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WiFi Extender Buying Guide: How to Buy a Wireless Range Extender




Wireless Range Extender

Buying a WiFi range extender is not a five-finger exercise. You must consider every aspect because the investment can make a big hole in your pocket. There are lots of extenders available in the market and choosing the best one from them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Sensing this need, we have come up with our WiFi extender buying guide which will solve almost all of your doubts regarding what to consider when buying an extender. We bet that you will be having a www. after reading this post thoroughly.

As said, WiFi goes extenders are a venture subsequently paying somewhat more to something that you will use for a lifetime is the correct advance. On the off chance that you are excessively Netgear new extender setup to WiFi extenders, it is anything but difficult to fall into the device. Consequently, guarantee to make decent research about the range and purchase the item that coordinates your prerequisite.

In the event that you are uncertain about which brand to go for, it is prescribed to play safe and pick the all-around prominent brand to be specific Netgear. It is a dependable name in the business of remote range extenders.

Wish to be progressively specific? Examine the beneath given calls attention to spending some mixture on a Netgear extender.

  1.  WiFi Standard

As a matter of first importance, you need to consider the WiFi benchmarks upheld by the extender. These incorporate 802.11n, 802.11ac and 802.11a/g. Inside them, the most recent one is 802.11ac. It conveys remote accelerates to 2.8 occasions quicker than that of remote N standard. With this, you can play web diversions and stream HD-quality recordings with no slack. Furthermore, if your WiFi switch doesn’t offer help for 802.11ac, no compelling reason to worry over it. The 802.11ac gadget will be perfect with your current switch. You can utilize Netgear extender manual guide (on account of Netgear gadget) to figure out what is the WiFi standard that your extender underpins.

  •   Dual Band

Netgear extenders give you double 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radios. The principal band is swarmed with different WiFi gadgets together with different remote gadgets, for example, infant screens, cordless telephones and even microwaves. Then again, the 5GHz band is less swarmed and cleaner. In the event that you are gushing recordings in the home theatre, it is prescribed to utilize 5GHz, generally, utilize 2.4GHz for ordinary web perusing through your savvy gadgets. A double band extender will give you the most alternatives to design your system for the smoothest remote experience ever. While getting to a mywifiext website page, you ought to be associated with the less swarmed band.

  •  Speed Ratings

Remote extenders, for the most part, communicate their speed in Mbps. Past models give up to 11Mbps, mid-go 802.11g extenders work at 54Mbps while 802.11n and 802.11ac gadgets accompany the speed somewhere in the range of 600Mbps or more 1Gbps separately. When you are on the Netgear genie setup page, your gadget must capacity at higher paces.

  •  USB Ports

Some extenders have USB ports to associate outer hard drives and printers to share on the system.

  • WiFi Data Security

In general, WiFi networks are not secure. If you don’t take any steps to safeguard your network, anyone can access your files and keep a track of your online activities. So you must consider the extender which provides support for WPA2 security method. If you have an old device, set up an encryption technique by navigating to Login page and select a WPA2 security option. Keep in mind that do not depend on WEP because it can be easily cracked by others.

  • External Antennas

Some extenders incorporate external antennas to provide better coverage and range. When you put the antennas, open a web browser and navigate to IP address and see if the connectivity improves or not.

So these were some of the important factors to consider while buying an extender. What do you generally look for in an extender? Share your opinion with us via the comments below.

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8 Best Mobile App Security Testing Tool for Your Development Project





Mobile App Security Testing Tool

Today’s users are tech-savvy. They buy products and services from reliable brands whom they trust. Online shoppers are reluctant to share their credit card details with new brands. due to security breaches. This is why more and more enterprises and businesses are putting their best efforts into improving the privacy and security aspect of mobile apps. They are ready to invest more to improving the performance, usability, functionality, security, and privacy of mobile apps.

Securing mobile apps is no easy feat. With the advent of multiple mobile operating systems, it has now become a difficult task to secure your mobile apps. Thanks to mobile app security testing tools that make real-time security testing possible. These testing tools save a lot of time for your app development team and allow them to launch a secure and successful mobile app.

With mobile app security testing tools, you can identify all the flaws, prevent fraud and hacker attacks, perform threat monitoring, and malware analysis. From data security to authentication, authorization, hacking, and vulnerability, mobile app security testing tools can help app development companies develop a bug-free and secure mobile app.

Let’s have a look at some of the best mobile app security testing tools you should try for your next development project.

  1. QARK
  2. ImmuniWeb Mobile suite
  3. MobSF
  4. Devknox
  5. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)
  6. Codified Security
  7. Veracode
  8. Synopsys


QARK is one of the best mobile app security testing tools for Android developers that help them identify any possible security vulnerabilities in Android apps. The tool provides a complete source code analysis and creates Android Debug Bridge (ADB) commands and Proof-of-Concept deployable APKs. Since the tool is mainly focused on vulnerabilities, it eliminates the need to root the test device. QARK is an awesome choice for startup companies and small businesses as it is 100% free.

2. ImmuniWeb Mobile suite

ImmuniWeb Mobile suite offers a perfect combination of mobile app and backend testing tools. It provides comprehensive and DevSecOps-enabled mobile penetration testing. The highly advanced AI technology makes mobile penetration testing more accurate. It provides zero false-positive SLA, logic testing, SANS Top 25, PCI DSS, and OWASP coverage.

Whether you are looking for a mobile app testing tool for static or dynamic analysis, ImmuniWeb is a great choice. From interactive security testing to backend security and  manual security testing for APIs and Web Services, it helps your development team. ImmuniWeb uses machine learning technology for intelligent analysis. It will provide expert analysis and a detailed threat-aware report and remediation guidelines for your app development team to take immediate action and solve the issue.

3. MobSF

Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) is a mobile app testing tool for Android, iOS, and Windows applications that are a great choice for app development companies. This security assessment framework helps you perform malware analysis, static and dynamic analysis, and web API testing. MobSF supports various mobile app binaries such as IPA, APK, and XAPK along with zipped source code. A pen-testing tool is a great tool for performing quick security testing and identify security vulnerabilities during their development project.

4. Devknox

Devknox is an amazing mobile app security testing tool that allows app developers to instantly identify and resolve security issues as they write code in Android Studio in real-time. The tool understands the context of the code and intelligently suggests one-click fixes. Choosing Devknox is a great choice for your app development company that takes care of all the security requirements and keeps you aware of all the recent global security standards.

Devknox provides you with detailed security testing reports that provide you with details of exploited vulnerabilities, quick fixes, and useful suggestions to resolve the issues.

5. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) is a reliable mobile app security testing tool, widely used by a team of professional app developers. One of the best reasons to choose ZAP for your mobile app development project is that it can support sending malicious messages. It makes it easier for the developers to test the security of the mobile apps and any vulnerabilities.

This famous open-source security testing tool notifies the team of app developers if the mobile app is vulnerable to malicious messages. ZAP is actively maintained by hundreds of international volunteers. It is easy to install, you should try this great tool for manual security testing.

6. Codified Security

Codified Security is an automated mobile app security testing tool you should try for your upcoming mobile app development project. The tool identifies security vulnerabilities and suggests possible fixes to make your app secure. Codified Security tool follows a pragmatic approach and uses highly advanced machine learning techniques to perform static source code analysis and dynamic testing.

7. Veracode

Veracode is a mobile application security testing solution for app development companies, small businesses, and large enterprises to test code for possible security vulnerabilities. Since it is a cloud-based service, it can seamlessly use with an integrated development environment.

Veracode allows app developers to identify and fix issues during the development process. The security testing tool can perform static and behavioral analysis while enabling DevOps teams to build robust and high-quality mobile apps.

8. Synopsys

Synopsys Managed Mobile Application Testing (MAST) perfectly combines multiple tools to provide a reliable  mobile app security testing solution. MAST allows developers to implement server-side and client-side code and perform third-party library analysis. You can find and fix the security vulnerabilities without requiring a source code.

The goal of this testing suite is to help developers build a secure mobile app for the end-users. It focuses on delivering secure and error-free software in the development process. It perfectly blends automated and manual analysis to highlight security issues in the application binaries running on mobile devices.

This incredible testing solution highlights the issues related to app security and helps improve the quality of the application. It has the potential to remove all the security vulnerabilities from the server-side application and form APIs. It also performs static and dynamic analysis to improve the quality of the app.

