best wishes on your brand new venture!

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How to Develop a Dating App like Tinder?




Dating App

We have come back an extended means from radio to the net; however, technical progress is moving a lot quicker these days. The world is therefore hurried that we tend to barely realize the time for the entire world, particularly once it involves meeting new folks and establishing valuable connections. This can be why geological dating app is therefore fashionable these days. Folks need to examine new faces.

Date applications that meet user necessities generate extraordinarily high revenue. in exactly 3 months (from April to July 2019), Tinder’s revenue was virtually $500 million. Intelligibly, several entrepreneurs try to penetrate the market of online geological dating. This text is aimed to provide a fast overlook of a way to produce a geological dating app.

What’s a Dating App?

Dating apps square measure platforms wherever folks will notice a possible partner with simply many swipes or button presses. the foremost known example is kindling. However, there square measure several alternatives, and if you’re curious about the way to produce an analogous chemical analysis app – keep reading! there are tons to find out.

Types of Dating Apps

All dating apps can be semantically divided into four parts:

  1. Geo location matching qualitative analysis apps combination potential matches supported geographic proximity. This is often the cluster of qualitative analysis apps just like igniter. Bumble conjointly operates in an exceedingly similar manner.
  2. Matching Algorithm-based qualitative analysis apps square measure high-powered by offline matching services or matching algorithms that base their alternative on personal survey info. This is often however e Harmony finds matches for his or her users.
  3. Traditional Apps square measure mobile versions of “old-school” dating websites, replicating options that their net versions have. As an example, OK Cupid, a widely known qualitative analysis platform, currently conjointly has an Associate in Nursing app attempting to contend on the app market.
  4. Niche Qualitative analysis apps target specific teams of individuals. As an example, The League may be a paradigm qualitative analysis app that’s “elitist” and solely permits selected individuals to register, affirmative those with advanced degrees and career-oriented young professionals. The idea behind The League is that the concept individuals tend to these point individuals from their own social circles. The app solely permits doctors and lawyers – or the other “white collar” skilled – to register as a primary choice method. alternative niche qualitative analysis apps market themselves as “women-friendly” (like The Grade) and specialize in shielding their feminine users from harassment by rental girls build the primary move or by obtaining eliminate “creepy” dates United Nations agency don’t use their real personal details.

There also are various niche qualitative analysis apps like Bristlr, a qualitative analysis app publicized as “connecting those with beards to people who wish to stroke beards.” within the world of apps everybody will realize an app that’s ideal for them!

As a result of our analysis, we’ve got to return up with SWOT info graphics that describe major challenges and opportunities for geological dating app development.

How do Dating Apps make money?

  • Subscriptions: users pay a fee for mistreatment of the app for a particular amount of their time.
  • Ads: apps generate cash by commerce area for ads to third-party corporations.
  • In-app purchases: users obtain in-app currency, icons, smileys, etc.
  • Premium plans: Customer pays an amount to unlock extra features. Dating apps creates generate revenue by offering additional advantages in their premium plans. Let’s have a look at some examples.

Restriction of access to sure options in free versions is usually used as further motivation to create users procures premium plans. Igniter could be an ideal of however you’ll be able to encourage additional users to travel premium by selecting an important feature of your app and solely permitting premium users to relish it. Within the case of the igniter, the “undo” feature will come back to the profile of someone you antecedent swiped.

Charging cash for extra options in the associate degree app generally works once there’s important whole recognition and users are already loyal to a selected app – igniter and was introduced when igniter had already gained serious quality.

“Extended” options serve an equivalent purpose as “restricted access,” however during this case, users procure further practicality. For instance, at intervals, the free versions of the Bumble app female users have exclusively solar day to initiate contact, once that they “lose” the match. If users obtain premium, then male users of the Bumble app will “extend” the match so feminine users see it for one more 24-hour amount.

 Why is It Hard to Make Money on Dating Applications?

  • Dating apps have to be compelled to frequently acquire new customers to be profitable. However, it’s troublesome to perpetually grow the user base.
  • Most geological apps face an imbalance between the amount of male and feminine users: typically it’s fully out of proportion with ladies creating up very little over a 3rd of users.
  • Most people World Health Organization who wish to use a qualitative analysis app aren’t completely loyal and are probably to use 2 or 3 totally different apps at the same time. You have got to contend not solely to amass users however conjointly to stay them.
  • If your qualitative analysis app really works, then you may bit by bit lose shoppers over time as a lot of and a lot of folks realize “matches.” app success conjointly depends on being trendy; loads of dating apps are widespread after they simply hit the market, then again they begin to bit by bit lose users.

We analyzed user reviews each for mechanical man and iOS apps and came up with a variety of options that are fascinating and not fascinating in chemical analysis apps.

We additionally looked into what options will assist you to improve essential KPIs for chemical analysis apps, like engagement and revenue metrics: these metrics typically outline what you have got to contemplate whereas developing a chemical analysis app.

How to Increase Escalate Metrics in a Dating Application.

