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Zoom vs WebEx – Which is better?



Zoom vs WebEx

Launched in San Jose, California which offers conferencing solutions with cloud computing. Zoom supplies communications software options that unite chat, online meetings, video conferencing, and collaboration at precisely the exact same time, while retaining the consistency of quality. Within this guide we’ll compare webex, after.

A lead based in 2011 zoom Engineer in the Cisco Systems and among the collaboration unit WebEx of it; The creator Eric. S. Yuan, graduated from stanford university executive program also has been formerly vice-president of technology in Cisco systems for cooperation program development. The ceremony, which start by march in January 2013 2013 one million participants were asserted by it. Continue reading on which is ideal for you; and as we compare the gap between the versus webex.

On 2017, zoom program entered the Unicorn clubmeaning it had estimated value of over 100 million bucks whether obtained through funds that are merged. Zoom or webex this can only be ascertained since they are programs concerning end result, after grasp the park of versus webex.

Marketwired printed a Press release recognizing the departure of landmarks in business development of Zoom. Highlights included hosting within 20 billion annualized meeting minutes (up from six.9 billion final year), starting offices overseas in Sydney and consequently the U.K., increasing its high-income earnings by 150th and client base by 100 percent, partnering and maximizing integrations by Polycom, Crestron, along with Cisco, also introducing new choices and improvements to its platform such as Zoom Rooms programming screen and Zoom for Telehealth. Following this insights to zoom app’s introduction we are now able to proceed to zoom app’s attributes; to comparing versus webex, then shifting.


Cloud Video Conferencing

Together with HD video and voice discovery that is lively, Gallery and screen views it requires away the hearts. Double stream for double display, feature-rich mobile programs iOS and android; Connect by zoom rooms and view-only attendee (Zoom Video Webinar) support. You could even connect by H.323/SIP space systems, Connect phone dial-in.

Group Collaboration

IOS, Linux, Chromebooks, windows and Android every stage has a customer. Display share files group messaging, photographs and video clips may be screen. Whiteboarding on mobile and PC devices can be obtained also.


Zoom is Email, single sign-on (SSO) or google login may be used for obtaining it. HTTPS guarantees that nothing is currently snooping. Role based management control, and it is given advantage in the security situation by management features.


Among the section where the Shines is that it’s telephone me, Unlimited VOIP call services outside. Toll based toll based alternatives that were free in 60 countries, choices. Integration with 3rd party teleconferencing services.

Hybrid Cloud Service

It follows that cloud providers are incorporated to get integration. There’s a meeting connector for personal cloud solutions, virtualized software installation in minutes, scale and include capacity easily, neighborhood high-availability of infrastructure, so an individual may also track the professional services online 24 x 7 and obviously it may be backup from the instant.

Straightforward Online Meetings

The truth is that zoom supplies such a pleasant and User-friendly experience which produces the meetings breeze. Features like URL title and assembly ID, virtual wallpapers, scheduled and instant meetings; sharing display and server controls or a video clip into your peers.

Partner Integrations

Partner integration does means that Sharing is sufficient; it usually means that it has features such as login that keeps current space cooperation, with all the technologies.

Let us see how the attributes play in role Contrast of product analysis stage and usage for versus webex.

Webex and its attributes

Cisco Webex it was called Webex Communications Inc is an organization that provides on online meeting demand cooperation, web conferencing and video conferencing software, on demand video conferencing solutions. Its products comprise Meeting Training Center, Center, Event Center, Service Center, Sales Center PCNow AIM Pro Business Edition, WebEx WebOffice, and WebEx Link. All of WebEx goods are a part of the Cisco systems cooperation portfolio; for distinct business models we’ll compare the zoom webex situation in minutes.

Review of WebEx Characteristics

Internet and Video Conferencing.

Has attributes like zoom does, it Gets the job. The video and internet conferencing are ready to be deployed, and available.


Conferencing is done right for your Most part within this cisco ecosystem they’re the pioneers in these kinds of endeavours since cisco and the gap zoom is it provides to choose from. Assembly or personal associated backed up in cloud to create places will.


Webinars can be linked with Different attributes to connect to some of those programs, it is integrated and quite seamless.

Brainstorming and chat Tools.

Users brainstorm and can chat with As cisco systems includes a ecosystem that permits web or some other apparatus based brainstorming tools whiteboarding tools readily available.

Application/File Sharing.

Application of The crucial attributes too, users may share any documents or documents in any format within the telephone, assume it is a record that a group wishes to talk; it may be dispersed via category administrator to everyone — so that everybody can be on precisely the exact same page.