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of other mobile app security testing tools available. The above-mentioned ones are tried and tested by professional developers and app development companies. Try any of these mobile app security testing tools that best suit your development project and business needs.

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How Mobile Application Development Will Drive the Virtual Reality Market?




Mobile App Development

Today, the global market is flooded with numerous technology devices and software applications which in turn making people’s life easier,comfortable, and enjoyable.The fundamentals though being the huge R&D effects leading to businesses adopting more and more digital technologies for their day-to-day operations.Mobile technology has started a revolutionary change for businesses,too.Rapid mobile application development across industries happening around the world.Based on mobile platforms, exclusive iOS app development and Android app development are creating some state-of-the-art technological wonders leaving everyone stunned.Virtual Reality (VR) is one of those technology surprises that is revealing its magical prowess in sectors like entertainment,retail,eCommerce,real estate,gaming, education, and so on.However, you need to know how to leverage the immense VR capabilities and how to integrate them into your business.We will discuss this in the blog today – how mobile application development will drive the virtual reality market.

What is Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a full-scale digital, immersive experience, which takes you to an entirely different world, away from the real world.As the word suggests, VR simulates your real world within the realm of the virtual world. It broadly refers to 3-D experience, which is computer-generated.To experience VR and interacting with it, you need to have a pair of headset or VR glasses.In the present pandemic situation, VR technology has greatly streamlined the seamless communications between businesses and their prospective customers. Therefore, many mobile application development companies are realizing the value of VR in businesses, so, are delving deep into the development of VR applications in varied ways.

Virtual Reality Landscape

As said, a mobile application development company is all geared to change the whole landscape of virtual-reality technology.The company integrates VR in application building. Globally, certain companies like Samsun.Sony,Facebook,has come out with their respective VR-enabled devices,for instance, VR play-station.These varied VR applications allow users with an immersive VR experience and let them viewing of places and services as a real ones!

The following ways could help describe how mobile application development companies are driving the VR market 

  1. Enhancing Engagement of Customers

User-Interface (UI) is a very important factor in any mobile app development process.This feature, or the facility, gives the first impression of an app and attracts users to open the app, download it, and finally install it.Thereafter, they can utilize the other capabilities by browsing and navigating through the entire app.But, at the very first,this app convinces those users to see the app via its first screen appearance.This is the UI effect of an app.This leads to the overall enhancement of customers’ engagement.Thus, In mobile app development, virtual reality (VR) offers users,customers, a real-life experience, completely immersing them in the app while being in use.And owing to an enhanced level of customer engagement, the scope of customers’ satisfaction and their loyalty increases,too!

  1. Improving Efficiency of Businesses

A Mobile app development company making VR apps is also now,a VR app development company.The varied VR apps are increasingly improving the way varied operations, functions of businesses are done in today’s scenario.With the help of VR technology, enterprises, and businesses across industries are managing to conduct virtual meetings,teleconferences, in a much seamless manner giving participating users a real-life experience.It feels like you are in the real world,not any virtual world. These VR apps are created in such a manner that your mobile phone can be used as a VR device for that VR experience.You should remember that VR app-based meetings you are attending are not like a normal virtual meeting you attend these days on Zoom or Google. After all, VR technology gives you an immersive experience.The noted significance indeed!Obviously, the other benefits are that you don’t have to travel just for the sake of attending meetings and you save your valuable time, as well as your hard-earned money (don’t forget the hard work involved).

Also, using VR apps, an enterprise or business owner can give required training to their employees. For example, training workers for welding, handling technical pieces of machinery, operations using forklifts,help improve their learning experience. This also helps them in experiencing real-life work even before they join the workforce.This way, VR technology helps improve businesses-efficiency as their prospective employees have already learned and experienced their share of work leading to their efficient performances.

  1. Improved Level of LearningExperience

If you are a business enterprise,start-up, or SMB in the education industry,virtual reality applications give you multiple scopes of improving the learning experience of the students across institutions.You can think of contacting a leading mobile app development company that can develop your customized VR applications, can do Android app development or iOS app development fulfilling your business needs.In the education business, you can leverage its massive capabilities by providing your students and varied learners with real-life ‘virtual tours’,experiences. Through VR apps, they can visit a distant,remote place that is otherwise inaccessible to reach practically. This enhances their learning experience. VR applications let employees, scientists, software developers, medical practitioners, medical students, use a sort of prototype effectively,virtually! The latter can come to know conducting varied medical processes like incisions (know-how), understanding of anatomy, just using virtual technology tools and applications using Mobile phone. 

  1. Increasing the Scope of Reputation Level

A VR Android app development or iOS app development process enables your marketers to leverage the immense capabilities to directly reach their present as well as prospective customers and talk to them. They can promote your products, services through VR applications.Also, they can understand the exact requirements of prospects, consumers,enabling to give them the desired products.This leads to an amplified level of customer experience and customers start recommencing your product/service to their friends and other people in general.This way you can increase customer loyalty, your brand visibility as well as its credibility in the market.You should approach a credible mobile application development company that can understand your unique business needs and develop a VR app perfectly suiting your requirement. 

  1. Enhanced Communication,Mobility

How did you converse with your clients earlier?Either you used your traditional telephones or emailing from your desktops.All were time-consuming processes.But with a VR application,the mobile phone becomes your medium for the massive usage of VR app, and your communication level increases immensely.Now, you can talk to your clients directly through real-time videos and feel the experience, too.

Another factor you should go for VR app development is that it facilitates mobility to a greater level.You can use the app not just anywhere but also can use on anytime as per your convenience.No geographical barriers.Even embarking on your business tours you can visit places experiencing through mobile-based VR apps and planthe itinerary accordingly. 


So, you see how your business can leverage the powerful capabilities of VR applications .Using a mobile-based VR application, you don’t need to arrange for additional VR-compatible devices like VR Goggles or headsets. Your mobile can take the place of these devices and let you use VR technology.However, you should consult some credible mobile app development company to seek which type of VR app suits your business, and which platform you need,based on that, you can go forAndroid app development or iOS app development and get the business rolling.

 Interested to know more about the Mobile app development process forVR applications and how they can contribute to your business growth? Contact Us.

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Benefits of Web Technologies to Select for an E-Commerce Website




E-Commerce Website

If you’re doing e-commerce business, you should have an E-commerce website. Having a business e-commerce website is a very crucial point for small and mid-sized companies. With E-commerce, every business person can do online marketing smartly to support the worldwide Advantage with innumerable beneficial characteristics. Few of the essential e-commerce articles contain unlimited outcomes, which are significantly more straightforward and effective to use the web-based interface that authorizes all business people to enter the complete product information and upload the various images and product categories and latest product features like stories, colours, and sizes.

So, promoting these trends and refreshing them is extremely important for companies. So hiring complete website development services is greatly important for those who require doing online businesses smartly. Another excellent feature is the built-in stock control system that supports you keeps the records and suggests low stock levels.

What are eCommerce web technologies and the types of eCommerce web technologies?

The performance of eCommerce websites is in demand by all business people. If your services are doing provided to your consumers within the internet, then eCommerce websites are required. The difference in the change of the internet has been profound and extensively been utilized by many.

To an amount, Web technologies give you great comments and exciting suggestions that assist you in developing a reliable and cutting-edge website. Several amenities involve:

  • Various payment gateway supports.
  • A responsive design that is both beautiful and very expert in terms of points.
  • The other templates being utilized with excellent consumer support.

We’ll support you assume how to make several wise decisions on choosing the right web technology for your eCommerce website. Provided below are those eCommerce web technologies.

Benefits Web Technologies to Select for an E-Commerce Website


The best and proper method of the Magento development platform assists in the growth in terms of B2B and B2C customers. It is highly appreciated as the most effective and powerful SEO-friendly policies with several striking features which can be customized.


Shopify is one of the leading popular e-commerce Web Development Company. It presents an amazing design temple for your e-commerce website. It can be used spirited by the consumers to make the payments easily. If you need to hire complete web development services, you can Hire Asp.Net Developer for a professional website development company.