There square measure 3 essential KPIs once it involves engagement metrics in geological dating apps: session length, range of pages accessed throughout one visit, and retention rate. Let’s examine the way to create a geological dating app participating for users:

  1. Use matching algorithms but keep them concise. There are two different types of Dating App matching algorithms:
  • Survey-based matching algorithms wherever users give data regarding themselves. Such algorithms counsel matches supported shared interests, hobbies, and life goals, and maybe quite effective if they’re apothegm and easy. Curating suggestions that supported user preferences leads to fewer decisions however focuses on quality instead of amount. Science tells the US that folks don’t wish to be overpowered by the number of accessible decisions; therefore showing solely several matches that are rigorously electing for each user could be a sensible idea!
  • Facial recognition-based matching algorithms area unit supported the idea that we tend to subconsciously opt for individuals with the identical variety of faces. No chemical analysis app presently uses face recognition technologies (officially, at least), however, enthusiasts have recently created a larva for the kindling app that uses Eugen faces for building facial models supported user likes and dislikes and so follows these patterns to look for matches mechanically.
  1. Another essential feature that will help your dating app provide more relevant matches is a set of filters.

These filters are often supported one thing straightforward like age, height and weight, ethnicity, body type, hobbies, and interests; however, it’s continuously higher to feature one thing special. As an example, if your geological dating app helps folks meet one another during a specific form of a public place like coffeehouses, those filters are often supported the common interests these folks share – one thing as straightforward as a favorite form of low potable. Reviews show that users respond higher to customized filters than square measure doing} to exhausting surveys therefore keep this in mind after you are developing a geological dating app.

One of the foremost helpful filters for geological dating apps is Geo location. once victimization Geo location it’s best to let users decide however massive the realm of search goes to be. Introducing Geo location with totally different areas of coverage – from terribly slim (one building) to terribly wide (one town or region) can assist you to improve your retention rate as a result of folks can discover new matches anytime they enlarge their search zone.

  1. a lot of users feel too back or too intimidated to satisfy someone they see in their office block or at their favorite feeding place, however, anonymous communication will generally facilitate them to break the barrier and chat with folks they like.

Anonymity in chemical analysis apps may be an ambiguous weapon system – several users (women in particular) opt to grasp that their date may be a real person and need a background check, and also the easiest method to try to do therefore is by connecting user profiles with social networking profiles.

At identical times folks don’t wish their personal details disclosed. the most effective solution is to alter your chemical analysis app to produce partial obscurity wherever users see every other’s faces and names, however alternative personal details like place of labor and study don’t seem to be disclosed.

  1. Implementing options like profile rank encourages users to actively interact along with your chemical analysis app. Introducing options like Tinder’s Moments – wherever new photos seem only for the day – motivates users to feature new content a day and too often check for updates from others.
  2. Gamification of search and choice processes additionally will increase user engagement with an app. Gamification is enforced in numerous ways: through addictive tinder-like swiping options or by subsidization users with badges once they complete all data in their profiles. The animated screen that we tend to decision “Koloda” is our ASCII text file implementation of Tinder-like cards. You’ll check it out on GitHub and browse a lot of regarding it on our weblog.

When it involves retention, your goal is to create users to return to your app once more and once more. To extend retention, causation a push notification once a match happens is not enough. You’ll additionally build daily or weekly suggestions of individuals that a user would possibly like. In this fashion, they’ll get curious and open your app to see instructed profiles.

Once the primary version of your app is free, you’ll use heat maps to analyze that screens area unit preferred among users, and improve the look supported by this data.

Artistixe IT Solution Recommendations

  • Pick the part of your audience that is the hardest to grow organically (in dating apps it is female users) and target them specifically. Make your app a female-friendly environment and it will drive more new users to your app.
  • Pick a region to focus on – the entire country is too large to start with. Go for a city with a lot of universities, as students will make up a significant proportion of your target audience.
  • It is extremely difficult to compete with dating giants like Tinder, so go for a niche dating experience – this way even people who are tired of popular dating apps might be tempted to try yours.
  • Do not be tempted to create fake user profiles to generate a large database: users often report that facing fake profiles disappoints them and decreases their level of trust in an app.
  • Start your marketing campaign before your app’s release and promote it through social networks or give out invites.

After we have talked about tips and tricks there is just one question remaining:

How much Tinder costs

Dating App Development cost varies, but if you want to create a Tinder-like app, the following estimate would be quite relevant. Note that in our estimate we considered only the Android platform, but a version for iOS can also be developed at Artistixe IT Solution.

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Execute digital trading hassle-free by using a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script




Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Instead of developing a trading platform from scratch by hiring a team of blockchain developers, a cost-effective way to gain a strong foothold in the market has emerged in the form of a ready to use Bitcoin exchange website script. 

The notable features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script are 

  • Adequate provision of liquidity ensuring smooth processing of orders raised by the crypto buyers and sellers.
  • A real-time price ticker API that notifies the traders if there is any change in the prices of cryptocurrencies.
  • A multi-signature wallet where the users can store their crypto coins and tokens safely. 
  • A margin trading facility where traders can increase their returns by taking either short or long positions on their assets.
  • Security measures like anti-DDoS protection, cross-site request forgery protection, server-side request forgery protection, an escrow-based system, jail login, firewall implementation, fingerprint authentication, HTTP parameter pollution protection, end-to-end data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.
  • An admin dashboard to have a real-time view of all the business operations.
  • An inbuilt chat option for smooth communication between the buyers and sellers.
  • Spot KYC/AML verification of the users to ensure a high level of authentication and trust.
  • Integration with numerous payment gateways for faster fund settlement.
  • Acceptance of a wide variety of orders like market, limit, stop-limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.
  • An integrated referral program where rewards are distributed to existing users for referring new users to the trading platform.