Phone Sharing

Considering these two movie and net Conferencing tools would be the most well-known ones, lots of individuals have confusion in regards to select one. Here is a comparison that can allow you to pick the best applications for requirements and your needs. Required Infrastructure

Linking to the infrastructure that is entire, WebEx is not efficient and simpler than Zoom. You merely require Video Conference Codec and Cloud Connector accounts (compensated ) to join with your Zoom internet conferencing. In WebEx, you’ll need VCS Control, convention codex and Telepresence, MCU, TMS or Expressway Management Suite, WebEx and Smartnet paid accounts, that comes concerning our versus webex collection to lot of conversion. Pricing

While comparing two software tools, Accounts is its own pricing. This Zoom’s pricing is reasonable and affordable compared to that of those WebEx. Whereas the price of Zoom is just $15 for every month each user this WebEx’s price is $24 for every month. In comparison to the pricing, the services is dependable and great. Zoom provides its own users free trial unlike WebEx that doesn’t; hence coming strongly to versus webex’s contrast. Ability

Ability of Both of These software tools to Accommodate the amount of participants or consumers is an important factor too. WebEx has the minimal capability of adapting 8 persons at one time whereas Zoom has the capability to accommodate nearly 50 persons at one time at the internet seminar or video conferencing in once. Which would play with facets deping the versus webex userspace debate. Conference Features

Plethora Softwares but it’s what makes them apart in commonness that they aren’t that common, there are. WebEx supports Co-Browsing, File Transfer and Eliminating of attendees in the assembly as you can’t carry out them in Zoom video conferencing. On the flip side, Break-Out Sessions is offered not and in Zoom in WebEx. Consequently, if you discover one or more one of these features important to your business you have to decide on the software for the company needs.


This really is the Zoom vs WebEx contrast that is in depth. Over all, Considering all of the features and testimonials by the specialists Be the video conferencing or web conferencing program. WebEx is a Fantastic tool with plenty of interesting and cool features however, the pricing appears to Be a good deal greater than this of those Zoom. You’re currently getting Virtually All the Advantages And centers which you will need for hosting a internet conference or Demonstration for your company. Just you can connect with People throughout the planet.

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Reasons why you need Norton Core security



Norton Core security

Among various security product by Norton antivirus, Norton core is the one that is the most needed product. Everyone now has access to the internet, the prime medium through which cybercriminals breach into people’s personal data. Therefore, to secure internet connectivity has become a mandatory thing to do. The risk gets doubled when you connect with an unprotected or public Wi-Fi, so to protect users from these open issues, Norton came up with the Wi-Fi security router.

Norton Core is a wireless router that shields your connected personal network while giving the supreme level of security and improved performance. The smart security router comes with a one-year complimentary subscription to Norton Core Security Plus. With the subscription, you get advanced services that help in protecting the personal network and the connected devices. If you have exceeded the subscription, go to and renew it.

Active subscription includes giving high-end protection layers on computers and mobile devices against viruses, malware, and hacker attacks. Other than computer security, the Norton Core mobile app comprises of complete parental controls. By offering an unparalleled combination of performance and security, Norton helps you leverage your home and online experience.


Features of Norton Core:

  • Network and device security

  • Security score to represent the level of security of your home network

  • Helps users to discover and recognize their smart devices automatically

  • Blocks the connection of unknown users

  • Protects your personal information

  • Offers Content filtering and time management features for better parental control

  • Generate separate guest network for now users

  • Boost the speed of real-time upload and download of your network

  • A built-in crypto-core processor to validate the data encryption for all the data and communications

With all such and more advances, you can protect yourself from becoming a victim of cybercrime of bank loot. For an instant download of security product, click and get free Norton security for your computer.

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Top Monetizing Methods for Your Medical Application



Top Monetizing Methods for Your Medical Application

Most of the group of applications out there utilizes fewer revenue alternatives. They usually rely on a freemium application model with advertising plus or a premium sales plus newsletter an in-app store. The best executor, therefore, work their best to bring the routine of every choice. You may be amazed to find out that app development is unique about monetization decision– and retailers are starting to take attention.  The best executor needs to have:


  •    trial edition
  •    a premium or subscription version
  •    Regular publish with new appearances
  •    sales of vanity thing and dynamic promotions
  •    a newsletter on a regular basis
  •    many take an in-app exchange
  •    frequent surveys
  •    an in-app store
  •    periodic or ongoing partnership planning  

Medical app development is gaining a competitive edge in the market. Any developers can go for a freemium edition and become profitable with a subscription model, in-app store, vanity services and products.  

In-App Exchanges

It is a compound and potentially tricky method. Virtual currencies can be earned and traded while using an application. It is the simplest personification works like a user loyalty experience. E.g. buy a book and get one star and Collect 10 stars to get one book free.

Vanity Services and Products

Your dealing probably does not sell +3 volumes of Strength for $40.  You may go through a tough time finding a company case for a $41,000 “Ethereal Flames Pink War Dog”. However, creativity could aid you to find a crate for a $13,500 “supporter pack.” Grinding Gears Games carry out when separately crowdsourcing of course of Exile’s initial growth helping to elevate over $1.3 million.  

Vanity is worthy of a book until itself.  There are cachet stuff, luxury goods, exclusive items, elite membership cards, collector’s items, quality of life developments, extra account features etc. A few customers will give to get exclusive dealing, to be obvious or occasionally just to prop up you. There is something your selling can achieve or proffer to cater to this lean (1%) but the profitable audience.


Possibly, subscriptions are the top monetization choice ever invented for returning returns. Recurring revenue gives the root of being able to forecast some piece of your future income.  While all developers go for the freemium edition, they also give subscription selections. The normal option provides users discounts depend on the time of subscription, like $8.95 for a month or $34.95 for 3 months.  