WooCommerce is the perfect choice for today’s business people. This e-commerce platform is a free e-commerce plugin that supports in combination with WordPress. This platform supports store owners to sell their products and affordably. Nearly 25-30% of online business people use this web technology for their online markets. They think of using this technology because of its different characteristics.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce is a modern and excellent web technology with numerous brand-new features and various advanced purposes. This web technology is a user-friendly interface with the help of a comprehensive information base.

Open Cart

Open Cart is a straightforward and effective open-source CMS for online e-commerce platforms. This remarkable Advantage of web technology has the best method of many simple back-end plugins. Developers can update it with the complete maintenance of CSS within the admin.

Drupal Commerce

Drupal commerce is one of the most important and excellent online content marketing platforms for open-source content. It connects the proper use of SEO methods and blog combination with the Drupal CMS framework’s service.


If you assume self-hosting an online repository for available then OsCommerce will be a secure bet. With OsCommerce, a storekeeper has complete entrance to and complete control of their property and database. To date, over 6000 free add-ons have already been updated by the far-fetched community.


Volusion is an excellent, simplified, and effective web interface frequently favoured by online business people. It is not a robust e-commerce platform like Shopify. The big question is that the mobile website actively utilizes with the aid of the collusion stores. Suppose you are looking to do an e-commerce business and want to develop an e-commerce website. In that case, you can Hire Asp.Net MVC Developer for complete website development services from a professional Webdesign Company.

You can do your work actively with the aid of the right web development company. By hiring encountered web developers, you can create your e-commerce website professionally.

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Benefits of Choosing WordPress for E-Commerce Websites




E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce has assuredly developed in the past few years, and now, it powers approximately 45% of the complete web. Many consumers use the internet to make purchases, according to the improved requirement for WordPress Development Company USA.

Now, a million-dollar question appears as that which platform should be recognized for creating the websites. There is no difficulty that several platforms are available to choose from for building websites; however, WordPress guides them all because of various factors.

WordPress started its journey as a blogging platform and later progressed into a full-fledged content management system. The advantage of this CMS lies in the functions it brings along with it. Being a power-packed platform, WordPress has now grown an obvious choice for building e-commerce websites. Here we will be presenting the benefits that WordPress offers when utilizing for performing functional e-commerce websites.

  1. An open-source platform having robust community support

An open-source platform welcomes user participation and offers them the possibility to add to the source code. This holds the platform is growing with the strong backing of users. Thus conducted by specialists from across the world, this open-source principle works to make WordPress better in function.

The vibrating association’s support is a different factor that has given WordPress choice over other similar stages. The community keeps on working on combining intelligent features to offer an unforgettable adventure to the users. There are no commercial limitations with WordPress, and this presents it as an excellent CMS to use.

  1. Secured and flexible platform

WordPress has numerous plugins that support making it a secured Core PHP Development Services. Word Press’s standard directory offers various plugins that can be downloaded for free. Being an open-source platform, WordPress is unsafe to security threats, and therefore, it gets required to secure the venue.

WordPress plugins additionally bring adaptability to this content administration system. Plugins further optimize the WordPress platform and make it more manageable and easy to use by the users.

  1. An easy to customize CMS

The ideas for WordPress are all beyond customization as per your preference and requirement. It thus proffers the customization task very much more comfortable for the developers. The easy-to-customize WordPress feature gives it an ideal opportunity to be utilized for e-commerce website development purposes. We are Hire Laravel Development Services in USA.

There are no complicated technicalities involved in customizing the platform, and thus, even a non-native user can efficiently complete the tasks. It, therefore, gets easy to work over the platform for WordPress website development Company USA.

  1. WordPress supports diverse payment gateways

Plugins are the breathing space of WordPress website Development. They are used for every single expansion added to WordPress. In the instance of integrating payment gateways, the users would need to add a similar plugin. The addition of these plugins makes WordPress compatible among various payment gateways. Payment gateways, including Google Checkout, PayPal, Stripe, etc., are recommended by WordPress.

The increase of security plugins, on the other support, ensures the security of the amount done over the WordPress website. Thus, there is no requirement to worry about unsecured payment problems.

  1. Multilingual support

As has happened presented above, WordPress has multilingual assistance, and it is just not enclosed to be used in a single language. The WordPress association has worked challenging to change the platform to several other languages. The related population keeps on combining new language with every new WordPress version release.

While producing this content management system, the developers keep in mind to follow the W3C models for result-oriented websites. Building user-friendly policies is an additional concern that requires to be performed in the development phase only.

  1. Ease of e-commerce integration

While managing with WordPress, it gets straightforward to combine the platform with e-commerce websites. Thus, in the case of transferring an existing site to WordPress, there is no requirement of redesigning the whole website right from scratch. Introducing a relevant plugin will support migrating a present website to a WordPress platform.

WordPress is famous for combining a website element with different. It makes the WordPress website development a more honest job to be performed by the developers.

  1. WordPress is extendable

By adding plugins as well as themes, the functionality of WordPress is easy to continue. This offers an opportunity for user-centric functions to be appended to the website. The most helpful thing about WordPress is that it provides thousands of plugins for free to use. There are various themes possible to take from as per the provision of the website.

The good news regarding these themes is that they are easy to customize as per the decision. It thus allows adding desired functions to the WordPress website.


Having several benefits that have been explained above, WordPress is just excellent to be utilized for website design and development company USA. All the advantages mentioned above come prepared when you choose this platform. WordPress wins the race against similar content management systems available to use because of the ideas that have been explained above.

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Best In-App Chat SDK & API Providers for Android and iOS Applications




in app chat sdk for android

Can you ever imagine a life without a smartphone? I know it sounds strange as it’s the most common mode of communication. But as the world is turning out to be digitalized, this communication has been made more predominant with the implementation of real time chat APIs and SDKs.

Today over a billion of users are using messaging applications in their regular life. Anyhow, when it is about enterprises there is a need to facilitate multiple features which is not so in personal communication apps.

This article talks over everything about real time chat SDK and messaging API including its need in the enterprises concerning Android and iOS applications.

What is Chat API & SDK?

Let’s have a short explanation about these technical concepts,

An API can be defined as an interface that allows different types of softwares to communicate with each other including exchange of data. In other words, an API provides a technical infrastructure that helps a variety of tools to work together in order to build chat features.

An SDK is the software development kit or can say a set of tools that builds an application with ease. Well, SDK comes into the play when you think of building an app easily with less time consumption i.e., you don’t need a developer to write code from scratch for every app feature, instead can get your needs done with this SDK software itself.

The tools with SDKs include libraries, visual editors (to provide a layout for graphical elements), debuggers, and much more.

Need for Chat API and SDK

Major purpose of any real time chat solution arises when it’s about communication tools in an organization. When it is a communication platform with the PaaS market, it has been evolving constantly, being reinforced with a new set of players. And this is what a self-service APIs is all about that drives the entire market.

chat sdk providers

Now, let’s check it out as to Why are these realtime chat APIs & SDKs are in huge demand

  1. Quick and Effortless Communication
    When we make use of chat api for iOS or android, they will allow the messages to flow instantly into the device without interrupting the regular workflow. Even with them you can be still comfortable while using another app.Moreover, you can instantly respond to the chat messages in realtime.
  2. Be persistent in Conversation – Makes you feel important
    Sometimes, in an organization it so happens that multiple employees work upon the same task but with different functionalities, in such a case, the Project Head can inform everybody at the same time with a single group chat. Henceforth, real time enables the streamline and allows collaboration between the teams and eventually increases productivity.
  3. Targets in Overcoming Business Challenges
    During this pandemic almost all the businesses were struggling a lot, but still it’s the all-in-one chat API solution that has helped them to overcome the situation.Mostly, when the employees were unable to come to office they opt for a remote work style. Wherein the employees coordinate with each other via audio, video, and chat application.In the case of live chat, apart from chat conversation people can also coordinate and perform sharing of screen and files as well.
  4. Maintaining Confidentiality – Valuing the privacy
    Building your own application gives you the confidence ensuring you to have full access and control over your communication network. However, a custom build chat app will allow you to build a multi-layered access and role-based control messaging application.Furthermore, the application will be safe and secure with end-to-end encryption ensuring the exchange of communication and accessible to the team members, all this by safeguarding from the third party vendors.All this contributes to a strong team bonding and forms a compatible online team community, no matter being at a remote distance.

How to go for a Right Choice Chat API & SDK for  Mobile and Web Apps?