The detailed procedure followed in the development of a Bitcoin Market Script

  • Identifying the business requirements of the firm.
  • Designing a comprehensive outline of the project.
  • Integrating blockchain technology and the smart contract into the solution.
  • Adding the necessary features and functionalities.
  • Rigorously testing the exchange to remove all the technical bugs.
  • Deploying it on the operational network.
  • Launching it officially in the market.
  • Providing maintenance support and software upgrades post-deployment.


With Bitcoin crossing the $49,000 mark recently, the market conditions are highly apt now to purchase a Bitcoin exchange website script and attract attention from prospective investors easily.

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Flourish your Crypto Exchange Business with White label Binance Clone Software




Crypto Exchange

The on-demand Binance clone app has the most extensive and trending crypto exchange by trade volume in the world with instant success. For the entrepreneur’s flexibility, we have come up with a white label binance clone software to customize the app’s ideas by raising their business.

What is Binance Clone App?

A cryptocurrency app like binance allows its users to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies in a simple & secure way. This binance app provides a crypto wallet for its users to store their electronic currencies. 

How does the binance clone script work?

The binance clone script is a multi-tested & readymade crypto exchange software with the latest architectural design and secures your crypto exchange app to prevent hacks and thefts. 

To create this app by yourself, you will experience a lot of effort, time & money to waste by overcoming your mistakes. Instead, you can buy and opt for a working model of a binance clone  at a reasonable price from the development team.

Advantages of binance app :

  1. Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
  2. Fast buy and sell feature.
  3. Secure 2-factor authentication.
  4. Referral bonuses.
  5. Affordable trading fee.

Features of binance app :

  1. Live trade analysis.
  2. Simple user interface.
  3. Crypto wallet integrated app.
  4. Multi-language option.
  5. Integrated Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
  6. Integrated Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO).


The growth of cryptocurrency exchange like binance indicates people are progressively involved in this crypto exchange system. So this digital asset opens an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest in this app and experience a rise in growth. To own this cryptocurrency exchange app with compelling features at an affordable price, reach out to the Appdupe team.

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How Online Food Delivery Platforms Use Machine Learning?




How Online Food Delivery Platforms Use Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming a key focal point for enterprises in different verticals. The effect of machine learning and AI algorithms has grown amazingly over the last few years. Even many famous Online Food Delivery Platforms are also using these latest technologies to increase their business and sales, and customer engagement. 

Machine learning in the food industry has played an important role in the fast and advanced developments that have taken place in the last some years. These technologies seem to be pervasive in the market of online food delivery. Here is how these online food delivery platforms are making use of machine learning.

Why Go for Machine Learning to Get Performance Improvements?

All these technologies bring a wave of alterations across various industries and change their method by which people were using online apps to order their food. In this case, it becomes critical to understand all the food trends, bridging the gap between business and customers, and addressing customer issues. 

Today, the combination of such technologies as Artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning are driving the real innovations across different verticals, not only the Food Delivery App Development.

Here are some of the reasons why you must apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve your enterprise value-

  • Machine learning has exceptional skills when it is about effective planning of the demand forecasting and delivery routes.
  • Increase consumer relationships along with chatbots.
  • Predictions about the latest food trends and sorting the preferences of customers.

By applying machine learning, food app development companies are working on building apps optimized by advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. It is also helpful to show the most related messages and different offers to their customers. 

Use Cases of Machine Learning in Food Delivery Platforms

Here are a few use cases-

Predicting Demands

In the case of demands, many companies work upon improving logistics using machine learning. The online food ordering industry is a resource-intensive sector in which the logistics and delivery domain always remains complicated in the same way. In Online Food Delivery Platforms, each delivery agent’s given time requires to be optimized by choosing the appropriate route to deliver the break time and constant movement. The use of Machine learning technology can also optimize this model.

Effective Planning

Machine learning provides the chance for food-delivery companies to have planning activities more effectively. Many companies in the food sector have a skilled team to cater to the emerging and fast food delivery market. 

Technology Shift

Globally, food delivery companies have a tie-up with many enterprise automation vendors and consultants to generate top machine learning solutions on-demand.    Online food ordering apps are also working with machine learning development companies to build more attractive products.

Optimization Via Data Insights

Optimization is the only way to provide the best path to the nearest delivery agent, and it is also about the demand optimization of the users. Machine learning is now leveraged for creating a list of consumers to choose from. Customers are now guided by how they can make their orders. This information is being fed to the algorithm again, along with many tests. Some of the food delivery firms are also working in this direction for having maximum outcomes. 

Take a Step Ahead from Traditional Services

There are many Online Food Delivery Platforms now who are using machine learning to provide better food delivery experiences to customers. It can range from having a more streamlined and essential web presence to smart voice assistants for ordering food. Other food chains and hotels are searching to develop their food-ordering and delivering a system that can be optimized using machine learning to display the most interactive content.


This post discussed how these famous online food delivery platforms are improving their business performance using machine learning and its algorithm. In the case of Food Delivery App Development, this technology helps optimize and improve food business operations and enhance customer engagement. MI has become an integral part of the food industry with self-improving algorithms and working as a one-stop solution for all the tech issues of the food delivery system.

Read Also : Why Your Taxi Business Needs On-Demand Taxi Dispatch Software?

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Tips to Improve Chances of Winning in “Slot Game”




Slot Game

If you want to improve the chances of winning in the slot games, you have come to the right place. We will provide you with some points that will help you to have better gameplay. In this era of Fun Games, slot games have brought a new excitement among players. 