Modern companies, though, are offering different levels of subscriptions often tied to extra account benefits (similar to vanity goods).  Many SaaS providers are charging depends on the count of customers with access to a relation. Apparel and fashion retailers are also placing the subscription model to the experiment.

White Label Applications

These are very good examples of how memberships can work simply for mobile applications.  As distinguished above, having the monetary capacity to advance in a mobile application is itself a main competitive benefit.  The white label loom puts you in a place to rent or sell (think SaaS) your own software to other dealings in a similar market. Even every license will need some customization; its price is a part of the applications initial development charges.


Healthcare app development process is beneficial because they include the means of fetching profits.  Newsletters, Subscriptions, for example, are remarkable for recurring income but terrible for increasing revenues from present customers.  

Come across every monetization technique carefully.  Can it work for your dealing? Is there a little bit you can simply change about your selling that would make a finicky option feasible?  On the other hand, there can approach to collaborate with another industry to make detailed monetization methods practicable for each one of you?


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How to Register IDM without License Key



How to Register IDM without License Key

Internet Download Manager is one of the most choices of Internet users. Download IDM has a smart download logic accelerator which cooperates in multipart downloading technology. For that, it can increase the download speed 5x time faster. In this article, you can know about Download IDM Free and also get the free download link.

It is a very useful tool that allows all users to download the IDM software on their computer. Moreover, the IDM is a very fast download manager that you enable you to download any file from the internet 5 times faster than the normal speed and compared to other downloading managers. So, you must download the software free from our website or their official site.

About IDM

Internet download manager is not only popular but also very useful. So you must need to register it for full access. IDM is a very awesome tool for downloading the IDM application easily on any computer. Besides, this tool has the ability to make the IDM software premium versions for all users PC. However, the crack is a very useful tool that helps users to pass the verification process. Now, most applications need license keys to verify the user and software at the time of the installation process. You must know that without that key activation, you cannot use it.

The IDM also uses those keys for verification, and the IDM passes security easily. Generally, this tool changes the file to trick the software into allowing the cracker to use it as if the correct serial key had already been entered. Moreover, you can see how useful this tool is. So, you must get this tool.

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IDM Full Features

You must download idm with patch and serial key to get the IDM software free on your computer. The IDM is a great tool for downloading files and other stuff from the internet at a very incredible speed. It has many cool and useful features as well and those are in the below.

  • This tool is very useful and completely free to use for all users.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for all users that makes it very easy to use.
  • You will be able to download any file from the internet through it such as images, videos, games, movies, documents, and much more.
  • This software can resume and schedule downloads.
  • It also allows users to download any file 5 times faster than the normal speed.
  • You will be able to download anything with one click on your browser.
  • It can easily connect to the Internet at a determine time and download the file.
  • This tool also allows you to check and update for new versions of IDM.
  • It features multi-part download for all users.
  • This software is completely safe and takes care of your privacy.
  • It supports Windows operating system.
  • IDM supports 150+ Internet browsers too.

IDM Installation Process

You can download idm with key easily by following my lead. After that, you must have to disconnect your Internet connection and open the setup folder on your computer. Then run IDM.exe Setup file and complete the installation process. Now, you have to put this software on your computer taskbar and you are done.

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Final Words

IDM Full Version is an amazing tool is available on this site. You must download this tool and with the help of that tool get the IDM software easily and make it premium without any cost.

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Online Activate Mcafee Antivirus | Update 2019



Online Activate Mcafee Antivirus | Update 2019 might be utilized so as to Activate McAfee Security. You may effortlessly utilize the McAfee by setting off to the connection and enter the 25 digit item key.

McAfee Antivirus:

McAfee is an antivirus which is accessible worldwide for gadgets like Computer, Laptop or Smartphones, and McAfee is a standout amongst other 10 Antivirus as indicated by all surveys in most recent 10 years. McAfee Security is utilized to anchor the gadgets from Trojans, Attacks, Malware or whatever other exercises which may hurt the gadgets or system.

McAfee requires the base necessities on the gadgets so as to work effectively which are referenced on the maker site. Already McAfee was accessible in type of CD which was accessible in the market.

Now it is accessible online just as on retail location where at the retail location it is accessible as McAfee Retail Card and these Retail Cards includes 25 digits alphanumeric characters scratch code.

Which must be entered online at the site i.e, for McAfee Activation as the Activation part is based online from now onwards.

McAfee Products:

McAfee includes an alternate sort of items as they have diverse highlights and are accessible at various costs. These items are accessible in bundles for 1 gadget, 3 gadgets, 5 gadgets or more. As indicated by customers necessity, they can buy these items. There are an alternate sort of McAfee Products and the connections to Activate these items are referenced as pursues:-

  • McAfee Total Protection –
  • McAfee Internet Security –
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus –
  • McAfee for Asus –
  • McAfee Activate –
  • McAfee Live Safe –
  • McAfee for Lenovo –
  • McAfee All Access –
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus –

McAfee Login:

You may login to your McAfee Account where you can oversee memberships, charging, card data, Redeem McAfee Retail card or some other essential action identified with McAfee at and appreciate the administrations.