When you decide to go for your own real time chat application, the next question that sticks in your mind would be : how to choose theright Chat SDK for mobile and web apps.

Well, these are some of the basic needs that you must be checked over before getting to the final conclusion.

Things to be aware of before Choosing your Chat Solution

  1. Storage space – Is it limitlessMost of the chat solution providers allow limited storage space for data over the cloud and do charge higher if requested for more space.
  2. 100% Customization – The user interface talks about the user engagement that helps the users to identify your brand. It does reduce user engagement thus, needs to have an eye over.
  3. Unlimited User – Most of the providers stand upon being with unlimited user engagement but do they mean what they say. Thus, it’s better to check whether this works with concurrent users around the world at the same number if so, is that limitless or not?
  4. Scalability & Security – For any chat solution, it is necessary for it to be highly scalable. This scalability talks about handling a huge number of traffic as well as with several number of requests at a time.
  5. Advanced Analytics – It is always better to check out for some advanced analytics, whether it is well defined in a perfect way describing user behaviour with these matrics,
    i)  Messages and Messages per users
    ii) New channels, blocking channels
    iii) Message senders message viewers
    iv)  New users, deactivated users and deleted users
  6. One Time Payment Solution – You have to pay only once for the features that you are opting for and you can have complete access over too.

Top 5 Chat SDK and API Providers for Android and iOS Applications

In the market, there are many companies and software service providers who have developed the best solutions when it comes to chat API, SDK, and tools.

Although, every provider can not offer customization features to their users. But still certain providers give some variations and price them appropriately by enabling them to build chat sdk for Android, iOS, and website.

Based on the certain criterias that have already been discussed in the above session, here are the list of a few top chat API and SDK solution providers in the market.

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly is all about 100% customization. It is the one that provides a customizable enterprises chat API and SDK solution, been rated as #1 under enterprise communication solutions which is suitable for enterprises of all sizes with a one time license cost.

This all-in-one real-time chat app solution not only contributes to the best messaging application but also available with WebRTC embedding. Thus, allowing HD video interaction and a very strong VoIP Calling with a dynamic voice experience.

2. Twilio

Twilio is a programmable messaging API that is with an advanced software empowering the delivery of messages across multiple channels and cohere to compliances. It is available with a monthly subscription.

3. PubNub

PubNub is a chat API provider that is performing the chat right, during traffic spikes ensuring user retention and engagement but all with the subscription mode.

4. CometChat

CometChat, a colorado-based top chat API and SDK provider. They offer an in-app messaging solution to all sized enterprises. With WebRTC their application is available across multiple platforms.

5. Sendbird

Sendbird is a US-based chat API & SDK provider that is available at monthly subscription. It is with AES 256 end-to-end encryption data protection facilitating chat and also enabling global language translation.

However, If you are still looking out for something more, then you can have a look at some of our other articles, and have a clear understanding over the concept.

Wrapping Up

This article has concluded with a note of satisfaction that it has covered most of the details with respect to building your own chat API and SDK app for Android, iOS, and website.

If you still have any query about choosing the best chat SDK and API for android or website, be sure to contact us!

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Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business




Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business

In Digital World, Every business wants to grow with high speed and also wants to get more relevant traffic and business from the online market. To get more traffic and Develop your business online business with the growing technology then you need to host your website with the Best VPS Hosting in India. If you are a start-up or running company then you are using shared resources for your business but they provide limited resources and services you can not grow your business with share resources. That’s Why VPS is the perfect hosting solution to get your business at a higher level.

To Get Cheap VPS in India, First, you have to understand VPS Hosting. After that, you need to know the advantages, Services, facilities, disadvantages of VPS. Primarily, India Based VPS Hosting is the best hosting solution that offers many resources and facilities to achieve your goals.VPS is the technology where the main server is divided into a small part to host your website. The Best VPS Hosting India offers a whole isolated and healthy hosting environment for every client or business. You have to invest your money only. That’s it! If your business is growing and increasing traffic day by day then your need to shift your website to the VPS in India.

In this article, I am providing the Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business. After reading this you can choose the best hosting for your organization. Every VPS Hosting Provider offers an affordable and reliable server with many resources and different plans & packages that help to boost your business. Here we are providing some useful Benefits of Using VPS Hosting in India for Your Business.

Why is Choose Best VPS Hosting in India?

A Virtual Private Server is a fully customizable and controllable hosting server. You may require to shift your present hosting plan&packages with a VPS Server India. As you know that it is the reliable and robust Hosting in India. So that many leading companies shift their business with the Cheap VPS Server in India. I will explain to you why: Let’s See!

#1. Top Reliability:
According to Advanced Generation, Shared Hosting is the old technology and out of date. Many Companies manage to gather up many clients using only one server. One bad fruit can be damaged a collection of fruits. So like that one bad client can be destroyed your goodwill in a second. If you are using Best VPS Hosting in India then do not worry about these Because your hosting provider provides you a fully isolated and healthy or Safe business atmosphere for your website

#2. Control or Access
Control is necessary when you are hosting your website or want to be the individual user of your website. You need to make instant actions on your server. With the VPS in India your perfect isolation and higher control over the server. Which intends that you can customize it according to your website requirements. You can install and uninstall software and plugins. Hence, You need Server control so you can quickly make any changes according to demands.

#3. Cost Saving:
Cost is the initial thing that every businessman thinks before making any serious business decision. A client wants relevant services and a user-friendly hosting atmosphere with cost-effective prices. When we come with the VPS, it is the more reliable and reduces its price if compared to its past costs. When you are thinking to purchase the VPS Server India, Do not worry about plans and packages because you will get the top-level VPS in India with many resources at a reasonable and Cheap price.

Factors for Choose the Serverwala’s VPS Hosting in India

#1. High Performance:
With the Cheap VPS Server India, You get high and ultra speed and support services with different Operating systems. When you are regularly working on your website with VPS and using the right technics then you can get High Performance and Get more relevant traffic with excellent server capabilities. Nobody can try to think of criminal activity under their umbrella. No further virtualization!

#2. Tech Support:
Tech Support is the primary feature of every server hosting holder. Many leading web hosting companies provide Best Tech Support with VPS India. When you are buying any server then tech support is the most and important thing for you. Because if you are facing any technical issue then your web hosting provider solves it instantly and you can do your work properly.

#3. Root Access:
You Get Root Access with your VPS! It is the best feature of Cheap VPS India. With the Cheap VPS India, You get a full control system over the server. You can select the software and hardware and customize your resources according to your requirements. Serverwala provides a fully accessible server with Root Control for every client or business.

#4. Best Security System:
Security is the primary feature for every server hosting because Data is the most important part of every business. Many Companies needs additional security system to keep their server data highly protected. If you are using VPS Server in India then it comes with advanced security features. It is a more secured server than a shared server. It is specially designed with a 4 lyre security system.

#5. Bonus With Serverwala:
Serverwala offers you a wide range of facilities like software, hardware, security, and more. Serverwala offers top-notch security and services with free management of your server. You can set your resource limit according to your business needs. With the Best VPS Server, you can boost your organization’s performance and more relevant traffic.

#6. Primum Network:
Serverwala offers a premium and highly secured Network where you can easily do your work without any disturbance. They offer a separate cloud for every client with VPS India. You can use your hosting without the Internet.

#7. Choose the Operating System
The operating system is the main player in the match! If you host your website, then it is important to choose the reliable and best Operating system for your hosting server. While you are hosting your website with Cheap VPS Hosting India then you can choose the Windows or Linux operating System with VPS hosting plans.

Best VPS Hosting India with Serverwala

If you are talking about Best VPS Server in India, then I can easily say that Serverwala Cloud Data Center. They offer Cheap and Best VPS Hosting with Strong Performance, Ultra Speed, Strong Hardware, Highly Secured Server, Client Support, Dedicated Team To manage your server, Unique IP, and more. They offer a Highly secure isolated hosting environment at a Cheap Price. Your VPS comes with high-class service, client support, cutting-edge resources, including large bandwidth, high Storage, RAM, security services, backup plans, and much more at a cost-effective price.


You can trust Serverwala for your VPS Server experience. They offer high-quality assistance at a Cheapest Cost. With VPS Hosting, you can select reliable plans for your business website. Mostly it depends on the traffic and loads of your website. With the leading Company Serverwala, you can choose the Best VPS in India without any hidden fee. You can manage and handle everything with your own hands. It is the right and best solution for those who need to control your server and data. I Hop after reading this content you can choose the Best VPS India For your website.