Let’s have a quick look at these below tips to become a winner in slot games!

For winning in slot games, firstly know their working. Slot games are famous casino games across the world that are both online casino games and land-based games. These games include very little strategy, and each player contains the same odds to win. So, spin the reels and pray for matching the symbols along with multiple pay lines.

Here are seven tips to win this latest mobile game

Select the Suitable Slot

Pay attention that two slot machines are not the same in a game; they come with different themes, so choose wisely. While choosing a machine, consider every aspect like additional features, themes, soundtracks, symbols. Etc. These machines also have different RTP (Return to Player) rates. Go for a high RTP rate to play the slot game.

Be Prepare Playing Free Games

These new mobile games have become a new source of fetching money from people who don’t know how to play it. So, before putting your real money into the game, practice with online free games, and when you are perfect at it, start playing for real. But don’t take risks by thinking that you will learn soon how to win at it.

Analyze the Pay Table

Each slot machine has their different paytable, and it displays the meaning of every symbol in the game and which one is the most profitable. It will also give information about scatters and wild symbols in the game.

Don’t go Beyond Your Budget.

Consider this thing before playing the latest mobile games, set the budget limit before starting the game. Don’t spin the reels until you have set a maximum limit you are going to spend. While playing the game, if you have reached the set limit, then stop playing further. Never go out of the limit if you can’t afford it.  

Go for Smaller Jackpots

Playing slot games online is fun always, but sometimes, it can be an issue as well. If you think that you are not enjoying the game or are losing interest, then quit at the same time. Go back to that screen, sit back and relax, or talk to a friend.

Choose Random than Progressive

Between two slots- random and progressive provided by this Fun Game, what are you going to choose? Randoms are fixed usually and depicts pop up randomly. Whereas Progressives have players’ money, their amount is based on the players who play a specific shot. It also comes in multi-slot formations along with different machines working for providing one mega jackpot. 

Bet Wisely During Game

Consider that a random number generator doesn’t increase your chances of winning, no matter how big you bet. In simple words, betting max will not help you to the odds of winning.  

Popular Slot Games With the Best Odds

Many famous slot games provide high-volatility slots that increase your chances of winning. Here are the top 5 slot games-

  1. Thunderstruck II
  2. Starburst
  3. Jumanji
  4. Mermaid’s Millions
  5. Triple Diamond 

Final Verdict

In this post, we have discussed all the significant points necessary to win at the slot games. These tips will help you to increase your chances of winning in the chosen slot. But clearly, there is no method to win easily in slot games every time; it all depends upon luck. To develop this kind of game, you can Hire Slot Game Developers or a leading game development company to understand your needs regarding particular games. Don’t settle for any of the developers without checking their previous work!

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Why Your Taxi Business Needs On-Demand Taxi Dispatch Software?





Why Your Taxi Business Needs On-Demand Taxi Dispatch Software?

Not just a single country, indeed; cab service has turned into an essential matter of transportation over the world. The simple way of cab booking has extraordinarily complemented the interest in ride-hailing. As a result, taxi providing service is one among the emerging businesses around the globe.

Traditional taxi businesses are facing a difficult time to keep their users engaged with the expanding online taxi booking. The super perfect instances are Ola, Lyft and Uber of how an on-demand taxi dispatch solution can make a huge difference in managing a business in today’s pandemic and competitive world.

Yes, but the instant doubt that strikes our mind when we have an idea about taxi dispatch software is that Should taxi businesses need an on-demand taxi dispatch software?”

Let’s start..

  • Why Taxi Dispatch Software?
  • How Taxi Dispatch Software Helps in the Growth of Taxi Business?
  • Importance of Ride-Hailing Software for a Successful Taxi Business
  • Key Features of Taxi Dispatch Software
  • Passenger App Features
  • Driver App Features
  • Admin Panel Features
  • Based on App Development
  • Noteworthy Benefits of Taxi Dispatch Software
  • Final Not words

Why Taxi Dispatch Software?

The craze of online taxi booking business has been increasing day by day. All transportation owners need a perfect working taxi dispatch solution to facilitate that user-friendly service. It’s important for transportation industries to make their business successful in this digital era and gain more revenue in the taxi market sector.

In today’s digital world, taxi companies are looking for an on-demand taxi dispatch script which will create the taxi business more profitable.

How Taxi Dispatch Software Helps in the Growth of Taxi Business?

Mobile technology is ruling the globe. So, a reliable and robust solution will work as an aid to improve your taxi business. Taxi dispatch system with an interactive and best panel for Admin; passenger app and driver apps that get easily adapted to both Android & iOS platforms.

Importance of Ride-Hailing Software for a Successful Taxi Business

A decade ago, when mobile technology was not that much advanced in the transportation industry. All processes were manual as they depend on humans totally (i.e from booking to payment). Those were not just slow but they made mistakes, which cost a major loss to the taxi business.

These drawbacks were removed by a tech solution “ride-hailing dispatch software” which brings a drastic change in the taxi business and benefits to both passengers and drivers as well.

Key Features of Taxi Dispatch Software

  • Streamline Operations: It’s easy to allocate the trips, commissions to every trip and manage all the tasks.
  • Doorstep Pick Up: Taxi drivers can pick a customer at their preferred location, the customer will be notified of taxi app service.
  • Effective Monitoring: The business is on transportation, however admin can monitor and oversee the overall tasks of the system in a single platform.
  • Safety: Riders feel more safety while riding, if any emergency the ‘SOS alert option’ available to protect them.