Requirements for McAfee Activation:

There are a few requirements which we have to deal with while continuing with McAfee Activation or all together Activate McAfee Security which is examined as pursues:-

  • Need 25 digit scratch code which is referenced at McAfee Retail Card or searches your email for the key code on the off chance that you acquired McAfee Online.
  • A framework or gadget must have least prerequisites.
  • Most recent updates must be introduced on Operating System (OS).
  • No clashing project must be introduced as of now.
  • No Junk documents in Temporary Folder of Your Windows Operating System.
  • McAfee Valid Subscription must be required.

McAfee Activate at

In spite of the fact that McAfee Installation is simple or straightforward, individuals still face issue introducing or actuating McAfee Security. McAfee Activation can be just done online as it is an online procedure. There are some simple advances which you may follow so as to Get Started with the McAfee Activation which is talked about as pursues:

  • You should have a functioning web association before beginning with McAfee Activation.
  • Open your internet browser which incorporates Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and so forth.
  • Go to the connection i.e, or on a similar program.
  • Type your 25 digits alphanumeric item key code on the case as there will be an alternative which says Enter your 25-digit initiation code.
  • Tap on Submit Button.
  • You may likewise tap on Download Your Software on the off chance that you officially utilized your Activation Code.
  • Next, it will request that you enter the email address and secret key so as to interface the Activation Code to your McAfee Account. On the off chance that you are another client, simply make the record with McAfee utilizing accreditations of your own decision.
  • When you are signed in simply Read the Terms and Conditions referenced over yonder and Click on Accept and Install.
  • On the following page simply put your Card data for recharging reason generally simply close by tapping on X above.
  • Congrats you have effectively introduced the McAfee Internet Security. Appreciate safe perusing.

In the event that you confront any issue while following the previously mentioned advances or some other issue with McAfee Activation at that point don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at or you may approach our Toll-free or you may likewise visit with us live for the Great Assistance as we are accessible 24*7.

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Innovative Technologies of Home Interior Design to Astonish for 2019



interior design software

When people are looking forward to building a house, they want to have various modern technologies to improve the design of the house. So they ask the interior designer to find out new ways to make their house beautiful and attractive.

This is where the interior designer introduces Home Interior Design ideas that are new and innovative. These ideas are very much in as the year 2019 has started. This involves both scientific technology and artistic designs to create the interior of the building. An interior designer designs both commercial and private buildings.

Different Styles of Home Interior Design:

Home interior design is much different from the designs of an office. But many of the styles are more or less the same. There are many styles that interior designers use to glamorize your home but few popular ones are mentioned below;


If you are a lover of nature then the Scandinavian style is the best for you. The design of this is simple with lots of grey and whites used to décor. The material and the furniture used have a rustic and rural touch to it

Mid-Century Modern:

Another popular style that designers use is the art inspired by the 1900s. Several shades of brown and blue are the main colors used. New materials like plywood, moulded plastic and aluminium is used to high light the designs.


They are also referred to as beach houses with the theme related to marine and naval life. Decorations including just ropes, sailboats, clear jars holding seashells and much more can be used. All the colors related to the sea are included in the theme.


The people who are inspired by the industrial revolution can choose this style. Items used for décor can range from antiques, rustic look of the house and other modern pieces that remind you of the industries the people were working in.


This is a style for those who want to live like farmers. The theme, furniture, paint color and other items have a rustic look that has a design which is inspired by the cabin.

Urban Modern:

It is a fusion of modern as well as old themes. If you want to have a little bit of modern and old design in your home design then this is a good choice.

Why Designers use Latest Techniques?

There are several reasons as to why the interior designers are using the latest techniques. Unique Soft is one of many who has introduced many benefits of the latest technologies.

Saving time and money:

Designing on the paper takes a lot of time as you need to draw the plan again and again. Money on the paper is also saved as the whole designing is done on an app and showed it to the customers on it as well.

Management of tasks easily:

There are various options of apps available that can help in managing daily tasks involving administration. All the items that are used for decoration can be listed and determined by different phases on various apps.

Elimination of Human Error:

Humans have made mistakes in the past regarding the designs of a house. Sometimes the roof becomes too short or the pillars are not proportionally set. But different software with automated settings can eliminate these errors and perfect the process.

More variety of Styles:

Booklets that are uploaded on various online platforms can be viewed by the clients to assist them in choosing the designs that are favored by the customers. Different software like PDF files, Word, PowerPoint and Excel are very useful.

Smart Technologies in Home Interior Design:

The interior designers who are smart use latest technologies to make the home interior design beautiful and attractive. This will then make the clients happy and upgrade your business. Some of the smart technologies used are as followed;

Use of 3D Printer:

It is a quick and effective technique of showing the clients what design they desire for. You can easily send images to the printer through any electronic device and the printer will print it in miniature form. It is less time consuming as you can see the idea in reality and also make changes in it.

Virtual Reality:

A designer designs the whole house on interior design software with each and every detail added to it. Then the designer goes to the client and offers him to wears a goggle and observes the house through virtual reality. The client can walk through the whole scenario and can also tell changes that the client desires on the spot.