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Advantages of Using Serverwala Brazil Based Dedicated Server




Dedicated Server

In the time of digital, the business also needs innovation to grow more. And to make business online you also need the right web hosting provider to buy the best hosting for your website, So you have to take very decisions carefully. Because this play very important role in business growth & success. And the best hosting helps to make a strong presence of the website in SERP. 

To make your website strong and good performing then choose a Dedicated Server in Brazil with a High Uptime and fully secured network.

The Brazil Dedicated Server is the best and powerful web hosting platform on which you can host your website with outstanding network speed. The Dedicated Server provides the best resources with full flexibility and scalability to particular websites. With the best and fully upgraded resources, you can get hold of the online business market.

The Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil comes with unlimited resources like High Uptime, Complete root access, Outstanding Speed Network, Best Security, Big storage space, Huge Bandwidth, Highest RAM, Additional Services, and many more which help your website run smoothly and gives the better user experience.

In this article, you will get to know the advantages that you enjoy with the Best Dedicated Server Brazil for your website and why it is beneficial for your business website, and Why the Serverwala is the Best provides of Brazil Based Dedicated Server at a Cheap Price.

Benefits of Using the Dedicated Server Hosting in Brazil

Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting comes with the best web hosting services that directly impact your online business growth in multiple ways. Let’s see the advantages of using top-level hosting. Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting comes with the best web hosting services that directly impact your online business growth in multiple ways. Let’s see the advantages of using top-level hosting and which will clear your doubts in selecting the dedicated server in brazil.

Optimal Website Performance

The Dedicated Server helps your website in improving performance and grab the attention of users to stay longer on the website. With the Dedicated Server in Brazil, you get the best hardware tools and with the best uptime which will improve website performance.

Advanced Web Server Security

If you look to host your website and looking to buy something online then your first preference is security, that the website is fully secured or not. It is important to make your website secured to website and user data secured from hackers. With the Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting you get the best and advanced security like SSL, DDoS, and many more.

Root level Server Access

If you get the complete root access of the server that helps to make or configure server resources according to your need. In Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil you get complete server access by which you can configure your dedicated server according to your need. And you can also install or remove the other custom application according to your need.

Extensive Backup space

With the Best Dedicated Server in Brazil, you also the get best backup storage to manage/backup your large amount of data. Having large backup storage means you can store a high volume of data at high quality.

No upfront or hidden Charges

The serverwala provides the Dedicated Server Brazil with the best plans and packages without hidden charges. And at the time of renewal, you have to pay only the renewal charges not any kind of other charges.

While Choosing the Best Brazil Dedicated Server Provider Consider these Points

The Dedicated Server is the Best Hosting Platform to host a business website with the best resources. But before buying the Dedicated Server in Brazil you have to choose the right web hosting provider who offers the best hosting with the secured networks and more. henceforward we will help you in how to choose the right web hosting provider, what you have to look before selecting the web hosting provider in brazil. 

These are the points if the web hosting provider offers such facilities and services with hosting at the best price, then you can go ahead to buy a Dedicated Server or another hosting.

Dedicated Resources

In another web hosting, you get the resources which are can be shared with other websites. But with the Dedicated Server Hosting Brazil, you get the dedicated resources which no one can access without your permission, and your website works very smoothly. 

Cost-Effective plans

When you are looking for a web host provider for your business website and business owner think about its budget. And most of hosting provider offers the dedicated server with the various plans but at high prices. 

Before selecting the provider you have to make sure what type of services they are offering with a dedicated server and they are offering at an affordable price.

Data Security

Choose that web hosting provider who is offering the Brazil Dedicated Server Hosting with High Data Security. Because when you are hosting your business website online then it is the initial option for your hosting. 

Customer Support

Before Selecting the web hosting provider check that it provides 24/7 customer and technical support or not. Because if you are the new holder of the dedicated server then it is difficult to manage by your self then you may take need an expert. That why you need to check that the hosting provider offers or not 24/7 customer support.

Extensive Bandwidth for optimal performance

Choose the right web hosting provider who offers unlimited bandwidth with the brazil dedicated server hosting. The unlimited bandwidth helps your website in improving performance. 

Serverwala – The Best Brazil Based Dedicated Server Provider at Cheap Price

When you search the best web hosting provider to buy a Dedicated Server in brazil you will get to see the number of hosting provider who is offering the dedicated server hosting with the best services and facilities, And it may take lot’s of time in finalizing the right web host provider. Let’s make it easier for you, Serverwala Cloud Data Center is the best and leading #1 web hosting provider. In Brazil, it offers a number of web hosting including the Cheap Dedicated Server Brazil.

It provides the best hosting service around the world with 24/7 support at a cheap price with a number of plans. You can choose the serverwala to host your website on Brazil Based Dedicated Server without thinking about your site will go down. It can handle the high volume of traffic easily and improve the presence in SERP. 

Its endless facilities and support make serverwala the best web hosting provider, you can pick your dedicated server in brazil with the best plans at the cheapest price.


The  Brazil Dedicated Server is the best platform to host a large-scale business website. It comes with a wide range of resources which help your website in fulfilling the requirement according to its need and it provides the best experience to users. You also get the best customer support with the Cheap Dedicated Server brazil from Serverwala. The Dedicated Server is an ideal option for those business owners who want to make their business online. With the Dedicated Server Brazil, you get the best resources to host a website with high performance. 

I wish to know you are completely aware of why a dedicated server is best and what are the benefits you get from brazil hosting. Now you no need to think that you need to choose or not dedicated server for your online business. And now you can choose the right Brazil Dedicated Server Provider who offers the hosting with the best facilities.

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Develop a Feature-rich eCommerce Store in Magento2




eCommerce Store in Magento2

eCommerce platform development is on the peak in the present time, and every new venture is showing its interest in this field. If you have not jumped into this large ocean yet, then there is no time better than now to start.

Magento Development Services are providing businesses ready-to-use eCommerce platforms as developing a web marketplace is no longer challenging or hard now. The newly recognized Magento2 technology is helping ventures to develop a feature-rich eCommerce platform that provides good functionality, customizability, and scalability. 

In this post, we are going to provide you with significant steps you should take into account to build a web marketplace using Magento2.

How to Build an Appropriate eCommerce Website using Magento2?

Here we will focus on the starting procedure of building a platform by taking the help of Magento2 for the growing venture.

Technology Stack Requirements of Magento2 to Create a Web Store

Those requirements are as follows-

Web server– use Nginx 1.x. Or Apache 2.4

Operating System– Use Linux x86-64 and other Linux distributions.

Memory– Downloading and updating Magento2 and its extensions will consume 2GB of RAM.


  • MySQL 5.6 for Magento 2.1.1 and 2.0.X
  • MySQL 5.6 & 5.7 for Magento 2.1.2 and higher
  • MySQL 8.0 for on-premise downloadings.


  • Magento2- PHP 7.2 & 7.3
  • Magento2.4- PHP 7.4.0

Security– A proper SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate for HTTPS, TLS (Transport Layer Security) for PayPal integration and

Mail Server– SMTP server & MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)

Hosting Provider– It must include an SSL certificate as suggested by Magento Development Company. And, there are four main kinds of hosting: VPS, shared, dedicated and cloud. Price can be around $5 to more than $1000 monthly. Here are some top hosting providers-

  • SiteGround
  • BlueHost
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostgator
  • Nexcess
  • InMotion

Must-Included Features in an eCommerce Website 

If you go to ask a user why he had a bad experience, there might be several reasons for it. Among all the reasons, bad features are the ones that can highly affect a user’s experience. So, your web marketplace must include essential features for providing users with a mesmerizing experience and for business growth. 