Passenger App Features

Passengers can book their ride wherever and whenever. Customers can simply book their taxis in the easiest method with the mobile app.

  • Live Tracking: Ride-hailing has become comfortable and safe, with well-integrated live-tracking service.
  • Refer & Earn: Passengers can share their promo codes to their family and friends then earn credits and free rides.
  • Estimated Fare: Customers will be seeing how much the fare is before taxi booking.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Customers can pay the ride through various gateways like cash, debit or credit cards and wallets.
  • Reviews & Ratings: Give reviews about service and drivers and rate it accordingly.

Driver App Features

Drivers can manage the trip with private login along with the GPS tracking system with the below notable driver app features.

  • Registered Users: A professional driver with proper documents uploaded is provided authority. The unique profile can be managed with the secured credentials.
  • Quick Notification: Information about trip and other related updates are quickly notified to every driver.
  • Trip Summary: Drivers will be seen to their trip history and their earnings/commissions.
  • Earning: Earnings for the trip fee is credited to the driver’s account via taxi dispatch software.

Admin Panel Features

The entire system can monitor and control by a single dashboard which is like a mastermind. So the admin can easily oversee passengers, drivers, fleets, trips and revenue reports etc.

  • Fleet Management: Registered vehicles are periodically managed and maintained so every task like assign, dispatch, organize in which are governed by admin.
  • User Management: Drivers and passengers are called users. Admin is able to organize, oversee and monitor them to get additional attraction to your taxi business.
  • Revenue Management: Admin panel itself, indebted cash is managed here like a digital owe cash.
  • Rating System: The behaviour and performances have to be rated as the system connects users for a ride. Those are managed in this admin panel.

Based on App Development

  • White-Label Taxi App Development: Actually, white-label taxi app is a ready-made solution which contains all advanced features of the popular app like Uber. You are able to make the changes as per your requirements in it and can create the modifications accordingly from any other apps. In general, mobile app development companies use this way for those clients who need the taxi booking app instantly as well as want to begin the online taxi business quickly.
  • Custom-Built: If you need to develop a unique mobile app and have a clear idea on that then you can go for this method. Custom-built apps are developed from scratch. We can say it from the very starting without essential features of the app like Uber. This type is opted by those clients who want to build the app uniquely and it takes a long time to complete the process.

Noteworthy Benefits of Taxi Dispatch Software

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Improve ROI
  • Increase Booking Frequency
  • User Satisfaction
  • Security and Safety
  • Speedy and Convenient Payment

Final Note Words

For the taxi business development and to meet the competitive taxi market, it’s important to take the leverage of digital technology. Today, taxi dispatch software is an essential need of your taxi business. If transportation owners are looking to change your traditional business, taxi dispatch software is perfectly suited for you and all. Customized taxi dispatch solution helps you in satisfying your taxi business requirements.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a leading mobile app company to know how they can assist you!

Read Also : Quality Insights That Can Transcend an UberEats Clone’s Popularity and Revenue

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How Much Cost To Develop A Fantasy Sports App




Fantasy Sports App

The fantasy sports is hyping again with the start of the latest season of IPL innings. Yet alone in the US, the market worth of fantasy sports is more than $7.8 billion. 

The astonishing figure has impressed entrepreneurs and eventually gained the attention of fantasy sports software providers, resulting in increasing demand even during the terrific phase of the pandemic of COVID-19.

This article provides an overview of the concept of fantasy sports along with the cost of development. However, the cost mentioned in the article is a roughly summed figure, and the actual cost varies from project to project. 

Fantasy Sports App Development

The concept of fantasy sports is not new, and the earliest history can be traced back to the post-world war 2 eras. However, the concept has now emerged as a full-fledged market and has attracted a lot of investment. 

There are a lot many elements that add glamour and glitter to the fantasy sports industry, be it the highly popular brand ambassadors or the high earnings that are directly associated with the player’s real-time performance. 

The fantasy sports app targets a variety of sports, and thus ensuring that your platform boasts the same is essential. Sports like cricket, basketball, baseball, hockey and a lot of others can be the prime example of the list of games that are featured on every other fantasy sports app. 

Moreover, the platform also provides real-time information and updates about the selected team, the players or any other sports-related important events. 

Cost Of Fantasy Sports App Development

Coming to the cost of fantasy sports app development, many factors play a crucial role in influencing the price. The factors are both technical as well as non-technical. 

Technical factors may include things like the features of the application, the complexity of the development process, or even the number of platforms the development is about. 

However, the non-technical factors that make up the cost can be like the location of the development company or the experience and market image of the company. 

It is said that the software developers that are based in the US or Asian countries, especially in India, the charge is nominal when compared to the developers that are based in other nations. 

All the factors, including the backend and frontend development processes, converge altogether to make up a cost of around $25000 for the entire development. However, the figures are not accurate and instead are merely an estimate. 

A skilled fantasy sports software provider can provide a detailed breakdown of the cost incurred in the development process for a better idea. 

There are several factors that should be considered before making any investment in the sector. Clients usually consider the price aspect that is not the right approach. 

The clients should be well informed about the different phases that are involved in the development process. Also, the developer should educate the investors about the importance of each associated phase.

Researching The Technical Aspect

It is important for the client to conduct sufficient research about the technical aspect associated with fantasy sports app development. A client with a strong hand on the technical aspect can suggest any bugs that need to be addressed and play an active role in the development aspect as well. 