Smart Homes:

This house is fully automated with everything from the lights to the appliances and different systems. You can control it with any electronic device connected to the wifi. This will save the time of turning the applications of the home on or off.

Tiny House Movement:

It is a new upcoming trend in which small homes have an architectural structure as well as convenient to live in. These are like studio apartments but in the form of a small house. These houses can be built for the homeless as they are one unit.

Augmented Reality:

It is different from virtual reality in it you can only see it in 3D form but in augmented reality, you can hear, smell and even feel the items in the house. This technique is used in multiple fields but interior designing is the best use of all.

There are several technologies that are used for Home Interior Design which can make a house more aesthetic and beautiful.

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Lasttube apk | Download & Install Lasttube App for Android!



Install Lasttube App


Lasttube is an online downloading tool that is dedicated for downloading videos from Youtube platform as well also the ones hosted on other famous online streaming sites. The application serves as a convenient platform for the users providing unlimited free video downloads to the users and also features short descriptions for the video with thumbnails so that users have an idea about the video they are going to download via vidmate.

It is not just a downloading tool but also let users stream videos online. You do not need to convert video files into audio format separately here as it has auto extraction from video files featuring only the album art and track without playing the video. Not just that, you can also change the album art cover and edit the ID3 tags as well. The application provides an excellent platform to hear the top 100 chartbusters across the world as well as stream the iTunes top hit numbers. It is among the best video downloading tools for Android.

How to use Lasttube Application

  1. a) Lasttube is not supported in the Google Play Store, so all android users have to download it from a third-party source.
  2. b) The apk file of Lasttube can be downloaded from here vidmate install featuring the latest version.
  3. c) Users need to turn on ‘Unknown Sources’ option from the Setting to install third-party applications and complete the installation procedure.
  4. d) After the application is installed, users need to tap open the application.
  5. e) The interface of the application is very organized featuring dedicated sections like ‘Top’, ‘Down’, ‘Track’, ‘Artist’. The Top section features the latest top 100 list giving access to the hot numbers for downloading. F) f) The Down section features the downloaded files while the Track and Artist section features the popular video tracks and artist albums in the application’s interface. Users can also do their search filtering with the integrated search bar featured at the top section of the interface.
  6. g) To download the tracks, users need to select the track they want to download and select the resolutions as per device storage space. The application supports high-end video downloading quality up to 8k. After selecting the resolution the video gets downloaded in the device SD card directly while the audio track of the video automatically gets extracted with the album art cover.
  7. h) You can customize the album art cover by adding an image of your choice and even change the ID3 tags and save it as well to share it among other users.
  8. i) You can also view the video of the audio tracks by going to the three vertical dots featured on the right side of the track and visit the youtube platform directly to watch it.
  9. j) The application also has the mail icon integrated into its interface clicking on which you can mail the downloaded video or audio track to your friends. You can also share your downloaded files with other platforms and social networking sites.
  10. k) You can create a custom playlist of the tracks, add or remove tracks and even shuffle them for continuous music.


The application is an excellent online platform for audio video downloading and streaming as well as playing them offline increasing the user’s collection.

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Tiktok apk | Download & Install Tiktok App for Android!



Install Tiktok App


TikTok is the most entertaining social media application currently trending among the youth in the market. It is launched in 2016 that provides a huge platform for the users to share the best of their creativity levels through acting, lip syncing, dramatic expressions, dance forms, freestyle, comedy and lots of entertaining stuffs backed by latest Bollywood, Hollywood hot numbers and other musical tracks along with filmy dialogues, comedy scripts etc to express your creative side and talent.

The application facilitates users to share these entertaining videos on different social media platform like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc to share the fun with family, friends, and users around the world. The experience is pure fun and lets you record unlimited entertaining videos via vidmate.

Interesting features of TikTok Application

  1. Attractive UI

The application features a very attractive user interface to the users featuring the TikTok highlights, sample videos of other people to let you understand how to have fun with the application and develop your creativity level. There are clearly defined icons for video upload, camera, transition effects, special effects, music library, and user account. There is also a well defined integrated search bar that lets you search easily for various music tracks, dialogues, dance numbers with valuable suggestions to choose from.

  1. Face Recognition

This is a very entertaining feature of the application, where it records your detailed facial expressions like sad, happy, funny, angry, goofy etc and based on that adds auto special effects in order to give the expressions a dramatic look like the actors and actresses in movies.

  1. Performance

The application is extremely smooth to handle with no lagging or crashing and records videos in ultra HD quality that serves you as a visual treat. Apart from that, the advance rhythm synchronization, eye-ogling transition effects, and the special video effects all together create magic on screen.

  1. Music Library

The application just like any other android music application features huge collections of music, songs, dialogues to choose from that takes your creativity to the next level.

  1. Gaga Dance

This is the latest entertaining feature added to the application where you can challenge your friends in Gaga Dance completion and have fun with who earns the highest points.

How to Record a video in TikTok

All android and iPhone users can get the TikTok application vidmate app directly from Play store and App Store respectively.