Magento Development Services will help you to have significant components that will solve all your eCommerce doubts. Below we have highlighted all the major features that should be included in a Magento Platform-

  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive & device friendly template
  • SEO friendly
  • High performance of the website and less loading time
  • Improved product import management  
  • Ads & Marketing tool
  • Tracking, Identifying, and reporting
  • Numerous options for Payment and shipping 
  • Multi-store management
  • Latest admin interface
  • Wish list for customers
  • Full-page cache
  • Easy integration with Google Tools
  • Product sharing by e-mails
  • Easy checkout 
  • Customer reviews

Install Magento2

Follow the steps-

  • Register at the download stage
  • Install Magento 
  • Choose the method- archive (zip/tar) or composer
  • Go to resources> tech-resources> click on the download

Update the Store Theme & Design

For this, go to content>elements> click on create new pages, widgets, and blocks for the site’s structure. It will update the CMS pages, blocks, and widgets to extend the basic functionalities. Then, for the next step, go to content> design> configuration and then tap on ‘edit’ for setting up. Also, Magento Development Services offer 3000+ paid and free custom themes for the web marketplace.  

Include More Products

For adding a new product, choose catalogue> products> add product. Fill the data like description, attribute set, SKU type, product’s weight, product price, tax class, product type, etc. For including products in bulk, go to system, data transfer, import.    

Website Testing

Once you are done with all the design, features, and functionalities, test your website before its launch. It will make sure the good functionality of the project includes page load time, code compatibility, cross-browser compatibility, security, performance, speed, scalability both on mobile and desktop. If there is a problem, fix it and test it again.

Launch the Magento Website

After having an appropriate eCommerce store from a top-notch Magento Development Company that includes each thing in its place, you can now go live! It also needs technical expertise to make your deployment procedure hassle-free and smooth.

Final Words

In this post, we have discussed all the essential steps to develop a feature-rich web marketplace using Magento2. After including all these above-mentioned features and aspects, a Magento eCommerce Marketplace cost will start from $22,000. 

It would be better to hire a leading Magento Development Company for your project as it is a powerful tool and needs more effort than any other things. It will help you to beat the competition, have better knowledge, and adopt new trends and technologies easily. With this detailed guide, you will be completely ready to run a flourishing Magento2 eCommerce store. 

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Website Builder. What Are They Key Things to Know?




Website Builder India

Do you want to build a website? Are you aware of the various options available? You can hire a website developer or try things on your own. However, keep in mind, most consumers will not even consider your business if you don’t have a website. Fortunately, it is easy to build a website for a business with a website builder.

About Website Builder

Nowadays you don’t have to hire a professional web developer who had the required coding skills to create a website. Now, you can do things on your own at negligible costs. There is no need for prior knowledge of how to build one.

You can easily design a site with a website builder within hours or days, depending on the scale of the project. If you need something quick, you can even build a website before taking the lunch break. Large projects need more time, but a website builder comes equipped with all the tools you need to get it done.

Available Tools

In the website builder, you can find all the tools you would ever need to create beautiful websites. Combining all the tools you have means you can create a website as you want it. Key elements that you may use.

  • Existing Templates. A template is a predesigned layout for a website. It also means you do not have to spend time creating the design or worry about programming one. Select the template you like, adjust it with business colours, and you have the design as required. Online builders available with webhosting providers offer a library of templates. You can access these templates and create your website in no time.
  • Widgets and social. In a website builder, there are tools which are called widgets. For the widget-ready themes, there are sidebar areas designated as widget-ready sections. A widget can perform specific functions on the website like displaying posts, creating navigation, showing the calendar and more. You can easily add widgets, and they can be dragged and dropped in the editor’s sidebar. You can also use the social buttons to web pages using the website builder. These buttons are used to send visitors to various social media pages. In this way, you can connect all the pages and grow your reach.
  • HTML & CSS Editing. When you use an online website builder, you don’t need much technical knowledge to work through it. However, if you have some HTML & CSS know-how, you can take your website a step ahead and add the customizations. By looking at the web-page in the editor, you can add things like sliders, columns, images, and other things that you might need to customize the code.

Drag and Drop Feature

You can build websites so quickly because many of them use a drag-and-drop feature. Using the feature, you can drag elements of the websites like headers, sliders, widgets, and other web pages in the builder and drop them on the page to design them. Instead of coding every web page element, you can look for what you like in the website builder. Click on the element, drag it where you want it and drop to add the element to the website.

Mobile Readiness

Google had announced mobile-first indexing, which was meant for mobile-friendly websites. It would help the mobile sites appear prominently in Google search results. A mobile-friendly website has a responsive page layout that will automatically get adjusted to the visitor screen size. In this way, visitors would not have to scroll vertically or horizontally to see all the information they need. Most website builder India comes with mobile-friendly responsive design templates to not have to worry about setting anything. It is all done for you. So, before you choose a website builder, make sure that the feature includes mobile readiness. Thus, your SEO would not be affected due to unresponsive page design.

Updates are Easy

Keeping the website up-to-date is essential to ensure that it is secure, responsive and fresh. Most website builders allow you to update the website with a few clicks, and sometimes they do it automatically. Hence, there is no reason to get the website updated.


Use any website builder India offered by a reputed web hosting services provider. It would help to create a website without much difficulty.

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Is Your Home Security System Easy to Hack? Here’s How to Test It




Home Security System
If you’ve invested in a home security system, you’ve acknowledged the importance of investing in safety and home protection. But do you know how vulnerable your system is to being hacked or bypassed? Chances are you may not be not familiar with the various ways a thief can game your system. Here’s how to test your home security system and what types of systems you should purchase for optimal protection.

Put Your System in Test Mode

The last thing you need is for your wireless security system to alert emergency personnel when you were just trying to make sure it’s working. If you don’t know how to put your system into test mode, call your provider to double-check.

Complete a Thorough System Check

Image Source Once your system is in test mode, complete a thorough check. Each security device should be tested. Walk in front of any motion detectors, open doors and windows that have sensors, and try to open your keyless entry door lock with the wrong password. Then get in touch with your security provider (or check your system’s connected app, if applicable) to make sure every device registered a signal.

Areas Where Some Systems Are Weaker Than Others


Did you know that some older garage door openers all use the same encryption key? That means a thief can go to the nearest hardware store, purchase a duplicate opener, and have immediate access to your home. Thieves can utilize a similar situation with your home security system. When a sensor or device is triggered, it sends a wireless signal to the control panel. If neither your panel nor the devices are encrypted, thieves can intercept the signals and either interrupt them or play them back to your system at will. Just one level of encryption isn’t enough either. If only your panel is encrypted, the devices on the windows and doors of your home are vulnerable. If only the devices are encrypted, the same applies in reverse. Without encryption, some truly savvy hackers can even discover the password you use to arm and disarm the system. Look for a home security system that’s two-way encrypted with unique keys to block potential hacking attempts. Wi-Fi
 Image Source There are many ways you can keep your Wi-Fi and connected devices more secure. For one, ensure you’ve changed the password away from the default one that came with the router. You also want to name your network something that isn’t associated with your home so potential thieves can’t identify it as yours. You can also take Wi-Fi security a step further by making your network completely invisible. In your router’s wireless settings, look for “Hide SSID,” “Visibility Status,” “Enable Hidden Wireless” or something similar to set up this option. Hiding your network means a potential hacker can’t open their device of choice and see your network as an option in their drop-down list. They would have to know exactly what your network’s name is and the password to log in.

Phone and Power Lines

Some security systems operate by sending signals to the providers via the phone lines. If a thief cuts these lines, the system becomes basically useless. It will still sound a loud alarm, but no emergency personnel will be automatically alerted to the intrusion. Similarly, most systems are likely to have a battery backup in case of a power failure or cut line. However, many battery backups only last for 2–3 hours. Make sure you look for a system with the longest battery life possible—ideally a 24-hour backup—for the longest possible safety measure.

Human Error

While human error isn’t the fault of the security system, the best security systems will make up for your own errors. We’ve all gotten in the car, started to drive away, and thought, “Shoot, did I turn on the alarm?” In the rush of busy mornings, activating your alarm can unintentionally fall by the wayside or become such a habit you don’t remember doing it. Many thieves will not go through the effort required to hack a system, but most thieves are targeting houses where the owners have simply forgotten to turn on the alarm. Look for a system with a geofencing feature that pings your smart phone if you leave your home without setting your system. Or, program your system to arm automatically once you travel a certain distance away from it, again using the geofencing feature.