Knowing About The Competition

To have the edge over the competition, it is crucial to have deep research conducted about the market. Analyzing what the competitors have to offer can help you in shaping up your project and keeping it a notch above the other fantasy sports platform. 

Setting Goals

It is advised to have a realistic vision of the end goal that you want to achieve. Planning about the goals can help you outlay the guidelines effectively to the app development company that is in charge of your project. It is also helpful in keeping track of the progress made in the project development while keeping it organized simultaneously. 

Portfolio Check

Checking up the portfolio of the app development company should be given equal weightage as other aspects that are associated with the project. It should be ensured that the software development company that you approach has expertise in software development and carries a record of the similar projects that have been successfully completed by the company. 

The investor should also conduct research on the pricing part of the various development companies that he comes across during the initial research phase. However, one should not compromise on the quality aspect just for the sake of cost-saving as it may result in a glitchy experience, therefore hampering the market presence of the fantasy sports platform. 

Final words

The concept of fantasy sports is fascinating in itself. Empowering the user to create and earn from a virtual team of real players, more and more fantasy sports platforms are flourishing on the app market every day.

If you are keen to invest in the growing market of fantasy sports, investing in fantasy sports app solutions is the first step towards it. Hurry up and own it now!

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A Comprehensive Guide on Creating a TikTok-like App




TikTok-like App
Tiktok made a real revolution in the world of the Internet, instantly gaining overwhelming popularity. This app is used by millions of users, young and old, who watch videos and create their own. Quite a rapid surge in popularity has given rise to many entrepreneurs’ questions about making apps like TikTok and its cost. In this article, we will answer all these questions and tell you everything you need to know about the TikTok-like app creation. Without further ado, let’s begin.

TikTok Work Principles

TikTok is an app where users can create and share short videos. This app contains various tools that allow the user to edit the created videos before uploading them to the profile. In addition, the app has the function of transforming short videos into animated wallpapers for the phone.

TikTok Algorithms

For its work, TikTok uses rather complex algorithms that form recommendations for users. However, Not so long ago, TikTok revealed the principle of their work, and everything became much clearer. The algorithms consider such factors as user actions in the app, which videos they watch more often, which device they use, and which account preferences are set. In addition, the app itself, before the first launch, asks the user to mark the video categories of interest. The combination of all these tools forms an individual approach to each user. Users can correct recommendations by reporting videos that are not interesting to them. Must Read : TikTok Marketing: A New Online Trend?

What Are the Must-Have Features for a TikTok-like App?

This kind of app has formed a certain pack of must-have features that’ll easily satisfy users’ needs.

Log In/Sign Up

This is a standard feature for all applications. It allows users to create accounts and log in to them in various ways (mail, log in via social networks, and so on).

Edit Profile

Profile customization plays a significant role in user engagement. This function must be able to change the name, avatar, biography, etc.

Upload Videos

This is the main feature of this kind of app around which everything is built. It is very important to make the upload process quick and easy.

Editing videos

Users love to add effects to videos, fonts, masks, and various customization elements to further transform the video. The more unique effects you offer users, the better. You should also add the ability to speed up and slow down the video, trim, and add new parts to the existing video.

Likes and Commenting

These functions are similar to those on Instagram. Allow users to like and comment on videos they’ve found the most interesting.

Sharing Options

This feature is quite useful for expanding your custom audience. Let users share their videos and videos they liked on various social networks and messengers.


Users should always be aware of new videos in the feed or that someone has left a comment under their recent video.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is essential for the administrator’s control over users (for example, blocking a user who spams in comments, and so on). The admin panel can also contain various statistics on the app’s use, which is important for analytics and business development.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a TikTok-like App?

As with developing any software, creating an app like TikTok can cost a lot. The app development cost depends on several factors.
  • Platform. Developing for iOS is 20% faster than for Android. Less development time equals a lower development price.
  • Design. The more complex the app design you want, the fatter paycheck will be.
  • Features list. A long feature list requires more development time. As a result, development cost rises accordingly to the number of features and their complexity.
Now, let’s reveal how much it cost to make an app like TikTok. Note: we’re considering only must-have features in our estimate. Be advised that this estimate is approximate since we’ve taken an average Ukrainian hourly rate of $50. Read Also : How To Boost Up The TikTok Fans? Let’s start with the estimate of essential TikTok-like app features:
  • Log in/Sign in. 30 hours plus 24 hours of back-end development
  • Edit profile. 24 hours plus 14 hours of back-end development
  • Upload video. 20 hours plus 6 hours of back-end development
  • Filters and effects. 109 hours plus 4 hours of back-end development
  • Video editing. 56 hours plus 4 hours of back-end development
  • Likes and comments. 39 hours plus 21 hours of back-end development
  • Sharing. 3 hours (no back-end needed)
  • Notifications. 13 hours plus 14 hours of back-end development
  • Admin panel.  42 hours of back-end development only
Now, it’s time to sum every estimate and calculate final development hours.
  • Features development. 507 hours plus 201 hours of back-end development
  • Frameworks and libraries integration. 58 hours plus 35 hours of back-end development
  • UI/UX design. 100 hours (no back-end needed)
  • QA. 176 hours plus 26 hours of back-end check
  • DevOps. 52 hours plus 26 hours of back-end-side works
  • Project Management. 198 hours
As you can see, the total development time will be equal to 1441 hours. As a result, the full price of TikTok-like app development will equal $72,050. Development price is all development hours (1441 hours) multiplied on average hour rate (in our case $50/hour)

Wrapping Up

App development is a complex process, and some things can be blurred for entrepreneurs. We’ve revealed everything you need to know to create an app like TikTok. Now you’re armed with the knowledge to make your own app to please your target audience. Author’s bio Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.
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Consider launching a white label Estore app that will standardize your business




Estore app

E-commerce websites are acquiring the attention of the user for over a decade. E-commerce websites are helpful for businesses in many ways. Right from establishing the brand’s presence to sending personalized emails to users, e-commerce platforms play an integral role. If you are a business owner or aspiring to be one, consider launching an e-commerce store development. This blog is all set to cover the benefits, working, and features of the custom Estore development solutions.