  1. a) Install the application and open it one gets launched in your device.
  2. b) Select the music tracks, songs, or dialogues you want to record with from the music library.
  3. c) Click on the clock sign in the video recording section and set the timer.
  4. d) After it’s done, with a short countdown of 3,2, and 1, you are all set to record your video and stop the recording by pressing the big red button.
  5. e) In the recorded video you can add special effects, texts, gifs anything you like from the effect section and then click on share icon to share it in social media platforms directly or save icon to save it in your device.


The application is riding high in success due to its top entertainment features and is highly recommended for users looking forward to unlimited fun.

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Keepvid apk | Download & Install Keepvid App for Android!



Install Keepvid App


KeepVid is an online downloading tool and converter that allows users to download plenty of videos online from various online streaming sites. It provides a faster and comfortable download as compared to other downloading tools by allowing users to download videos one by one as well as in a batch downloading the entire playlist. The application features various online streaming sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Soundcloud, Tumblr, LiveLeak etc providing a plethora of choices for users.

All of these online streaming sites’ website can be directly accessed from the application’s interface for the ease of download via 9apps apk. Also, you can copy the link of the videos and paste it in the application’s interface to download it directly in your desired resolution starting from lower, medium to HD quality videos. The application is available both in mobile and desktop version hence the users can enjoy in their Android devices as well as Pcs.

Features of KeepVid Application

  1. Organized UI

The application features an user friendly interface with an organized layout having the search bar featured at the top and the various channels featured below it that is integrated with the application’s interface like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Break, Live leak, Vimeo, Dailymotion and various other platforms featuring tons of video contents for download. You can log in with your account of the respective websites from the application’s platform. The application features dedicated sections for the Downloading and Downloaded files for the users to keep the record.

  1. Free Unlimited Download

The application allows users to download unlimited video contents from various sources across the internet at completely free of cost.

  1. Downloading Feature

The application let users download videos in different resolutions starting from 144p, 320p, 640p to ultra HD quality like 2k, 4k as well as convert them into Mp3 and M4A file formats. Users can not only download video files one by one but can even download multiple videos together in a batch within seconds as well as an entire playlist. Apart from this, the application can be also used to extract audio from the Soundcloud and Youtube videos in the same quality in which the video is streaming.

  1. Built-in Browser

The application also features a built-in browser in its interface that enables users to Google millions of video content across the internet without navigating to the Chrome browser and saves all of the downloaded files directly to their device SD card.

How to download KeepVid Application

  1. a) All Android users can download the KeepVid application from the third party source.
  2. b) The APK file of the application can be downloaded from here 9apps free download featuring the latest version.
  3. c) Users have to turn on the ‘Unknown Sources’ option from Settings and then complete the installation process to launch the application in the device.
  4. d) The PC users can directly use the desktop version of the application and download millions of videos by copying and pasting the URL as well as directly searching for the file from the website.


KeepVid is a very good online downloading tool for videos with an extremely stylish look with a Powerpack performance that fascinates the users to use it in different kinds of devices.

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Windows Virtualization Software



windows virtualization software

When you want to use your Microsoft Windows gadget as a host working device to run virtual guest machines, you require Windows virtualization software program. There are many such softwares in the market, at various prices; however there also are some which are available without spending a dime. Here we review some loose windows xp iso download virtualization software.


Software Reviews


  • VMware

VMware Inc is the leading company on this domain, and most of its merchandise are paid merchandise. VMware Player one product this is to be had at no cost. VMware solutions can run visitor machines with one of a kind operating systems that run on the x86 and x86-sixty four family of microprocessors. These encompass Windows working structures which include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, in addition to the Unix/Linux flavors which includes FreeBSD, Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSuse. VMware has a virtual equipment market, from wherein you may download copies of various Linux flavors, known as home equipment, that are equipped for use. Other different types of home equipment also are to be had.


  • VirtualBox

Released beneath the GNU free software program license, VirtualBox is now advanced with the aid of Oracle Corporation. The simple model is to be had free and supports x86 systems. The superior model has guide for USB and other functions. Like most other virtualizers, VirtualBox can run more than one machines simultaneously, and these machines can be stopped or run as you require. Because it attempts to run as lots of the visitor code without delay at the processor, digital machines jogging on VirtualBox are visible to be very rapid. It helps ISO pics of running structures, and may run Linux picture files directly.


  • QEMU

Qemu is advanced through developer Fabrice Ballard and group, and is one of the most popular open source virtualizers. It is basically an emulator, so its pace is quite slower than other virtualizers. But its benefit come in the wide range of working systems it helps. You can run Windows as well as Linux running systems as visitors; apart from that, Qemu can be run on them too. This permits for a flexibility that isn’t always to be had on most different answers, and are available in reachable depending on your necessities.