Secure Your Home

Home security systems are an excellent investment in safety, but many of them have unaddressed vulnerabilities that make your home susceptible to break-ins. To truly feel secure in your security system, test your system in regular intervals to ensure it’s working correctly. For optimal protection and peace of mind, you should invest in a system that has two-way encryption, a long battery life, a geofencing feature, and isn’t dependent on phone lines.
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Real-Time Chat Solution for Real Estate Platform – Tips to Improve your Business Communication




How to Tackle Real Estate Communication with Real Time Chat Solution


In today’s online world, every sector is striving to build a robust online presence, communicate with their customer on multiple online platforms and offer real-time assistance. Using real-time messaging solutions for real estate platforms also have the same intention. Real estate buyers tend to search for property online and may find themselves with limited information or further doubts. Websites and apps offering property listings have found a way to communicate and clarify these doubts instantly with the help of realtime chat API for real estate apps and websites.

In App Chat Solution for Online Marketplace platforms 

The on-demand economy has redefined marketplaces by offering instant gratification and sustaining high levels of consumer satisfaction. An on-demand economy is basically creating an aligned business that serves or interconnects with the prime business.

In terms of real estate here are some prominent examples – You have an underutilized conference in your building? Visit to offer on-demand conference room management. Managing dumpsters and scheduling garbage pick-ups for your real estate venue is an issue? Log on to which is an on-demand waste management company. You would like to offer your tenants additional amenities such as dry cleaning or laundry service visit

There are several other such aligned businesses or websites that promote the real estate marketplace and help them catch up with the speed of the on-demand economy offering success through such amalgamations.

The eventual purpose is to offer:

  1.  Speedy Services
  2. Quality Customer Experience
  3. Retain & Recall Customers
  4. Ensure Engagement

Nevertheless, it is crucial to consider interactions held on mobiles or websites making realtime chat API for real estate platforms an important tool.

So, How Will Messaging API for Online Real Estate Platforms Enable RealTime Communication?

Connecting with customers or buyers in a real-time setting can be advantageous for any type of business and real estate is no exception!

An inapp messaging solution for real estate apps simplifies the home buying and selling process. From one-on-one to group conversations with agents or real estate builders – real time chat API for real estate platforms makes everything convenient and easier. To seamlessly facilitate real estate transactions buyers and sellers can also clarify doubts, negotiate, share documents, etc.

Moreover, the application of real time Chat and messaging SDK for market place apps and websites have already raised the bar in the real estate sector. It has increased productivity and conversion rate of eventually resulting in a greater number of sales in the real estate sector.

What Are The Ways Of Monetizing In-App Messaging for Marketplace Mobile Apps & Websites?

If the real estate platform or the property listing website is driving enough traffic, it is time to monetize and make the most out of the platform. There are several lucrative ways through which real estate platforms can be monetized.

Listed below are some of the ways:

  1. Commission System – This is one of the most traditional ways of monetizing real estate platforms and works in the same way real estate brokers make money. However, on websites commission can be paid on every sale or lead (inquiry) received.
  2. Based on Subscription – Real estate ventures or builders can list their properties for an annual fee. They can subscribe to the website, have a structured backend, and advertise their property as long as they keep renewing the subscription.
  3.  Affiliated Marketing – Real estate websites can market aligned businesses and charge for advertising on the platform. The higher the traffic volume on the website, the better scope to introduce affiliate marketing.
  4. Accessible Features– Providing with limited free access and creating a section of paid services is yet another way to monetize real estate platforms. If the website is really productive and has a great user experience – users will be willing to pay for all the features

How Real Time Messaging Will Enhance the Quality of Service for  Real Estate Industry?

 It is not possible for real estate deals to take place online as they are typically a one-time purchase or at least the stakes involved are very high! However, similar to any other transactions’ buyers do need real-time assistance.

Here is why in-app chat solution for online marketplace platforms are so viable in enhancing the quality of service for online real estate:

  1. Streamline the Process – In-app messaging feature for marketplace apps and websites can streamline the process as it allows the parties involved to communicate and clarify at all times. From finding the right property to negotiation, from getting loan aid to documentation – all these processes can be streamlined if communicated properly.
  2. Offer Instant Assistance – Another major factor that enhances the quality of service through messaging API for online real estate platforms is the ease of offering instant assistance. Buyers, sellers, and agents can save time, maximize attention, and get updated on a real-time basis.
  3. Being Insightful & Helpful – With a streamlined process and instant assistance – property sellers can be more insightful and help the buyer make a conscious decision. Also, the platforms or websites can be insightful by personalizing the displayed property results depending on the preference of the buyers.
Let’s Understand How In-App Messaging Help Real Estate Software?

Concludingly, it can be said that in app chat API for online real estate apps help in enhancing the overall user experience. Realtime messaging solution for real estate platforms exhibit substantial potential. Ultimately, the goal of integrating messaging API on real estate platforms or using some of the best inapp chat API for real estate apps is to offer a user-friendly experience, access to data in terms of buyer preferences, increasing engagement and extended market reach. 

With the help of realtime chat and messaging API for marketplace apps and websites – both customers as well as realtors both reap benefits

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Technology Consulting Trends to Watch In 2021




Technology consulting

2021 is going to be a year with several technology consulting trends that will impact the industry. Are you ready to make the changes to stay on top? Then read about the following technology trends and implement these in your business operations to stay on the top.

Here are some statistics for this ever-changing industry:

  • IT and technology forms the 20% of the overall consulting market
  • Integration services, app design, and development accounts for approximately 25% of the technology industry
  • Internet of Things (IoT) devices have increased by 30% between 2018 and 2019
  • Many firms are focusing on the rise of smartphones

Technology Consulting Trends to expect in 2021

  • For instance the Firms should use the Internet of Things (IoT) more to optimize campaigns, perform consultations, and much more.
  • The use of analytics software will grow and help consulting firms better understand what their current customers need.
  • We expect the Cloud strategies to shift to more edge services.
  • We expect the Firms to capitalize on faster technologies and services by taking advantage of 5G.
  • The popularity of Blockchain technology will continue to grow because companies have seen how it can be used alongside other technology.
  • We expect the Artificial intelligence to go more mainstream in 2021.
  • World expect the Augmented Reality to replace Virtual Reality because it’s easier to use, more efficient, and costs less.
  • Trends expect the Firms to offer Failure as a Service (FAAS) to more clients.
  • Large enterprises will transition to operate hyper-locally.
  • Firms will grow and change to meet these new trends and technologies, especially as they retool for a post-pandemic world.

Are you ready to keep up with the new trends in the New Year? Apparently Let us help! Ideacom NC can provide you with the best technology consulting services that are proven to help businesses be more productive and more profitable.


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How to set foot in an Online business using an incredible clone script?




clone script

Are you one among those proprietors striving to build a remunerative online platform using an incredible clone script? Then you must build a renowned online platform. But, how to build such a notable platform?. 

Building your online platform from scratch would not be a smart move as it would cost you more and take more of your time. So, to build such an awe-inspiring platform, I would recommend you to opt for clone scripts. Now, here arises another prominent question, what are clone scripts? 

Clone scripts are online solutions that can be utilized effectively in building a remunerative online platform. So, with a readymade clone solution fulfilling your online business needs, you’ll be able to arrive at a robust online platform easily. Also, clone scripts aren’t just easy to use but, outstanding, safe, and time-saving too. 

Do stick with me until the end of this blog to know a lot more about clone scripts, the benefits of clone scripts, and to know where you could find a distinguished clone script. 

Benefits of clone scripts

 Let’s see some of the advantages of clone scripts that assist entrepreneurs with setting up their own online business. build a renowned online platform

No need for technical insight: 

You may be an aspiring entrepreneur yet lack knowledge about building a lucrative online platform. You can make use of clone scripts to overcome this shortcoming by getting the exact script customized to fit your specifications. So, to achieve your business goals, a lack of technical knowledge on app development can no more be a constraint.

To design a unique online platform: 

Utilizing clone script, you can design a unique online platform. Hence, by making utmost use of a pre-built and adaptable script, building an absolute yet unique platform is easy.  This also aids you to aim for the growth of your online business globally.

Flexible and upgradable

To succeed in building an attention-grabbing online platform, you can use a unique, upgradable clone script with up-to-date features. This is because opting for an adaptable and ready-to-use script will allow you to add required features and functionalities in accordance with your business model.

Highly affordable

Obviously, you’ll be looking to arrive at a trustworthy online platform within your budget. Using amazing and cost-effective clone scripts will help you in building such a stunning online platform within your budget.