Working model of the app:

  1. The user will log into the app after completing the registration formalities.
  2. Once the user logs in to the app, the user will be directed to the home page.
  3. The user can navigate through the app and select the category from the home page.
  4. Among the diverse range of products, the user will select his/her favorite products and add them to the cart.
  5. Next, the user will make the payment by choosing any payment options like debit or credit cards, UPI, etc.
  6. The delivery person will receive the request to ship the order to the user.
  7. The user will receive the order from the delivery person and will rate the app.

Features of the app:

The customer app:

User login– The user can log in to the app after inputting the mandatory credentials like username and password.

Home page– As soon as the user logs in to the app, the user is redirected to the home page. The app’s UI is designed in a lucid manner that enables the user to navigate through the app seamlessly.

Search bar– The user can find his/her desired products among the horde of products using the search bar.

Product categories– All the products are listed under the category and subcategory section. The user can easily search for products through the categories section.

Add to cart– The users can add the selected products to the cart instantly. 

Locate stores– The user can order products online and opt to pick them up from the nearby stores.

Order history– The user can view the order history containing details like the number of products purchased, bill amount, delivery date, etc.

Favorites: The user can save his/her desired products to the favorites and purchase them later.

In-app chat– The user can chat with the admin in case of any clarifications regarding the products/app usage.

The merchant panel:

Centralized dashboard– The seller can monitor the business operations like the number of products ordered, dispatched, pending, etc.

Manage products– The seller can modify his/her product details like image, description, price, etc.

Manage stores– The seller can add/delete any number of stores according to his/her business goals.

Replace orders- The seller can approve of replacing orders that are damaged.

The admin panel:

Single powerful dashboard- The admin can manage all the in-app activities, right from monitoring the sales to resolving queries from a single dashboard.

Billing management– The admin manages the revenue details like profits, commissions, total revenue, etc.

Customer management– The admin can view the complete database of the user/customer. 

Seller management– The admin can monitor the seller’s profits, sales facts, turn over, etc.

Product management – The admin can access the complete details of the products like descriptions, price, image, etc.

Deals management– To encourage the user to shop more from the app, the app can give offers/discounts on selected products.

Other exciting features:

Live order tracking– The user will expect to know the location of their products. The live order tracking feature will enable the user to track the location of his/her products.

Social sharing– One of the best ways to promote your application is by allowing users to share their purchase details on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Price calculator- The app has a price calculator feature that calculates the profit, tax, revenue, etc.

Push notifications- Push notifications are an integral part of every app. The push notification will intimate the user with app-related information like updates, offers, deals, etc.

Our other e-commerce app development solutions

Social e-commerce app development- E-commerce websites are gaining popularity among users. Make use of this golden opportunity by building an e-commerce application that flaunts an immersive social functionality with an easy-to-use UI.

Digital wallet app development– Nowadays, users prefer online bill payments as they are comfortable and convenient. Build a digital payment app that is secure and supports instant transactions.

Price comparison app development- Let your users compare various products’ prices and decide the best price. It is now possible with our price comparison app development.

Deals app development- One of the best ways to pull users’ attention towards your app is by providing deals/discounts on products. To serve this purpose, get our deals app solution.

Tied up benefits of Estore app development 

Global reach- Since the onset of the internet and various digital platforms, building a brand’s presence has become easy. Reach out to global audiences by developing this shopping app.

Customer loyalty– Build customer loyalty by offering feature-rich solutions.

Personalized marketing- Monitor the user’s in-app behaviors and send them personalized marketing emails. By doing so, the user retention rate will increase.

Cross-platform accessibility- Allow users of various platforms like Android, iOS to access your app.

App development process in a few steps:

  1. Approach us at Appdupe, and we will arrange a meeting with our development team to know your requirements.
  2. Based on your inputs, the development team will prepare a sample working model.
  3. If you find the sample model satisfactory, then the front-end development team will proceed further.
  4. The front-end developers will customize the UI and pass the application for QA.
  5. Our team of intelligent QA experts will test the products with various scenarios and make sure it is bug-free.
  6. Once all the process is over, the white-label estore app development solution will be ready for launch.

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How Can I Start My Own Teen Patti Game?




Teen Patti Game

Online gaming market is expanding at a tremendous pace. There are many reasons behind this increment but let us emphasize on a specific domain and that is the teen patti game app development.

There are certainly many tips that might come in handy while developing your teen patti game. This article aims to cover a few of them while addressing few of the challenges that you might face while attempting to develop a feature rich teen patti game app.

Keeping Up With The Concept

There are tons of teen patti game apps that have been circulating in the Android and iOS market. However, it takes a thoughtfully designed and created product to make your teen patti game look distinctive in the crowd.