  • Virtual PC is the primary virtualization by means of Microsoft, and is to be had at no cost. Unlike maximum different virtualizers, it formally supports and runs best Windows Operating systems. But it’s far visible that it is able to run some of flavors of Linux too, inclusive of Redhat and OpenSuse. Virtual PC supports almost all of the Windows Operating systems, going as some distance lower back as Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.1. Among the cutting-edge variations, the simplest one it does now not help is the 64 bit Windows 7 as a guest.
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How to choose Time Tracking Software



Time Tracking Software

In this modern day and age, keeping track of your time means making a track for your success. The stiff competition demands you to meet your deadlines on regular basis. Moreover, if you are billing you clients on hourly basis, Time Tracking becomes even more indispensable. Choosing a right Time Tracking Software could be an uphill task, especially for someone who is unaware of the nuances of the Software. Therefore, it is important for you to exercise some caution, before committing yourself into buying software that could fulfill all your aspirations and demands. Today, there are various reputed companies that offers such tracking software to helps business owners and other organizations to easily manage and track their specific time related needs. Let us discuss some of the most important tips that you must keep in mind before buying software that will take care of all your time tracking needs.

Know how it works

You have to be very vigilant and sure about the software you choose for your time tracking assignment. You must be aware about the technical know how of the software. You are employing the software to make things simple for you and for your employees. Therefore, it should be simple to use and quick to access for all. This will definitely help you and your staff to get accustomed to the Time Tracking Software, in a shorter span of time. The earlier you adapt to the software, better the results would be. You may come across sales representatives who can fool you with a fraud demonstration and make you buy something that is not up to the mark. A little research work over the net can help you to understand the software and help you to select the best one for yourself. Therefore, do not get fooled by deceptive demos and better avail web based time tracking solutions.

Is it cost effective?

If you go online, you have hordes of sites offering you Time Tracking Software. It is highly recommended that you compare the costs of this software before ordering one for your business needs. You have to be sure about your business needs and expectations of the software. You have to identify software that suits your needs as spending on features that you seldom use is wastage of the precious financial resources that you own. There are few trial versions or free software available on the net. However, they have their own limitations in terms of functionality and accessibility. It is better to shell out some money and get an authorized and licensed version of the software. Moreover, save yourself the hassles of working with inadequate software that needs up gradation after regular intervals. If you are a small enterprise, then also you a great options to choose from. Now, the software companies are coming out with low cost, specifically designs software that would suffice your needs to a great extent. The Time tracking software would be cost effective in the long run, but only if you lay your hands on the right software.

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How to Buy High Quality Video Editing Software



Video Editing Software

Video editing is an art that turns ordinary looking video clips into mesmerizing movies. It is something that is commonly associated with professionals who have undergone training at an institute to work with footage made using movie cameras. There was a time when movie making was not affordable and one could only dream of such a facility. But today, nearly every individual can make video clips using inexpensive devices like camcorders, digital cameras, and mobile phones. But every homemade video suffers from raw footage that lowers the quality of the video. Thankfully, today there are many tools available on internet and the market to edit videos made using handy devices. But you cannot just pick up one tool from a wide range of video editing software that is being sold in the market. If you ask someone which is the best video editing tool he will obviously name one because of his own preferences. But you cannot say the same for video editing software reviews coming from professionals who considered authority on the subject.

It all depends upon your usage and requirements

If you are a casual movie maker who uses his mobile phone to make the clips, you can make do with video editing software that is available for free on the internet. Such software has enough features to allow you to make good quality videos that are much better than the home videos. You can edit, cut, prune and even add colors to your video clips to turn them into video movies that you see on social networking sites like Daily Motion and You Tube. You really do not require any reviews from top professionals to be making use of these video editing tools as you can discard them anytime you want if you do not like the features and performance of a particular tool. In fact, these free tools prove to be a great learning experience for you and you become ready to take the plunge in the world of expensive and feature rich video editing software.

High end software is a must for serious users

It is when you are serious and ready to pay out of your own pocket that you need to be cautious a little bit. You find a wide variety of video editing software in the market each claiming to be the best in the business. This is where the advice of the expert comes into play as you are undecided in favor of a particular video editing too. Go through reviews of video editing softwareon various websites and magazines devoted to photography to weigh the pros and cons and choose a tool for your use. Of course you need to have a look at the features and performance of the software yourself. In fact, most of the tools for video editing come with a free trial period offer to let you have the feel of the features and the performance. This means that you can yourself make up your mind regarding the usefulness of the tool. However, if you are still undecided, you can be helped by the reviews where experts assess the features of the tools and judge their performance after experiencing them for personal use.

Any video editing software should be easy to install and operate on your computer. It should easily import the video files from your computer. It should have the functions of cutting and pasting video clips in a Time Line to convert a random clip into a meaningful movie. The software must allow for addition of colors and audio into a video clip to convert your home videos into professional looking videos. So that you can verify it through video editing software reviews.

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Employee life-cycle



employee lifecycle

An employee life cycle is a HR model that understands the different stages a worker encounters in a company and the role HR plays in advancing the progression. Managing the employees through the various points in their career within an organization can be very much time-consuming. But nowadays there are many HR software’s that help managers with tasks ranging from recruitment to retirement.

As an HR manager, you are committed to your employees. The primary goal is to hire top talent and keep that talent always engaged. If you recognize the areas in employee lifecycle that need improvement, or perhaps you see top talent leave your organization, you are not alone. Most (if not almost all the companies) are trying to create a culture of sustainability at their workplace.