To build a mobile responsive online platform:                               

Today it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t use a smartphone. For entrepreneurs like you, this is an added advantage while venturing into the online industry. I’m sure of this because it’s easy to build a mobile responsible online platform using a reliable clone script and boost up your business trends.                     

The above discussed are some advantages of employing clone scripts to boost the growth of the online business of your choice. Hope you have understood the importance of Clone scripts and next you must know the factors to consider to build a remunerative online platform using an incredible clone script.

Factors to be kept in mind while choosing a clone script

  • Only by using a comprehensive clone script, you can build a feature-rich online platform. So, you have to cautiously choose such a complete clone solution for your business.
  • The adaptable clone script will help you arrive at an online platform with all the essential features and contemporary functionalities to enhance the user’s experience in the long run. So, it is important to opt for scalable clone scripts that can be easily crafted and scaled according to your online business requirements.
  • Clone script you pick must help in developing a convenient and comfortable online platform so that the users get a hassle-free experience. Also, use a clone script that is subjected to testing procedures to arrive at a secure online platform.
  •  To make a  huge profit with your online platform within a short time span, you must go for a clone script that includes profit yielding revenue factors.
  •  As an absolute platform is the one that’s built out of a renowned clone script, the script must be completely reliable in which the limitations have been taken into consideration already. Thus, it is advisable to find such reliable clone scripts. 

These are the factors to be kept in mind while choosing the right clone script to build a unique and successful app for your business. At this juncture give it a thought. Do you still want to be one of those entrepreneurs who are ready to opt for building an app from scratch? Do you really feel it’s a smart way when you have the availability of ready-made scripts? 

Inarguably, getting a ready-to-use script rather than developing an app from scratch does not just save your time and money; it also helps you arrive at your desired online platform with minimal effort. Your patient reading until the end of this blog shows your desire and perseverance to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. Now, there’s just one last thing you need to know, and that is, where can you find an exemplary and reliable clone script?

The right product at the right place

Amidst the broad range of available clone scripts, finding an exact one to build an absolute app is really a difficult task. Finding such a script is not difficult anymore when you reach Appkodes. Appkodes makes your work less difficult by providing you with a list of app clone products. So, it is the right place for you to find the exact clone script that suits your specifications.                   

Appkodes has a range of enthralling clone products handpicked and sorted in a way that it fits in the framework of different business verticals. Therefore, all you have to do is just choose your required script and get it revamped with explicit features and cool functionalities.

 How to set foot in an Online business using an incredible clone script?

Clone scripts are readymade online solutions that can be utilized effectively in building a robust and remunerative online platform.

What is still stopping you from emerging successful? Quickly get your clone script from Appkodes and refashion it to fit your budget and time. I bet it will be a great start to achieve big. 

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Execute digital trading hassle-free by using a Cryptocurrency Exchange Script




Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Instead of developing a trading platform from scratch by hiring a team of blockchain developers, a cost-effective way to gain a strong foothold in the market has emerged in the form of a ready to use Bitcoin exchange website script. 

The notable features of the Cryptocurrency Exchange Script are 

  • Adequate provision of liquidity ensuring smooth processing of orders raised by the crypto buyers and sellers.
  • A real-time price ticker API that notifies the traders if there is any change in the prices of cryptocurrencies.
  • A multi-signature wallet where the users can store their crypto coins and tokens safely. 
  • A margin trading facility where traders can increase their returns by taking either short or long positions on their assets.
  • Security measures like anti-DDoS protection, cross-site request forgery protection, server-side request forgery protection, an escrow-based system, jail login, firewall implementation, fingerprint authentication, HTTP parameter pollution protection, end-to-end data encryption, and multi-factor authentication.
  • An admin dashboard to have a real-time view of all the business operations.
  • An inbuilt chat option for smooth communication between the buyers and sellers.
  • Spot KYC/AML verification of the users to ensure a high level of authentication and trust.
  • Integration with numerous payment gateways for faster fund settlement.
  • Acceptance of a wide variety of orders like market, limit, stop-limit, take-profit, and stop-loss orders.
  • An integrated referral program where rewards are distributed to existing users for referring new users to the trading platform.

The detailed procedure followed in the development of a Bitcoin Market Script

  • Identifying the business requirements of the firm.
  • Designing a comprehensive outline of the project.
  • Integrating blockchain technology and the smart contract into the solution.
  • Adding the necessary features and functionalities.
  • Rigorously testing the exchange to remove all the technical bugs.
  • Deploying it on the operational network.
  • Launching it officially in the market.
  • Providing maintenance support and software upgrades post-deployment.


With Bitcoin crossing the $49,000 mark recently, the market conditions are highly apt now to purchase a Bitcoin exchange website script and attract attention from prospective investors easily.

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Establish your business with our white label Swiggy Clone Script




Swiggy Clone Script

Our modern world has sat on the backs of technological inventions. The growth is comparatively fast in this digital era. Business in the digital age is heavy/tough; competitions between many top industries happen every day due to technology advancements, which offers a standpoint in many business markets. The widening market opens a multiverse of opportunities, irrespective of their strength or reputation. One such revolutionary business plan was food delivery services.

Remember we called up the hotels to book our orders; it was time consuming with every process. And the anxious waiting begins after we place the order. Gone are the days that we waited in famish. With apps like Swiggy Clone, finding restaurants is easy, foraging through multi-cuisines is free, placing a hassle-free order is so much more fun, and enjoying the comfort of home is significantly redefined when receiving the order at the doorstep. Yes, the digital age has appreciably improved our lifestyles; our modern choices offer a natural convenience.

The food delivery service involves the customers, hotels, delivery executives, and the admin panel. These business ends have apps where they coordinate and keep their business cycle spinning. The food apps have similar options with some specific features that support the particular business flow. Since it’s the features that make all the difference for the users, let’s dive and take a quick look at a few of the most highlight features that offer a supreme user experience

Emphasizing our features built-in during Swiggy Clone App Development

The Customer app features

  • Quick search

Search enabled with filters narrow down the users’ search content and help them find the menu, hotel, or food quickly.

  • Payment options

Our Swiggy Clone offers all the national payment modes for transactions our user can pay without hassles.

  • Favorites

The user can mark favorites on the regular purchase of food or keep the hotels they regularly buy.

  • Rating and reviews

After the order is received, users can rate and review the food, delivery services, and hotel and add suggestions or queries.

  • Cooking status

This feature lets the user know an elaborate cooking status of the ordered food in the restaurant.

  • Real-time tracking

The user can track the delivery executive movements after collecting the order from the restaurant. This display shows the estimated time of arrival and the route the delivery executive takes.

  • Bill invoice

The user is sent a digitally authenticated invoice of the breakage of the paid fee. E.g., order rate, delivery charge, discount, etc.

The restaurant app features

  • Availability

The restaurants can accept or deny the orders or choose to work at their convenient time.

  • Discounts/promo codes

The restaurants can push discounts on any of their dishes and accept promotional discounts with app partners.

  • Menus

Restaurants can switch menus on-demand or assign foods in cuisine categories.

  • Delivery dispatch

The automated features help the restaurant hand over the order to the executive as soon as it comes from the kitchen to ensure punctual delivery.

  • Order management

The restaurant owner is notified by the in-app alerts on food orders and completed food deliveries.

  • income records

The restaurant can view the income by toggling in a dedicated window that displays the revenue and the profit analytics.

The Delivery executive app

  • Availability toggle

The delivery executive can either accept or deny the restaurant’s call to deliver the food order.

  • Navigation

The executives under pressure to deliver within the allotted time can navigate the route maps which is constantly updated on the current traffic conditions.

  • Delivery history

The executive can view the completed order history for future reference within our app. The executive can also view the upcoming and canceled orders.

  • Account creation

The delivery executive needs an authentic portfolio before they start the services. By the information provided, the executive joins his designation.

The end

Successful and on-demand food delivery apps like swiggy clone have created a momentum that, in its potential, has disrupted traditional food delivery.

The widening market has warmly received many investors and entrepreneurs for the opportunities that the market kept offering. Individuals or startups eyeing the profit league can scale the business effectively with our Swiggy Clone App. Our readymade solution procures a steady stream of incomes from the word go and is completely customizable for all business requirements. 

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