Every other game that you access on the mobile screen resembles in a way or the other. Be it graphics, or gameplay you will certainly figure out that one common thing that is killing all the excitement of the teen patti game.

To give your game a unique touch and raise the chances of success, it is important for you to lay due emphasis on the development aspect. Make sure you have a user friendly interface to offer, immersive graphics, an appealing soundtrack and effects, along with a variety of in-app gaming options.

An experienced teen patti game development company is all that is required to make a feature rich teen patti game app.

Some Essential Functionalities

Selecting the ideal features to cater the needs of your teen patti game can be quite challenging. There are some common features that every teen patti game app shares. However, also there are some that are unique to some platforms.

Blindly copying all the features that you come across will not only weight down the app but will also compromise on its performance. Hence, it is advised to be as selective as you can while you create the desired platform .
Here is a list of some of the features that you could not afford to be missed on your teen patti game app.


Teen patti is a game that can not be played alone. Make sure you invest in a platform that can host gaming sessions that accommodates many players in a single gaming session. Fixing the upper limit to 7 is recommended.

Gaming Bots

There might be instances where the number of active players must not be enough to initiate teen patti game sessions. Deploying bots to occupy the vacant spaces should be focused upon to keep up with the pace of gaming sessions in the absence of real players.


Keeping it simple does not mean to keep it feature-less or to be more precise, variation-less. There are many variations in the game such as Hakum, AK47, Bluff and some more that are popular worldwide. It is important to decisively integrate some of them to make it a versatile platform.

Automated Updates

Do you want to know something about boosting up the user engagement? It is the automated updates. Launching timely updates that rewards the players with bonuses is a sure shot way to increase the time spent playing the teen patti sessions and encourage the players to access the platform pretty often.

All the tips that have been mentioned above in this article is likely to increase the quality of your teen patti game app if adopted wisely. However, the focus should not be on bombarding it with as many features, but to adopt a minimalistic design while delivering the maximal level of excitement with every game session.

Final words

Following the popularity of the teen patti game app, investing in a customized game app development can prove to be a lucrative business venture.

No matter how many number of gaming genres prevail in this era, the game concept of teen patti has been into existence from centuries and is still one of the most popular card games.

A leading teen patti game development company is the one stop solution for your teen patti gaming needs and can take you a step closer towards attaining the dream concept that you always desired.

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The Future of Mobile App Development in 2020




Mobile App Development

An interesting area to keep an eye on is the mobile app industry. Over the last decade, it has expanded tremendously and will continue. What does the future of evolving mobile apps hold? Given the current state of the industry and with experience of how it has developed over the past few decades, what can we expect?

We’re in 2020 already. And as usual, this year too, as every year, we will see some trends growing high in the field of mobile app growth and successfully leaving their essential footprints in the tech industry.

Let’s take a look at the top forecasts and patterns for the App development industry and try to figure out where the future of mobile app development is  heading.

#1 Beacon Technology

This is one of the latest technologies that leverage Bluetooth Low Energy ( BLE) signal strength. And therefore, it helps to associate businesses and organizations with their clients.

Various sectors, such as hospitals, entertainment, museums, etc., are completely embracing the true power of this Beacon technology, along with another exciting technology, IoT, together they are all set to revolutionize the retail market, according to experts.

We often hear about iBeacon and Eddystone, and the tech giants Apple and Google, respectively. Now, we will soon see Beacon being a big part of the growth of mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

#2 AI and Machine learning

AI is always in the limelight. In the long term, it’s here to stay. Experts have estimated that the AI market will grow to $47 billion by the end of this year. And the way it is used by the tech industry seems to be able to increase the number even more than anticipated!

AI is already redefining eCommerce and unlocking healthcare opportunities for the next generation. Now, as companies combine AI with ML and deep learning, it will discover a treasure of real-time analytics and useful data that companies can use to expand in their benefits.

#3 5G Wireless Technology

5 G wireless technology enters the space of growth for mobile apps rapidly. And along with it, it brings an incredible pace. And I mean, innovatively, almost 100 times faster than your 4G network. Experts are already saying the future is 5G.

And the pace isn’t the only aspect worth considering here. 3D gaming, data protection, Augmented Reality (AR)- With this advanced wireless technology, everything is going to change.

#4 AR/VR Technology

In the entertainment and gaming arena, AR / VR is pretty well known. But the good fact is that AR / VR will also grow its presence in other sectors this year.

Popular Apps like Snapchat and, Instagram using the power of AR technology by creating amusing and imaginative stickers for special animated touch.

#5 Instant Mobile Apps

You don’t want to download an app but still want to use it on your Smartphone? This opportunity gives you instant Smartphone applications.

Often, you may not be sure about whether or not to download an app. So, before making a decision, you decide to verify its basic functionalities first. Without the need to update the application, instant mobile applications offer the taste of using the full version of an application.

Therefore, instant apps are gaining tremendous popularity among their target audience. Such applications often come with other advantages, such as smaller size, amazing UX, not taking up computer memory, website accessibility, and more.


Well, as mentioned in the introduction, the scope for mobile app development is evolving even more with time. New innovations are being applied and more opportunities are being unlocked for app developers to come up with brilliant apps.

Other than the above stuff, you should bear in mind that another new technology, Blockchain, is on its way to being popular. Also, this year we can see app security reaching new heights along with predictive analytics providing next-level UX.


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