There are a lot of tools in the HR world that are fortunately arranging resources to retain talent. The question is, where does one begin.

Let us look at the features of Darwinbox’s HR software that helps the employees in their journey in an organization.

Modules Of Darwinbox Designed To Deliver JOY To Employees

Darwinbox HR software stands out from many other similar HRMS software on different parameters. The software is mainly known for its complete yet innovative set of modules. The following are some of the blades of the important modules which have been developed to give simplicity with joy and complete peace of mind to employees.

  • Recruitment Management

With Darwinbox HRMS, the critical recruitment processes can be very easily managed and automated. Operations such as hiring requests, sourcing the candidates from Referrals/Consultancies, etc. can be very much easily manipulated, all credits to the Recruitment module of the software. The module much offers features such as Interview and Feedback Management,  Onboarding, and majorly Applicant Status Tracking.

  • Workforce Management

One of the most important functions of an HR manager is to make sure that the workflow in the company moves in a pre-set and runs without any hassle. The Workforce module allows the HR personnel to set different permissions and define all the major policies related to the workforce. This software also mainly functions as a central repository of employee data. The workforce module also handles Employee Data Management, Document Storage, Letter generation, and majorly Employee Life-Cycle Management starting from the joining to separation.

  • Payroll Management

Payroll is one of the most critical function of HR personnel. The Payroll module of the software allows mainly the HR members to decide the salary structure for different designations and even manage the taxation part. The module assists in mainly automating and processing the payroll along with most of the salary parts such as Bonus, Basic Salary, Tax, Medical Insurance, etc.

The module makes it accessible for all the records of employee compensation, perks, insurance, facilities, etc. all in one place. The module takes away a major amount of manual load from the HR teams by automating all the major procedures related to payroll, wherein removing any chance of human errors.

  • Performance Management

One of the most critical lookouts of any HR Team is to ensure that the employees are well-synced with the defined company’s goals and are working towards that direction with all their efforts and commitment. Darwinbox Performance Module helps the HR personnel in setting different objectives for team members, track and review their progress in real-time, achieving employees goals at a particular time and eventually do increment evaluation.

  • Training Management

Darwinbox creates training modules and procedures that help HR personnel easily evaluate the competency levels of the trainees and the interns. The Training module of Darwinbox enables the HR members to set a skill matrix so that the right amount of training can be given to the right people. The blade is mainly designed to help the Training Department in efficiently managing the training calendar as well as obtain and collate the trainer feedback. The module also generates alerts and notifications regarding the training requirements of the employees.

  • Exit Management

 For most employees, there comes a turning point where the life cycle does come to an end. Employees may leave either due to retirement, new employment, or for personal reasons. It’s essential that your separation process is just as strategic and beneficial as your onboarding process.

When an employee leaves, this can, in turn, affect other employees of the team and it is the manager or the HR professionals job to make sure that the employee who is exiting, leaves in a way that does not disrupt the entire organization.


  • Conclusion


Overall, Darwinbox is a very well designed employee lifecycle management system – a solid proof of the technical competency and experience of the team can be seen behind the software. Minute details such as providing functions for Easy Conversion of Data into Graphics, a Dynamic Dashboard, Real-time Analytics, and Multi-device Mobile Support shine through as critical factors when it comes to the overall usability of the HRMS.

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Software development benefits you should be aware of



Software development

With the advancement of technology, there is also a constant advancement in the software that are being used in the computers for business purpose. In fact, software development is nothing but an essential part of a business that allows it to work finely. It not only allows you to automate your business and enhance your productivity but it also helps you get the same productivity with even lesser effort. The customized software packages are usually made for the businesses to flourish and allow you to fulfill most of your requirements. Here are some such benefits of software development that you should be aware of.

  • Reduction of costs: The technology of software development offers cost-effective economy by reducing the number of resources that you would otherwise require, thereby improving and enhancing your productivity and decreasing the licensing fees.  When you seek help ofsoftware designs, you should be aware of the fact that this is mainly built to improve the growth of your business. The training costs of the company is reduced and improves the productivity of the software. When you purchase a pre-written software application, it is youwho has a license to use it. As the product is entirely your own, you can also change the cost of the product and the upgradation.
  • Enhanced flexibility: With the growth of your business, the customers will also demand different changes in your services and products. For this, you require searching for all those different products and become dependent on them. Custom software solutions also offer increased flexibility as the product is designed according to your needs and can also be changed according to the requirements of your business.
  • Training costs will be lowered: Well, it might be expensive to train all those new employees and the new ones usually need at least a week’s training before they actually start working. When your business becomes big, you might not have the latest technology through which you can help gain even better profits. Even an outsourcing firm can manage with the latest technologies for every individual.
  • Value of the company increases: You always require improving the performance of your business to make more profits and this is only possible when you use the latest software for your business. Keep a track of all the products that your competitor is dealing with so that you can easily run them into your business firm. Once you use the latest software technologies in your business firm, you can easily be able to hit the largest number of customers as this will increase the trust factor of your customers.

Therefore, if you’re a business owner, you should know the ins and outs of software development. Take into account the 4 essential benefits of software development mentioned above so that you can easily use them to your utmost benefit.

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